Most Valuable Elitist #150

Rising Star of the Week


Show of the Week


Voltage takes its place as Show of the Week. The show began with a match consisting of some of the biggest rising stars of the Voltage brand. VIP, Jason Ryan, Kronos, and Osamu Arcichida. When it came to the winner of this match, it seemed like it was going to be between VIP and Osamu, but I’m glad to see Osamu continue that winning streak going. I hope that he is able to pick up the momentum that he had back in NEO. Next, it was a segment consisting of Andy Dominguez and Commissioner Matt Daniels. Out of this segment, I think the biggest announcement was from Lethal Consequences himself. At Territorial Invasion, Team Enterprise will take on Team Daniels and the winner gets the power. Interesting stakes and it seems much similar to the Team Starr vs. Team Monroe situation we got last year. I could see Team Enterprise taking this match. The next match contained one of the bigger and shocking victories of the entire week and that was Xander Payne getting a victory over the former World Champion, Chris Elite. No doubt, Xander took advantage of the situation with the referee being out, but I would not be shocked if this isn’t the last confrontation between these two men. After that, there was a segment with House Reigner. This was where we found another announcement as soon as Devan Dubian came into the scene – Devan will be the team captain to Team Daniels at Territorial Invasion and wants Noah Reigner to be on the team. The segment ended with Noah letting him know that he will think about it. The next match was Scott Diamond vs. Lethal Consequences. LC managed to get a victory thanks to Jackson Blayde, but the most talked about part was what happened after the match. The Enterprise continued their assault on Scott Diamond until Devan Dubian and Noah Reigner going into attack and making The Enterprise run away. The next segment was Lars Grier and Andrea Valentine. I thought this segment had a lot more development than her last match. It mentioned Lars’ failure to defeat a series of men and Andrea’s determination to prove that Pain for Pride was no upset at all. The main event of the match was Rex McAllister vs. Prince of Phenomenal. It was a good main event, but I was surprised to see Team Showdown appear without any warning. I thought the aftermath showed that it did not matter if they liked a person or not, but they’ll do anything for their brand. I am hyped for War Games and I cannot wait to see the One Percent, DC/NEO Syndicate, Rex/MarrKade, and whoever Empire will have representing them come at each other.

Match of the Week

Tyler Wolfe vs. Layla Lockhart

For Match of the Week, Tyler Wolfe and Layla Lockhart was the one match that stuck out to me this week. These two women are total opposites in the ring. I thought this was one match where either woman could have won. Layla has gotten upsets recently and this could have been a match where another could have occurred. Tyler has managed to get victories over champions and proven that she will be a future champion in her own right. I thought Layla had a ton of fighting spirit in this match. She was taking no bullshit from anyone. Tyler looked intimidating herself and would not want to be in the ring with her. If I can recall, this was Tyler’s debut match back in June. With this victory, it seems like a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders. She managed to get a victory that could have been haunting her for more than two months. To me, this match was a huge roller coaster and for a weekly show as well. Nothing wrong with that, but I do not expect that much emotion unless it’s a supershow or FPV, but I loved watching every moment of it. Tyler came in with the mission to prove that she can destroy Layla and be a legit threat to Remi Skyfire and the Specialists Championship. If Tyler manages to win that match, then it seems like that dream will come true. She managed to get the job done here, what’s going to stop her in her next match against Remi?

Promoer of the Week


This week, this category belongs to Darkane, who continues to find himself on a role as he awaits for who can be the next contender for the Answers World Championship. From last week’s Dynasty, both Impact and Cameron Ella Ava have shown their desires to face Darkane. Either a number one contender match is going to happen the week after or both of them are going to get their shot at Darkane. I am not quite positive what is going to happen since Showdown has a Triple Threat Match of their own with Cody Marshall and TLA. Could we see another triple threat match happening? Defeating two Hall of Famers would do wonders for Darkane as he continues on this title reign. I am not quite positive who will be the one to dethrone him. Perhaps, if Theron Nikolas stops being a coward and cashes in his King of Elite Crown, he could stand a chance. With the limited amount of talent on Dynasty, I would not be shocked to see everyone on the roster get their shot at the title. Darkane is someone who has proven these past two months that he is worthy of being Answers World Champion. I thought he has done a good job with what he has been given. Would love to see him compete more often than the usual promo, but I’m interested to see what Territorial Invasion has in store for him.

Champion of the Week

Xander Payne

As for Champion and Rising Star of the Week, I have to give it to Xander Payne. He managed to get a victory over former World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Elite. Your New Breed Champion did that. I think this may be one of the more impressive victories in Xander’s career. Might be up there with the fatal four way at Pain for Pride. I have been loving his improvement and progress these past few months. I think he has done well with what he has been given. At Territorial Invasion, it seems like each brand will have a representative to face Xander for the New Breed Championship. This is an interesting twist and something I would have not thought, but I feel like, with the competition at the New Breed level, anyone is capable of winning the match. As of right now, it’s Xander taking on Raven Roberts from Empire and I want to say Drake King from Showdown. Not sure who Dynasty is going to have representing them, but I think this match can be a show stealer if it wanted to be. If Xander can survive another fatal four way, that would do wonders for his career.

Most Valuable Elitist

Daisy Thrash

Most Valuable Elitist, I have to give it to the woman who managed to get a victory over the Women’s World Champion, Stephanie Matsuda on last week’s episode of Empire. Things have been looking good for her these past three weeks. She managed to get a victory over Openweight Champion, Andrea Valentine at Manifest Destiny. She managed to defeat Empire Tag Team Champion, Sienna Jade the week after and last week, she managed to defeat Stephanie via count out. People may think that since it’s a count out victory that it’s almost nothing to be proud of, but Daisy managed to take advantage of the situation presented to her thanks to Astraea Jordan doing commentary. For me, I have been happy to see her luck turning around. I think this ought to place her in title contention right? If she doesn’t get some sort of title shot in the future, then something is wrong with Empire. I think that Daisy is a prime example of someone who knows how to handle her losses and rise above them eventually. She is someone who has been working her hardest to get into the title picture. It’s baffling to me how few title shots she has been given, but I would love to see her in a title picture eventually. I think she is way more than deserving to be in it. I cannot wait to see what happens to her.

Voltage 8/26/2018

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