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King of Extreme (2008)

Who Will Become King?


( King of Extreme opening video plays )

( Massive fireworks shoot up from the stage as crowd cheers when The Hives are on stage performing their original song, “Tick Tick Boom.” )

Stew-O: Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Welcome To King Of Extreme!!!! And It is LIVE in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada! King of Extreme is looking to be an instant classic; I’m Stew-O!

Deadprez: And I’m Deadprez, and we’re gonna kick Day 1 of King of Extreme off, with a very special moment, for two very special lovers! As we’re gonna see RRS and SKO, unite in marriage! And We have the EAW Roster, the ENTIRE roster lined up on the ramp, and the Ring suited up, just as two very special people are right now!

Stew-O: Your damn right! But This FPV is so big.. We’re gonna need 2 Days just to FINISH This Event!!! But I never like to waste any time when it comes to some raw, EAW Action! So lets start off, with our Semi Finals.. here at the Palace!

Deadprez: Our next match is pretty much MEANT to happen.. and has been dating back to Midsummer Massacre! When all of Captain Charisma’s dreams.. were CRUSHED by one man!

( Mr DEDEDE vs Captain Charisma rivalry plays )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: This King of Extreme Semi-Final Match is scheduled for one fall…

( Mr DEDEDE’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he comes out with the Undisputed Hardcore title )
Announcer: First… MAKING HIS WAY TO THE RING…. From New York, New York City…. Weighing in at 240 pooounds.. HE IS THE EAW UNDISPUTED CHAMPIOOOOOONN…. MISTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER DEDEDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deadprez: Now Stew, it almost seems funny how its NOW when DEDEDE feels as if he doesn’t even have to BRING The Dark Emperor out, to ” Body Guard ” him! It looks like DEDEDE doesn”t NEED DE to beat Captain Charisma, that is so to speak!

Stew-O: Well Prez, its always as if DEDEDE Gains some kind of Momentum when coming into FPV’s! To the point that DEDEDE will fight until his OPPONENT is momentum-less.. and Until he is LIFELESS!!! But what im thinking is, This is the first time SINCE Midsummer Massacre, that DEDEDE was not at Risk inside a Matchup.. to Losing his EAW Undisputed Championship! And I think that is why DEDEDE didn’t bring his Bodyguard/Protege, The Dark Emperor!

Deadprez: Well it seems to me that Mr DEDEDE is Ready for this Match, and that DEDEDE is ready for any Oppositions… But it doesn’t look like DEDEDE has faced anyone LIKE his opponent before! And that’s even WITH his 2 years of E-feds experience in front of him! …..

( Captain Charisma’s music hits as he comes out to the ring )

Deadprez: Hey Stew!! It was for Captain Charisma! This man making his presence known, KICKING OFF King of Extreme with a unique fashion! And is Tonight Gonna Be CC’s Time???? Lets find out, as We have Captain Charisma.. taking on Mr DEDEDE.. 1 on 1 Action, none of these men ready to give an inch, because they’ll swing for the Fences on a curve ball!

Stew-O: Well any EAW Extremist who doesn’t set their sights ON the fences shouldn’t even BE here as far as Im concerned! But lets get the Show on the Road, as DEDEDE and CC stare off!

Deadprez: DEDEDE and Captain Charisma are “Circlin th’ Squared Circle” and while both of these men can Talk the Talk, only 1 will be Walking The Walk! CC and DDD grapple and CC is already overpowering DEDEDE, and DEDEDE knee’s CC onto the gut, and DEDEDE headbutts CC, and DEDEDE Rakes the eye, backs into the ropes and goes for an early Bulldog.. but CC pushes out as DEDEDE bounces off the ropes, and CC hits a nice, closed fist to the Jaw of our Undisputed Champion.. who dosent hesitate to REMIND you of it, and DEDEDE rolls out of the ring… and DEDEDE RAISES HIS MIDDLE FINGER RIGHT TO THE FACE OF CAPTAIN CHARISMA!!!

Stew-O: CC Swiftly Slides out of the Ring.. and CC Runs after DEDEDE as CC Chases DDD Around the Ring!!! DEDEDE isnt gonna take ANY risks in this match! and DEDEDE slides back in, and as CC slides in the ring, DEDEDE swiftly stomps at CC, and as CC fights through those blows, DEDEDE throws a mean Right hand to the Jaw of Captain Charisma! And DEDEDE whips CC to the ropes, and as CC comes back CC hits a HUGE Clothesline! And CC hooks the leg.. 1…………….2……………. but Mr DEDEDE kicks out of the pin. And CC picks up DEDEDE after getting up for a short time, and CC Carries DEDEDE on his Shoulders… IS HE GOING FOR AN F-U???

Deadprez: No! DEDEDE Shifts his weight, so that CC carries DEDEDE near the Turnbuckle.. and DEDEDE slides off of CC, and does an Over The Shoulder Suplex, as CC slams right into the mat! Now DEDEDE and CC are back up, but as CC is on his hands and knee’s, DEDEDE kicks at CC’s ribs! And DEDEDE Stomps repeatedly at CC’s Head, as Captain Charisma fights his way up.. and throws a Mean Right hand!!! And DEDEDE whips CC to the ropes.. and As CC comes back DEDEDE jumps OVER the head of CC… BUT CC SLAMS HIM DOWN, STRAIGHT INTO THE MAT!!! WITH THAT SPINEBUSTER, AS CC HOOKS THE LEG!!!! 1………….2………… but DEDEDE kicks out yet again! Now CC goes onto the Turnbuckle… and CC waits until DDD gets up.. and he does as DDD turns around.. AND CC DOES A STANDING LEGDROP, KNOCKING DEDEDE DOWN!!!

Stew-O: DEDEDE is in one of the worst positions to be right now! and CC gets up slowly, not even taking the pinfall given advantage to him.. and CC Raises his hand into the Crowd.. Taunts at DEDEDE… AND GOES FOR THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! But DEDEDE Kips RIGHT up, and Turns around as he throws Numerous Peoples Punches at The Jaw of CC! And DEDEDE goes for the Final Blow.. but CC ducks, and CC goes for the Special Slam.. until DEDEDE elbows CC into the Jaw.. backs into the ropes and Hits a Mean Forearm to the Forehead of DEDEDE.. backs in to the ropes and DEDEDE Clotheslines CC outside of the Ring!!! DEDEDE Picks up A Brick!!!! A Brick found laying at the Graveled Ringside!!! And DEDEDE.. SMASHES THAT BRICK OVER CC’S HEAD!!! AND CC HAS BEEN LAID OUT!!! DEDEDE Goes inside the ring…. and DEDEDE waits until CC gets up.. and He does.. as DDD Goes for… THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!! AND HE HITS IT ON THE STANDING CC!!!

Deadprez: And Bah Gawd!!! Both men go STRAIGHT over The STONE Guard Barrier! As both of these Men are in the Crowd area! DEDEDE is the first to get up.. and CC who is still down is picked up By DEDEDE.. and DEDEDE Carries him on his Shoulders.. and drops him FACE FIRST onto that Stone Guard Barrier.. protecting the Crowd from the Ringside Action! But that’s not doing much good as you can see! DEDEDE Grabs CC’s head… and Smashes it Repeatedly into the Barrier.. OVER AND OVER again! But DEDEDE Attempts one more Strike into that Stone Barrier.. but CC blocks the attack… Elbows DEDEDE in the abdomen.. and CC Grabs DEDEDE’s head and SMASHES it on the Barricade!!! And CC throws DDD over the Barricade onto The Gravel Ringside!!! And CC goes under the ring to pull out…… A LADDER!!!!!!! CC has just pulled out a Ladder!!!!

