Most Valuable Elitist #157

Rising Star of the Week

Amber Keys

To begin this Most Valuable Elitist, we go to the Empire brand as Amber Keys gets Rising Star of the Week. First of all, I know Amber is a veteran but the reason I give her this award is that Amber is the first graduate of Battleground and their point system. Instantly, she made an impact on Empire as she managed to get a victory over Daisy Thrash. Even though Madison Kaline played a factor in the match, Amber keeps her winning streak alive and to me, I don’t see anyone breaking it anytime soon. She is probably one of the most interesting new editions to Empire. I am interested in this alliance with Madison and I could see her being a star on the Empire brand. If the idea is for the two of them to end up as a tag team, I could see her and Madison becoming Empire Tag Team Champions. I think these are two girls who will be great competition for Jaded Hearts. I can’t wait to see how this progresses over the next few weeks, but I see great things for Amber Keys.

Beef of the Week

Raven Roberts vs. Drake King

As for Beef of the Week, the New Breed Division showed at No Regards for the Showdown brand as champion Raven Roberts defended her championship against Drake King. The entire week, I loved the interaction between the two of them. I love seeing Drake stepping up his game and proving that he can go toe-to-toe with Raven. This is someone that people need to read his promos when given a chance. I can see the improvement and I can see that he is more than just an “OK” gimmick. He can be a future New Breed Champion if he continues this past. Raven is also someone who has been proving herself with each title defense and the thought of her doing Operation: Doomsday one weekend to going to No Regards for the other is insane. The girl deserves a break from being workhorse these past two weeks, but more about her a little later. I thought these two worked well with each other. I am looking forward to seeing Drake’s progression and Raven’s next title defense!

Show of the Week

No Regards

Every show this week stepped up to the plate and put together great shows, but I have to give this to Showdown and No Regards. The show opened with the New Breed Championship Match with Drake King and Raven Roberts! I thought this was an excellent way to start off the show. These two delivered in promos and hoped that it translated well in this match. I thought Drake looked good. Many occasions I thought Drake was going to win, but Raven pulled it off and retained. I thought the Unified Tag Team Championship Match was a good title defense for MarrKade.I had no idea what to expect from this match knowing that MarrKade were known to be on separate pages at times, but I just didn’t see this being the time and place for them to drop the titles. One of the more talked about moments of No Regards occurred during Chris Elite vs. Ahren Fournier. The alliance between Ahren and Kassidy was something I did not see coming into Showdown, but I am excited to see Kassidy in this role and what she does for Ahren. TLA vs. Cody Marshal in a Last Man Standing Match was just insane. I love the involvement of Steroid Dawg in the match and TLA just not allowing anyone to hurt his dog. Cody and TLA nearly killed each other. A few points in the match, the match could have belonged to any guy. The nail gun stop into Cody’s cheek was something I never thought I see, but it was effective enough to keep him down. Malcolm Jones vs. The Heart Break Boy was probably one of the matches of the night for me. I thought this was truly Malcolm’s moment. I love how he was able to bounce back from a loss of the Tag Titles and win the Interwire Championship. I can see him holding the title for a while. I assume HBB moves onto the main title picture and his next match will be against Rex McAllister for the World Heavyweight Championship. As for Match of the Week…

Match of the Week

Diamond Cage vs. Scott Diamond

For Match of the Week, I give this to Diamond Cage vs. Scott Diamond. This match was a great showing of the force Scott was. Meanwhile, this proved what a determined champion Cage was. From start to finish, I was on the edge of my seat. When the referee had to call the X on Cage, I kept hoping that this was nothing more than just a way for him to buy time or something. It’s a spot I see often, but I always pop for it each time. Cage really bounced back from that point and somehow he was able to make Scott pass out. That is something I thought was impossible to do. I thought this match was brutal, bloody and I could not get enough of this match. It was such an emotional rollercoaster for me. With each defense, I have seen do whatever it takes to make sure he retains. Out of all the champions in EAW, Cage has proven to be the most fighting champion out of all of them. He not only defends his title on Showdown, but he will defend them in any FPV or Supershow possible. As for Scott, I was amazed at how he was booked and I hope that he continues on with proving that he is a beast in everything he does.

Champion of the Week

Raven Roberts

Speaking of a champion who is always defending, Champion of the Week belongs to Raven Roberts. She managed to retain her New Breed Championship against Drake King. The week before, she defended the title against Ryan Wilson. The week after she was defending the title against Drake King. In a few weeks, she will probably be defending the title on Voltage, but for sure, she is defending the title at Bloodletter against Remi McQueen. Each time, she manages to step up her game and prove that it was no mistake that she won the title. Raven has her own story happen on Empire where she likes to POP people’s necks and that’s not nice, but no one is going to tell her that because she could do the same to us. :eyes: I cannot wait to get more progress when it comes to that. I cannot wait to see where this reign takes her. Who will take the title off of her? I think anyone has a shot at the moment, but that doesn’t mean Raven is not going to fight to keep her title.

Most Valuable Elitist

Malcolm Jones

Congratulations to the NEW Interwire Champion, Malcolm Jones! When people looked at the Malcolm character, they smelled money. They smelled a future star that will take EAW by storm. To some people, it was about damn time that he won a championship. Not only is he already a former Unified Tag Team Champion, but he is now Interwire Champion in a span of a few months. Malcolm bounced back fast and has proven to be one of the people you should be on a look out for if he wasn’t before. If Malcolm keeps up the work he has been producing, he might be a World Champion in the next year or so. For now, let’s focus on him as Interwire Champion. I am interested to see the potential matches for the title. If Chris Elite is a mainstay on SD with that Gawd Contract, this could be a potential match. I could see him going up against some rising stars on Showdown and helping them bring their best. As of right now, he seems to have an Impact situation. Will it is for the Interwire Championship? Will it just be a one-on-one match? It should be interesting to see what happens next. For right now, let’s have Malcolm enjoy his victory.

Battleground 10/29/2018

Empire 11/1/2018