Most Valuable Elitist #158

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Dynasty takes the spot this week for Show of the Week. The show began with Starr Stan having both challenger, Devan Dubian and Answers World Champion, Theron Nikolas in the same ring. The segment went from zero to a hundred quickly with the two men taking shots at one another.  The segment concluded with Devan requesting that if his team were to win his match, he’d earn his Answers World Championship Match. If Theron’s team won, that match will most likely not happen. This set the tone for that night’s main event.

On this Dynasty, we had a strong showing by APOCALYPSE as he basically killed Ben Black. I mean, can’t he be gentle for once? After that, there was a match with Donovan Cross who took on Shaker Jones. This was a more competitive match between the two. Shaker looked great in defeat. It was a fantastic showing with Donovan. I just feel sorry for anyone that faces them on Dynasty.

After there was a segment with Jack Ripley, who was looking for Starr Stan in his office, but instead, he finds HRDO in Starr’s spot. Jack tries to get the official from his match the week before fired and the loss over Cameron Ella Ava reversed, but HRDO is not doing anything about it. One of the most interesting things announced in this segment was that Mr. DEDEDE agreed to give executive authority of Dynasty to Starr? Not sure if Starr has a little more control than other general managers, but I can’t wait to see what he does with that power.

Afterward, there was a solid tag team match consisting of Ryan Wilson and Jason McKormick, who had recently made an alliance. Those two took on MarrKade, who found themselves in the same page long enough to win the match. As for Ryan and Jason, I like this pairing. I love how their little segment before the match really set the tone for their team. I cannot wait to see how far they go on Dynasty.

Lucas Johnson faced the Openweight Champion, Kevin Hunter and managed to get the victory over him. I think when it’s Dynasty’s turn to challenge for the Openweight Championship, Lucas should be the representative.

Then, we got a segment with Mr. DEDEDE and Cameron Ella Ava’s…mother. Yeah, Carmen Ava was a guest of honor for this Dynasty as Mr. DEDEDE brought her out. There was some cringey shit said by DEDEDE, which may be creepy as well. Cameron comes out and calls DEDEDE a “disgusting piece of shit” because mood. DEDEDE claims that he is willing to let bygones be bygones for Carmen, but Cameron is not having it as she continues to tell her mother why DEDEDE is bad news. Carmen has had enough and claims that she gave up her life to provide for Cameron and her sisters and that she deserves to be happy and well…DEDEDE makes her happy. Cameron lets it go, even though she wants to beat the shit out of DEDEDE.

There was a segment with Jason McKormick and Ryan Wilson talking about their loss and how much it stung. Surprisingly, Shaker Jones is in the segment as he is talking about his loss. The three men commend each other on their efforts as all three of them learn that they have the same agenda. The segment ended with these three thinking of a game plan and possibly becoming an alliance. This got even more interesting to me and I am excited to see how this one unfolds!

At last, we make it to the main event with this match as the One Percent’s, Impact, PURE Champion Jack Ripley and Answers World Champion, Theron Nikolas take on Devan Dubian, Erebus Jennings and Darkane. It was a great main event and Devan got his match with Theron official.  Darkane got his revenge on Impact, but things did not look good for him in the end as the One Percent attacked, Erebus Devan and left Darkane to fend for himself. This resulted in Mr. DEDEDE pulling out the Equalizer that has taken out two other men in the past. After that, I think it is safe to say that we witnessed a murder. I don’t know any man who has come back from that Equalizer. RIP Darkane. :mjcry:

Match of the Week

Amber Keys/Madison Kaline vs. Astraea Jordan/Andrea Valentine

We got to Empire where we had the Match of the Week. As we got from one nasty alliance on Dynasty, we got to another nasty alliance on Empire. Right off the bat, the team of Andrea Valentine and Astraea Jordan proceed to bring the fight to Amber Keys and Madison Kaline. The chemistry showed with Amber and Madison being a united front as they beat down Andrea. The moment Astraea got herself involved in the match, I thought it was going to be game over for Amber and Madison, but Amber managed to bounce back quickly, which was concerning. Overall, this match proved that the alliance with Amber and Madison is effective, but somehow, Andrea and Astraea managed to get the victory and prove that they could somewhat be an effective team as well. Even after the match was all said and done, Astraea was no done with beating the shit out of Madison. She was going to proceed with her assault on Madison, but Cleopatra was there to stop that from happening. Cleopatra attacks Astraea as Andrea attacks Madison before security comes out to stop the madness as the episode ends there.

Promoer of the Week

Amber Keys

Amber Keys takes the spot as Promoer of the Week. Ever since returning, Amber has been on point with cutting promos. I would have thought Amber would have a time period, where she would get rid of that promoing rust, but I have not seen it with her whatsoever. Instead, she inserted herself as one of the top competitors of the Empire brand. She has slowly grown to be one of my favorite promoers on Empire and I knew that the moment she got out of Battleground, it was going to be trouble for all of the girls. It has been quite interesting to slowly see this little trio between her, Cleopatra and Madison form. I can’t wait to see the progression over it the next few weeks. I think there is a bright future for Amber. She’s won titles in the past in AWF, but I want to see her capture another one and prove that she never lost her touch.

Champion of the Week

Jaded Hearts

For Champion(s) of the Week, this belongs to Jaded Hearts. On Battleground, they managed to defeat Erebus Jennings and advance to the next round of the Tag Team Grand Prix. Even though Erebus was in a disadvantage from the start, Erebus put on a decent fight, but Jaded Hearts did exactly what they had done in REVOLT and on Empire and that is win. Sienna Jade and Kassidy Heart are looking to add more tag team championship gold on their waist. I think the chances of that happening are pretty good at the moment. I am excited to see how far this team goes in the tournament. They could possibly win if they set their minds to it. Both are fantastic characters and both have worked very hard to keep those Empire Tag Team Championships on their waist.

Most Valuable Elitist


Congratulations to the NEW Openweight Champion, TLA! Thanks to TLA, the Openweight Championship is back on Showdown! I would never think to see the title being defended on an episode of Showdown, but this was a great way to redeem himself since he lost the match at Pain for Pride. To me, I can see TLA successfully defeating his three other opponents and challenging for the World Championship. The Openweight Championship has had two competitors who couldn’t get through the first title defense, but TLA can change all of that and put the title back on track. He is probably one of the hardest working people on Showdown. He always manages to show and prove that he is more than deserving of the matches he has taken part in. I am excited to see how this reign goes. I wonder if he’s defending the title at Wicked Games? I am excited to see if this is going to be the one way TLA gets his World Championship reign.

FULL MATCH – Miles Thatcher vs. Jake Smith

Empire 11/8/2018