Most Valuable Elitist #152

Rising Star of the Week

Tyler Wolfe

At Night 1 of Territorial Invasion, Tyler Wolfe had her opportunity at the Specialists Championship. Both her and then-Specialists Champion, Remi McQueen took each other to the limit. Both women fought to prove why they are deserving to be Specialists Champion. After a surprise kick out by Tyler, Remi knew that she needed to think of some way to put Tyler down for good. In the end, it took a Canadian Destroyer from the top rope to make Tyler the NEW Specialists Champion. Remi put on a fight, but it was Tyler who won the war with that victory. This left her with great momentum in the War Games Match. Tyler has proven that when given a solo match against Remi, she can beat the ScareCrowe and take her championship. Will she be champion after October 4th? We’ll see by them, but I am going to let her enjoy her big title win! Congratulations, Tyler!

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week

Territorial Invasion

Territorial Invasion lived up to the expectations that people had for the event. It was one of the biggest events of the entire year and it left the crowd wanting more. Night 1, opened with a competitive EAW Championship Match between champion, Diamond Cage and his two other challengers, TLA and Cody Marshall. In this match,  we once again saw the fighting spirit of TLA as well as the determination of our champion. There was also the tease with Cody breaking up the pin too late and we could potentially see a match between Cody and Cage in the future? Who knows? What left Team Showdown’s status in War Games was Diamond Cage crawling backstage after his huge title defense. It was a big question of if Team Showdown was really in a disadvantage going into this match? It would be found out on Night 2.

In Night 1, there was plenty of matches that stuck out such as Drillmatic vs. Brooklyn’s Finest, which continued to build up Stephanie Matsuda/Astraea Jordan and possibly another exchange from Malcolm Jones and Chris Elite in the future. Malcolm got the victory over Chris in redemption from his loss at Pain for Pride. There was one of the talked about matches of Night 1 with Remi McQueen vs. Tyler Wolfe for the Specialists Championship, which could have gone any other way, but in that match, we crowned a new champion in Tyler Wolfe. Another Match was Team Daniels vs. Team Enterprise as the winning team’s authority figure would get power of Voltage. I was surprised by the result of the match. I had my money on Team Enterprise, but I also look at the other team and see that Noah Reigner, Scott Diamond, and captain, Devan Dubian cannot be fucked with. The New Breed Championship Fatal Four Way Match had me on the edge of my seat. I was rooting for my girl, Raven Roberts and was surprised, but over the moon to see her get the victory. It was down to her and Xander Payne. I am just glad to see more girls making history and Raven did by becoming the first female to hold the New Breed Championship. The main event of Night 1 was a Triple Threat Match for the Answers World Championship. Champion Darkane would face against challengers Impact and Cameron Ella Ava. This match was brutal as fuck. Impact took four Devil May Crys in the match. That must have been painful. I thought Darkane looked like a dominating champion in this match. The way he should be. Cameron would have won the title if it weren’t for Darkane. >:( The most talked about thing in Night 1, happened to be Theron Nikolas informing that he would cash in his King of Elite crown on him. The show ended with Theron standing tall with the Answers World Championship.

In Night 2, we opened with a wonderful Women’s World Championship Match between challenger Daisy Thrash and champion, Stephanie Matsuda. Even though in a loss, Daisy looked good and for a moment, it seemed like she was about to win. However, I did not think this was the proper time and place for her victory and that’s alright. It will happen. At the end of the match, it was informed that Stephanie was tied with Aria Jaxon and Cleopatra for the most title defenses with the Women’s Championship. As for Stephanie’s next challenger? We might find that out in the next few weeks. One of the big shockers at Night 2 occurred during the Openweight Championship Match between challenger Lars Grier and champion, Andrea Valentine. I thought somehow Andrea would retain in this match, but Lars managed to surprise and catch me off guard with his victory. I know this loss will put a fire underneath Andrea, but congratulations to Lars on his first championship! The Hardcore Championship Match between challenger, Ryan Wilson, and champion, Johnny Ventura was insane. Ventura has been competing in some great title defenses, but the match was ended with the One Percent’s Jack Ripley walking away with the Hardcore Championship. I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t sure with which championship. It might have been obvious with Theron having his intentions to challenger Darkane, but still, Jack managed to get his first singles championship. Congratulations to Jack! The rematch with challenger Ahren Fournier and champion, the Heart Break Boy for the Interwire Champion was great as their last encounter in Midsummer Massacre. I think Ahren moves up to the EAW Championship scene after this loss. However, the Match of the Week.

