Most Valuable Elitist #144

Rising Star of the Week

Layla Lockhart

Layla Lockhart manages to find a spot in this category after a shocking victory over the current Empress of Elite, Madison Kaline during the first round of the Empress of Elite tournament, eliminating her from the tournament as a whole. No shade to Layla, but I’m not sure if she was everyone’s decisions to advance in their fantasy brackets, but she now finds herself going on to round to and facing Kassidy Heart in order to advance to the semi-finals. At this moment, she is the only Pride member standing in this tournament. Will she manage to advance to the semi-finals? Not sure if it will happen, but I will be shocked, but happy to see it happen. I thought this was a fantastic way to give Layla the push in the right direction with herself. If she does not advance to the semis on Empire, she still goes down as giving one of the bigger upsets of this tournament.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


For the second week in the row, Voltage takes this spot as the Show of the Week. This episode of Voltage began with The Enterprise introducing their newest member in Jackson Blayde. To me, this was someone I didn’t see coming, but I believe will be a great fit for the roll, so I gotta give props on them hiding this secret. It was also announced at the next Voltage Supershow, Crossfire, VIP will take on whoever the winner is at Midsummer Massacre is between Xander Payne and Sunami Tayo.  There was also Charlie Marr who earned himself to be a part of the match between Daryl Kinkade and Prince of Phenomenal at Crossfire. Also, we witness Lars Grier win a match in who knows how long! :blessed: It’s about fucking time that he did that. There was also a great match between Devan Dubian and Mr. CITV, Noah Reigner. In the middle of the match, we saw Lars Grier come out and that played a role in a distraction for Noah and Devan to get the victory. This feud has gotten ugly fast and I am all in for it. There was a great main event match with Rex McAllister and Daryl Kinkade taking on The Prince of Phenomenal and Chris Elite. Shockingly enough, the champions were able to take the victory after POP pinned Daryl.

Match of the Week

Consuela Rose Ava vs. Chelsea Crowe

For Match of the Week, I gave this to Consuela Rose Ava vs. Chelsea Crowe in a first-round match in the Empress of Elite tournament!  I thought this was one match that could have went the other way if it wanted too. This was one of the tougher matches out of the first round matches for me to determined. As seen with Layla vs. Madison, there is no sound of security going into the second round of the tournament despite the level of difficulty each opponent can be in. The competition in this tournament this year is the best it’s been in years. The woman that wins this tournament is going to fucking earn it because the talent pool this year is overwhelming. Consuela vs. Chelsea was going to be a victim of a deserving participant in this tournament. For a second, I thought Chelsea was going to win with the Crowe’s Nest and have Consuela go out cold with the submission hold. To see Consuela still fighting on was amazing and her getting the victory was shocking, but well-needed on her part.

Promoer of the Week

Chelsea Crowe

For Promoer of the Week, I give it to Chelsea Crowe. Just like I started in the last category, she is one of the more deserving people to stay in this tournament. She would have been my pick to win the tournament if she continued on. There was no doubt that she would have gone far in the tournament had she been in the ring with anyone else. After this loss, I am quite worried about what she will do next. I’m quite confused if she takes part in this second chance invitational because I do not see her missing part of the first Empire FPV of the year. The biggest question in my mind is: where does Chelsea go from here? I see her as someone who has broken out of the Specialists Championship picture, but not exactly in the Women’s World Championship picture and The Crowe’s Nest had recently dropped that Empire Tag Team Championships, so I am quite interested to see what happens from here. Talented person and deserves to be in some aspect of Empire.

Champion of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist

Prince of Phenomenal

For Most Valuable Elitist, Prince of Phenomenal takes the cake. He was one of the men in the Voltage main event, but he ended up getting the well-needed victory approaching Crossfire. Not only does he need to focus on one opponent in Daryl Kinkade, but now, he has to focus on Charlie Marr as well. From the looks of the results at the moment, I would see POP dropping the title, but I am someone that needs to see what goes on the next few weeks in order to get a clearer idea of how this match at Crossfire will go down. I could change my mind and see POP retaining out of two of Rex McAllister’s teammates. POP is getting into the ring with two of the best midcard competitors who are more than worthy to take the National Elite Championship from him. This is going to be a great match to see. I think any of the men participating can take the title. I don’t like the chances of these triple threat matches. It does not matter if you’re the champion or challenger, but the chances never look good for anyone to win.

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