More Than A Month: SOSA Henderson

Fight Grid’s Black History Month Series: Part 3

By A.C. Flowers
February 15, 2019

Fight Grid’s Black History Month exclusive continues with an interview with another up-and-comer who’s already solidifying himself as one of EAW’s finest competitors — and I don’t just mean his looks. This week, I sat down with SOSA Henderson, The King of Philly, only days before his contendership match for the EAW Interwire Championship — and it’s almost as if he didn’t seem phased by the opportunity at all! SOSA’s brashness and confidence really sets him apart from some of his Showdown counterparts. It’s what makes him so lovable and personable, and an absolute pleasure to be able to get to know.

Check out my interview with SOSA for some insights on what’s next for him in his EAW career — and to find out where to grab a cheesesteak your next trip to Philly.


Anna C. Flowers: Hi, SOSA! Is that right? “SOSA?”

SOSA Henderson: Yuh. How you doin’, Anna, good?

ACF: Can’t complain! Thank you for joining me this week.

SH: Not a problem whatsoever. Happy to share my thoughts with a lady as pretty as you.

ACF: Oh, please. I know you for what you are, SOSA. I’ve seen the way you treat some of these women.

SH: (SOSA chuckles.) Nah, you know I don’t mean nothin’ by it. I like to consider myself a good guy — I just don’t know when to quit.

ACF: Could you elaborate?

SH: Aiight, well, before EAW, I was definitely somewhat of a humble guy. I just couldn’t keep myself out of trouble. No matter how hard I tried to change my ways, it paved greatly for my survival through the streets. That’s where this flirtation and manipulation kinda comes into play. And it damn sure worked. So, I continued to use it because that’s all I ever really knew. Stealing. Robbing. Shooting. Drugs. And being looked at as an outcast at times during school days. There’s never a day I go without experiencing these flashbacks but it definitely taught me how to hustle and become who I am today in the EAW.

ACF: I hear nothing but terrible things about Philadelphia — let alone their schools. What was growing up in Philly really like?

SH: Growing up in Philly was like a blessing in disguise. When you come from a city that’s been perceived with high expectations, with so many legends who have built a name for themselves, it’ll make you go harder. And what I mean by that, you have no choice but to focus on your purpose. This is the city of born hustlers. Yeah, I had my struggles growing up in the hood but look where it landed me. I’m doing what I’ve always dreamed of as a child. Growing up in Philly is hard but if you remain persistent and add a lil sauce to your craft, you’ll benefit from it greatly.

ACF: Speaking of “sauce” — could you tell me what your personal life is like? What do you enjoy? How do you make the most of your life?

SH: My personal life? What, are you working for the feds or somethin? (SOSA shuffles in his seat.)

ACF: I’m sorry, SOSA, I was just trying to get an insider’s take —

SH: Nah. I don’t like to get off into my personal life like that. I’m lowkey and private wit it but I do enjoy hooping with my homeboys, drinking on occasions or clubbing. I just threw fifty thousand one’s last night in the strip. To show everybody no other man got more money than me. I’m dat nigga! But stripper’s aren’t the only ones I’ve donated my money to. I’ve been giving back the best I can for our communities. I have reached out to some funerals, basketball camps, homeless shelters and school districts. I know how it is growing up poor so I try to do my best to make sure innocent people are taken care of because I wish someone could have came into my life at miserable moments and handed me 10K. There’s been plenty of moments I’ve had like that. It would have definitely changed my life even though that kind of money doesn’t last very long. Other than that, I enjoy this traveling shit and making music. Music is also what helped build me to who I am. I don’t know what the world would be without music. It’ll probably feel the same if the EAW didn’t have SOSA anymore.

ACF: Wow. That sounds amazing. Truly. Maybe you’ll make Philly someplace I’d like to visit one day.

SH: For sure. We’d love to have you. I’d show you all around.

ACF: Where would you take me to get the best Philly cheesesteak?

SH: Man you know how difficult that question is? You know how many places that sell that jawn?? (SOSA scratches his head.) I still go to the hood but if you need to find a place, go to Pats, their meat tastes better.

ACF: Cool! I’ll keep them on my radar — kind of like how the entire EAW universe has you now after stealing the briefcase from Noah.

SH: Yeah. Shit was corny. But I ain’t worried about that clown no more. I’ll come back from it, like I always do.

SOSA Henderson at King of Elite (2019).

ACF: What will you do next to try and earn — or steal — yourself another EAW title shot?

SH: What I do best! I put in dat work and stay grindin’! Ain’t nobody safe and I’m finna be Interwire Champion in a minute. But if you’re talking about another EAW World title shot, who knows? I might just fuck around and win a Grand Rampage. Can never know for sure what’s about to happen next.

ACF: What did losing at King of Elite mean for you? Do you think you were robbed?

SH: Hell yea I got robbed! But you don’t see anybody condemning Noah, right? Constantly I got people in my face about what I do but this nigga Noah gets off the hook for doing it. I shoulda asked one of my homegals or somebody to handle my lightweight. But it’s iight, I wasn’t thinking about that bitch getting involved in my match. So next time I see her, I’ma smack the shit out of her.

ACF: You think you’d like to take her on 1-on-1?

SH: Shit, I just might.

ACF: Who else would you look forward to facing later on?

SH: Malcolm Jones so I can get my title shot coming up. That’s the only dude I care about right now. Until then.. I want another shot at Noah.. It would be a dream to face Mr. DEDEDE, he’s one of my favorites growing up. And Serena Bennett in a pillow fight. (SOSA smirks.)

ACF: What should the EAW Universe know you for? What legacy do you hope to leave behind?

SH: I want the EAW to know SOSA Henderson as one of best new voices to ever hold a mic. Also one of the best new characters to ever be introduced. Some people think just because I’ma thug, young and black that I won’t be perceived well enough to make it. I’m about to prove them all wrong! And show these niggas and cacs that it don’t matter where you from or what you do.. You can never change yourself but you can also become a better version of YOU. That’s something no man could ever take from you. My legacy will hopefully encourage others and being credited as one of the most electrifying man in the EAW.

ACF: You inspire me, SOSA. Good luck on Showdown. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

SH: Just stay tuned, Anna. I might just surprise you.

Written by Anna C. Flowers

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