Most Valuable Elitist #141

Rising Star of the Week

Raven Roberts

For Rising Star of the Week, I gotta give it to Raven Roberts. At Pain for Pride, she suffered two losses. One of them being for the Empire Tag Team Championship. A week later, it seems like the loss has not impacted her whatsoever as she dominated Layla Lockhart in the EAW Draft show. Afterward, she, along with the Crowe’s Nest, gave Layla a post-match beating that she will never forget. Raven and the rest of the Crowe’s Nest showed that they are more than hungry to reclaim all their titles. Honestly, I could see Raven going into the Specialists Championship picture. The current champion is someone Raven is quite familiar with in Remi Skyfire, so I get the feeling that these two will be facing each other real soon. I would love to see another match between these two and with the title on the line, I think it will make things quite interesting between the two of them.

Beef of the Week

Johnny Ventura vs. Xander Payne vs. Ahren Fournier vs. Prince of Phenomenal

As for Beef of the Week, I decided to give it to the Clash of Champions which consisted of Ahren Fournier, Xander Payne, Prince of Phenomenal and Johnny Ventura! All four men went at it with each other and proved their case on why they are the champion. I thought this was the most competition I saw the entire week. It was fun keeping track of this match. Each of these men had their own different flavors in their promos and are special and amazing in their own ways. I was quite interested to see who would end up winning the match because I believed any of the four men in this match could have benefitted from the victory. It would be used as confidence and give people a sense of direction of where their reign is going. I thought the winner of this match was the right winner to go with. I believed he posted the best material of the week and it was well-earned.

Show of the Week

EAW Draft

Just like there is to expect when the EAW Draft comes along, a lot of rosters are going to be shifted and switched around a lot – that is exactly what we got from Dynasty, Showdown, and Voltage. When thinking outside of the newly formed rosters, I think there is a bunch of storylines to look forward too. There were many questions that were kind of answered with the newly formed stable, 1%, which consists of Theron Nikolas, Jack Ripley, and Mr. DEDEDE. We saw the three of them looking as strong as ever as they basically murdered a free agent, Jamie O’Hara and Mr. DEDEDE’s former tag partner, Cameron Ella Ava. We also saw another stable in the Crowe’s Nest looking as strong as ever despite losing all their titles at Pain for Pride. It looks like it has not impacted them whatsoever. We saw Ahren Fournier determine why he is the GOAT Champion over the likes of Johnny Ventura, Xander Payne and Prince of Phenomenal. We saw Diamond Cage stand tall over fellow world champion, Darkane. The most shocking thing out of the entire thing was the whole world working themselves in a shoot and have it be revealed that Mr. DEDEDE is NOT gay. We got you red-handed, DDD. You can’t hide from us forever.

Match of the Week

Diamond Cage vs. Darkane

In a battle with the EAW Champion vs the Answers World Champion, the debate over who is stood tall would be answered in the main event of the EAW Draft. The newly crowned champions took each other to the limit. This was one match in which I did not want to see the other lose. I thought both men could have walked away as the winner. This match did its job with putting the audience in the edge of their seats. Both men put each other through hell and even though, I am kind of against putting newly crowned world champions against each other, I thought the match did not make either man look bad. I thought both men looked dominating and despite the loss, I do not think that it will damage anyone’s credibility. I can see both Diamond Cage and Darkane having amazing reigns and being unbreakable forces in their respective brands.

Promoer of the Week

Ahren Fournier

To the winner of the “Clash of Champions”, I gotta give Promoer of the Week to Ahren Fournier. On a constant basis, he proves why he is the GOAT Champion and it’s not just a cute little nickname, but he continues to prove it every single week. I would hope that his impressive victory is going to put him in the right direction, but I can assure you the moment he loses the Interwire Championship, he will go to the main event scene. I do see him become a future EAW Champion because I do think that he can carry Showdown on his back. In a way, I can see him being the one to take the title off of Diamond Cage. I don’t see it happening anytime soon, but I hope he continues to be built as a dominating champion because I have a feeling that this guy will be the future of EAW.  For now, I am going to let him enjoy his Interwire Championship reign. I am not quite sure who will be the one to dethrone him. All I can hope it’s someone who is a legitimate threat to the title.

Champion of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist

Diamond Cage

For the second week in a row, Diamond Cage finds himself as the Most Valuable Elitist. What is the reason this time? He managed to get a victory over the Answers World Champion, Darkane in the main event of the EAW Draft. From looking at the first Showdown of Season 12, things are looking pretty darn good for Diamond Cage. He is approaching his first title defense of a season against a new breed by the name of Damon Diesel and by the looks of things, it may be his first successful title defense out of many. I have no doubts that Damon will put up a fight, but there is no way Cage loses in his first defense. He has worked WAY too hard to let the title slip from his grasp again. There is no denying that he will not lose this defense.

2018 EAW Draft (FULL SHOW)

Empire 7/5/2018