Most Valuable Elitist #159

Beef of the Week

Noah Reigner vs. Kassidy Heart

This long heated rivalry that originated back in their previous promotion takes the spot for Beef of the Week. Empire Tag Team Champion, Kassidy Heart and Mr. Cash in the Vault, Noah Reigner were set to square off on Showdown the previous week and to them, it was about time that this happened. The two of them crossed paths via Ahren Fournier. There was no doubt that this was personal between the two of them and that this was going to be a hell of a match. In the end, this was a battle that was left without a definite winner as things got a little too crazy ringside, but if there was another match between the two of them, I’d hope that we get a winner in that match. I thought both competitors cut amazing promos leading into the match. You can tell how focused Noah and Kassidy were about going against one another. I thought this was more the intriguing “beefs” to keep up with this week and I cannot wait to see what happens in their respective paths.

Show of the Week


For the second week in a row, Dynasty takes the spot for Show of the Week. The show opened with Starr Stan. Starr talked about the 1% murdering Darkane and decided that it was time to take some sort of action towards them. The 1% mentioned that they run things around here, but Starr begs to differ. One of the biggest takeaways from this segment was that Devan Dubian has been traded to Dynasty and he was traded for…Impact. That’s a huge trade! By the looks of things, they are not going to fight to reverse the decision and Impact has embraced the fact of being part of the Voltage roster fine, but there’s always that Gawd Contract looming, which will come in handy in the future.

Instead of the PURE Championship being the main event of Dynasty, it OPENED the show. It was a great match with the challenger, Cameron Ella Ava, and champion, Jack Ripley with the special guest referee…David Davidson? From the moment he was announced as the official of the match, some shit was going to go down and guess what? It did! Mr. DEDEDE murdered David Davidson with the equalizer (RIP David. You were a kind and gentle soul. A great person..not really.) Mr. DEDEDE took the role of an official and screwed Cameron out of the match. You thought this idea was good, Starr??

The next segment featured the new alliance of Ryan Wilson, Jason McKormick and Shaker Jones. The three of them admit that they have failed in the past and are not afraid to admit that. They’re not afraid to admit their mistakes. The Score is here to fight for what is right on Dynasty. Kevin Hunter comes out, who is still pissed about his Openweight Championship loss. Just berating the three men in front of him. This leads to the Shaker/Kevin match. Shaker Jones probably got the biggest victory of his career so far in defeating the former Openweight Champion. There was a sign of respect shown by Shaker post-match, but Kevin spits blood in his hand and walks away. This is probably not the last time The Score and Kevin Hunter confront one another.

The backstage segment featured Cameron Ella Ava and her mother, Carmen. The biggest thing to come out of the segment was another match set for Wicked Games — Cameron Ella Ava vs. Mr. DEDEDE. Carmen doesn’t seem alright and wished this match didn’t need to happen, but this is a match that needs to happen. By the looks of things, Carmen is sticking by her man just like the typical Ava woman would and Cameron vows to make Mr. DEDEDE pay for what he’s done to their family.

There was an altercation with Lucas Johnson and Kevin Hunter, who was still angry about his loss earlier in the night. This resulted in Kevin knocking Albert Hitchman unconscious and Lucas having to go onto his match with Jason McKormick without him. It was a great match and it proved that Lucas can get victories with or without Albert. This lead to a backstage segment with The Score and Jason not being okay with his loss. One of the main things was that he was going to send a message before the night is over, which could mean anything, to be honest.

The contract signing between Devan Dubian and Answers World Champion, Theron Nikolas was personal and intense. You could cut the tension with a knife.I thought this signing gave you a little insight of the rivalry between Devan and Theron. It’s good for those who may not be familiar with how far this rivalry goes back and it may make you more interested to see how this match goes down at Wicked Games.

Oh, after that we have Donovan Cross and APOCALYPSE murdering people, but what else is new?

But, wait!

There’s more.