Stew-O: I didn’t expect CC to be the first one to pull out a ladder.. but CC has it in his hands as DEDEDE slowly gets up.. and CC rams that Ladder RIGHT into the Face of DEDEDE!!! And DEDEDE has been DROPPED by that Ladder, as CC sets it up still here on Ringside! CC picks up DEDEDE.. and CC Rams DEDEDE’s head into the Steel Ringpost… and DEDEDE’s head SMACKS into that Steel repeatedly, until DEDEDE blocks the 3rd strike, and DEDEDE Slides Behind CC.. and Hits a Big Boot RIGHT onto the back of CC’s head! CC is leaned onto the Steel Ring Post.. Face first… and DEDEDE goes onto the Protective Barricade… and DEDEDE DROPKICKS RIGHT INTO THE LADDER, AS IT SMASHES INTO CC, AND CC IS LAID OUT RIGHT ONTO THE GRAVEL RINGSIDE AGAIN!

Deadprez: Wow! DEDEDE has an advantage when it comes to the use of ladders, and DEDEDE Grabs the Ladder.. and BATTERING RAMS IT RIGHT INTO CC’S GUT!!!! And DEDEDE does it over and over again, as CC is Holding his Bruised Abdomin! And DEDEDE sets up the ladder here on ringside, and DEDEDE goes under the ring and grabs another Ladder… and DEDEDE Sets it up… and DEDEDE is planning something big here! But CC attacks DEDEDE from behind.. and CC SMASHES DEDEDE’s head over the ring apron.. but DEDEDE slides behind CC… and DEDEDE does a HUGE low blow, weakening CC enough for DEDEDE to Grab BOTH of CC’s feet.. and LAUNCHES CC into that Standing Ladder!!! DEDEDE Grabs Both of CC’s Feet again.. and DEDEDE attempts to Catapult CC into the other standing Ladder… but CC fights out of it.. gets up… and DEDEDE RUNS AT CC FOR A SPEAR!!!! BUT OH MY GOD!!!!

Stew-O: CC DUCKS.. AND DEDEDE CRASHES HEAD FIRST INTO THAT CONCRETE PROTECTIVE WALL!!! AS BLOOD IS POURING OUT THE TOP OF DEDEDE’S HEAD!!! And DEDEDE is out cold! As CC Goes over to DDD.. and CC throws the nearly unconscious DEDEDE into the ring, and Hooks the leg for the pin! 1…………….2………………. but DEDEDE kicks out yet again! And CC picks up DEDEDE.. who is bleeding profusely from the top of his head.. after that NASTY conk into the Concrete Wall! CC grabs DDD and hits a snap suplex, and CC gets up.. waits for DEDEDE to get up as he does… and DEDEDE swings for a weak, fainted Clothesline….And CC runs behind DEDEDE.. and hits the Special Suplex Slam! AND CC Taunts to the Crowd.. and hits…. THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!!!! And CC drives that closed fist STRAIGHT into the face of Mr. DEDEDE! And DEDEDE after a short while gets up.. AND CC CARRIES DEDEDE ONTO HIS SHOULDERS.. AND HITS.. THE F-U!!!!!!!! THE F-U!!!!!!! ITS OVER!!!

Deadprez: But DEDEDE flips over.. and DEDEDE lands onto the Ring apron.. and as CC goes over towards DEDEDE… DEDEDE RAKES CC’s eye.. grabs a nearby Steel Chair.. and SMASHES it over CC’s head! And DEDEDE covers with the pin! 1………………2…………… but CC Kicks out! And DEDEDE gets up, and DEDEDE using the ring ropes to his leverage waits until CC is up, and he does as DEDEDE fired hard shots to the Skull of Captain Charisma! And DEDEDE whips CC to the Turnbuckle behind him.. as DEDEDE runs to CC laid on the turnbuckle, hitting a Clothesline! And DDD Grabs CC’s Jaw and hits a snapmare, as CC lands on his seated position.. and DEDEDE backs into the ropes and hits a baseball slide onto the Spine of Captain Charisma! And DEDEDE aggressive covers another forearm for the pin, 1………….2……….. but again CC kicks out of that one!

Stew-O: DEDEDE picks up CC yet again, and CC, known for his strength and charisma battling DEDEDE, known for his craftiness and Durability has his biggest challenge right in front of him! And DEDEDE kicks CC in the gut… and DEDEDE hits.. the DEDEDE DDT!! And DEDEDE using up the rest of the strength he has hooks The leg, 1……………2……………….. but CC yet again kicks out, of DEDEDE’s rather desperate attempt to finish off CC! DEDEDE goes onto the rop rope… and DEDEDE is going for something HUGE!!! DEDEDE Is going for.. THE FROGSPLASH!! And DEDEDE LANDS IT!!! DEDEDE LANDS IT!!!! AND DEDEDE PINS!!!! 1………………2…………………. But CC grabs the Bottom rope, preventing DEDEDE from scoring the victory, here in this onefall Match up! DEDEDE is up.. and DEDEDE is at the corner of the ring.. WAITING, JUMPING at CC to get up!!! And CC had better not…………. HES UP….. AND THERE’S THE SPEAR!!! THE SPEAR!!!!! THE SPEAR!!!!

Deadprez: The Spear!!! But Look at this! CC Jumps OVER The attacking DEDEDE, as DEDEDE RAMS Shoulder to Steel into that Turnbuckle!!! And DEDEDE who is still up.. and Clutching his Shoulder turns around… AND MEETS THE UNPRETTIER BY CC!!!! The UNPRETTIER!!! And CC HITS IT!!!! And Look at this! ITS DE!!!

Stew-O: ITS DE!!!

Deadprez: Its DE, running down the Ramp.. as DE and CC trade punches!!!! And CC looks like hes getting the upperhand…. BUT FROM BEHIND, DDD DOES THE LOW BLOW!!!! And DE Grabs CC… AND DE HITS THE BLACK HOLE SLAM!!! THE BLACK HOLE SLAM!!!! THE PIN!!! THE REFEREE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO PIN!

Stew-O: SON OF A BITCH!!!!! 1……………………2…………….

( Regulator’s music plays as Mr DEDEDE, DE and The Referee stop and stare in amazement at the Titantron )

Deadprez: HOLY!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: HES HERE!!!!

Deadprez: ITS REG!!!

( Regulator runs down the ramp with a Steel Chair ) .. ITS REG!!! Reg with that steel chair in his Hands is IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!! And DEDEDE looks SO happy to see Reg, knowing that these men are BOTH former Tag Team Partners, BOTH Best friends! These 3 men are ready for an ALLIANCE!!!! Reg and DEDEDE BOTH have huge smiles on their faces!


( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Captain Charisma’s music plays as he and Reg shake hands and Celebrate )


Deadprez: Well its obvious whos SIDE Reg is on! Reg came to the ring, and had Our Undisputed Hardcore Champion thinking he was going to triple team CC! But Reg really wanted to send a statement, send a Message, to the Dark Emperor!

Stew-O: Well DDD fought Hard and with all his might, including two Shooting Star Presses! But in the end The Valiant CC, has PINNED the EAW Undisputed Champion! Who KNOWS how close this man CC is, to retrieving the gold the he CLAIMS, is his! ( CC’s music fades as him and Reg leave )

( Camera fades backstage to Starr and Impact talking )

Impact: Hey Starr… man, I .. i know that we’re sworn enemies.. at each others throats for My National Extreme Championship title.. But Maybe.. Just maybe i was thinking that We could.. you know… work together, help each other out?

Starr: Yeah! Yeah i know what you mean! And ya know what, its Brilliant! And ill be sure to have your back, but tha’ts only if you have mine!

Impact: Deal… Oh, The pie is ready!

( Impact grabs the pie from the Microwave, and pours a glass of milk in to a cup )

Impact: Want some?

Starr: Oh yeah! You know how i like that milk! And im not talking little tea cups of Milk.. Im talkin about.. Big.. JUGS of Milk!

( Starr chugs the gallon of milk )

Impact: You’re the man! Hey lemme try some!

( Impact grabs the gallon of milk and chugs it down )

Starr: How about that Pie?

( Eveline walks into the Hallway )

Eveline: Hey Guys ( Eve walks away )

Impact & Starr: Man!

Impact: Starr, put ur eyes back into your head, she was looking at me!

Starr: No she was obviously looking at me!

