Most Valuable Elitist #155

Rising Star of the Week

Harlow Reichert

For Rising Star of the Week, this category belongs to Harlow Reichert. On the last episode of Empire, Harlow defeated the current Young Lioness Cup holder, Clara Lovelace in a number one contender’s match to determine who would face Specialists Champion, Tyler Wolfe next week on Empire. Personally, it was strange to see Clara in this position since she had the Young Lioness Cup and now was in a number one contender’s match, but this takes nothing away from Harlow who earned her victory and proved that when given the opportunity, she can win. It was a slow start for her on Empire, but it seems like she has the ball rolling right now. It is going to be difficult to beat Tyler, but it’s not impossible to do. I think she may surprise everyone and prove to be a great first (or second) challenger for Tyler. I cannot wait to see how Harlow performs against Tyler. I think the both of these girls will bring the best out of each other.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Voltage takes this spit as Show of the Week. I thought Voltage was one of the best and well put together shows this week. The show began with Mr. DEDEDE making another surprise appearance on Dynasty. This time, it was for different matters concerning Voltage Commissioner Matt Daniels. The main topic of the segment was Mr. DEDEDE claiming that Matt was letting Prince of Phenomenal walk all over him and Matt knew that. The biggest thing to come out of this segment is that Captain Charisma will return for one night only on November 17th at Wicked Games against POP. That is an insane announcement and a must-see match! The first match of the night was Xander Payne vs. the new and sole National Elite Champion and one-half of the EAW Unified Tag Team Champion, Daryl Kinkade. The biggest questions of this match is how far will Xander Payne fall? Things are not looking good for him and it’s almost concerning. Make it stop, please. Another huge question mark from Voltage is the status of MarrKade. It was about time before these different personalities from Charlie Marr and Daryl Kinkade clash, but to have Daryl basically save Osamu Arcichida from Charlie’s wrath was surprising. Another surprise occurred during the interview with Sofia Clarke. The first one was from an appearance by Malcolm Jones. It seems like he will find himself in the Wicked Games card. Another surprise occurred moments later with Impact making an appearance on Voltage. By the looks of things, he has his sights on the World Championship picture. It makes me wonder if we’ll be getting him versus Rex McAllister? However, it seemed like Malcolm Jones vs. Impact was teased a bit, so I am curious if they do anything about that. One of the more amusing feuds on Voltage happened to be the one between Lethal Consequences and VIP. This feud is revolved around the taste of music, but it’s been fun to read about. I’m curious if LC teased about an “LC’s World” match at Wicked Games? If so, then this is going to be interesting. The main event for Voltage was Noah Reigner and Devan Dubian vs. Lars Grier and Rex McAllister. I thought it was a great match and one of my considerations for Match of the Week. I am lowkey loving the Devan and Noah team going on. They just seem to mesh well and I like that.

Match of the Week

Andrea Valentine vs. Madison Kaline

For Match of the Week, I went with Andrea Valentine vs. Madison Kaline. I loved the story going on in this match. I was on the edge of my seat for Andrea and her broken ribs. This poor girl has been through so much and it seemed like she was healing from them and then Madison pulled that shit she did last week. No shade to Andrea, but I thought Madison was going to get a victory here. On the other hand, I am not the only person who would have loved to see Madison be knocked down a peg or two. She has been causing too much havoc on Empire and SOMEONE needed to put a stop to that for the time being. Even though in a loss, I thought Madison looked good. I thought she looked intimidating, but Andrea needed that victory to prove that she can stand toe-to-toe with anyone. I hope to see Andrea build herself back up to be a worthy contender, but watch out for Madison. :lupe:

Promoer of the Week

Ahren Fournier

For Promoer of the Week, I give it to Ahren Fournier. Even though he suffered a defeat on last week’s Showdown, it does not take away from the good work that is put on the site. I feel like he needs some sort of direction. Since losing the Interwire Championship, he’s been a little lost, but it seems like it will be him versus Chris Elite at No Regards. I have no idea who will go over in this match, but I’m quite curious to see if this is a one and done match or if this extends to Wicked Games? It is an event where people from other brands are encouraged to be a part of and Chris still has that Gawd Contract. I hope that Ahren gets some momentum rolling in the future. I could see him being a future World Champion if he keeps up the good work. I hope that he does not lose sight of what is the main goal and continues to bust his ass for what he wants on Showdown. We got two months until 2018 is over and there should be no regrets from the GOAT.

Champion of the Week


Answers World Champion, Darkane faced the PURE Champion, Jack Ripley in the main event of Dynasty. As of right now, Darkane looks good, but Theron Nikolas plans to change all of that. I am interested in what is going to come to this Table, Ladders, and Chairs Match for the Answers World Championship. If the One Percent got themselves involved in this main event against Jack, I feel like there will be no hesitation with them finding themselves involved in this TLC match and help Theron win. It would be a way to get some heat on the One Percent as well as Theron because he’s woat. Darkane has all the tools to pull off one of the biggest victories in his championship reign. I do think that he is capable of retaining, but Theron is not going to make it easy for him at all. I’m kinda worried about what will happen in this match. :lupe: I just hope these two do not end up killing one another.

Most Valuable Elitist

Lucas Johnson

For Most Valuable Elitists, it goes to Lucas Johnson. On the last episode of Dynasty, he competed in two different matches for the PURE Championship Number One Contender’s Match Tournament and managed to win them both. That does not seem simple at all, but it seems like the power of Albert Hitchman has played into his favor. Knowing that slimy manager, he will find some sort of way to get involved in Lucas’ match. Jack Ripley is a tough competitor and it has been interesting to see how the two of them interact days away from their title match. Lucas has evolved over the past few years and always looks for ways to improve. I think that he will be a fantastic opponent for Jack. I am going to look forward to seeing the two of them clash. Congrats to Lucas from winning that little tournament and best luck to him at Operation: Doomsday!

Empire 10/18/2018