Most Valuable Elitist #165

Rising Star of the Week

Jax Walker

For the first MVE of 2019, the Rising Star of the Week category belongs to Jax Walker. On the first Showdown of 2019, Jax managed to get an upset victory against former World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Elite. This was something I was pretty surprised about. No shade to Jax, but it just shows that anything can happen on Showdown. Anyone can pull off an impressive victory such as this and if this does not put Jax on notice, I don’t know what will. Normally, Jax wasn’t someone I gravitated towards, but his performance in this match on Showdown may have been a reason for people to now keep an eye on the guy. I hope that he is able to keep that momentum going. Hopefully, this will not be the only notable thing that he does in 2019, but I like to be hopeful and I am excited to see where this year takes him. 

Beef of the Week

Daryl Kinkade vs. Visual Prophet

For Beef of the Week, we got to Voltage as a King of Elite Tournament Match captured not just my attention, but the attention of a few other people. There is no denying that Daryl has been stepping up and proving that he may be the stand out person from his team with Charlie Marr. He did not have the easiest first round as he took on a newcomer, who has had a lot of hype in him named Visual Prophet. I was surprised to see these two be a back-and-fourth I found myself to be invested in. It came to a point where I believed that this match could be anyone’s for the taking. The thought that Visual Prophet is somewhat new (at least, from what I assume) and the improvement he has been making is amazing. Daryl has always been our favorite underdog and he is someone I want to see succeed on Voltage. I wonder if we’ll see Daryl vs. Charlie Marr at some point in this tournament and this forms more cracks with this team. I would love to see how the other feels if one of them makes it to the finals. As for Visual Prophet, bright future with him and I hope he stays for the long haul. 

Show of the Week


Voltage manages to nab Show of the Week to start off 2019. I thought Empire, Dynasty and Showdown brought something special for the table. To me, it seemed like Voltage was more put together than the rest. 

We began the show with a segment from December 7th, 2018 and apparently, Veena Adams continues to mooch off her very successful uncle and apparently,  Mr. DEDEDE is going to pull some sort of strings to get Veena involved in wrestling again. This is not going to be good. At all. We then go to one of the most detailed recaps of Road to Redemption in 2019 and possibly ever in Elite Answers Wrestling. It gave me some memorable moments from the Voltage side. Meanwhile, it also reminded anyone of what specific people went through in the event and what their mindsets are going through.

As we return from the commercial break, we have Noah Reigner start off the show with him and Evelyn Ridley speaking their minds. The one main topic — Noah’s missing briefcase and with that perfect timing, the lights begin to flicker and the silliest thing out of this was having the briefcase wear a happy new year party hat as he watched the “Ace vs. Ace” match at The Palace. I thought that was super adorable for some reason and Noah ended the segment with the statement everyone should know Noah wants his “fucking briefcase back”.

The first match of the night had three of Voltages newest stars, Asher Grayson, Farrell V and Denis Ryley. For an opening match, I thought these three men grabbed my attention. I had no idea who any of these men were, but Farrell V really took advantage of the match after Denis hurt himself on the apron. It was smart of him to do and I feel this is a wonderful way to start off the year!  The second match of the night consisted of our Beef of the Week — Daryl Kinkade and Visual Prophet. Visual Prophet was playing dirty for some parts of the match and I wondered if he was going to get an upset victory, but to see the controversy in the end with Daryl’s shoulders being down as well as Visual Prophet’s make me wonder if this may be settled at some point. 

We transition to a backstage segment with Veena Adams and Matt Daniels and it seems like these two are going to be a wonderful dynamic, right? Before anything else can be said with them, Voltage’s newest talent, Jack Ripley comes into the scene and it seems like him and Matt are going to go off on the wrong foot, but to see Matt say the truth and state that being on Dynasty was halting Jack’s progression was something that needed to be said and Voltage is probably the second chance that Jack really needs. I hope that he can be nice for once, but I am not getting my hopes up to be honest.

The next match was Charlie Marr vs. VIP and I thought this was a pretty solid match itself. It seemed like Charlie had a bit of a struggle with VIP. VIP should have realized that getting Charlie angry is a giant mistake and almost like a death sentence.  VIP brought everything to the table and to have it be not enough just says that Charlie Marr may have the tolerance to put up with so much. It makes me curious to see if Charlie may be able to handle the pressure that comes with reaching the King of Elite finals. 

