Maddox Ayres injured at Dynasty Supershow

– Newark, NJ
– 7:46 PM, 5/15/18


An injury report has made rounds this afternoon regarding the status of Maddox Ayres following his match at Dynasty Supershow: Culture Crisis. Ayres appeared to be severely injured during the match, even having to be stretchered out of the arena at one point. After willing himself back into the match he continued to take further punishment, and needed assistance to the back following the contest.

Several sources including lead EAW physicians have confirmed that Maddox Ayres has suffered a fractured clavicle bone and, as of this update, has yet to be cleared to compete. This is unfortunate news as the Orlando native high flyer garnered noticeable momentum for his performances on the Dynasty brand as of the past several months. We have not gotten a comment from Dynasty General Manager Starr Stan. Fans are sending their well wishes to Maddox, and more information is expected to be made available on this Friday’s edition of Dynasty.

– Kathy Kush, Fight Grid columnist

Written by Fight Grid

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