Impact: No offense Starr, but its obvious she was looking at your National Extreme Champion.

Starr: Nope! Its obvious she was eyeing your Olympic Gold Champion!

Impact: Gimme a Break, I bet.. ( Mr. Knocka walks in and smacks Impact on the back of the head )

Mr Knocka: Good luck out there, boss, because facing me, you’re gonna need it ( Knocka walks out )

Starr: Oh brother…

( Camera fades to a Young man in Cuck U. Fena’s office )

Cuck U. Fena: Soooo… you wanna be a part of the Showdown Roster Huh?

Young Man: Sir, that’d mean the world to me. Ive been CLAWING through security guards just to get in here! And I….
Cuck U. Fena: Ok Dawg, first tell me your name.

Cole: Ok.. My names Cole, i somehow aired a promo on Showdown afew weeks ago, did you see..

Cuck U. Fena: Yeah.. But son.. listen here. This business isn’t just fun and Games.. Its taken Years for people to get to the top of this business.. and right now, like it or not, your at the Bottom! And Cole, its up to YOU, to claw through the guck, from thick and thin, to Become a Star. Im only Here to help! Cole, i know you want a Showdown Contract, but ever since the Kjors incident, its not.. ya know.. EASY to break into this business…

Cole: Yes.. Yes i understand.

Cuck U. Fena: Im gonna raise you Cole.. Im gonna raise you to become SOMETHING in this business. And Cole, this isn’t a free pass to the locker room… this is an Opportunity.. that YOU Cole, and YOU only can take. Ya Feel me?

Cole: Yeah… I feel ya! Thanks for the opportunity Boss! Cya Around! (

Camera fades back to The Announcers )
Deadprez: Well CC is moving on up in the KOE Card… but next, we’re gonna see two of EAW’s youngest stars, battle it out for the Interwire Championship!

( Chase for the Interwire Championship is aired )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall… and is for the INTERWIRE Championship!!!

( Mister K’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he comes out )

Stew-O: Well here comes a man who isn’t afraid to introduce himself! In fact, i think we’re gonna be seeing him doing so, in just a matter of seconds!

( A Helicopter hovers above the arena and dangles a Mic )

Mister K: Ladies….. and Gentlemen…. BOYS .. AND GIRLS… Remember my name… Remember who i am…….

Mister K: ……


( MK goes onto the turnbuckle with the microphone )

(TGO’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out )

Announcer: And the opponent….. From London, England.. Weighing in at 226 Pooounds… Theeee GREAT ONE!!!

Deadprez: Well TGO Who… Wait a minute!

( Crowd Boo’s in dismay as a short, fat midget dressed as TEGO comes out )

Deadprez: WHAT IS THIS!?

Stew-O: HAHAHA!!! It looks like TGO had a little bit more “Just Deserts” than what MK Promised on Showdown!

Deadprez: Talk about taking your cake and eating it too! MK and TEGO were scheduled to have a promising, onefall title match, and as you can see, we’re gonna miss out on that!

Stew-O: Well regardless, both of these men are tieing up.. and Little TGO does a kick to the Shin of MK!!! And Little TGO kicks again, and again until MK is on his knees, where TGO backs unti tle ropes.. and does a Missle Dropkick RIGHT onto MK’s Chest! And the cover! 1……….. but theres the Kickout! And Little TGO Stoutly tries to force MK up.. but MK hits a back bodydrop! And MK grabs Little TGO, and hits a scoop slam into the middle of the ring! And MK climbs the turnbuckle….. and hits… THE LONG ISLAND PLUNGE!!!! Senton Bomb off of the Top Rope! And MK Pins! 1………….2…………3……

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Mister K’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he celebrates with his title )

Announcer: The winner of this match… and STILL the EAW Interwire Champiooooon.. Misteeeeeeeer K!!!!

Deadprez: Well EAW’s Prospect has RETAINED his Prospective Championship, The Interwire Title! And now it looks like MK has completely SWEEPED his competition, from NWOMatt, to Kofi, to Kira, To TGO! Whats next for this young man??? ( Latino Game’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out with a Microphone )

Latino Game: Woah Woah there “Champ”. MK, im through letting you parade through Showdown with Your garbage title reign, when all uve been facing is Assholes, Cunts, Wannabe’s and Jobbers! But guess what MK… I thought it was about time that you start playing with The Big Boys! And MK, You Can Consider your Gacho Raided title reign.. OVER.

MK: Tell me that Game… tell me that… when you ACTUALLY BEGIN TO THREATEN ME. Understand that I can beat anyone thrown at me.. and I dont care how big the boys are… But how BROKEN… THE BONES ARE…. Game, ive foughten a Hardly won Match. And Game…

( MK exits the ring, and goes face to face with Game on the Ramp )

MK: …. COME AT ME… ( MK Smashes the Microphone over Games Head )

Stew-O: Look at this!!! Look at this!!! MK SMASHES that Mic over Games Head, and MK SPITS RIGHT INTO THE FACE OF LATINO GAME!!! And Game is FURIOUS as he leaps onto MK, and BOTH men are on the ground, and its only Latino Game, leading with COUNTLESS shots to the head! And Game is up, and Game grabs MK…. and THROWS him into the KOE Titantron Stage! And Referees are SPEWING into the mess, breaking up MK and Game!!! BOTH men with large egos, are eyeing the SAME THING… The Interwire Championship!

Deadprez: Who KNOWS what’ll happen on Showdown! But lets get into Dynasty’s Side.. of King of Extreme!!!

( Starrpact’s music plays as Crowd Gives off a Mixed reaction when they come out )

Announcer: This match is scheduled for onefall… First making his way to the ring.. Accompanied by Impact.. He is 1/2 of The EAW Tag Team Champions.. and the ONLY Olympic Gold Medalist in E-fed’s Historyyy… STARR/STAN!!!!!

Stew-O: And Here he comes! Starr with his Tag Team Partner, Impact ready to bring on their Opponent, Lethal Consequences! But Starr, even WITH Impacts Help is going to need help, because not only is Starr taking on 1 of the most Technically Sound Wrestlers in this Business today, Hes taking on one of the most Rough, Brutal Opponents, he’ll ever face!

( Lethal Consequences’ Music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out )

Announcer: And The Opponent.. From San Diego, California.. Weighing in at 259 Pooounds… LETHAL..CONSEQUENCES!!!!!!!!!

Deadprez: Here he is! Stew your right, hes one of the most Brutal Extremists ive ever seen in my career! But If you wanna see technically sound, look no further than Starr/Stan, and LC is gonna have a run for his money if he even THINKS about Underestimating Starr! But lets see how this match pans out here, LC vs Starr.. 1 on 1! Who will advance to The Semi Finals?

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew-O: Well we’re gonna find out, as both of these men circle the ring.. and Both Starr and LC tie up.. LC from the streets of San Diego, Is trying to prove himself, not just as a smart businessman for teaming with Ronn, but is gunning for becoming one of the all time Greats! LC Knees Starr, whips him to the Ropes.. and LC runs at Starr and Runs with a Knee RIGHT into The Gut! And LC hits a Snapmare.. and LC goes into the Second Rope.. and Attempts an Elbow to the Jaw.. but Starr rolls over! LC is up, and So is Starr as Starr runs at Lethal for a Clothesline, and he hits it as Starr backs into the ropes.. Jumps over the laid down LC, and LC gets back up as Starr bounces off the ropes.. Run towards him.. and LC Hits an Armdrag! And LC Locks in an Armbar, leaving Starr in a Limb Threatening Posision, that Starr will have no CHOICE to give, or find a way to get out!

