Lethal Consequences

Blue Moon

Lethal Consequences is not an outspoken person. Contrary to what he has been portrayed as in the past, he’s reserved. He’s analytical. But he’s fluid. And when the waves are pushing him out of where he rightfully belongs, he tends not to fight it. That, the tendency not to fight the oppression against him, led to the half-chub legacy LC has today. He’s been written out when he’s on the rise, he’s been pushed out when he’s been all in for the company‚Ķ the pinnacle that of what Lethal Consequences could have been will never be seen. One part because of self-destructive tendencies, two parts because of self-absorbed twats. That, is the past, and with each second grows more distant. A decade of build up that no longer holds any value, as the real journey begins now. The resistance is gone, there is a void that has existed and been in needing of filling, and once more the tides are pulling LC back in. Once every blue moon Lethal Consequences decides to help run the ship when the waves are what he desires, and it’s a bright night to help steer this thing the right way.

Fuck you thought

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Showdown 10/20/2018

Osamu Arcichida