Most Valuable Elitist #166

Rising Star of the Week

Thadd Blazevich

Newcomer Thadd Blazevich takes this week’s spot as Rising Star of the Week. With his arrival, there seemed to be quite some buzz with his name. For someone’s first appearance to be announced instead of it being a surprise just made me think that this is someone you are going to need to be keeping an eye on. When it came to his match on the last episode of Dynasty against Malik Kennedy, if this guy is under your radar, he needs to be because I feel like his segments have been some of the most interesting on the show and when you include his good friend, Crosby Carter, I feel like we could potentially have a solid tag team if they ever decided to go that route. However, Thadd has done a fantastic job with making himself stand out from the crowd and I look forward to see his progress on Dynasty. 

Beef of the Week

Visual Prophet vs. Gaines

If I can recall, last week, I gave Visual Prophet Beef of the Week along with Daryl Kinkade and this week, he gets it once again because I feel that he puts up amazing effort when it comes to promos and I am just amazed by his hunger and drive to succeed. I was also surprised by Gaines, who I knew not much about and either he was going to no show, show and not be on the level as Visual or actually show potential and I believe Gaines has potential to be good. I am looking forward to what promos he puts out in the future because this was a solid promo battle between two rising stars on Voltage. I have been impressed with what I have read so far and the thought that these two will get better almost blows my mind.  I hope these two keep up the great work and the only way to go is up with their potential. 

Show of the Week


There was a ton of surprises and things happening on this episode of Dynasty. The episode begin with StarrStan and Devan Dubian. From the segment, I was hoping that we would get a legit answer from Devan about his attack on Cameron Ella Ava from the previous week and from what I can take away from his explanation, it seemed to be because he was sick of being an afterthought on Dynasty. He did not want to be another version of his good friend, Starr and that was hurting his place on the roster. I was not expecting for Devan to slap Starr and connect with a Bleeding Edge. There is a part of me that is tempted to see a match with these two facing off. But, it seems like these two will be clashing more often it seems like. 

It seems like the issues between The Score and DDD’s Task Force is something that really progressed on this episode of Dynasty. I am quite interested to see where this goes, but I can see this Task Force being the foil The Score needs and it gives them more of a reason to hate on Mr. DEDEDE and the rest of the One Percent. I feel like this gives The Score a fantastic direction and with them and the Task Force being ring side this week, something is about to go down and I cannot wait for it.

Theron Nikolas also got the most camera time in months by his series of segments throughout the show. He had segments with Ms. Extreme, Hades the Hellraiser, Jason McKormick and Erebus Jennings. It did not matter how many times he tried to kiss their asses, but none of these people were buying it. I mean, this is what happens when you don’t book Theron for a show and he’s stuck trying to socialize with four people who could take his title if he wants too. 

Lucas Johnson vs. Hades the Hellraiser is a feud I never thought I would get in 2019. However, I thought if Hades were to take a loss against Jason McKormick, Lucas would need to get himself involved and I thought it was a great way to protect Hades, but also give Jason that good boost and elevate his character a little more.  I am very optimistic about what next week’s show will be like and I am excited to see progression on all these stories.

Match of the Week

Erebus Jennings vs. Ms. Extreme

As we end this evaluation on Dynasty, we go to the main event and our Match of the Week. It was either going to be this match of Rex McAllister vs. Noah Reigner, but this PURE Championship Match was I did not see going the way that it did. I was expecting for Erebus Jennings to make it through this title defense since I believe this was his first title defense. In a way, I can see why he lost since he wasn’t at 100% and he wasn’t delivering moves with all of the force that he is used too. I thought Ms. Extreme showed a lot of heart and was going into this match and giving everything that she had. It was a great opportunity for her, but I wasn’t expecting for her to pull off a miracle and keep herself alive in the King of Elite tournament, but the main event was insane. The aftermath of this match was insane with Devan Dubian delivering two Bleeding Edges to Ms. Extreme and leaving her there. I’m guessing that Devan will be the first opponent and potentially take this title away from her? Seems to be. As for The Monster and The Devil making an appearance in the post match with their sights on Erebus. I was expecting for them to end the episode with them standing tall, but Darkane’s return was something I was not expecting anytime soon, so props to anyone who kept that hidden.

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Rex McAllister

For Champion of the Week, this goes to the man who retained his World Heavyweight Championship against Noah Reigner. With this match, I was expecting to either get another hint of the person who stole Noah’s briefcase or an appearance from them, but Impact getting involved was something I should have seen coming since he has voiced his intentions with getting that eighth title reign. I thought it was a great title defense for Rex. That is what I have been saying for all of his title defenses. I am curious to see who he defends the championship against. Will Impact get that title match? I could also see a Triple Threat at King of Elite, but I am interested to see what the title picture looks now. If I can recall, Rex has no opponent at the moment, so there should be a lot of people willing to step up to the plate.

Most Valuable Elitist

Kassidy Heart

For Most Valuable Elitist, I give this one to Kassidy Heart, who managed to dethrone Cleopatra for the Vixens Championship…I know, it sounds strange saying all of that in 2019, but I hope that one day Kassidy trades in that title for a Women’s World Championship, but I know that Kassidy is going to make the most out of the Vixens Championship. I would love to see her defend the title and prove to those on Empire that she can be a fighting champion when she needs too. There is also the fact that Jaded Hearts could dethrone MarrKade and become Unified Tag Team Champions. I could see this being a great year for Kassidy if 2018 wasn’t. I think that this girl deserves a lot more credit and opportunities than what she has been given and I know that a brighter future is ahead for her if it isn’t so bright right now. I cannot wait to see what is next for her and I am excited to see where she goes from here. 

Voltage 1/13/2019

Empire 1/17/2019