Most Valuable Elitist #140

Rising Star of the Week

Remi Skyfire

For Rising Star of the Week, I give this to the NEW Specialists Champion, Remi Skyfire. When keeping up with the promos in this match, I knew that Remi Skyfire could be a contender to take the title off of Chelsea. I was not quite sure if they were going to give her the title in this match, but I was pleasantly surprised to see her win. I thought she killed it last week and this was a wonderful reward for her efforts. I am very optimistic about what this reign will deliver. There is a part of me that hopes we see some continuation with her rivalry with Raven Roberts. I think with a new season and new champion, this can open the door with a bunch of fresh feuds with Remi. I cannot wait to see what happens throughout the season. I hope that her reign is memorable. Meanwhile, I can see Chelsea moving up to the Women’s World Championship picture. I can see Remi carrying the mid card Division as Specialists Champion as for who will take the title off of her? It’s too soon to determine that, so I’ll just leave her to enjoy her reign!

Beef of the Week

Cash in the Vault Participants

Just like I will say for Match of the Week, I had such a terrible time with choosing Beef of the Week. MJ/Chris Elite, 24/7 Battle Royal, Astraea/Madison and CITV were all contenders for by the end of the week. Holy crap, the promoing for CITV was INSANE. I like to give all the participants a pat on the back for elevating the prestige of this match. I gotta give some shout outs to Raven Roberts and Erebus Jennings. Consuela told me that the two of you gave her hell with your promos and thought if she wasn’t able to, that the two of you would have been deserving to win. I know it sucks to be on the losing end, but your hard work did not go unrecognized. If anything, I see you future in Season 12 being bright – which may suck for an all dark Erebus. There was also men such as Lucas Johnson, Devan Dubian and Noah Reigner that did good as well. They brought the fight into this match and kept everyone on their toes. I thought the CITV match was an amazing way to top off all the promoing we’ve been through. Shout out to the writer of that match! It was a CITV match to remember and one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Show of the Week

Pain for Pride Festival

This spectacle lived up to the hype. For four days, people were captivated by Pain for Pride. Each day, felt so different from the other and I found myself amazed by so many great matches after another. The best part of it? We weren’t stuck till 2am waiting for the show to end! I was amazed by some of the entrances – most notably, the matches from Mr. DEDEDE/Cameron Ella Ava, Rex McAllister and Diamond Cage, etc. I loved everyone got their moment to shine. From smaller matches such as Terry Chambers vs. Nemesis to grander matches such as Malcolm Jones vs. Chris Elite, I thought everyone got their share of the spotlight. I noticed that people who had been working hard to get to another level finally paid off. You see from Remi Skyfire, Jack Ripley, Diamond Cage and Andrea Valentine really had all their hard work pay off in the end. I was happy to see people like Zakkii and Cameron Ella Ava get their Pain for Pride victories that they’ve been wanting to get for years. This is probably one of the best Pain for Prides that I have had the pleasure of experiencing and watching. I could not remember the last time I seen the community this united to break records in the promo page and just be excited and enthusiastic. It has made me optimistic about what Season 12 has to offer and I cannot wait to be a part of it.

Match of the Week

Theron Nikolas vs. CM Banks

For this category, I was so torn about which match I wanted to place for this category. I thought this weekend possessed way more than just one five star match. Scott/Darkane, Cloud/Sienna, MJ/Chris Elite, Jamie/Imp and Cage/Rex were all considered for this category, but in the end, I decided to give it to Theron/Banks. Within this match, I loved the REVOLT vs. EAW feeling that was given the entire time. Normally, I am not a fan of pinning two companies against each other, but in this situation, I felt like it benefitted and gave the match the reaction it desired. From a perspective, I knew in my heart that Theron would walk away with the victory. I just never expected for Mr. DEDEDE to be the one to get himself involved in the action? From the ending of the match, I knew that Jack Ripley helping DDD and Cameron Ella Ava retain the Tag Titles would be connected. By seeing those three men stand tall in the end of this match, it makes me curious to see this angle progressing. Is this a new stable? No, let me rephrase the question. Is this the stable that everyone is going to have to watch out for the remainder of 2018? I think the answer is yes. I am hoping with the draft this weekend, we get a little more insight of what DDD’s mindset is and get answers to everything that happened at Pain for Pride.

