Korey Gaines

The Aerial Wonder

Korey had a poor showing in his freshman rookie season. Now going into his sophomore year he’s more determined and focused to prove his rookie season was a fluke….to add more to his arsenal he’s been training in mma to be more than just a aerial wrestler

Korey Gaines is the happy go lucky goofy young kid who’s always looking for the next big thrill. Gaines has been on the Indy circuit for a little bit looking for the biggest thrills. When not wrestling is he is a sponsored extreme athlete as he finds his thrills by parkour, skating, bmx, moto racing, extreme sky diving, cliff diving and more. When in the ring is all about the oohs and ahhs as he will do whatever it is takes to not only win the match but give the fans what they came to see.

Written by Fight Grid

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