Jason McKormick, Ryan Wilson and Shaker Jones made their presence known post-match managed to take down the scary duo down and most importantly, they made APOCALYPSE back away, which is something I thought I’d never seen. Perhaps, they are picking their battles wisely.

The show ended with a highly competitive main event against Erebus Jennings and Mr. DEDEDE. In this match, I was quite concerned if Erebus was going to come out of this match alive. We all saw what happened to Darkane the week before and this should weigh in his mind. In 1% fashion, Jack Ripley got himself involved, but Cameron Ella Ava got herself involved and bashed his title over his skull. Even though DDD won via cheating, it was a well-fought battle and Erebus looked good.

Match of the Week

Madison Kaline vs. Stephanie Matsuda

For Match of the Week, I got to the Empire brand as Stephanie Matsuda defended her Women’s World Championship against Madison Kaline in a Steel Cage Match! I thought this match sold Stephanie’s right leg injury well. It showed Madison’s vindictive side and even though people kinda knew how this match was going to end, I thought it made people curious to see how Madison was going to walk away with the championship. I thought her escaping the cage was a good move and it protects Stephanie for when she returns from injury. The post-match was intense as Cleopatra and Amber Keys helped Madison with officially destroying Stephanie’s leg. Monica came out on time with the medical personnel and it looked like she was going to confront the three women herself, but Astraea Jordan, Andrea Valentine, and Daisy Thrash came to her aid and Amber, Madison and Cleopatra scurried up the ramp. I can’t wait to see what happens in this story. I think this has gotten very interesting and it left me with wanting for the next Empire to show.

Promoer of the Week

Noah Reigner

Noah Reigner takes this spot as Promoer of the Week. To Noah, it may be about damn time, but I’ve been very hesitant to give him this award because I probably wouldn’t stop giving him the award because his promos manage to steal the promo page one way or another. Coming from his debut to right now, I think he has grown and he has proven his worth of being Mr. Cash in the Vault. I thought against Kassidy, he put out amazing work. It was pretty torn to give either him or Kassidy this award, but Kassidy has like twenty awards from this category alone. My bold prediction for when Noah’s cash in will happen has to be before 2018 is done. It can either be this weekend at Wicked Games or at Road to Redemption. I can see him waiting for the match to be over and bam, he cashes in, but something tells me that we are going to start 2019 with a bunch of new champs? Will he be one of them? We’ll have to see about that.

Champion of the Week

Jack Ripley

Jack Ripley retained his PURE Championship against Cameron Ella Ava on Dynasty this past week. Somehow, Jack managed to go through the stress of the 1% being down a member, his former tag team partner being the special guest referee and the thought of having to open the show rather than the main event it would take a toll on him, but he managed to win the match via the help of Mr. DEDEDE, but he managed to win the match. Something tells me that it may be the same thing with Erebus Jennings this week. I could see some fuckery going on in that match. I would not be shocked if it did. I don’t see Erebus losing cleanly in this match. I’m curious to see who dethrones Jack for the title in the end. I’m not seeing a clear contender yet and if he loses it, it will have to be controversy on his part too.

Most Valuable Elitist

Madison Kaline

Congratulations to the NEW Women’s World Champion, Madison Kaline! How long has it been? Two years? Three years? It’s been a while since we saw Madison with a championship. She has been looking forward to the day where she can finally be a champion and be back on top. My heart breaks for Stephanie since she had a disadvantage at the start. Madison had the backing of the board, which has played in her favor these past few weeks. It has made her almost untouchable. Add Amber Keys and Cleopatra to the mix and this may be one untouchable group. I am looking forward to seeing who challenges Madison for the title at Bloodletter? Will Astraea’s match be moved to Bloodletter? Will Andrea Valentine or Daisy Thrash get a shot? I’m quite curious to see who goes up against Madison because I can see three clear contenders when Empire ended. But, any of these three women will be a great challenge for Madison. A victory over either of them will make her look strong. I cannot wait to see who steps up to Madison first!

Battleground 11/12/2018

Empire 11/15/2018