Promoer of the Week

Everyone who promoed for PFP

I don’t give everyone this award often. Some board members and other members are not a fan that I do, but I thought for this week, I said fuck with their feelings and give this award to everyone that promoed at Pain for Pride. I was amazed by some of the records that we broke from the moment 9:00 PM PST hit. From that moment, a series of promos flooded the promo page and I was in complete awe by the entire thing. We broke a record there and then, we broke another one twenty-four hours later with posting more promos than we did last year. There were people that didn’t want us to make it to this point, but we fucking did it! Every single one of you, give yourselves a pat on the back. It is very well-deserving and everyone worked their hardest. Those likes Jack Ripley to Mark Michaels in the 24/7 Battle Royal. Astraea Jordan and Madison Kaline for their Grudge Match. Raven Roberts/Erebus Jennings/Consuela Rose Ava killed it with the CITV. Malcolm Jones and Chris Elite for their World Heavyweight Championship Match. The women in the Specialists Championship Scramble were all amazing. Newcomers such as The Core Brothers, Tyler Wolfe and Sunami Tayo did amazing for their first Pain for Pride. Teams like Charlie Marr and Daryl Kinkade and The Dragon Slayers were great and either of them could have walked out of PFP as champs. The Crowe’s Nest and Jaded Hearts were amazing as well. Plus, shut out to Mr. DEDEDE to being the best partner Cameron could ask for. Stephanie Matsuda is still bae. Andrea Valentine and Hurricane Hawk were all amazing and deserving to win. Darkane, Jamie O’Hara and Impact put out amazing work. Johnny Ventura proving to STILL be a force to be reckoned with. Theron Nikolas and CM Banks were amazing and put out amazing work. I feel like I am forgetting people, but fantastic job from everyone! Sorry for those I didn’t mention, I feel like I am forgetting people!

Champion of the Week

Stephanie Matsuda

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE UNDISPUTED WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPION, STEPHANIE MATSUDA! If there was anyone that could have said a year ago if Stephanie would be a double champion, I would have been the first to shut it down. No shade to Stephanie, but it just proves that anything can happening. There is no denying that Sienna Jade gave our champion the fight of her lifetime, but it was not enough to walk out of Pain for Pride with all of the gold. Stephanie is someone I have seen prove herself each time she cuts a promo and steps foot into the ring. I think this is a well-deserved accomplishment from her. She is one of the hardworking people in the back and there is no denying that she is passionate about EAW and Empire as a whole. I cannot wait to see who her next challenger will be. Most importantly, I wonder who will be the lucky gal to dethrone our champion? That is something that should be on the minds of people, but for now, let Stephanie enjoy her reign!

Most Valuable Elitist

Diamond Cage

CONGRATULATIONS TO DIAMOND CAGE FOR WINNING THE EAW CHAMPIONSHIP! I am someone who cannot be more excited for Cage to finally win the big one once again. It’s about damn time that this moment happened. Cage earned this moment and former champion, Rex McAllister made sure to make him earn this moment. I thought this moment was perfect for him. His entrance was fantastic. He brought his best fight ever and he was able to have a Pain for Pride moment all in one. I thought that he should have won the title against HBG or at Grand Rampage, but I felt like all of those losses were for a reason and it was supposed to happen this way. I am quite happy for Cage and I hope that he is able to have a fantastic reign. He has improved from the last time he had a title and for one, I cannot wait for the challengers to step up to the plate and takes on the champion head on. With the Draft around the corner, the potential matchups Cage can have are endless. Like I said for all of the new champions, I am going to let him enjoy his reign right now and see where this Draft takes everyone!

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