Most Valuable Elitist #160

Rising Star of the Week

Osamu Arcichida

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Beef of the Week


Show of the Week

Wicked Games

Wicked Games stole the entire show last weekend. A Voltage exclusive event which featured some friends from Showdown and Dynasty. It was definitely the place to be last weekend if you came across the show. The three world championship matches were some of the must see matches of the entire weekend. Diamond Cage vs. Scott Diamond where we witnessed Scott’s career end thanks to Ahren Fournier getting Scott disqualified. The match was another great defense for Cage, but I felt like if Scott hit that second Vortex, it would have been over, but I am interested to see if Ahren will be the one to dethrone Cage for the EAW Championship. It would be a deserving victory for him. The Answers World Championship Match between Devan Dubian and Theron Nikolas was another great title match. I was surprised to see Theron managing to get the job done by himself. Besides the attempts on cheating on his part with the handful of tights, Theron managed to get Devan down for the three count! The World Heavyweight Championship Match between The Heart Break Boy and Rex McAllister in a classic match and successful title defense from Rex. It’s been one of the matches that I had wanted to see for a while, so I was glad that it happened. It was a great event to watch and if you haven’t checked it out, please do.

Match of the Week

Mr. DEDEDE vs. Cameron Ella Ava

For Match of the Week, Mr. DEDEDE vs. Cameron Ella Ava takes this spot. I think this match was everything that I expected it to be. In the beginning of the match, you had Mr. DEDEDE with his headlocks for what seemed to be for ten minutes. You had Cameron trying to fight and survive this match. You also had Carmen Ava died believing that she can put an end to this whole match between Cameron and Mr. DEDEDE. Cameron looked good in this match. Mr. DEDEDE showed that he is probably the superior wrestler out of the two of them. I think this was a different feeling to their previous encounters where Mr. DEDEDE was focused on killing Cameron. The last moments of the match had me on the edge of my seat. I knew with Carmen ringside, something was going to go down…and I was right. Carmen ate a spear and died instantly. :mjcry: I thought this match did a great job with painting Mr. DEDEDE as a disgusting and sadistic son of a bitch. Nuff said.

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Rex McAllister

For Champion of the Week, I give this to Rex McAllister, who retained the World Heavyweight Championship against the Heart Break Boy. When he first won the championship just a month or two after losing the EAW Championship, I was quite concerned about how this reign was going to go, but I feel like Rex being champion has made him a contender for Elitists of the Year this year. Two World Championship reigns in one year is something that you don’t see often, but it is very well-deserved for him. He always delivers no matter the opponent. He always manages to prove that he should be the champion. I’m excited to see his opponents for Road to Redemption. So far, Charlie Marr has qualified for the chamber match, so I am curious to see if someone like Impact makes his way into the match. I could also see Osamu Arcichida taking part of the match as well. There’s also Noah Reigner and the Cash in the Vault briefcase lingering around still, so that should be concerning. :lupe:

Most Valuable Elitist

Erebus Jennings and Osamu Arcichida

The two men who won titles last weekend are our Most Valuable Elitists. I don’t like doing this, but I felt like from each of these men, they were really deserved title wins.

Erebus Jennings defeated Jack Ripley to become PURE Champion. This was something that I did not expect at all. No shade to Erebus, but this was surprising to me. He is someone who has worked hard. I always think back at his work ethic at Pain for Pride and it has shown that when he wants something, he’ll find a way to get it. It was about time that his hard work pay off in some sort of way. I don’t know what to expect from this title reign, but I can see challengers like Ryan Wilson and Lucas Johnson stepping up to the plate and challenging for the title. I’m curious to see how long he holds the title for and who manages to take the title off of him, but congrats to you, Erebus! It’s very deserved and a long time coming!

Osamu Arcichida dethroned the National Elite Champion and Unified Tag Team Champion, Daryl Kinkade to become National Elite Champion! Personally, I am not so surprised about this result since he has been someone who has been on a rise ever since NEO. I knew the moment he returned, he was going to get a championship. Daryl did well with the National Elite Championship, but I am quite excited to see Osamu and what he brings to this reign. As for contenders, I can see Charlie Marr getting a shot at the title. Jackson Blayde and Xander Payne can also get shots at the title. I think there are a few directions you can go with this, but congratulations to Osamu! Well earned!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all tomorrow! Eat as much food as you can! If you’re working, earn that money! If you don’t celebrate it, just have a swell day!

FULL MATCH – Connor Gladstone vs. Visual Prophet

Dynasty 11/23/2018