More Than A Month: Visual Prophet

Fight Grid’s Black History Month Series: Part 2

By A.C. Flowers
February 8, 2019

Our Black History Month series continues with a featured interview with one of the most captivating, electrifying, magnetizing stars that EAW signed in late 2018 — The Visual Prophet. Now the New Breed Champion, Visual Prophet looks for new ways to spread his undying love across the EAW Universe and raise the bar even higher for the New Breed contenders. Through force, everyone has two options when it comes to Visual Prophet: say his name and pledge your love, or go against this or stand in his way. Choose the latter, and you will surely be beaten. The man retains an aura that hasn’t been experienced before in an EAW ring — or outside of one, as far as we’re concerned. Even I made the mistake of underestimating his charm throughout our conversation, and found myself enchanted with the mysticism that follows an icon such as Visual Prophet.

Check out the full interview below for details on the beautiful life Visual Prophet leads and some insight on what might have happened to the dirty version of Viz who came before.


Anna C. Flowers: Good afternoon, Viz — may I call you Viz? Thanks for joining me today on Fight Grid!

Visual Prophet: Anna, Anna, Anna…please. Say my name, baby. My full name. Visual Prophet.

ACF: Okay, Visual Prophet — really, it is my pleasure to have you here! Let’s start this from the very beginning. Who were you before you came to EAW? Who was the Visual Prophet before he turned into the man we all love today?

VP: “Who was the Visual Prophet before EAW?” What a question…before I took the mantle and the name from the previous Visual Prophet, I was just a blue chi prospect waiting for a call. Once I found out the old man who held this moniker was out of the picture, I jumped at the opportunity to take this name and raise it to an upper echelon. The same way I took the New Breed title and plan on making it the biggest attraction in professional wrestling. I was sleeping in cars, bouncing from Indy promotion to Indy promotion bidding my time. Plotting. Then, when the stars aligned and the heavens shined down, I seized my chance and now I am here as not only THE Visual Prophet…I stand here as your New Breed Champion!

ACF: Wait a minute. Before you “took” the name from the previous Visual Prophet? I don’t understand — where did he go?

VP: People keep asking me about him. You’d think with all I have done, people would let go of the past mistakes and enjoy the future in front of them. What answer would you guys accept? He died? He’s in jail? He quit? He is living in a cave in Honduras somewhere or whatever? Sweetie, baby! These people cared a lot about old Viz but the new, improved man is here and isn’t going anywhere. Why don’t you find him if you care so much, huh? Exactly! If he wanted to be here he’d be right here. Don’t ask me about that scrub, ugh!

ACF: I’m sorry, Visual Prophet. I don’t want to disturb your essence…your experience is like no other. There’s so much behind the name. Could you tell me more about it? What made it so valuable to you?

VP: The name…the name, one that has been said so many times already. The Visual Prophet Name is one of power and influence. I wasn’t the first in EAW or in the world with this blessing of impeccable knowledge, this wealth of curiosity and innovation. They called Nikola Tesla a genius. Martin Luther King, Jr was a revolutionary. I’m of their ilk. Malcolm X, Steve Jobs, I’m from their cloth. Nobody in professional wrestling will compare. I speak and then it happens. Is picture it and bring it to life. The Visual Prophet, voila!

ACF: Visual Prophet!

VP: Yes, darling.

ACF: Sorry, I got caught up in the moment. I may need a minute. The way you carry yourself in ring… It makes me wonder what your life outside of EAW is like.

VP: (Visual Prophet chuckles.) I’ll tell you, babe. It’s a life filled with glamorous trinkets and treasures. Look at my body, i work out tirelessly daily sometimes 3x a day when I’m not embarrassing men and women of EAW in and outside the ring. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, I take my associates and myself to various eateries to wine and dine them with the successes being an EAW icon brings. I talk to the youth here and there and try to inspire as many to stop being unimaginative and embrace the beautiful love I give.

The Visual Prophet on Voltage in 2019.

ACF: And you’re solidifying yourself as an icon after winning the New Breed Championship, aren’t you?! Congratulations, by the way!

VP: (Visual Prophet simply nods once.)

ACF: What does winning this title mean?

VP: Everything…winning the New Breed title solidified my hard work. It puts a stamp in my influence and my momentum. Nobody will associate being New Breed with anyone other than me. Raven Roberts was a great champion but I’ve seen many like her come and plenty go. I’m different, babe! I am the biggest star to hit this company and this title will be respected as one of the most important achievements in all of EAW!

ACF: I couldn’t agree with you more. Beyond winning the title, I’m sure a match like the one you put on at King of Elite will do the same.

VP: It sure did. It shut up the doubters, the haters, the cynics, the naysayers. Maybe not forever but at least for that night. I told everyone this would be an upset and everyone was but me! I survived the best Crosby Carter, Damon Diesel, and Raven Roberts had for me and stood tall. My arrival was viewed by millions of fans and more people realized I wasn’t some mouthy upstart! I am the SOVEREIGN!

ACF: An amazing start to the year for you. What do you think the rest of 2019 has in store for you?

VP: 2019 will bring new experiences, new challenges, new matches. New ways makes the whole world say my name.

ACF: Who do you look forward to facing next?

VP: I want to beat darling Daryl Kinkade in a fair match and wipe away the one asterisk on my record here. I wouldn’t mind putting my boots all over Charles Marr neither. I think getting a chance to TOUCH Astraea Jordan would be an experience as well. We can do that in or out the ring, though. Her, Serena Bennett, and Kassidy Heart…ugh, I bet they would enjoy being pinned by The Visual Prophet! (Visual Prophet fans himself.)

ACF: I think Serena Bennett would disagree!

VP: She knows it’s all love.

ACF: Any words for the EAW Universe? What do you hope they know you for?

VP: They should know that in order to be spared, in order to join me in making EAW beautiful, I want trust. I want love. I want to be respected. I don’t need any of these things and I’ve become New Breed champion with Veena Adams being the only person believing in me. I am amassing associates and will continue to nurture and spare smart individuals who say my name. Who say they love me. I’m not a bad guy despite what people think. I just do bad things to people in my way. I don’t care if you’re black, white, green, orange, man, woman, cat, or dog…These beatings are equal opportunity! Like Dr. King would have wanted!

ACF: Well, Visual Prophet, that’s all I think I can handle today. Thank you for joining me — and I look forward to seeing what you’ve got for me — I mean, us next.

VP: Xoxo!

Written by Anna C. Flowers

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