More Than A Month: Chris Elite

Fight Grid’s Black History Month Series: Part 4

February 22, 2019
By A.C. Flowers

As Black History month comes to a close, I decided to switch gears from focusing our interviews on our newest EAW stars to sitting down to chat with some of our more seasoned Elitists here at EAW. Our second to last interview was with Chris Elite–Male Elitist of the Year candidate, one of the biggest draws in EAW history, a former EAW World Heavyweight Champion, owner of a Gawd Contract, and–need I continue?

My conversation with Chris Elite was exactly what I expected it to be. Chris is incredibly well spoken and personable, despite the way his outward demeanor has influenced some people’s opinions of him. Although not necessarily a humble man, I can tell Chris Elite has a heart of pure gold underneath all of the grit and aggression, based on the way he looks back fondly at some of his most precious childhood memories. Check out our conversation for yourself, and see if he can turn you into as big of a fan as he did me:


Anna C. Flowers: Hi Chris! I almost thought I couldn’t get you to come in. You’re a pretty busy man, and quite hard to get in touch with, honestly.

Chris Elite: Hey, Anna. Nah, I’m sorry about that. I’d have been here sooner but you know. Shit happens.

ACF: Absolutely. But I’m glad you’re here now!

CE: There was once a time in my life where I didn’t think I would be, Anna. Not to get all mopey and sad and shit on you, but I really needed to set myself straight, you know what I mean? Get on the right path in life.

ACF: Really? What do you mean, like, gangbanging? Drugs? Robberies? Could you tell me a little more?

CE: Ight so I grew up in a pretty tough neighborhood. I’m not saying it was shootings and murders everyday in front of my house, but I’ve seen some shit. I was raised by my Mother and Grandmother, two people who I feel like I owe the world to. They’re the reason why I am how I am that’s why I grind like I grind. They kept me out of trouble and made sure I was on the right path and didn’t get caught up in no fuck shit. I owe them everything.

ACF: I’m sure it wasn’t easy raising a young man in New York, either. Expensive, I bet. Did you have a lot of friends growing up? Always out and about in Times Square and shopping and whatnot? What was growing up in the city like?

CE: Growing up in New York was lit, there was never a dull moment. I felt like I always had something to do do. Whether it was training, playing ball, or just on the block with my boys. New York will forever be part of me and is a big reason for the way I am. As far as my education was? Man. School was school. I don’t remember much about it. I wasn’t the smartest kid, but I for sure excelled in every sport. You name it. Basketball. Football. And obviously wrestling. I had some good times in school.

ACF: I bet you the girls were always into you, you know how they go after the jocks.

CE: I mean, not really. At least I wasn’t paying attention to them. I was sort of a class clown, and I’m sure that ain’t a surprise to y’all. (Chris laughs.) My friends always knew me for crackin’ jokes any chance I got. Whether we was playing Playstation at my boy’s house or walkin’ to the bodega for some Arizona, I can’t remember a time we weren’t laughin’ and goofin’ off. My neighborhood friends are also a big reason I stood out of trouble. There was multiple times I wanted to do some shit with them–shit, I’m not gonna speak about on camera, but yeah, they made sure I stayed the hell out of it because they knew I’d be the one to make it out the hood. They had endless support for me and my dreams. I’m thankful I had such a close knit group.

ACF: Yeah, not many people can say that they have a friend group that was as loving as yours. Are you still in touch with any of them?

CE: Of course! Y’all know Big Mike, don’t you?!

ACF: What?! You mean you and Big Mike grew up together?! How did I not know this?

CE: Maaan, Big Mike been like the big brother I never had my whole life. I mean I ain’t no bitch but he held it down like I said they all did to make sure I didn’t ruin my career. He basically been my bodyguard my whole life. He’s much more than that, though. I made sure to take care of him. Whatever I had, he had. Whenever I ate, he ate. That’s always how it’s been and that’s how it’s gon’ remain.

Chris Elite cutting a promo on Showdown in 2018.

ACF: I’m sure neither you or Mike aren’t missing out on any meals lately. Especially after the end of 2018 quarter report came in. Tell me about how some of your sponsorship deals came about. Were you ever surprised to see how valuable you were to EAW in terms of marketing and selling merchandise?

CE: Hell no. They knew what it was when they signed me. And I don’t go lookin’ for no sponsors, either. I let the sponsors come to me! And I’m the one who started that trend in EAW, and who’s been most effective too. We got muthafuckas like Lucas Johnson claiming he signed to Nike, and hasn’t done shit but steal everyone nicknames and dick eat Game of Thrones. I refused to let that be me but after the whole shit with DDD I was getting calls left and right. Then, boom, I beat him, beat Jamie, and next thing you know, I got every shoe company on me. Still haven’t decided where imma sign. Just recently signed to Hennesy and many more to come. But you know, the more I think back to the DDD situation, that’s when I really noticed my shit was selling. Kids, woman, and even grown ass men flooded the crowd with my merchandise, and till this day, they continue to do so. I know all that don’t matter when it really comes down to in ring competition, but if you callin me irrelevant, the dickeating speaks for itself right there.

ACF: Bold words from the man who couldn’t walk away with the EAW Championship.

CE: What the fuck you just say to me, bitch? I’ll slap the shit outta you.

ACF: I mean–um. Sorry. What I meant to ask was, do you think you’ll ever hold Championship gold again?

CE: Of course I will! Either before or at Pain for Pride, a title will be around my waist. And no, not no Interwire or New Breed belt, you gonna see me where right you saw me at last years Pain for Pride the main event.

ACF: I really love your confidence, Chris. What’s your secret to staying motivated? How do you manage to stay so full of that energy.

CE: You know what is it? The dickeaters keep me motivated. Just like they feed off my dick, I feed of the hate they give. I love hearing them complain whenever I’m in another main event or when I have another title shot. The more they hate it, the more I love it. Also, you know, the fans and the energy they give is great, screaming my name showing off my merchandise. I love it. Without them, I know that I’d be nothing. So, I’m gonna continue to talk my shit for them and I’m going to continue to succeed for them and myself.

ACF: It’s true. I see them out there. That’s exactly why you’re one of EAW’s biggest draws–the fans. And if they keep it up, and if you kepe it up, there’s no doubt we’ll see you in the Hall of Fame one day. What plans do you have to secure your legacy as one of EAW’s greats?

CE: I’m going to continue to be me because there isn’t anyone in the “GOAT circle” like me. I’m different in every single way. I’m innovative. I’m an inspiration to anyone you’ve interviewed before me and anyone you’ll interview after. I’m the reason for a lot of shit in this company and if people don’t want to give me my credit, I’ll give myself the credit I know I deserve. By the time it’s all said and done I’ll be in EVERYONE’S top 5. I am the Allen Iverson of this EAW shit, B, the only difference is I’ve had a championship and I’ll have multiple of them before it’s all said and done. A lot of you unsalted bozos wanted a downfall and instead you’ll get am uprise like you’ve never seen before. I’m coming for everything I should of had in 2018.

ACF: I’ll be front row and center to see you do it, Chris.

CE: Word? Then I got you covered. I’ll buy you a ticket to the next Showdown. You’re gonna wanna make sure you have a good view to see what’s coming next for Chris Elite.

Written by Anna C. Flowers

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