Most Valuable Elitist #171

Rising Star of the Week


Beef of the Week

Noah Reigner vs. Rex McAllister 

We begin this Most Valuable Elitist by going to the Voltage brand where Noah Reigner would defend his World Heavyweight Championship against former champion, Rex McAllister. The two men had a solid back-and-fourth the entire week. At one point, I think Rex had the upper hand, but there was no need to worry about Noah as he would eventually catch up. This was a rematch I was excited to see and I thought we were going to be getting that, but when watching Voltage, this World Heavyweight Championship Match took an unexpected turn, which I ended up enjoying. But, I will mention a little more a little later. As for Noah and Rex, I thought these two did fantastic and if we were basing on promos, either of them could have won, but I was shifting this match more in Noah’s favor due to this being his first title defense, but Rex was on point this week and I knew that this match was going to be a good one.

Show of the Week


We shift our attention towards the Empire brand where it took back it’s spot for Show of the Week. Underneath a new regime behind the scenes, we had some great storyline development, progression and continuation. It was within the first segment of the show, where we learned who Sienna Jade’s first opponent would be and it’s none other than the “Queen of the Nile”, Cleopatra! Sienna, in Sienna fashion, made sure to be as vocal as possible about her feelings about Cleopatra and Sienna does not take Cleopatra seriously, which may come to bite her in the ass eventually. Cleopatra is an all-time great and Sienna is going to get a rude awakening at the Iconic Cup. 

We had some continuation from the Tyler Wolfe/Visual Prophet situation from Voltage as it was brought into the spotlight on Empire. This is another feud in which Voltage has done a fantastic job with executing and its brought a completely different layer to Tyler, which needs to be brought out more often. I enjoy the sight of Tyler super kicking authorities and slapping the shit out of dudes that annoy the shit out of the women. 

We got some progression on the Specialists Championship picture. I loved the segment with Serena Bennett and the “Blue Carpet Treatment”. I thought the social media Q&A was amazing. Loved the pictures of the tweets and having Stephon Hunte as the first guest was amazing. I loved watching him be out of his element. I am loving that we’re getting a rematch between Andrea Valentine and Serena Bennett. Usually, these feuds are just one match and done, but I’m all in for title rematches. I’m all in for continuing rivalries and I hope that Andrea and Serena are able to develop more to this feud because this could end up being another match that steals the show.

I loved that we were able to get spotlight on most of the title matches, but I would love more attention on the Empire Tag Team Championships. I have a soft spot for tag team wrestling and The Crowe’s are way too fucking fantastic to just sit on the sidelines and not defend their titles. Put the spotlight on those titles and The Crowe’s can do amazing things with it. I also hope within the next week or two, we can finally put all four participants of the Iconic Cup and build something with that. I’m hyped for the Iconic Cup! 

Match of the Week

Andrea Valentine vs. The Visual Prophet

For the Match of the Week, I have to give it to Andrea Valentine vs. The Visual Prophet. The Visual Prophet became the first man to be booked on Empire. :wow: Men’s Revolution is running wild. :wow: However, I thought this was an excellent way to end the episode of Empire. I think the The Visual Prophet may have become more hated by the women’s division than Charlie Marr and that is scary to even consider. A victory over someone as likable and talented as Andrea is amazing and it should make Tyler Wolfe pay attention. I thought this developed Tyler/T.V.P. and I loved the continuation that we will get on Voltage, but I hope that Andrea will find a way to bounce back from this loss. It makes me wonder if she takes the loss at the Iconic Cup, where does she go from here? Andrea is talented and I have no doubt that she will find her direction and motivation really soon. She just needs to hang in there.

Promoer of the Week

Jack Haze

Jack Haze managed to defeat Terry Chambers, Chris Elite and TLA for an opportunity to face Ahren Fournier for the EAW Championship at Under Siege. It is no denying that Jack has been someone who has been getting my attention within the last month. This “Enlightened” soul is someone not to take lightly as he managed to score such an impressive victory. I think this is one of the biggest victories so far into his career and he managed to put out some amazing work to justify all of that. This is someone I would recommend checking out and I am quite excited to see how he does going into Under Siege. This was one match I don’t think much people were expecting to happen, but I am fully excited for the match and there is no doubt that he is going to put everything that he has into this match.

Champion of the Week

Theron Nikolas

Theron Nikolas SOMEHOW manages to retain the Answers World Championship on Dynasty against Jason McKormick. Even with APOCALYPSE as the special guest referee, Theron managed to make it out of the match with his championship reign still intact; however, when the match was over, APOCALYPSE used it as the perfect opportunity to connect with SIX Helix Nebulas on the Answers World Championship. For the second week in a row, Theron is dead in the middle of the ring and I am left wondering why he hasn’t fled to Canada or wherever the fuck he lives. However, this was a pretty good title defense on the episode of Dynasty, but it seems like at Ides of March, APOCALYPSE is going to fuck him up. However, knowing the snake like tendencies and calculating mindset, Theron may survive and retain his title and when he does, we’re all going to hate it.

Most Valuable Elitist

Tyler Wolfe

So, I was debating on whether to give this category to Noah Reigner, but he’s been needing a woman to help him out these past few matches. If this was Evelyn Ridley and she managed to pull off the win the same way Tyler did, she’d probably be MVE, but we don’t got to worry about that since TYLER WOLFE just helped Noah Reigner defend the World Heavyweight Championship. Yes, you heard me right. It’s not unusual for a female in a World Championship Match in some sort of way, but this was an unexpected turn that I did not see coming with the Noah Reigner/Rex McAllister match, but it was enjoyable and I enjoyed watching the match. Noah/POP is going to be amazing as well as Tyler/T.V.P., which I have mentioned. Looking forward to all of these storyline progression on Voltage. 

Voltage 2/24/2019

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