Most Valuable Elitist #134

Rising Star of the Week
Raven Roberts

In order to start this MVE, newcomer Raven Roberts takes this spot as Rising Star of the Week. She managed to outlast five other women in order to get a unique opportunity. The question is what can this unique opportunity be? Is it a title shot? Is it an Openweight Championship opportunity at Pain for Pride XI? The last time someone won a match like this, they ended up representing Empire for the Openweight Championship, but I feel that it will be something fantastic to be a part of. Raven is hungry and determined to succeed and I totally see that from her. All she needs to do is to keep improving and really keep the activity going and I can see her going far on Empire. I’ve been loving her work and I think going against a competitor like Stephanie Matsuda will only push her to be better.

Beef of the Week

Show of the Week
Wrath of the Dragon

I was having such a difficult time choosing which show I wanted to put underneath this category, but I gotta give it to Wrath of the Dragon. I thought the show was fantastic from start to finish. It had some memorable matches such as POP vs. Kevin Hunter, the No Way Out Match and Rex McAllister vs. Cameron Ella Ava and even an appearance by Mr. DEDEDE himself. It had some matches that could have went either way like those three matches that I mentioned before. It has some unexpecting moments like Mr. DEDEDE showing up and being Scott Diamond’s replacement. I did not see that coming for myself, but it was sad what happened to Scott being attacked, but it was nice seeing Mr. DEDEDE take his place and help Cameron retain the Tag Titles. Also, Diamond fucking Cage winning the No Way Out Match was fucking deserving and speaking of that match…

Match of the Week
No Way Out Match to Determine the #1 Contender for the EAW Championship at PFP XI

…It is our match of the week. I thought this was one of the most brutal and insane No Way Out Matches that I have ever seen. I was so glad to see this brutal side of Diamond Cage again and I think he is one of the most deserving people to win this match. It was about damn time that this man gets to main event Pain for Pride. I almost felt sorry for people that got killed by him. :sob: You are all the real MVPs. Seriously, I thought everyone did a great job with this match. There were people from TLA, Lucian and Devan that could have won this match. I thought it had many amazing spots like the Bleeding Edge sequences from Devan to Diamond Cage with a sledgehammer! I thought the entire match was amazing and you had to be there live in order to get to the moment of it.

Promoer of the Week
Everyone in the Tag Team Four Corners Match

Okay, I think this is a given, but everyone in the Four Corners Match to crown the first ever Empire Tag Team Champions did amazing last week. I felt sorry for anyone that had to bet on one of these teams to win because I wouldn’t be able to handle it myself. I thought women like Kassidy Heart really shined in the promo page and it was one of the first times I gotta see her in that kind of environment, but she really shined. You had people like April who brought it this week and promoted to the best of her abilities. Like the work ethic from her was truly inspirational. You had Azumi who basically carried her team and put out amazing work. I thought she did great, even though her team took the fall. I thought women like Andrea Valentine were amazing like always and Consuela appreciates her for being the best partner ever. They may not have won the Tag Titles, but Consuela believes that Andrea has a bright future no matter what. Other girls like Jael, Sienna and Sakuya did great and really put out fantastic work! Full proved to be more than worthy of their positions on Empire!

Champion of the Week
Chris Elite

Chris is probably the most deserving of this category. Like he went up against three of Voltage’s best and came out alive. Like how do you go up against Jamie, Imp and Andrei and still be alive? I have no idea, but Chris constantly proves why he is World Heavyweight Champion. He constantly proves his haters and doubters wrong and this match against Malcolm Jones, his tag team partner, should be very interesting knowing the background a little more. I think this was a Pain for Pride main event I do not think anyone saw coming, but I think it may be one of the most talked about and possible hyped out of the entire event. I could see Chris retaining here, to be honest. On the other hand, I could see Malcolm shining and taking advantage of the opportunity given to him.

Most Valuable Elitist
The Crowe’s Nest

Three women. All with titles. The Crowe’s Nest constantly proves why they are the best stable in EAW. Sanatorium who? Coven who? Formation who? I only know of The Crowe’s Nest. I think Jael, April and Chelsea are all amazing talent. This is specifically for Jael and April, who became the first ever Empire Tag Team Champions. These two women outlasted three other teams and proved that their chemistry was not like the other’s. Now that they have the titles, who will be the first team to face them? Personally, I don’t see The Goto Sisters because of Azumi facing Zakkii at Pain for Pride. I don’t see Consuela and Andrea because they will have their own individual goals. By the looks of things, Jaded Hearts seems to be the only team left on Empire, but it should be interesting to see these two teams clashing, but I could also see a superteam forming and trying their luck, but I have no clue what happens now. That’s a good thing at least. :eyes:


Grand Rampage (2018)

Lucas Johnson