After, Sofia Clarke interviews Xander Payne, who is still very angry about Drake King interfering in this match at Road to Redemption. Xander says that “Drake King needs to die” and I’m not sure if I encourage the idea of death, but I can smell that this rivalry will take these two to the next level. I am interested to see these two settle it at King of Elite or wherever their next match will be. Wherever it is, I think Drake will be “ok” with it. Sorry, I needed to say it. No more “ok” jokes.

In the ring, we have Jackson Blayde. I was not expecting for Jackson to be all American, but it seemed like it was a perfect way to get some heat and I thought by capitalizing on Osamu Arcichida and his state of condition, I thought it was really convenient and pushed the heat to the next level. With EAW not being in the United States for a while, I think the Blaydemerica thing is going to be a heat magnet. After the commercial break, Jackson Blayde participated in a triple threat match against Myles and Rankon. I thought that the two newcomers were amazing and brought everything to the table, but Jackson is the champion and there was no way that I saw him losing. I’m interesting to see Myles bounce back from this since he had the victory and would have won if Jackson was never there. 

We had a segment featuring the Openweight Champion, TLA! For his next contender for the Openweight Champion, I would have thought any man from the chamber match would have been perfect candidates, but not only did the Prince of Phenomenal answer the challenge, but Lethal Consequences as well. Both will be great contenders and both have a strong chance of bring the title to Voltage, so to see POP vs. LC next week is going to be a treat. I will look forward to whoever TLA faces.

Backstage, we had an interview with Rex McAllister. The biggest thing to come from this segment was that Rex will be defending the World Heavyweight Champion against Noah Reigner. Perhaps, Noah may not need the Cash in the Vault. Perhaps, we may see an appearance of who took his briefcase and Rex retains via that distraction. Overall, this could possibly be a Match of the Week and I am going to keep an eye on this match!

As for the main event, we are not worthy of it. We were not worthy of being in the presence of El Landerson and The Woogieman as they fought for the Big Bhris Bhampionship. I thought both men put on the best performances of their career. Both men pushed each other to the limit and by how this match ended in a draw, I do not things are over for the two of them. I would have never thought about putting them in the main event, but these men gave a seven star performance. I am so proud. :mjcry: 

Match of the Week

Jax Walker vs. Chris Elite

Showdown’s main event was the Match of the Week. I know I talked about Jax Walker a bit on the Rising Star of the Week category, but the match was an amazing way to start off the year for Showdown. I don’t think Chris Elite knew what to expect from Jax Walker, but when he realized that he was not going up against some Battleground noob, he stepped up and proved why he held that World Championship for about five months. He proved that all eyes should be on him; however, Jax getting the victory was surprising and I thought the flow of the match was well-done. I am curious to see if Chris decides to get himself in the mix for the TLC Match for the Interwire Championship. If Malcolm Jones has to drop it, I think Chris would be the perfect person for the job. I felt like he should have won it in the tournament about a year ago, but it’s better late than never.

Promoer of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist 

The Crowe’s Nest

The Crowe’s Nest reunite for five minutes and they take the first Most Valuable Elitist(s) spot in 2019. On Empire, we witnessed New Breed Champion, Raven Roberts, Chelsea Crowe and Jael take on the Queen’s Court, Women’s World Champion, Madison Kaline and Empire Tag Team Champions, Cleopatra and Amber Keys. I thought by defeating the Women’s Champion and Empire Tag Team Champions was an amazing way to return. Jael getting the pin on Madison was surprising, but I loved it. Jael is someone who seems to be under looked and it’s about time that she gets the attention she deserves. Chelsea and Raven were fabulous as always. Hell, all three of them are amazing and deserve another Tag Team Championship reign. I’m wondering if Jael gets inserted into the Women’s World Championship Match at King of Elite. If you can add Sienna Jade, why not Jael? Still, I feel like this should entitle her to some sort of title match as well as Raven and Chelsea. Excellent work with these three women and I am hyped to see what this year has in store for them.

Voltage 1/6/2019

EAW Rookies to Be On the Lookout For in 2019