Most Valuable Elitist #151

Rising Star of the Week

Osamu Archihida

To begin this Most Valuable Elitist, I’m giving Osamu Archihida Rising Star of the Week. Osamu was part of the NEO brand and there was a promise about him being a valuable talent in the future. Personally, I am glad to see him nab this spot again because a victory over the number one contender for the Openweight Championship is quite impressive. Lars Grier is one difficult opponent and Osamu deserves all the credit in the world for that victory. He managed to get an upset victory on New Breed Champion, Xander Payne the first week, VIP the second week and this most recent victory over Lars.  A submission victory too, which is impressive as well. I would love to see a continuation of Osamu Archihida being build up. I could see him at some point going after the National Elite Championship. I can also see him being the guy to dethrone Xander Payne, if he survives Raven Roberts, Drake King, and Andy Lush. I think he is doing a fantastic job so far and all I can say is for him to keep up the good work. It will pay off for him if it hasn’t already.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Empire takes this spot as Show of the Week. This latest episode of Empire began with Flannery McCoy and Kendra Shamez making some announcements. The first announcement was who would represent Empire in the War Games Match. We found out that it would be Jaded Wolfe Hearts (Sienna Jade, Tyler Wolfe and Kassidy Heart). Tyler Wolfe would also be facing Remi Skyfire for the Specialists Championship. Raven Roberts will take place in the New Breed Championship Match. Andrea Valentine will be defending her Openweight Championship against Lars Grier. Stephanie Matsuda will be defending the Women’s World Championship against Daisy Thrash and be facing for the Unified Tag Team Championships against a partner of her choice. There was a match with Torhid Vinter and Sazae Hangaku, which was a good starter for the night as Torhid took the victory. There was also a segment with Jaded Wolfe Hearts and The Pride, the three of these women facing each other for the Empire Tag Team Championships as well as the Specialists Championship a week after Territorial Invasion. There was also a tag team match with Consuela Rose Ava and Clara Lovelace taking on Jaded Hearts. It was a good battle and it builds up the champions for Territorial Invasion. There was a segment with Drillmatic as they confronted Stephanie Matsuda about their Unified Tag Team Championship Match at Territorial Invasion. Who is Stephanie’s partner? Former World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Elite. After that, there was a match with Raven Roberts and Revy, where Raven killed Revy at the end of the match. Rip Revy. There was a match with Andrea Valentine and Remi Skyfire with both Tyler Wolfe and Lars Grier ringside. I thought both the Openweight Championship and Specialists Championship matches were really represented in this match. There was also Stephanie Matsuda, who came out to address who she would face for the Women’s World Championship at Territorial Invasion. It will be the woman who got a count out victory over her the week before, Daisy Thrash! One of the most talked about moments of Empire last week happened to be how Stephanie vs. Constance Blevins ended. It ended with Astraea Jordan, Stephanie Matsuda, and Constance Blevins out cold thanks to a returning Madison Kaline! Welp, the Empire roster. Maddie’s back.

Match of the Week

Darkane vs. Kevin Hunter

For Match of the Week, I gotta give this spot to Darkane vs. Kevin Hunter for the Answers World Championship! I was surprised to see this match on Dynasty last week, but I could never say no to a title defense like that! I thought Kevin Hunter brought his A-game into this match! I loved seeing how he approached the match all week and I thought he brought the fight to the Answers World Champion! Darkane was amazing like always. He was aggressive. He was determined to keep his championship. I was not expecting much of this matchup, but I ended up enjoying it a lot. These two men have dark characters, but dark in different ways, if that makes sense. Both men were pushed to the limit. I loved the spot with the high flapjack. If it was that high, I don’t see how Kevin is alive, but I loved that to the transition to Devil May Cry. It was a great way to get the three count! Fantastic job by both men! Darkane now has to face two Hall of Famers now. If he could bring what he did this week, he will retain no doubt.

Promoer of the Week

Diamond Cage

Diamond Cage is your Promoer of the Week. I cannot recall the last time that Cage was rewarded for anything in MVE, but here it is. I think this title reign has brought the best out of Cage. I think he is in a higher level this season than he was last season which is what we should all strive for. I hope that he gets the most out of this championship reign. He is the more deserving person to get a lengthy title reign. I think he has proven that he is a different person and he has been ruling Showdown with an iron fist. I love how he stepped forward to team with the NEO Syndicate to represent Showdown in the War Games Match. This match is brutal, violent and it fits Cage was much as a No Way Out Match. If I were Dynasty, Empire, and Voltage, I would be afraid of Cage. Like, the moment he gets his hands on something with barbed wire, it is game over for everyone. The moment he makes someone bleed, it is going to be a very ugly match to be a part of. This may be the reason why Team Showdown can walk away with the victory.

Champion of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist

Rex McAllister

Rex McAllister takes this spot as Most Valuable Elitists because he loves winning these things. Nah kidding, last week on Voltage, he defeated New Breed Champion, Xander Payne in a Champion vs. Champion Match. Xander has gotten upset victories recently, so I would have not been shocked to see Dynasty, Showdown or Empire interfere and give Xander the victory, but I think Rex winning the match with no interference was the best thing that could have happened. I would have not been shocked to see Tyler Wolfe beat up Rex since we had Jaded Hearts take out MarrKade earlier in the night, but I thought Rex getting the victory and celebrating was the perfect way to end things, but I would sleep with one eye open if I was him. You might get One Percent this week since Empire was last week and Showdown was the week before. :lupe: If that happens, then that’s going to be brutal as fuck. Do not sleep on Team Voltage, Rex is the perfect representative for Voltage as well as MarrKade and just like with Cage, the other brands gotta watch out for this team because if they manage to make a mistake, Voltage takes it home at Territorial Invasion.

Empire 9/13/2018

Dynasty 9/14/2018