Most Valuable Elitist #161

Rising Star of the Week

Clara Lovelace

Clara Lovelace takes this spot as our Rising Star of the Week. Clara had a big mission approaching Bloodletter as she entered a Hardcore Triple Threat Match for a “Special Opportunity”. It wasn’t until moments before this match happened where Clara and the rest of her opponents figured out from resident douchebag Stephon Hunte, that Clara’s Young Lioness Cup would be on the line! With that unexpected surprise, the three women in the match brought their absolute best into this match. Clara showed a new found aggression into the match where she literally brought a stop sign to beat the living snot out of Sazae Hangaku. Each woman had a shot to win this match, but Clara dug deep enough to assure everyone that she would still be the holder of the Young Lioness Cup. Just like her two other opponents, Clara killed it this week and I hope that things are looking up for her!

Beef of the Week

Tyler Wolfe vs. Consuela Rose Ava

Tyler Wolfe vs. Consuela Rose Ava was one of the more aggressive beefs to happen this week as they fought for the Specialists Championship in a Chairs Match. Over the past number of months, we have seen Consuela having enough with not getting the results she’s wanting. At the same time, she has gotten sick with Tyler getting everything that she could possibly want. Tyler didn’t like Consuela’s cheating ways and thought that she was not good enough to win without some sort of weapon (which is the steel chair) and the two women participated in a war of words. The match delivered and it was one of my personal favorites of the night. Tyler looked strong. Consuela looked like she stood a chance for a second and the clusterfuck in the end with Clara Lovelace teasing a cash-in was something I did not expect at all. Sazae Hangaku also getting involved and stopping Clara from cashing in was out of nowhere, but I sense something will happen with the two of them. As for Tyler, she is moving into one of the biggest title defense to date. The Specialists Chamber Match is one of the most difficult matches with all these talented women getting involved. She is going to have her work cut out for her. Although, it’s nothing that she can’t handle.

Show of the Week


Empire stole this entire weekend with Bloodletter. What an outstanding show to be a part of! The opener with the Hardcore Triple Threat Match set the tone for the entire match. From that match, you can see the other matches consisted with more blood and more dangerous bumps. The Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the Empire Tag Team Champions could have been anyone’s for the taking. I thought each team did amazing and brought something special to the table. Cleopatra and Amber Keys winning was a great moment for both women. Kind of heartbroken that Jaded Hearts reign ended, but could the Unified Tag Team Championships be in their future? :eyes: The Three Stages of Hell Match for the New Breed Championship was one of the more personal matches of the card since it consisted of New Breed Champion, Raven Roberts and challenger, Remi McQueen. Both women took each other to the limit, but it ended it up being a risk from Remi that costed her the title in the end and left Raven the last woman standing. There was the Chairs Match, which I thought was one of the best matches of the night, but this one last which was Match of the Week for me. But, if there is anyone that can take anything from this night, it’s #FoxCares!

Match of the Week

Madison Kaline vs. Andrea Valentine

The Main Event of Bloodletter took the spot for Match of the Week. Madison Kaline vs. Andrea Valentine in a Mistress of Death Match for the Women’s World Championship was probably one of the most deadly death matches that I have ever witnessed. I thought this was a death match that was suited for both women in the match. It didn’t seem out of character to see either woman use the weapons that they did for this match. This had match thumbtacks, glass, fire, cinder blocks and more blood. I thought this was a great deathmatch. I loved the involvement from the other women. I knew from the moment I saw Cleopatra and Amber Keys getting involved, it was going to be over for Andrea Valentine, regardless of Daisy Thrash and Astraea Jordan getting themselves involved. I could sense that the FPV was going to end with the three Vixens standing tall. I loved Madison colliding with the thumbtacks. One of my favorite spots involved the fire with the three Vixens powerbombing Andrea through a burning table and getting the win that way was amazing! This is probably one of my favorite matches from this year and I was on the edge of my seat the entire way.

Promoer of the Week

Andrea Valentine

Andrea Valentine produced some of her best work (in my opinion) for this match! I was kinda shocked to see her not win because I thought that she killed it the entire week! Not trying to discredit Madison, but Andrea really brought everything to the table and then some. I hope that this work help solidifies that Andrea will get her title reign in the future. She is one of the most deserving people on this brand. Should have defeated her two other opponents and cashed in the Openweight Championship and won the title, but I hope if people being to realize (if they haven’t) that Andrea is a force to be reckoned with. I know the future is bright with her. It’s all the matter of them pulling the trigger on her. I hope Andrea doesn’t get discourage and pulls through because I believe she can succeed. She looked amazing and I cannot stop talking about her performance this week. Andrea, great job this week! Fucking killed it!

Champion of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist

Cleopatra and Amber Keys

Congratulations to the NEW Empire Tag Team Champions, Cleopatra and Amber Keys! I’m amazed to see these two “old heads” proving that they never lost their touch! I thought these two put out amazing work this week and it was all about being in the right time and place. This is their first title in who knows how long, but it is very deserving on their part. Amber has been amazing since arriving and Cleopatra has proven that this is her best run since her first run in EAW. These two dethroned Jaded Hearts and their five month reign. I can see these two women holding the title for a little while longer. I hope that we begin to see new teams being formed to take on these two women. I’ve noticed that the Empire Tag Team Division could always be better. As of right now, these two can enjoy being on top of the world! They rule Empire alongside Madison Kaline. I’m very interested to see what happens next and I hope that drive does not stop from either of them. Once again, congrats to Cleopatra and Amber!

Battleground 11/26/2018

Empire 11/29/2018