Deadprez: Starr twirls his body, and LC is off of starr, bounces off the Ropes and comes back to meet a Knee to LC’s Gut! And Starr Throws a right hand towards the face of LC, and another.. and Starr grabs LC and hits a nice Snap Suplex! And Covers LC with the pin! 1………….2……………… but LC kicks out! Starr picks up LC, and Starr grabs LC’s Head, and rams it onto the Turnbuckle.. and Starr Kicks LC in the Gut.. and Starr goes onto the 2nd Rope.. and hits A FLYING CROSSBODY!!! And Starr hits it, and hooks both legs for the pin! But LC quickly pushes Starr out as Starr lands onto the Canvas! And LC is back up, and Starr kicks LC in the gut, and hits a Snap DDT! But LC using all his Strength TURNS that Snap DDT into a Back-Bodied Drop! And LC Presses his MIddle Finger into Starrs Face.. Backs into the ropes… BUT WHEN HE BACKS INTO THE ROPES, LC MEETS A HUGE CHAIRSHOT BY IMPACT!!!

Stew-O: And LC is on his hands and Knee’s, TRYING to Recover.. But Starr is back up, and Starr Goes over LC, and Hammers at The Skull of Lethal Consequences! LC might start bleeding pretty soon… but LC grabs Starrs Ankle, and LC holds in a Submission Move on his Ankle, Almost like an Inverted Ankle Lock! And Starr is Trying to fight out of it… And Impact slips in a Steel Chair into Starrs hands.. and Starr GRABS The Chair.. and SMASHES it over LC’s Shoulder! Starr is Slightly Limping as he slowly gets up with the Chair.. and LC is up.. as Starr SMASHES the Chair over LC’s Head!! But LC ducks under Starrs arm, and LC kicks at The Back of Starrs Knee… and LC Bulldogs Starr RIGHT into the Steel Chair in Starrs own Hands!!! And the Pin! 1…………2…………….

Deadprez: But Starr kicks out! Lethal is back up.. and Lethal Grabs the Steel Chair.. as Impact is on the Ring Apron with another Steel Chair.. and BOTH Lethal and Impact strike eachother With Chairshots.. but Both Chairs collide!!! And Lethal hits a Chairshot onto the Gut of Impact.. and Lethal SMASHES The Chair over Impacts Head.. knocking Impact to the Ringside Ground! Now LC goes toward Starr, and Starr whos still laid out, HAS to get up quick! But Lethal GUILLOTINES the Chair onto The Throat of Starr… and LC Guillotines AGAIN but this time flat on the FACE of Starr!!! And Lethal Covers Starr, 1……………2……………. but Starr kicks out yet again. And Lethal isnt going to let up 1 bit, as Lethal picks up Starr.. KICKS HIM IN THE GUT.. FOR A STUNNER!!!!!

Stew-O: STUNNER!!! But Damn it! Starr pushes Lethal out, and Lethal bounces off the ropes.. and Lethal returns with a Forearm RIGHT to the Head! And Lethal goes Behind Starr.. and Lethal Lifts Starr so Starr is seated on his Shoulders… and Lethal Falls Frontward as STARR LANDS THROAT FIRST onto the Ringropes! Starr is STILL standing.. but staggering and Clutching his throat.. as Lethal gets up, backs into the ropes and does a Big Boot as Starr is knocked back down! Lethal is gaining Momentum, and Lethal waits for Starr to get up… and Starr IS up, as Lethal backs into a rope.. attempting a Lou Thez Press… BUT Impact from the Outside CLUTCHES Lethals Foot… but Lethal with his other Foot SMASHES his heel into the Teeth of Impact!! MY god Impact may have literally eaten his words!!!

Deadprez: But This Gives Starr enough Time to run TOWARDS LC.. and Clotheslines Him out of the ring, as Both men are laid out onto the Arena Floor! Well all 3 men involved in this matchup are on the ringside floor, besides the Referee! Both Lethal and Starr get up at the same time, and Lethal RUNS at Starr, attempting SOMETHING, but Starr moves out of the way as Lethal smashes Shoulder first into the Steel Ringpost! And Lethal, still standing is Seriously Greiving his Shoulder, that has been SMASHED, flesh first into that unforgiving, Cold, remourseless Steel! And Starr takes the advantage… as Starr sends LC into the Ring.. and Starr slides into the ring, and Starr is WAITING till LC gets up, as he does and Starr hits ANOTHER Snap Suplex! MY God! No WAY LC can kick out of that one! But theres the pin regardless! 1…………..2…………… but LC actually DOES kick out!

Stew-O: Starr is SHOCKED! And i would be too! Starr gets up, and Starr Grabs LC… and Starr hits a HUGE Snap Suplex! But Starr isnt done, Starr hits ANOTHER snap Suplex! Lethal Consequences has to be Finished here! BUT WAIT A MINUTE, Starr is still up.. and Starr goes for ANOTHER Snap Suplex!!! But Lethal Reverses With his OWN Snap Suplex, as Starrs Spine hits The Canvas! And LC covers Starr… 1……….. but Starr kicks out! Starr is somehow able to get up before Lethal, and Lethal and Starr are facing eachother.. Staring at Each other…. because through-out the buildup of KOE, both men have had a war of words so to speak! And LOOK AT THIS! LC BLATANTLY FLIPS OFF STARR!!!! And Starr throws a HUGE right hand, but LC Ducks.. and Starr turns around… AND THERES THE STUNNER!!! THE STUNNER!!!! THE STUNNER!!!! And Impact Runs into the Ring… AND THERES THE STUNNER!!!! And LC goes towards the Referee.. AND LC HITS THE STUNNER!!! LC HAS GONE MAD HERE!!! And LC goes out of the ring, goes towards the time Keeper.. and Grabs 3 Cold Cans of Budweiser Beer!

Deadprez: LC enters the ring.. and LC SMASHES his beer together.. and Guzzles it down! And LC picks up Starr… and LC hits.. ANOTHER STUNNER!!!! And Another Referee runs town the ramp.. as LC, that Drunk, Beer swilling Bastard pins! 1……………….2…………………….. BUT STARR KICKS OUT!!!

Stew-O: WOW!!!

Deadprez: WOW!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! Starr AFTER 2 STUNNERS kicked out!!! Unbelievable! Unbelievable! LC seems pretty pissed off, and LC grabs Starr.. picks him up.. KICKS HIM IN THE GUT, FOR ANOTHER STUNNER!!! But Starr pushes LC out, and LC turns around, as Starr runs behind him.. AND HITS THE STARR/SLAM!!! STARR/SLAM!!!!… But LC Gets out of it, RIGHT as Starr attempts it, and LC Grabs Starr… and Goes for a Snap Suplex! But Starr reverses and hits his OWN snap suplex, as Both of these men are laid out in the middle of the ring! Starr and LC are fighting JUST to get up, and Impact Enters the Ring with a Black Bat in his hand!!! And LC is up… and LC meets a HUGE Smash in the head with that Bat!

Stew-O: DAMN!!! That Bat has been broken in half, and LC is STILL standing!!!! Blood is streaming out of LC’s head and hes STILL standing! And Impact Kicks LC in the gut.. AND Here Comes Starr.. WITH THE STUNNER!! THE STUNNER ON LC!!! STARR JUST COPIED LC’S FINISHING MOVE!! And The Pin! 1………………2……………… but LC Kicks out! Starr Drags LC to the middle of the ring by his Ankle… and Starr attempts.. THE ANKLE LOCK! And Starr MIGHT just have it locked iiiiin…. But NO, LC uses the Leg Strength i didnt even know he had, to push out of that predicament! Starr goes back to The Ankle lock yet AGAIN! And Look at this! Lethal USES both legs, and does a Monkey Flip on Starr, as Starr lands RIGHT on his spine, and LC Slowly gets up! Impact on the ring apron is trying to distract Lethal.. And Lethal Bounces off the ropes.. and does a HUGE Running Headbutt RIGHT into the Jaw of Impact! And Impact is knocked off of the Apron, as LC forwards his attention towards Starr!

