Most Valuable Elitist #146

Rising Star of the Week

Ryan Wilson

To start off this MVE, I am going to give Rising Star of the Week to Ryan Wilson. On the latest episode of Dynasty, Ryan Wilson managed to get a victory over the current Hardcore Champion, Johnny Ventura after a distraction from Mark Michaels. From what I can recall, this may be the biggest victory Ryan has gotten during his run in EAW. It makes me wonder if Ryan will get an opportunity at the Hardcore Championship in a near future. Since Johnny Ventura vs. Mark Michaels is the match at Dynasty: Revolution, I wonder if there is a possibility if Ryan Wilson will be next in line after the supershow? He managed to make quite a showing in the 24/7 Battle Royal at Pain for Pride and with this victory under his belt, it should make him confident about his future matches and it gives him something to work with when he is cutting promos. This is one person who has been working hard in trying to break out and it is slowly paying off.

Beef of the Week

Astraea Jordan vs. Tyler Wolfe

With the semi-finals of the Empress of Elite Tournament, I knew that one of these matches would nab the spot, but I thought out the entire week, Astraea Jordan vs. Tyler Wolfe was a match I never thought I needed to see but was glad that I was able too. I thought these two women really brought it to the table and determining on whoever went to the finals was going to be a very tough decision. Both these women brought EVERYTHING to their match and I thought both of these women were highly deserving of this victory. I had no idea what to expect as I was seeing the match and this final four had to be the TOUGHEST final four we have ever seen. The competition between these two women, in particular, was intense and it sucks that they both could not advance. Personally, it would have been interesting to see Tyler go through. There is no doubt that she could be a huge break out star on Empire. If she does not win a championship by the end of the year, I would love to see her go for the Iconic Cup or Specialist Rampage. Astraea is someone who has been poised as the next big thing on Empire and she can possibly go from calling herself Empress by default to actually become Empress. The back-and-forth was fantastic to watch and would not mind seeing them fight again.

Show of the Week


For Show of the Week, Empire takes this spot with a fantastic episode! From start to finish, I thought Empire was great. The opening match of the night between Clara Lovelace and Harlow Reichert set the tone with the night. Was surprised to see Clara get the victory, but it was a great way to make an impression. The match between The Pride’s Layla Lockhart and Mali Evans vs. Sonya Correa and Consuela Rose Ava had an obvious result, but The Pride needed this victory and it will be great to see how they will do against Jaded Hearts. I thought the Crowe’s Nest segment was amazing. I love the idea of them being Fox Network Ambassadors. It is a twist that they are not going to take part of the “Last Chance Initiative”, but it makes things a lot more interesting on their end. I always love to see how this progresses each week. Astraea Jordan vs Tyler Wolfe was a contender for Match of the Week, but you’ll find out what I decided on in the next category. I thought this match was amazing. I thought it had insane spots. For me, I would have loved to see Tyler win this match. Her and Kassidy know each other, so it would be interesting to see how a match with them would have gone. I love the rivalry between Remi Skyfire and Raven Roberts. I am surprised to see that they are not facing off at Manifest Destiny. I thought the segment was a perfect progression of their rivalry. Seeing Raven be vulnerable was interesting and Remi came off as a badass. Sienna Jade vs. Kassidy Heart was an emotional rollercoaster. Personally, I saw Sienna going over in this match, but it was a lovely surprise to see Kassidy going over. Kassidy Heart vs. Astraea Jordan is going to be a great match!

Match of the Week

Rex McAllister and Devan Dubian vs. Lethal Consequences and Jackson Blayde

For the Match of the Week category, I gave it to the tag team main event on Voltage. By looking at the match card, I thought the team of Rex McAllister and Devan Dubian was an interesting combination. In this match, it seemed like Rex was the outlier in this match since Devan has his issues with The Enterprise. For the new Enterprise, it would be interesting to see how Lethal Consequences and Jackson Blayde mesh in the ring. However, this match worked in the favor of Rex and Devan. I thought this match had its twist and turns. I thought the cheating ways of The Enterprise would somehow prevail against the other team. I was surprised to see the other team function as well as they did. I thought this match was amazing to watch. It put me on the edge of my seat and I think it did its part to progress the storyline with Devan and LC. I thought the Rex Effect into a Bleeding Edge was an amazing spot and I am so glad that they got the victory with this great move. I am very excited to see how these storylines progress not only between Devan and The Enterprise but Rex with Chris Elite.

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Kassidy Heart

With twelve likes on one of her promos and a victory over her best friend and fellow Empire Tag Team Champion, I think it is quite obvious who was going to get these two awards. There is no denying that Kassidy Heart is one the best thing to happen to Empire. We are not worthy of her. We are amazed by what she does next and this is someone who is not afraid to be herself. She is not afraid to be vulnerable and she’s not afraid to express her love for her partner, Sienna Jade. I think she is in my top five of favorite promoers on Empire. She is my pick to win Empress of Elite. She is probably one of the most deserving to win other than those that have been eliminated. I think other than Sienna or Andrea, I thought Kassidy would have been a perfect representative for the finals. I think it will be interesting how Kassidy response to a victory if she manages to win. I think Kassidy has the character that could benefit from winning the crown. This would be interesting to see how her character handles all of this. I think she is going to kill it in two weeks and I cannot wait to see her shine in the match.

Most Valuable Elitist

Jack Ripley

For Most Valuable Elitist, I gotta give it to the man who managed to defeat Cameron Ella Ava and won the number one contender’s match to determine who faces Darkane at Dynasty: Revolution. Jack Ripley vs. Darkane is going to be one hell of a match. I know Jack is going to make the most of this opportunity and kill it. If I can recall, this will be Darkane’s first title defense. Do not quote me on that. If so, Darkane is not given a simple opponent. As a member of the One Percent, Jack Ripley has Theron Nikolas and Mr. DEDEDE (may God rest his soul) to have his back. There is also the thought about his 24/7 contract. It makes me wonder what happens to it if Jack manages to win the championship? The chance of that happening are 50/50 at the moment, but Darkane is a beast and should be built up to be a strong and dominating champion. This is going to be Jack’s biggest opportunity in his EAW run. It makes me wonder how he will handle all of this pressure since he’s never had a single’s championship match in his life. He’s always had a partner to rely on, but I expect for Darkane to bring the best out of him. This match will be a great one to see!

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