Most Valuable Elitist #172

Beef of the Week

Mark Michaels vs. Darkane

Mark Michaels vs. Darkane takes this week’s spot for “Beef of the Week”. The two of them were squaring off of Dynasty and it was fun to see these two personalities clash. Mark with his whole new personality and anti-EAW person and Darkane with his always dark demeanor, I was interested with this battle and it made watching their whole exchange fun for me. It was excellent character development for the two of them and it makes me excited to see Darkane and how he and Mr. DEDEDE once they clash in the ring. I’m also wondering if Mark will ever get his shot at the PURE Championship, but I’m interesting to see if these two make some way into the Ides of March card next week!

Show of the Week


Voltage takes the crown for “Show of the Week”. Voltage constantly proves itself to be the most well-put together show. I am in love with the segments and how it brings character development forward and takes it to a different direction. One of the more interesting beefs of Voltage belonged to Charlie Marr vs. Jack Ripley, which I am excited to see the two of them face off. Another feud I never thought that we would be getting was Xander Payne versus Noah Reigner. Xander was a contender I never saw coming into the light, but it provides us with a different potential match and I can see Xander really stepping up and proving to be a good challenge. I also loved that it gives a message to a guy on Dynasty that keeps calling himself “The Ace” :eyes: The Jackson Blayde/Farrell V feud is one that’s I wasn’t expecting to get too invested in, but when looking at this week’s card, I think that Farrell may be getting himself deported and that worries me. :lupe: I am also glad that I got some sort of assurance that Daryl Kinkade vs. Charlie Marr will be a thing in the future. Charlie may be focused on Jack, but I get the feeling either Daryl makes his presence known at Tempest or at some episode of Voltage afterwards. I always wondered why they didn’t go straight to this feud, but it could be saved for a bigger stage. 

Also, Charlie Marr being superkicked off the stage by Jack Ripley is as much of an amazing ending to Voltage as Tyler Wolfe superkicking Veena Adams. 

Match of the Week

SOSA Henderson vs. Damon Diesel

For Match of the Week, we go to the Showdown brand as we got a good match between two potential contenders for the New Breed Championship. I thought the match flowed well and we got to see the two different styles and personas clashing in the ring. This was another match which proved that the New Breed Gauntlet at Under Siege is one you should not miss at all. Either we can expecting for someone unexpected like Damon to take the match for himself or someone who has grown to be a favorite among the EAW fans like SOSA Henderson to win the match. Either way, I hope that The Visual Prophet or Tyler Wolfe is watching this match because this is obviously going to be the next title defense for whoever walks away out of Iconic Cup with the New Breed Championship.

Promoer of the Week

Malcolm Jones

For Promoer of the Week, Malcolm Jones takes the spot. Going into this match with Drake King, I think Malcolm’s presence alone is going to make Drake step up his game and prove that he could be Interwire Champion, but Malcolm has done a pretty good job with being champion as well, but if I can recall, whoever loses this match, doesn’t take part of the Grand Rampage match? Personally, I don’t think Malcolm needs to win this match, so I could see Drake getting the victory if he continues to work at the pace he is at. On the other hand, I could see Malcolm retaining and just ethering the twenty-nine other people in the match. Malcolm vs. Drake is going to be one of the matches of the night. I have liked the exchange I got so far, but Malcolm has put out excellent work and it’s going to be tough for anyone to beat him, but it is not impossible to do.

Champion of the Week

Serena Bennett

Serena Bennett takes this spot as “Champion of the Week”. On the last episode of Empire, Serena faced Sienna Jade in a Champion vs. Champion Match. Serena keeps her winning streak alive by getting an upset victory over the Women’s World Champion. It may be thanks to Cleopatra, but Serena managing to get the victory over Sienna speaks volumes and it proves that when Sienna is caught off guard, anyone can take advantage. Perhaps, even Cleopatra at the Iconic Cup. Serena vs. Andrea Valentine is one of the matches I am excited for and I’m interesting to see the match stipulation they will have for the title. If it is any more brutal than the Chain Match at King of Elite, then we are going to be in serious trouble. 

Most Valuable Elitist 

Ms. Extreme

Ms. Extreme takes the spot for “Most Valuable Elitist”. On the last episode of Dynasty, Ms. Extreme defended her PURE Championship against Empire’s own Remi Skyfire. This was one of the title defenses I wasn’t expecting her to have, but Remi brought a good challenge to her and actually gave Ms. Extreme a title defense that ended cleanly. It makes me wonder if she will defend the title at Ides of March, but I could see Mark Michaels stepping up and being her next contender. Either way, it will be a fantastic match up and have the champion step up and try to defeat the man, who has a victory over her.

Note: With the possibility of being double booked and match writing, not super positive if I’ll get and MVE posted next week, but I will be doing my best to get an MVE for Under Siege and the rest of the shows  to keep on schedule.

Voltage 3/3/2019

Empire 3/7/2019