Deadprez: And Starrs gonna wish he HADNT, his fault or not! LC Goes towards Starr… and LC attempts.. THE LOCKDOWN!!! THE LOCKDOWN!!! But Starr with the rest of his strength quickly Crawls towards the Bottom rope, and forces his way up! Starr is standing.. and LC backs into the ropes.. and RUNS AT STARR FOR THE LOU THEZ PRESS!!! But Good God! Good God!! Starr Reverses into the Belly ro Back Release Suplex!!! And Hold on!!! LC REVERSES INTO THE BLACKOUT!! ( Belly to Back into Elevated neckbreaker slam )!!! The Blackout!!! And He hits it, and Hooks the leg of Starr! 1…………..2……………. but Starr kicks right out of that one! Both Starr and LC are giving it all they’ve Got, and Impact is looking for an Opening, but he has none as LC is the first to get up. Lethal Goes to the top Rope Now.. AND WHATS LETHAL DOING!!!??? Lethal Dives…. AND HITS THE FROGSPLASH!!!! GOOD GAWD!!!! THE PIN!!! 1…………..2…………………. BUT STARR STILL KICKS OUT!!!


( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Starr’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when He celebrates with Impact )

Announcer: The winner of this match.. and Advancing to the Semi Finals.. STARR/STAAAAAN!!!!

Deadprez: Starr and Lethal Poured it ALL out in the middle of this ring! But in the end, it was Starr.. who with some help from his Tag Team Partner, Impact, Won this Match.. and will be going on to the Semi Finals, to take on Captain Charisma!
Stew-O: This was one heluva Matchup, and i REALLY thought it was over for Starr, even AFTER he kicked out of that Second Stunner, i was SURE Starr had absolutely no hope, in winning this match! But some how, Starr was able to overcome the alchohol fueled, bionic redneck!

Deadprez: Absolutely! But we’re only in Day 1 of King of Extreme, and Day 1, the Start, of The Lifelong Unity, between two Special Lovers, RRS and SKO!

(Love promo plays between RRS and SKO )

( Camera fades backstage to Rated R Shaman and Jaywalker )

Jaywalker: Alright RRS, today is your big day, and Sabinas big day, because you two are gonna unite in marriage! This is going to be the greatest day of your life my friend, your gonna have to be there for her, through poor and rich, through thick and thin, through sick and…

Rated R Shaman: Jay, thanks man, but if i didn’t know that, i would’ve never popped Sabina the big question. Jay, I love her.. and Jay I can’t deal with some sick son of a bitch stalking My Fiance…. And when i find out who that Bastard is.. believe me i will make him pay. But never mind my aggression.. the greatest time of my life is in mere moments… i… i don’t know what to do, how i feel, my heart is RACING!

Jaywalker: Its okay man, This is good.. this is good. When you go out there, You will do it for 1 purpose only, and that is Sabina.. Good luck man. Now i gotta prepare, because ive got a word for these unappreciative Managers, and acouple More words for Ronn..

( Camera fades back to The Announcers )

Deadprez: Well Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re LIVE in 1 of the 8 Wonders of the World, The Roman Colleseum!

Stew-O: Thats right, and already we have had Mr DEDEDE vs Captain Charisma.. and Lethal Consequences vs Starr/Stan, whats next on our plate???

( Camera fades to the ring )

(JBB vs DE rivalry Video package plays)

(They go down to the ring)

RA: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and will decide who goes onto the next round of the king of extreme tournament. Introducing first, The jaw breaking badass, JOHHHHNYYYYY BAD BLOOOOOOOOOOOD

(Crowd gives JBB a mixed reaction, as he makes his way down the ramp).


(Crowd erupts in loud boo’s, as DE makes his way down the aisle )

DP. JBB is staggering as DE comes in from behind and hits a running boot. JBB goes back down as DE is now on top of JBB landing rights and lefts as the ref tries to pull DE but he’s going on a rampage.

Stew-O. DE picks JBB high over his head, and drops him down to the floor with a gorilla press slam. DE leaves the ring and comes back in with a sledgehammer. DE lifts the hammer up for a big shot … BUT JBB LOW BLOWS DE! DE drops the hammer and JBB hits a DDT! DE’s face connects with the canvas as he rolls out of the ring to recuperate. DE looks like he is ready to go back in when JBB runs off the ropes and connects with a baseball slide out to the arena floor!

DP. DE has been taken off his feet as JBB is climbing the ring post. JBB with a flying missile drop kick down to DE! DE is set flying into the guard rail as fans are screaming for him to get up. JBB walks over hits right hand after right hand as the fans are booing JBB.
DP. JBB flips off the fans as he takes another shot on DE. But DE catches his fist, and throws JBB into the guard rail! DE hits a big knee to JBB’s gut and throws him back in the ring. DE picks the ring steps over his head and throws them into the ring.

Stew-O. JBB is up as DE picks up the stairs and is looking to smash them into JBB’s skull! DE swings them at JBB but JBB ducks and runs off the ropes for a big clothesline!

DP. But DE throws the ring steps in JBB! JBB is taken right off his feet by the ring steps as DE quickly tries to capitalize!
1…2…and a kickout. DE goes to the outside, and brings a Ladder in from down the ring.

Stew-O. JBB gets his shoulder up just in time to save his KOE hopes! DE crawls over to his sledge hammer and is waiting for JBB to get up. JBB, using the ropes to get up, is staggering in the corner.DE is eagerly waiting to smash JBB’s skull in… YUNG BLOOD NECKBREAKER OUT OF NOWHERE! DE has been taken by surprise as JBB crawls to the cover…
1……….2…………and a kickout. JBB was inches away from advancing as JBB is looking around the ring.

DP. JBB has set his eyes on DE’s sledge hammer as he picks it up with evil intentions! DE is at his knees as JBB turns around and hits him right in the gut! BUT DE IS STILL STANDING AS JBB RUNS OFF THE ROPES AND NAILS DE RIGHT IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! DE collapses as JBB rolls him over and hooks the leg! 1……….2………..3!!!!!!

*long pause*


Stew-O. JBB can’t believe it as is calling for Yung Blood Vice… And he picks DE up and locks it in! But DE slides out and grabs the sledgehammer, and nails JBB in the gut! BB is staggering as DE picks JBB up over his shoulders … SOUL OBLITERATION!!! The F-5 CONNECTING!

DP. BUT JBB REVERSES INTO A FALLING YUNG BLOOD NECKBREAKER! BAH GAWD…. JBB is making his way to his feet… BLA … BLA … BLA WAIT, THE HELL?!??! MASKED MAN COMING OUT OF THE STANDS!!! WHO IS THIS.. JBB TURNS AROUND, WHERE THE MASKED MAN IS, AND IS MET STRAIGHT-UP BY A SUPERKICK! superkick on JBB! the masked man has just superkicked JBB! The masked man is now running back into the stands, nowhere in site!



( Dark Emperors music hits, he celebrates )


RA: The winner of this match, and advancing on to the next round of the King of extreme, THE DAAARRRK EMPEERROR!!

(Crowd Boo’s furiously at DE, as he makes his way to the back, glaring at a unconscious JBB in the middle of the ring)

Deadprez: What an Impressive bout, that i am proud to say, Showdowns side of the equation.. The Dark Emperor has won!

Stew-O: Yeah well, i wonder if that Masked Man has anything to do with that Stalker whos hunting down RRS and his wife! That would be a strange equation!

Announcer: This match up is scheduled for one fall and is part of the KING OF EXTREME TOURNAMENT!!!

( Impact’s music plays as he comes out to a cheering crowd )

Announcer: Making his way to the ring, first, from Seattle, Washington….weighing in at 250 lbs…..he is….the EAW NATIONAL EXTREME CHAMPION AND ONE HALF OF THE EAW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…..IMPACT!!!!!!!!!!!

Deadprez: Hold on a minute! Wheres Starr???

Stew-O: I dont know! Starr and Impact made an agreement earlier that These men would look out for each other during their Matches.. and Starr is nowhere to be found!

( Knocka’s music plays…crowd boos)

Announcer: And his opponent from Brooklyn, New York…weighing in at 245 lbs….he is….KNNNNOCKAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deadprez: And here comes The Slobberknocka, making his way to the ring and to Action, Mr. Knocka!


