Most Valuable Elitist #154

Beef of the Week

Layla Lockhart vs. Madison Kaline

For Beef of the Week, I gotta give this to Madison Kaline and Layla Lockhart. A few months ago, the two women faced each other in the first round of the Empress of Elite tournament. That ended with Layla getting a huge upset over Madison Kaline. It was interesting to see the two of them square off last week on Empire. Layla was trying to prove her worth to The Pride. Madison has been on a warpath the moment she returned. From the moment Madison returned, I knew that people were going to be dealing with a different Madison versus who she was before she went into hiding. It was nice to see Madison get the victory. I think this helps her continue her build to be a legit threat to the brand. It also helps Layla’s story and with what went on in the main event, it leaves with a few questions on everyone’s minds. I’m quite curious to see how Layla’s storyline continues to build and how much fuckery Madison causes when Astraea Jordan and Stephanie Matsuda are suspended. It was nice to revisit the match and I look forward to each character’s progress in their stories.

Show of the Week


Last week’s episode of Empire commemorates the iconic Brody Sparks. The show began off with a match against Consuela Rose Ava and Andrea Valentine. I thought it was a great way to open the show and it gave Andrea the victory she needed due to what happened at Territorial Invasion. There was the segment with The Pride. Once again, it can be seen that Remi McQueen is having a hard time coping with Revy’s injury. Sadly, Layla has been taking a lot of the lashings from Remi. There was a segment that had Monica Vaughan and Jocelyn Sky trying to get Flannery to reverse the suspension for Stephanie. Malcolm Jones joins the party with trying  to get Flannery McCoy to do something about Madison Kaline. All I am saying is that someone better stop Madison before it’s too late. :lupe: The segment with Monica later in the show was insane! It went from a sweet segment to getting dark real fast. For a second, I thought that Madison was going to kill Monica. I was surprised to see Andrea Valentine get herself involved and take the hit for Monica. I am not sure how Andrea is going to be ready for her match against Madison next week, but I’m kinda scared right now. :lupe:  I’m just wondering why in the hell is Madison being “protected”? What is in that special contract of her’s? One of the bigger shocks of the night was with who “she” was. It was found out that “she” is no more than the longest reigning Vixens Champion in EAW history, Cleopatra! What were they gonna talk about? That might be known this week.

Match of the Week

Jaded Wolfe Hearts vs. The Pride

For Match of the Week, it goes to Jaded Wolfe Hearts vs. The Pride. This match was insane. This match was all over the place and the thought that this match could have ended at any time got me on the edge of my seat!  I thought each woman in the match had a great showing. I was surprised to see Raven Roberts get herself involved in Remi’s business…again. Like will these two ever stop fighting? The answer is probably no. I was surprised to see Layla Lockhart be the one to take Raven down. I thought Raven would have gotten the upper hand as Remi and Raven resume the feud. When I thought this was going to be close to the ending of the match, it wasn’t. All of these women kept fighting and it kept being as hectic as hell. Like, I had no idea who you could have paid attention to in the match. It was just so insane, but it was a fun match to watch. Jaded Wolfe Hearts redeem themselves for Territorial Invasion and we know that Tyler Wolfe’s next challenger will be either Clara Lovelace or Harlow Reichert, but who will be the next contenders for Jaded Hearts? I feel like we should know soon enough.

Promoer of the Week

Raven Roberts

For Promoer of the Week, I give it to Raven Roberts. Not only was she another consideration for Champion of the Week, but she put out two amazing promos for her New Breed Championship defense at the second episode of Battleground. Out of everyone’s stories going on with the women, I think Raven’s story happens to be one of the more interesting to me. It’s been fascinating for me to follow along since her debut to her alliance with the Crowe’s Nest to now. She is probably one of the best storytellers in EAW at the moment. She has an idea of how she wants to be portrayed in the cameras and she does it fantastically. Happily, she was able to make it through her first championship defense. That was something that she wasn’t able to say with her reign as Empire Tag Team Champion. :eyes: But, I have loved seeing Raven evolve herself and continue to get better. It makes me want to be better and it should make others want to better themselves.

Champion of the Week

Jaded Wolfe Hearts

For Champion(s) of the Week, I have to give it to the three women who won the Winner Takes All Match on Empire last week to retain the Empire Tag Team Championships and Specialists Championship, Jaded Wolfe Hearts. To win a match as insane and all over the place as this one, it deserves all the credit in the world. Sienna Jade, Kassidy Heart, and Tyler Wolfe proved to be one of the most dominant stables on Empire ever. The three of these women on the same page is quite alarming and it means trouble for any opposing teams. Personally, I am waiting for the next time these women are in the same ring as a team. These girls kick ass and I was bummed out that they couldn’t win at Territorial Invasion, but I need Kassidy to beat up Theron or something….please. Just think of the ratings! As mentioned before, we know that Harlow or Clara will face Tyler, but we are unsure about Jaded Hearts. I wouldn’t mind seeing another match with The Pride or some super team trying to take them on for the titles. I could see this reign going until Road to Redemption. As who will dethrone Jaded Hearts or Tyler Wolfe, that could be anyone at this point.

Most Valuable Elitist

Daryl Kinkade

Well, Daryl Kinkade gets to call himself a double champion. Depending on who would have walked out as the sole National Elite Champion, MVE would have belonged to them and for those same reasons. There is no denying that Daryl or Charlie Marr would have been the most deserving people of this accomplishment and it’s not always that people call themselves a double champion. From going to NEO to breaking out and being taken underneath the wing of World Heavyweight Champion, Rex McAllister, this is looking like a fantastic season so far for Daryl. If there is the possibility that he may need to be double booked, I wish him all of the luck in the world. It is not an easy task to accomplishment, but Daryl looks like someone who will rise up to the challenge. Once again, congratulations to Daryl! I don’t know if you expected for this second half of 2018 to bless you this much, but it has blessed you. Embrace this moment!

Empire 10/11/2018

Dynasty 10/12/2018