Most Valuable Elitist #149

Rising Star of the Week

Kevin Hunter

At Dynasty: Revolution, Kevin Hunter did the unimaginable and defeated Lucas Johnson, Ryan Wilson, and Shaker Jones to become the number one contender for the Answers World Championship. I was someone who was surprised by this result, but I thought it was well-deserved. He has been someone who has been consistent with his promo. In a match where it seemed like ANYONE could have won, he managed to pull off a victory. Darkane vs. Kevin Hunter is going to be an interesting match. I do not know what to expect when these two collide in the ring. I wonder if this is going to be the match at Territorial Invasion for the Answers World Championship? With Territorial Invasion a month from now, I would like to think the build-up for the event should be happening this week for the Dynasty and Voltage brands if they haven’t already. Kevin is someone who has been underestimated on this brand. He has proven that when a great opportunity is presented in front of him, he can kill it. It should be interesting how he approaches this match with Darkane.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week

Dynasty: Revolution

For Show of the Week, this goes to Dynasty: Revolution. Despite the opinions of how this show went, I think it was one of the better supershows that Dynasty has had this year. I loved how there was a number one contender’s match for the Answers World Championship. I loved how four men who never have gotten an opportunity for the championship faced one another for this match. I thought it was refreshing the match and I am all in for giving rising talent a shot at a major championship. Theron Nikolas vs. Andrei Sokolova was one of the better matches of the night. I thought Theron looked good as a winner, but Andrei looked fine in defeat. I wonder if this will be the last time we’ll see Andrei on Dynasty, but would not be shocked to see him returning by the end of the year. Impact vs. Cameron Ella Ava was quite a good match. There is much talked about certain innuendos in the match. You either loved them or they made you uncomfortable, but I get the purpose of having them in the match. The main event with Jack Ripley vs. Darkane was a great match. I thought in defeat, Jack still proved that he was no longer the “tag team guy” that people liked to label him as. Darkane looked great for his first title defense and I pray for anyone that gets in the ring with him. As for Match of the Week…

Match of the Week

Johnny Ventura vs. Mark Michaels

It goes to Johnny Ventura vs. Mark Michaels. It was either Theron Nikolas vs. Andrei Sokolova, Jack Ripley vs. Darkane or the Hardcore Championship for this category, but I gave it to Ventura vs. Michaels just because of how insane this match was. The description from the entrances, to the match to the ending of the match, was amazing! Some of the weapons in the match were insane such as the table with explosives was something I do think I have seen before. The spot was amazing with Mark falling off the top rope and falling onto the thumbtacks and setting the explosives off. I do not understand how that didn’t kill anyone. That would have killed the average person, right? Mark kicking out after all of that, blew my mind. Like how in the world does that happen? I thought this would have been Mark’s best match in his career. I think this is going to be one to remember. For a slight second, I thought Ventura was going to lose the championship. I wouldn’t have been shocked because the match was so insane. I thought this was a great title defense and I cannot wait to see who challenges him next.

Champion of the Week

Andrea Valentine

Openweight Champion, Andrea Valentine gets a well-needed victory after things at Manifest Destiny did not go the way that she hoped. I was like many who thought that Andrea would get the victory over Daisy Thrash, but people need to stop sleeping on Daisy when it comes to her versus Andrea. I did not see that victory coming, but it was well-needed and I hope she benefits from it. As for Andrea, we learned on Voltage who her next competitor is for the Openweight Champion, Lars Grier. He is terrifying in his own way, but I can see these two bring the best out of the other. I am interested to see how Andrea pulls off this match at Territorial Invasion. Lars Grier is the same man who has taken Jamie O’Hara to the limit but failed to win the World Heavyweight Championship. He is someone who tried his luck at winning the Interwire Championship at Pain for Pride but wasn’t able too. I would love to see Andrea retain her, but it’s going to be a difficult challenge, but she can take him! I just want to see her face Stephanie Matsuda at the end of this thing!

Most Valuable Elitist


Most Valuable Elitist, I give it to Darkane. Darkane successfully retained the Answers World Championship against Jack Ripley last weekend. I thought this was a difficult first title defense for Darkane. With the One Percent aura lingering around Jack, I would not have been surprised if Theron Nikolas played a role in this match, but I was happy to see no controversies happen whatsoever. With possible contender, who could have taken his title away out of the picture, for the time being, we move on to the next contender – Kevin Hunter. Just as I stated, I do not know what to expect from Kevin going into this match. Darkane is a scary champion who no one wants to be in the ring against, but with these two men being dark characters, I can see this match leaning towards the same way. I am not sure when this match happens. I would not be shocked to see this match happening at Territorial Invasion if it hasn’t been stated when this match is going to happen. But, when it does, it might be one of those matches you didn’t think you needed to watch, but you are glad that you watched by the time this is over.

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