SO: MvM and Impact circle each other in the ring as MvM charges for Impact and hit’s a nasty clothesline. Impact is right back up but Knocka hit’s a second clothesline and in one motion bounces off the ropes to hit a low dropkick to the ribcage of the National Extreme Champion. Impact rolls out of the ring as Knocka taunts him. Knocka looks over the top rope but Impact is right there and trips him up. Knocka slams his head against the canvas!

DP: Impact climbs up to the top rope and measures his opponent as he leaps and connects with a cross body! Impact stomps on MvM. He bounces off the ropes and hit’s a knee drop to the face of MvM. Now he goes to the other side of the ring and hit’s a perfect lionsault! The cover!1.………..2.…………..KICKOUT!

SO: MvM grabs Impact and tries to pull himself up but is backed into the corner. Impact palms the face of his opponent and slaps him across the chest! Again! And you can see the red marks all over his pecs! Impact irish whips him into the opposite corner and charges with a shoulder to the sternum. He throws a right hand and then a left and eventual picks him up and hit’s a power slam to the mat. Impact is gaining momentum as he exit’s the ring and grabs a steel chair. He comes in and hits Knocka in the back!

DP: Impact drops the chair throws Knocka into the ropes and connects with a running DDT onto the steel chair! And the cover!1.……….2.…………..Kickout! But Knocka is busted WIDE open! Impact goes for a second cover but Knocka kicks out at a one count. Impact looks around and slides Knocka under the bottom rope. He tosses him into the barricade and goes under the ring. He grabs a cane and smacks Knocka across the back!

SO: Another couple shots but Impact drops the cane and grabs the steel chair he had earlier and props it up against Knocka. He backs up and climbs to the apron, runs, and leaps for a diving leg drop to the chair! But Knocka throws the chair into the face of our Tag Team Champion! Knocka gets up and gets the steel steps and pulls it away from Impact. He looks into the eyes of the NE Champion and waits till he gets to his knees and eventually his feet…..MKO! On the steel steps! MvM rolls the lifeless body of Impact into the ring! The cover!1.…………2.…………..3!! And just like that the match turns around for….wait no! Impact got his foot on the bottom rope. Knocka can’t believe it but he gets up and exit’s the ring.

DP: He looks under the ring and grabs a table wrapped in barbed wire! In this tournament you really need to consider how much you want to put into each match! If you receive too much fatigue after your first match you’ll be a sitting duck for your next opponent! But Knocka doesn’t care! He wants to cause as much pain to Impact as possible as he sets up this dangerous weapon in the center of the ring. Impact is up but Knocka kicks him in the gut and grabs him in the back of the head to grind his face on the barbed wire! Impact is cut up!

SO: Both of these men are busted open but I do believe Knocka’s vision is being affected by the blood trickling down his forehead. But Knocka is able to connect with a Russian leg sweep and he’s back on top! Cover!1.………2.…………Kickout again! Impact isn’t going to give up even though he doesn’t have his tag team partner out here. I thought Starrpact would watch each other’s backs but who knows.. Maybe Starr has something in mind!

DP: But back to the match, Stew! Knocka climbs to the top rope! He seems to be measuring his opponent…..but OUT OF NOWHERE! IMPACT HIT’S A FABULOUS ENZIGURI ON KNOCKA! Knocka staggers but stays on the top rope as Impact climbs up to the top rope too! He hooks the leg and does A FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE! HE CALLS IT THE SUDDEN IMPACT! AND IT SURE AS HELL WAS AN IMPACT RIGHT THROUGH THE BARBED WIRE TABLE! Knocka is laid out and bloodied! Impact covers Knocka who is still on the broken barbed wire table!1.………….2.……………AND………………….! NO!!!!!! Knocka SOMEHOW KICKS OUT! This is amazing. The passion Knocka had for the King of Extreme Crown in undeniable!

SO: Impact cannot believe it though and he argues with the referee but when he turns to Knocka he gets a low blow! WHILE IMPACT WASN’T LOOKING KNOCKA WRAPPED BARBED WIRE AROUND HIS ARM AND HIT IMPACT IN THE BALLS! OH MY! Now he jumps up and HITS AND MKO ON THE REMAINS OF THE BARBED WIRE TABLE! THE COVER AGAIN!!!1.……………….2.…………………….AND……………….
3!!!!!! It’s over! Knocka is moving on in this King of Extreme Tournament! BAH GAWD!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

(Knocka’s music plays as the crowd boos)

Announcer: Here is your winner….KNOCKA!!!!!!!!!!

Deadprez: And Would You look at that? Knocka has won this match, and there is STILL no sign of Impact’s Tag Team Partner, Starr, Anywhere!

Stew-O: Starr sold Out! Blatantly Starr sold out on Impact when Impact needed him the most! That just goes to show what kind of partner Starr must be! But if Starr EVER bailed out on Impact at the worst time, it Would Definatly Be now! Because Starr has to go 1 on 1 with Captain Charisma, bright and early, tomorrow morning!! And going 1 on 1 with CC is like landing headfirst out of a 100 foot drop from an airplane. Point is, not many people survive that one!

Deadprez: CC has done a lot of training, apparently, because CC was able to beat Mr DEDEDE! Something definitely Harder than Nails, when you have a guy like him fired up at an FPV!

( Knocka’s music finishes as He leaves the Arena )

Deadprez: Well Congratulations to Knocka, as he moves up to the next round. But we Still have two lovebirds, joining in unity for a Very special time in their lives, RRS and SKO, uniting in Marriage!

Stew-O: Lets take a look at the scoreboard. We have CC vs Starr still to come.. and We have Knocka, who will Be taking on The Dark Emperor, Those are our KOE SemiFinals! And this is NOT looking good for Dynasty at all. Because while CC, Knocka and DE are Battling for KOE, and for The Pride of Showdown.. Starr is the ONLY Dynasty Extremist remaining!

Deadprez: The Odds are Stacked up against Dynasty, that’s for sure! But lets continue where we left off… with…

( Latino Game’s Music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out with a Microphone )
Stew-O: Oh Great…

Deadprez: WHAT??

Stew-O: Here comes the egotistical crybaby loudmouth who cant stop complaining for ONE day!

Deadprez: Are you kiddin??? Game has beaten 2 Former World Champs, and The EAW Undisputed Hardcore Champion in under a Week!! That’s history in the making!

Stew-O: Well that one thing i have that Game doesn’t is respect for his peers, i just want to know what he wants and why hes even out here! Hes not a part of the show!

Latino Game: Ladies and Gentlemen… Boys and Girls of all Ages.. In case you didn’t notice the travesty of justice that emptied my psyche afew weeks ago… Allow me to remind you! JBB won a fluke win and has been saying how his “career is rising” . But if there’s anything that’s rising, its ME. I am the greatest rising star in EAW History, and there’s NO WAY i can be denied, NO WAY! And how am i gonna prove im the top rising star in this industry? Well i want ANYONE out there to come at me!

Latino Game: Ill repeat myself for emphasis… i want any newcomer on the back… to come forth and prove themselves to me. Give me aaaaa… warmup?

( A young man walks down the ramp and enters the Ring )

Latino Game: …..

( The young man grabs the Microphone from him )

Young Man: Hi… Im Cole! … Well, in case you haven’t seen my trailer, I’m determined to score a Contract for EAW.. and believe me, ill do anything for one

! ( Game Snatches the mic from Cole )

Latino Game: Who in the Blue Hell????… What makes you think your GOOD enough to even stand in the same ring with me????


Stew-O: HOW DID HE…!!!…!!!!


( Cole picks up the mic )

Cole: Have a nice day!

( Latino Game’s music plays as he angrily walks up the ramp, and Cole celebrates with the crowd )

Stew-O: Wow!!! If i was General Manager of Showdown, i would HIGHLY consider signing this kid!

Deadprez: Yeah no kidding, he’s a Buck 50 if ya know what i mean! I think Cole just emptied out ALL of Game’s Moneybags! I just hope This Kid Cole isn’t underestimated by any Naysayers, especially that Management, because they’ve been trying to take Jay down for his superior athletic ability too ya know!

