Most Valuable Elitist #137

Rising Star of the Week

Raven Roberts

One of the biggest shockers in the latest episode of Empire was Raven Roberts selling her soul to Chelsea Crowe and joining the Crowe’s Nest. Due to the Freebird rules, that makes Raven an Empire Tag Team Champion. Now, she finds herself pulling a Cameron Ella Ava and is double booked for Pain for Pride. Not only does she have the Empire Tag Team title match, but she finds herself competing in Cash in the Vault. Raven has a week of hell her way and has it’s at Pain for Pride. It might be one of the most challenging tasks to date. Probably some of the most important matches of her career. However, with someone as hungry and determined as Raven, I think she is up for the challenge. I think she has full capabilities to shine and steal the show.

Beef of the Week

Hank Cassidy vs. Lucas Johnson vs. Garrison Cooper

One of the best beef of the weeks that I have seen in a little while. I thought Hank, Lucas, and Garrison really brought it to this match. I thought either of these men could have won and done great in this Cash in the Vault match. I believe either of these men could have used the opportunity to shine in this match. I somehow knew Lucas would take this match since this was his second opportunity to enter Cash in the Vault. The first opportunity was a ladder match which was won by Noah Reigner, so I knew that Lucas would not drop the ball in this second opportunity. He knew what that loss felt like and I was pretty sure that he would walk away with the victory. Although, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Hank or Garrison walked away with the victory. I do think these talents have all the potential in the world and I cannot wait to see what the have to offer at Pain for Pride.

Show of the Week


For this week’s Show of the Week, I gotta give it to Empire. To have a weekly show live is such a rare thing and it was truly an experience. There was so much that happened on this show that I could not contain my excitement. For starters, Zakkii’s new Pain for Pride opponent is Cameron Ella Ava. That was something that I did not expect, but when someone as big and established as her is accepting a challenge, you know it’s a big deal. Another thing was Raven Roberts joining the Crowe’s Nest and leaving Remi Skyfire to defend herself against Jaded Hearts, who will be facing the Crowe’s Nest at Pain for Pride. I do think the match would be great and it was one matchup I’ve been excited to watch unfold. These two teams are polar opposites and I do think they will clash well against one another. Another thing that surprised me was the return of Kendra Shamez and she aligning with Jaded Hearts. Now, I’m not sure if Kendra is going to be a full-time wrestler or if she will just play the manager role, but I am excited about this new alliance and I do think it might lead them to championship gold. As for the Match of the Week…

Match of the Week

Madison Kaline vs. Consuela Rose Ava

Obviously, I got to give it to the Supershow worthy match between Madison Kaline and Consuela Rose Ava. Holy crap, that match was so amazing and we are not worthy of a match of this capacity on an episode of Empire. It might be the best one since Chelsea Crowe vs. Sheridan Muller a while back and if Empire weekly show matches can be nominated for Match of the Year, this should be a candidate. I thought both women looked amazing and in their element. Even though in a loss, I thought Consuela looked like a million bucks while Madison came out looking as strong as ever approaching her match against Astraea Jordan at Pain for Pride. As for Consuela, I think that she will be the one to watch for at Pain for Pride. I think there is so much for her to do in the match, but I do not think we have seen half of what she is capable of in the ring. Overall, I thought this match was fantastic and it truly felt like a Supershow match against two future champions.

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Hurricane Hawk

For Champion of the Week, I gotta give it to Hurricane Hawk who retained the REVOLT Lightweight Championship against four other competitors! Not only did he do that, but he is the Dynasty representative for the Openweight Championship! When looking in this match, I thought Hawk looked good and I am fully excited to see him go Pain for Pride mode this year. I do think that he will bring it all in his match. He is probably one of my picks to win the entire thing other than Andrea Valentine, who is also someone you need to watch out for, but Hawk might be next one to watch out for in the Openweight Championship match. When he really brings it, he brings it and I cannot wait to see what this man is capable of in such a huge stake match like this. I do think that he could make it to the final two. Hell, he might win it all if he really puts his mind to it. I am excited to see what is next with him.

Most Valuable Elitist

Scott Diamond

Well, it’s pretty rare when someone wins the Answers World Championship on an episode of Dynasty, but Scott Diamond did it. He became the Answers World Champion! He was able to dethrone Carlos Rosso a month before Pain for Pride. This road to Pain for Pride has been one of the most insane roads to Pain for Pride that I have ever experienced in my entire life. So many potential matchups were changed and it’s kept people on their toes. I for one am excited to see Scott going against Darkane, I do believe when he brings it that he really becomes his best. There is nothing that can stop him in this world when he is in that Pain for Pride mode. He’s got the title. Let’s see if he keeps that motivation up to Pain for Pride. I really want to see Darkane earn this title if it is possible to do so. Although, I would be excited to see Scott retain at Pain for Pride. I do think that is also a possibility that you need to consider. Congrats, Scott!

FULL MATCH – HRDO vs Mr. DEDEDE: Pain for Pride I

“Motorsport” featuring Heart Break Boy, Ava Sisters, Chris Elite, Astraea Jordan and Diamond Cage