Lance Blackfyre

Omen of Destruction

Lance Blackfyre isn’t your typical heel or giant. He’s terrifying and he utilizes that to his advantage. He loves to play games of intimidation through his superior power and stature against his opponents. Adversity isn’t a thing to him as he welcomes any and all challenges. He doesn’t run or flee and carries no cowardly tendencies. Even against overwhelming odds, Lance gladly and openly welcomes its embrace. His sole mission in EAW is to leave a wake of carnage and destruction. While many monstrous individuals have had similar ambitions, he seeks to ascend the threshold they set. He seeks to be known as an omen of doom to his opponents and to be a man whose name should be used sparingly. He wishes to become the most feared man in EAW, not for a need of respect, but for a desire to be known as an individual who can’t be slowed by just any average person. He likes to make a show of is appearances by making his intimidating factors and superior strength being put on display. He often rides a horse to the ring as some of his maneuvers involve them in an attempt to humiliate his opponents. He’s a monster, he’s ruthless, and with every win he gathers, he aims to do it in convincing and dominating fashion.

Written by Fight Grid

Carlos Cruz

Felix Hartley