Stew-O: Well This hasn’t been a good season for Game ever SINCE he faced DEDEDE and WWEFan!, and in only A FEW moments, comes the Greatest Day.. of RRS and SKO’s lives! And We’ll be back, after this short break!

( Ronn vs JIK Rivalry Promo plays )

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman this match is scheduled for one fall and will be contested under EXTREME RULEZ!!!

( JiK’s music plays…crowd has mixed reaction but many cheer )

Announcer: Making his way to the right, first…from Cleveland Ohio…weighing in at 225 lbs….he is…JERICHO IS KEWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Well JiK is seeking revenge on Ronn, after the what he said, injustice of The EAW Chairman trying to screw another star! And the Former world champ is not gonna have it!

( Ronn’s music plays…crowd boos )

Announcer: And his opponent…from Englewood Springs, New Jersey…weighing in at 222 lbs….he is….the Chairman of Extreme Answerz Wrestling……RONN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DP: Not a lot of love shown to the chairman of EAW! Over the past couple of weeks Ronn has screwed an untold amount of extremists. He even suspended JiK and that’s why he’s going one on one with him here tonight. Ronn slowly enters the ring listening to the angry crowd. This place is PACKED with fans and they are surely looking forward to this.


SO: So here we go! Ronn steps up to JiK and stares him down but JiK shoves him! And Ronn comes back and slaps him across the face! He hit’s a dropkick, bounces off the ropes, and drops an elbow on his opponent! Ronn now slides out of the ring to grab a steel chair. He comes back in and sets the chair up in the middle of the ring. Ronn bounces off the ropes to hit’s a clothesline on JiK but JiK reverses it into a time of body slam but Ronn reverses it into a DDT onto the set up steel chair! The cover!
Kickout at 2!

DP: Ronn is on a roll! He gets up and grabs JiK by the hair. Ronn irish whips him to the corner and charges for a clothesline but JiK gets out of the way and Ronn runs into the turnbuckle! JiK hit’s a swinging neck breaker after Ronn runs into the corner. The cover!
Kickout just before the referee counts 2! JiK gets out of the ring and grabs the chairman by the legs and pulls him ramming the testicles into the steel ringpost! That’s gonna hurt in the morning!

SO: Now JiK heads for the ring apron as he grabs an aluminum bat and smashes Ronn’s leg against the ring post with it! Ronn’s kneecap could be shattered! grabbing the leg, JiK pulls Ronn out of the ring and sets him up against the barricade where he smashes the bat against Ronn’s skull! Sickening shot from the former world heavyweight champion! JiK heads over to the announcers table and begins to clear the table! Bad intentions in mind!

DP: He finishes clearing the table and grabs Ronn, lifting him to his feet. He hits a big left hand and puts him in a headlock
and hits a suplex next to the table. JiK goes down and locks in a reverse chinlock even though submission is not possible outside of the ring in this particular match. He lets go of the hold and throws Ronn up onto the table! He grabs the bat and hits him across the sternum and then climbs to the top rope! Ronn is out! JiK is looking to put Ronn through the announcers table!

SO: But now out of nowhere Ronn’s security comes to stop JiK. One pulls a taser gun and shoots him in the back of the neck! JiK tumbles forward and falls head first onto the floor below! Two security guards beat him and eventually throw him back into the ring. The crowd is booing like hell as they pull handcuffs and handcuff him while JiK lay up against the turnbuckle! Ronn, meanwhile, rolls off of the table and looks under the ring and pulls out….

DP: What the hell?! A bowling ball wrapped in barbed wire! Ronn pullls out a bowling ball wrapped in barbed wire and slides into the ring with it. I have never seen this before! He goes to the opposite corner facing JiK, bowling ball in hand, as the two security guards hold JiK’s legs apart! Ronn rolls the ball with force RIGHT INTO JIK’S BALLS! OH MY LORDY! JiK’s legs are bleeding and he is in extreme pain!

SO: JiK is un handcuffed and Ronn goes for the cover!
KICKOUT AT 2 AND A HALF! Ronn grabs JiK by the hair and lifts him to his feet as he throws him into the ropes and hits a dropkick! Ronn gets right back on him and throws hard fists to the face of his opponent. Over and over again! Viciously attacking the former champion. He gets off of him and gets him to his feet again but this time he sends him to the corner and spears him. He lifts him to the top rope and climbs up with him setting up for a superplex!

DP: Ronn gets ready and….SUPERPLEXES HIM OFF THE TOP ROPE AND ONTO THAT BOWLING BALL WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE! JIK LANDED ON THE BALL BACK FIRST! HIS BACK BUILD BE BROKEN! Ronn rolls over onto JiK and pins him! The referee makes the count! 1…………….2…………………. JiK’s shoulder was raised right before the hand went down for the third time! JiK wants to win this match and beat his chairman at any cost! Ronn is in disbelief as he argues with the referee. The referee tries to plead his case but Ronn smacks him across the face! ROLL UP! JIK WITH THE ROLLUP!

SO: JiK pulls himself up with the ropes. Ronn gets up at the same time and charges but JiK ducks and hits a high kick to the side of the head knocking Ronn into the ropes. JiK bounces off the ropes on the opposite side and charge at Ronn but Ronn tosses him over the top rope and out to the floor! Wait no! JiK lands on the ring apron and hits hits a springboard crossbody onto the chairman! Momentum swing!

DP: Security comes back into the ring but JiK clotheslines them both! One gets to his feet but JiK kicks him in the gut and hits a codebreaker! Now the other one gets up, disoriented, and JiK connects with a backstabber! JiK is on fire! Ronn is up and throws a left hand and kicks him in the gut he lifts him up and…….HIT’S A GTS PERFECTLY! GO TO SLEEP! GO TO SLEEP ON JIK!!!
SO: Ronn falls onto JiK for the cover! THIS COLD DO IT!
Ronn cannot believe that JiK kicked out of that! JiK rolls out of the ring as does Ronn and Ronn tosses JiK onto the announcers table. But JiK sits up and hits Ronn in the face. Ronn falls back but is able hit a clothesline on JiK. JiK bounces right up and blocks the second clothesline and reverses it into a Russian legsweep. JiK kicks Ronn as he lay on the ground and looks under the apron for a weapon.

DP: He pulls out a couple of glass tubes and sets them on the announcers table. Ronn gets to his feet as JiK puts him in a bear hug and then slides into a half nelson. JiK eventually lets go of the hold but holds the arm and irish whips the chairman into the ringpost! It looks like Ronn smashed is nose on the post and was busted open! JiK clears the second announce table as Ronn lays on the ground.

SO: The table is cleared and Ronn is being picked up and thrown onto the clear announcers table. JiK climbs up with him and gets him to his feet again as JiK kicks him in the gut and sets up for a power bomb! Ronn is up! AND HE GETS SLAMMED THROUGH THE ANNOUNCERS TABLE WITH GLASS TUBES STACKED ON TOP! GLASS SHARDS EVERYWHERE INCLUDING THE CHAIRMAN’S BACK! JiK is LOVING this!

DP: The Chairman is out! But it looks like JiK wants to do more damage as he looks under the ring fro a new weapon. He pulls out….OH MY GAWD THA HAS TO BE A 30 FOOT LADDER! HE SLIDES IT INTO THE RING AND SETS IT UP! He climbs back out of the ring and puts the lifeless body of the chairman onto the other announce table and then goes back inside the ring to climb the 30 foot ladder. Halfway up the security sets another ladder next to JiK’s and one man begins to climb with a table in hand. The other man quickly climbs up JiK’s ladder and holds his leg so that he can’t climb any higher. The man on the other ladder gets to the top and props the table up between the two ladders. The table is 30 feet above the ring as JiK gets free and Ronn rolls off the table and back into the ring.

