Most Valuable Elitist #169

Rising Star of the Week


Beef of the Week

Cody Marshall vs. Solomon

These two had one of the most interesting war or words this week, approaching their match on Showdown. It seemed like it was full of offense in Solomon’s way and he was putting in the work to make sure that he would get the victory. Cody was full of offense and to see these two bringing some good work on the table made this fun to be invested in. I liked seeing these two opposites going up against one another. I’m very interested to see if anything comes out of the Solomon and Terry Chambers saga. I think these two are well-needed for some storyline going on. As for Cody, I cannot wait to see how this tag team with Jack Haze goes along. I think this may be one of the more interesting tag teams out there. We never knew we wanted it, but are going to be happy that we did. 

Show of the Week


I think people kind of expect this now. :eyes:

The biggest focal point of this episode of Dynasty was the One Percent and for me, that makes me very sad, but other than that, the show was amazing. There was a TON of storyline progression with the Bowie Gray/Ms. Extreme saga to The Score/One Percent angle to the conclusion (maybe) of the Hades the Hellraiser and Lucas Johnson angle. One of the most talked about things out of this episode of Dynasty happened to be the return of our lord and savior, Cameron Ella Ava…and the other was The Queen’s Court joining the One Percent. Nah, but seriously. The biggest spotlight was on how the One Percent will be stronger after losing Jack Ripley at Road to Redemption and with Mr. DEDEDE going AWOL, what was going to become of the group? To me, it became woater, but that’s just me. With the group becoming bigger, it makes me wonder how anyone will be able to stop them. Makes me wonder if Mr. DEDEDE will be the one to end the group that he was basically the founder off since he ended both Project EGO and Hexa-gun, so I can’t wait to see all of this unfold.

Match of the Week

Jax Walker and Malcolm Jones vs. The Revolution

Out of all the main events this week, I thought Showdown had the best going on. I enjoyed that. This showcased all of the rising talent (besides Malcolm, since he’s already on that level) and it gave them the platform they needed to shine. I didn’t know much about The Revolution. I knew more about Jake Smith due to the TLC match before King of Elite; however, I did not know much about Joshua Nicholls (which is wrong on my part, but I’m trying to learn more about theses newcomers). I always love new tag teams getting into the fold and the division always needs them. As for Jax and Malcolm, I thought they were the better team this week. I thought Malcolm shined like always while Jax continued to prove that he should not be ignored. It was one of those matches I didn’t know was going to be any good until I saw it happen. I thought this was a solid main event and both teams looked fantastic. I would like to see The Revolutions go for the tag titles down the line, but they’re pretty good right now and I would love to see how good they are in a few months. 

Promoer of the Week

Tyler Wolfe

For Promoer of the Week, Tyler Wolfe nabs this award. There is no denying that she is one of the best promoers on the Empire brand. She constantly amazes people and even the person typing this entire thing up. I just hope that she doesn’t find herself to be discouraged because I do think she is wonderful, there is no doubt that she will be champion again. She just needs some time to know how it feels to chase the championship. I feel like she barely knew how that felt since she became champion a few months after her debut. I feel like by the end of the season or even the beginning of the next season, she will hold some major accomplishment and be a champion again. She is too good not to be in a title picture. She just needs to keep her head up and stay motivated. 

Champion of the Week

Serena Bennett

The new Specialists Champion, Serena Bennett has managed to impress the world by defeating Andrea Valentine at King of Elite. She went into her first match as Specialists Champion by getting a victory over Karina-Ann. This is one person on Empire who has managed to make an impression since Road to Redemption. It is kinda scary to me how good she has gotten and how good she will get before Pain for Pride rolls along. This is probably someone on the Empire brand that you need to be on a lookout for. She has managed to back up everything that she has been saying and I hope that she has a pretty solid title reign ahead of her. Would love to see another match against Andrea, but I am excited to know who her first opponent will be. It needs to be someone that keeps her on her toes. 

Most Valuable Elitist 

Hades the Hellraiser

For Most Valuable Elitists, Hades the Hellraiser takes this week’s spot. After weeks of having to take the crap that he has been taking from Lucas Johnson, Hades manages to get his revenge by defeating Lucas in a Last Man Standing Match. Not only did he win the match, but he earned the opportunity to face Theron Nikolas for the Answers World Championship. I was surprised to see this title match happen on Dynasty, but I can see the “New” One Percent getting themselves involved and screwing him out of this victory. However, I thought this was a well-needed victory for Hades. This was a great match. They had the right winner and it should be a fun match to watch. I’m guessing this is going to progress things more. I am excited to see who faces Theron at the Ides of March next month. If not Hades, then who? As for Hades, please try to take the title off this woat. :mjcry: 

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