Match of the Week

War Games

I think this may be one of the Matches of the Year, hands down. I loved every single moment in this match. I thought Kassidy Heart held everything down so well. Starting the War Games Match takes a lot of guts and face men like Theron Nikolas, Rex McAllister, and Diamond Cage is not easy at all. In this match, I thought everyone looked good. There were a few moments that I loved within this match; one of my favorite moments was Kassidy and Theron on top of the War Games structure and both of them falling due to the Spanish Fly by Kassidy to Theron and landing on the rest of the competition. Another one of my favorite moments is when Showdown, Empire, and Voltage all joined together to beat the shit out of Theron Nikolas. Gotta love it when horrible people get what they deserve. Even though it was just for a moment, it was a beautiful moment. :mjcry: There was so much fuckery in this match. It was worth the hype and everyone looked fantastic from beginning to end. Was not expecting Diamond Cage to get pinned, but I guess, it goes down to how much the EAW Championship weakened him. It could also tease another confrontation between Cage and Mr. DEDEDE. Shoutout to all the competitors in the match. Be proud of everything accomplished last week.

Promoer of the Week


For Promoer of the Week, it was tough to not go with the “everyone” route. In the War Games Match, we saw amazing work from everyone in the match, but I had to give it to Mr. DEDEDE, who put out some amazing promos. There was something about his promos which made me want to read them from beginning to end. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire time just watching them and it proves that after a decade of being part of EAW, he managed to stand tall against those with less experience than him. He is an example of someone who gets better and better with age. I wonder what is his next direction. We know he is part of the One Percent, but will he just take the Chairman role and watch Theron Nikolas and Jack Ripley turn Dynasty upside down? With Mr. DEDEDE by their side, it seems like they are untouchable and if anyone fucks with Mr. DEDEDE, I will come to their funeral. :krabs:

Champion of the Week

Raven Roberts

With the New Champions such as Lars Grier, Tyler Wolfe and even Jack Ripley, it was a tough decision to pick who would get this category, but I gotta give it to the woman who is the New Breed Champion. Just like I said in the Show of the Week category, I was surprised to see Raven win the title. However, I knew that this girl exceeds expectations when she is given the chance too. She did great at the Special Opportunity Challenger at Terminus. She did great with Cash in the Vault at Pain for Pride. I knew it was going to be time before she had all her hard work pay off and get her first championship. Raven is an example of someone who has put in the work on a constant basis and she has proven that hard work truly pays off. I hope that people use Raven as a sign of hope that hard works get acknowledged. You just need to continue to work at it and things will go your way in the end. I know Raven will do great things with the championship and I hope she carries that championship with pride.

Most Valuable Elitist

One Percent

I think this is obvious. The winners of the War Games is the One Percent. Within a few months, these three went from being disliked to being hated. That blows me away. Mr. DEDEDE, Jack Ripley and Theron Nikolas are probably three of the most hated men in EAW at the moment. There is no one that can compare to the hatred the fans have for these men. Although, I gotta give credit where it’s due. These three put on an excellent performance at Territorial Invasion. These three were some of the standouts in the match. They were the ones with an advantage from beginning to the end. If it were any of the other teams who had all their team members out first, I do believe they could have walked away with the victory. When you think about it, you would think that the last team to enter the match would be the ones with the advantage since they have the most energy, but perhaps the One Percent were functioning with the adrenaline of being part in an intense match such as this. If Theron manages to win the Answers World Champion, I think hell may break loose. They can officially say that they have all of Dynasty’s championships and these men will officially rule Dynasty if they don’t right now.


Dynasty 9/28/2018

Showdown 9/29/2018