Most Valuable Elitist #136

Rising Star of the Week

Noah Reigner

Noah Reigner undefeated streak continues. That makes 6-0 right now? Personally, he is looking good for Cash in the Vault and getting a victory over the Hardcore Champion makes puts him once again as the Rising Star of the Week. Noah managed to get a surprising roll up on Cody Marshall to keep his undefeated streak alive? My question is: will he be able to keep that undefeated streak approaching Pain for Pride. If so, he may be the talent to beat at Pain for Pride. He may be on the list of competitors you may want to target along with former World Champion, Devan Dubian and two-time Specialists Champion, Consuela Rose Ava. If Noah manages to pull off the biggest victory in his career, there is no stopping him at that point. Just like I said fellow Cash in the Vault competitors, watch out for Noah because he is wanting to take the briefcase for himself.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Voltage takes this spot for Show of the Week and who can blame them? The opened with a wonderful segment with Jamie O’Hara challenging Impact at Pain for Pride. I, for one, am dying for Impact to accept the match. He has to accept it within the next couple weeks. There was a great Divide and Conquer match – Lars Grier, Alejandro Correa, Ryan Wilson, Andrei Sokolova and Terry Chambers vs Ahren Fournier, Nemesis, Paradox, Matt Smokes and Liam Archer. I was surprised to see Alejandro walk away with the victory, but I thought it was well-earned. I am quite interested to see how he does in the match. You had a special appearance by Showdown Elitist, Devan Dubian, who took on Erebus Jennings in a Cash in the Vault preview! I thought it was a wonderful preview of what to expect in Cash in the Vault. If I don’t get a Bleeding Edge sequence with Dubian just Bleeding Edging everyone, I will be sad. There was also the bigger mystery of the night which is who attacked Big Mike? Who would do such a tragic thing? Only some evil person would do such a thing to a nice man. My money is on Malcolm Jones. Anyone want to bet with me? We also had a wonderful main event with Malcolm, who took on Impact. Thanks to a distraction by Jamie, Malcolm was able to capitalize and get a well-needed victory.


Match of the Week

Madison Kaline vs. Chelsea Crowe

Madison Kaline vs. Chelsea Crowe is our Match of the Week. I thought it was a highly competitive match between the two Empire Elitists. To me, it would feel wrong to see Chelsea lose in the Empire show the Crowe’s Nest were hosting. I thought it was a wonderful way to have a title match. I think Madison brought her A-game in this match. I thought she looked good despite the loss and there is nothing to be ashamed for losing an opportunity as big as this. I think Madison will bounce back from the victory and be better. For Chelsea, my expectations of her are already big to begin with and she constantly exceeds them. I am glad to see Chelsea going to Pain for Pride as champion and I could see her retaining the title, but I don’t want to count out competitors like Daisy Thrash out just yet. I think if there is anyone with a chance of winning, I think it would be here. Hell, I wouldn’t be shocked if someone like Kianna Carter or Remi Skyfire are able to pull it off and win the match. As for Madison, I think she will put on a kick ass Pain for Pride performance and show her best.


Promoer of the Week

Kassidy Heart

For Promoer of the Week, I gotta give it to one of the best promoers on Empire! Kassidy Heart is such a fresh breath of air with her promos. I think this girl is amazing. She was amazing in REVOLT and she is really breaking out in EAW, in my honest opinion. I am excited to see the direction this character is taking. I love how well-rounded Kassidy is with her character. I almost feel like she is a human being with flaws and emotions and that is something that I like in characters. I feel in some sort of way, that makes them more relatable. She is probably one of the best scene promoers I have seen in a long, long time. I am almost envious of how good she is and how good her scene descriptions are. I’d kill to have a talent like that. I think that Kassidy is in the right path to becoming great on Empire. I think she is amazing and I am really excited to see where she takes her character next. I think her future is bright and I am hoping that she gets her first championship because she is highly deserving of it.


Champion of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist

Chelsea Crowe

Honestly, I am going to give it to the woman who retained yet again, Chelsea Crowe. Chelsea has proven to be the top cunt on Empire. There is no one else with her type of mannerisms and character on the brand. She is also a fresh breath of air and highly original. I am always interested with what she is going to say next. It’s either going to be something you love or most of the time, hate, but I just think that she is that damn good. Chelsea has raised the bar in a constant basis and I think she will go down as one of the best Specialists Championship reigns in EAW history. That is how highly I think of her. Might as well put her name next to the likes of Cailin Dillon and Brody Sparks, I think Chelsea has performed in fantastic matches and for a fact, I know that she will go on and do fantastic things if there ever comes a day where she drops the title. I could see her propelling to the main event scene the moment she drops the title. I think she has a bright future and I am very excited to see what she does next.

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