Most Valuable Elitist #135

Rising Star of the Week

Noah Reigner

Probably one of the unexpected winners of the entire weekend, Noah Reigner was able to defeat Lucas Johnson and Shackleford to get himself a contract for the Cash in the Vault match at Pain for Pride! Honestly, I love seeing people who aren’t necessarily favorites on winning end up winning the match. However, my biggest concern is always about the newer people always end up winning opportunities like this. It can either go either way. Either they can use this to progress themselves and constantly bust their asses off to keep improving or they just fade into oblivion. I would prefer for him to be the first option. I get sick of watching the second option happen. Noah has promise to him, but I just feel like I need to see more of him before I can consider him winning something big like Cash in the Vault. It can happen. I am not going to count it out, but I gotta give Noah credit for defeating two other men and getting that contract. He busted his ass off for a chance to do that.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


For Show of the Week, it goes to Empire. The show began with a lovely segment with The Crowe’s Nest and April Song crying over not getting her champagne. It was there that we learned that The Crowe’s Nest will be hosting Empire this week and the commentary team will be replaced! We had a great match with Andrea Valentine and Layla Lockhart that both ended up looking good in the end. There was the squash with Kianna Carter that made her look good of course. There was the teasing between Stephanie Matsuda and Sienna Jade, I do think that these two will end up having a match. It’s the only thing I see the two of them have towards each other. There was the amusing segment with Azumi Goto and Zakkii and am I the only one shocked to figure out that they’re not a couple? Like that had me shook as fuck. Remi Skyfire vs. Madison Kaline was amazing! I did not think that it would be a great pairing, but these two really meshed well with one another. As for Stephanie Matsuda vs. Raven Roberts…

Match of the Week

Stephanie Matsuda vs. Raven Roberts

It is our Match of the Week. This was Raven’s first time in the main event scene, so there was no wondering how she will do underneath that pressure. But, I think that she did well knowing the circumstance. I think last week really brought the best of her and who knows? We might see her as a mainstay someday. I do think that Raven has the drive and determination. I do think she is hungry enough to succeed and I cannot wait to see what her Unique Opportunity is. I cannot contain my excitement! As for Stephanie, we obviously know why she is the champion in the first place and she is one of the most hardworking girls in the back and she knows how to benefit from any situation that she places herself in. I loved seeing these two going up against one another. These are two very hungry individuals and knowing how they are, I knew this was going to be a very good match to see.

Promoer of the Week

Jack Ripley

For Promoer of the Week, it was a toss-up between TLA and Jack, but I had to give it to Jack because there was something to his promos I liked more, but TLA did produce great work and there was no doubt that going up against great opponents really brings the best out of him. With Jack, I do think that he is one of those that doesn’t get looked at on Showdown. I do think that he can be a key player on Showdown and I think by siding with a top star like Theron Nikolas, I do think that he will end up getting into that position where I can see him in the main event more often. All I believe is that Jack needs a chance and when he gets that chance, there is no doubt that he will blow it out of the water. I do think this guy is the future, so stop sleeping on the future, please.

Champion of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist


As for Champion of the Week and Most Valuable Elitist, I gotta give it to the man that retained the REVOLT Welterweight Championship against three other competitors! TLA has proven that the Welterweight Championship should be one of the most prestigious championships in all of EAW. That it should be held in the same standard as all the EAW championships and by defeating some of Showdown’s brightest stars, I think that it places the title in the right direction. Not only that, but TLA now goes on to represent Showdown at Pain for Pride for the Openweight Championship! It makes me quite interested to see who Dynasty, Empire and Voltage will have for their representative. I can see this being a stacked match with a ton of potential talent, but TLA being the first person in the match makes me feel like there is a lot of promise for this match. It might steal the show!

Maddox Ayres injured at Dynasty Supershow

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