Most Valuable Elitist #170

Rising Star of the Week


One out of the four contenders for the Iconic Cup Match, Minerva takes this week’s spot as the Rising Star of the Week. Recently, Minerva has been on a role. Minus the one match where Mali Evans interfered, Minerva has proven her worth and given opponents something to be concerned about. A structure such as Hell in a Cell would be a perfect environment for someone who as devious as Minerva. Just knowing her personality, she is someone I would be on a look out for in this match. As of right now, it’s just her and Remi Skyfire in the match, but with the fatal-4-way occurring on Empire this week, I think any of these women would be a fantastic fit and bring something special to the table. Minerva has been one of the most interesting personalities to come to Empire and recent memory and a win at the Iconic Cup would be huge for her. I would not be opposed to it. Still, I cannot wait to see how she does these next few weeks and how she continues to build herself up.

Beef of the Week

Noah Reigner vs. Visual Prophet 

Not because they would murder me if I didn’t give them this. The main event of Voltage took this spot as Beef of the Week. This was an interaction that I had been waiting to happen. Just to see these two interact was something to behold. I thought the Visual Prophet did a fantastic job with going up against Noah Reigner. These two brought a different element to their promos and Viz last promo where he brought the receipts was fire. I thought Viz stepped up with this match, but this was something that I obviously expected and over a short period of time, he has become one of the most interesting and watchable people in EAW. He no doubt has a bright future in EAW. As for Noah, I’ll talk a little more about him later. But, their match was amazing and it progressed a few stories at the same time, which I will get to on the next category. 

Show of the Week


Voltage reigns as the Show of the Week. I thought each show brought something to the table this week, but I was living for the storyline progression on Voltage. One of the standout storyline developments happened with the Jack Ripley/Charlie Marr match. Personally, I am loving the idea of bring Jordie Ripley into this storyline because I have never seen Jack actually have a story that makes him seem like a human being. A year ago, we would have never gotten that development. He had something going for him when he was left on his own before David Davidson died, but I don’t think it was tapped into enough since Jack joined the One Percent after Pain for Pride. On the other hand, it gives Charlie Marr some heat and establish himself as a “don’t give a fuck” type of heel. I was surprised to see him not really feud with Daryl Kinkade, but perhaps, they could be saving that for a later time? It would be something that would be fun to go back too. I love the altercation between Jackson Blayde and Farrell V. I was not expecting him to get himself involved in this segment, but it was so fun to see. Jazmin getting a big boot was the highlight of this episode and it was so like Farrell to feel bad about it and it also gave Jackson a purpose and a need to retain the National Elite Championship. Also, I was living for Tyler Wolfe superkicking Veena Adams to end Voltage was the most amazing ending of 2019 so far. I’m really excited to see how these storylines progress. I have been loving all of them.

Match of the Week

Tyler Wolfe vs. Harlow Reichert vs. Constance Blevins

Empire’s main event takes this week’s spot as the Match of the Week. I thought. This was a killer match for the Empire brand as we witnessed three of Empire’s brightest talents taking on each other for an opportunity for the New Breed Championship at the Iconic Cup. I thought the interaction between Gavin Kirkland and Veena Adams was fantastic, but they make a woat commentating team. The religious jokes were some of the most hilarious I have ever seen. I thought each of these women brought something amazing to this match and I loved how each of them got some moment to shine. It’s sometimes difficult to give each woman in a triple threat the proper offense, so I commend the booking on that. I thought the right person won the match and I was amazed to see Tyler bounce back from her loss and her versus The Visual Prophet is going to be a match I didn’t know I wanted, but needed.

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Noah Reigner

For Champion of the Week, this belongs to Noah Reigner as he managed to defeat The Visual Prophet on the latest episode of Voltage. I thought this “Champion vs. Champion” match was exciting. This was one match I was anticipating for and I knew that Viz was going to give Noah a run for his money, but Viz was a whole different level. He managed to look strong in defeat and he put up an amazing performance, but Noah continues to justify he is the World Heavyweight Champion and he looks good approaching next week with his title match against Rex McAllister. I am excited for this rematch. Noah came very close to winning in their last altercation and apparently, it only takes one Killshot from him to win a match, so it should make things extra interesting. 

Most Valuable Elitist 

Tyler Wolfe

For Tyler Wolfe, she takes this week’s spot as our Most Valuable Elitist. Tyler managed to defeat Harlow Reichert and Constance Blevins to determine who would face The Visual Prophet at the Iconic Cup for the New Breed Championship. It was a well-deserved victory on Tyler’s part as she has a chance to bring the New Breed Championship back to Empire. I think that Tyler is a fantastic representative for Empire. I thought that she will give Viz a fantastic fight. I think she has a clear shot of winning this match. If there is someone with so much drive and motivation, it has to be Tyler. She’s hungry. She wants to win. She wants to succeed. I love Empire’s chances, but Viz is going to be someone that she cannot take lighting. With Veena Adams by his side, that can cause trouble, but from what we saw with Tyler on Voltage, she’ll superkick Veena and she’ll probably do it again, which I am not opposed too. 

Voltage 2/17/2019

Empire 2/21/2019