SO: Ronn begins to climb the ladder as the guard distracts him. The guard climbs down as Ronn and JiK meet at the top of the ladder. Ronn and JiK are atop a ladder 30 feet ABOVE the ring! They hammer back and forth as Ronn’s henchmen get tables wrapped in BARBED WIRE set up on top of each other! The two men continue to throw punches at each other trying not to fall to the floor! 4 tables are stacked outside of the ring and now they poor gasoline on them and light them on FIRE! 4 TABLES STACKED WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE ON FIRE BELOW RONN AND JIK WHO ARE ON TWO 30 FOOT LADDERS HOLDING A TABLE! BAH GAWD!

DP: Whoever falls will fall to their demise! There is a lot on the line here…WHAT THE HELL?! The lights are out! I can’t see a thing but the blazing fire! What the hell happened?!?!?! No one has fallen yet, I believe….The lights are back on…BUT JAY IS ATOP ANOTHER LADDER THIS TIME ABOUT 40 FEET AND LOOK AT THE SHOCKED CHAIRMAN AND HIS OPPONENT! SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR OFF THE FUCKIN LADDER! A DOUBLE SPEAR OFF THE LADDERS THROUGH THE GODDAMN BABREDWIRE WRAPPED TABLES WHICH WERE ON FIRE!


( Replay shows )

DP: Out of no where the former WHC speared the two men off the table 30 feet in the air to their demise below! Absolutely incredible! I am honestly shocked here. EMTs are on the seen as the announcer grabs a microphone.

Announcer: Due to the risk of serious injuries from what you have just witnessed this match has been declared a NO CONTEST!!!

SO: What a match and WHAT AN ENDING! Stay tuned for more FPV ACTION!

( Camera fades as EMTs carry out the bodies of JiK, Ronn, and Jay )


( Camera fades to the arena with chairs lined down the ramp, The ring dressed and prepared; The best man, Jay, The Reverend and The EAW Roster sitting in the line of chairs on the ramp )

Deadprez: Well we took a small break, and we’re back with The Wedding! Shockingly, Jaywalker is available for this despite the carnage from before!

( Camera fades to the other side of the Arena, where John Legend Plays the background music on the Piano )

Stew-O: Its starting! ( Reverend Gunthor holds the Microphone )

Reverend Gunthor: We’re Here today to testify our love for these two wonderful people, ready and willing to fulfill the greatest task of their lifetime. Unite their two Peoples.. into One love. Before The Groom comes out to the ring, We’ll have a speech on marriage, we’re going to have a speech on ,arriage, by EAW Chairman, CM Ronn. (

CM Ronn’s music plays as He emerges from his seat and gets into the ring )

Deadprez: Ronn’s up here, and Ronn’s gonna spend some time with us, to talk on marriage!

Stew-O: Ya think Ronn knows anything about Marriage??

Deadprez: How dare you talk during this special moment, cant you stay quiet for two seconds??? ( Ronn grabs a Mic )

CM Ronn: Well, Ive been asked to speak on the term of marriage. And believe it or not, I do know a little something on Marriage.

CM Ronn: Well, first off, I know what can ruin a Marriage. And I’ve seen it in family, with friends, on TV, in movies, everything! The number one enemy of a successful marriage is Selfishness. That’s right and i know some of you are saying ” Well Ronn, you would know a lot about Selfishness ” .. But jest aside I DO know about Selfishness. Because once the husband or the wife develops it, resentment begins, and resentment has no place in a marriage.

CM Ronn: RRS and SKO, before you come down here.. know that your coming down here with a decision you guys. Know that your coming down here, and promising to each other.. That SKO, you will submit to your husband. And will love your wife, as if loving your Mother, or Sister.

CM Ronn: And… that’s pretty much all i have to say! Congratulations, i wish the best for the both of you guys and don’t let any wrong do you wrong, always strive for the best in each other.

( Ronn leaves the ring and sits down as crowd claps )

Reverend Gunthor: Alright.. now lets Bring out the Groom, The lucky man who will ready himself in this ceremony, The Rated R Shaman of Sexy!

( RRS’ music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out in a Tuxedo )

Deadprez: Well Here comes The Groom, who, with Flowers in his hand isn’t afraid on showing his love for Sabina. And im sure RRS has alot going on in his mind, and im not doubting for a second, that this “Jamez” character isn’t watching this wedding from who-knows-where!

( RRS stands in the ring )

Reverend Gunthor: Welcome RRS, and next we’re going to have RRS’ Best man, Jaywalker give a talk about RRS! But first, lets watch a Video on RRS’ Childhood, the way he grew up!

( A Slideshow on RRS’ childhood plays )

( Jaywalker’s music plays as crowd Boo’s when he comes up with an ice pack on his head )

Stew-O: Jaywalker still feeling the effects of that sudden, attack by Cole from earlier today! But nonetheless, Jay is here as The Best man, to speak on RRS, i wonder what he’s gonna say?

Deadprez: SHHHHHHH, damn Stew i thought you’d get it by now. ( Jaywalker grabs a mic )

Jaywalker: Well, even though i have every reason NOT to be here, thanks to that brutal assault i fell victim to, by some random punk, I’m gonna be doing this for RRS. Now James my friend, listen to me.. What Ronn said was right. Marriage is the biggest option you’ll ever have in your lifetime. EAW World Title shots are nice, Undefeated streaks are nice, but knowing that wherever you go to, you’ll have someone who will understand all your feelings, all of your thoughts… Its something big…

Jaywalker: Its not gonna be Mommy or Daddy, and you know this James… But, RRS, you’ll have to treat Sabina as if she brought you into this world… Because if all goes right.. if you take Me and Ronn’s advice, Sabina will be the one bringing your child into this world..

Jaywalker: RRS, I’m so proud of you, for how you’ve developed as a person, for how you’ve developed as an Extremist, and I want you to know that if you’ve got any problems, I’m there for you man. Congratulations.

( RRS stands up as both men shake hands and hug out of respect )

( Crowd applauds as Jay takes his seat )

Reverand Gunthor: Alright, Now before we introduce the Lovely bride, lets play a clip of Sabina’s life, leading up to this big date!

( Slideshow of SKO’s life and childhood plays )

Reverand Gunthor: Thank you.. Now before the Bride comes out, we have a special guest who is gonna give a talk about Sabina….

Stew-O: Who’s that gonna be? …

( Masters’ Music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out in a suit )

Deadprez: OH MY!!!

Stew-O: Here.. Here he comes! Masters! Masters who really ISNT too far from Home is here to visit us, and give a talk about Sabina!
Deadprez: Well Masters looks like hes the right person! Masters and Sabina know eachother well, and Masters will give HIS talk, on Sabina, from Friend to Friend!

( Masters grabs a Mic )

Masters: ….. Wow….. ( Crowd Chants “Masters”, “Masters”, “Masters” )

Masters: Thanks guys! Well I’m here and I came to visit the extreme ring, because even though I’m retired, I’m here to support RRS.. and Sabina, as these two unite in Marriage forever! Sabina, she’s a great woman first off.. Independent.. Vixens Champion, RRS, I’m sure you must be PROUD to be marrying such a successful person as SKO is!

( RRS nods his head in approval )

Masters: Sabina has accomplished herself, winning The Vixens Title at Pain for Pride, and successfully retaining it at Midsummer Massacre! And Sabina… minutes away.. its gonna be the biggest.. The most important day in Your life Sabina, I can comfortably tell you that! And lemme tell you, Sabina played off her nerves pretty cool! I mean, all she’s been doing is sticking by RRS’ side, and preparing for the Wedding for several weeks.. Sabina had a lot of pressure on her you guys, and for her to readily and willingly do this.. and for all of you fans being out here, i speak for her when i say it means a lot to her. And Sabina, when you come out here in a moment, I’m telling you, i wish you all the luck, and all the blessings in the world to you and RRS. For you’ve accepted RRS’ proposal, and as the intelligent young woman you are, i know you did the right thing.

Masters: I’m sorry that i cant stay, I’ve got a flight to catch, but Sabina, you know as well as I do that you are doing the right thing, and congratulations RRS… I hope the best in your future together.

( Masters’ Music plays as crowd claps and he exits the arena )

Reverend Gunthor: Thank you Masters.. And without further adue, lets Bring out The Bride.. Please welcome ladies and gentlemen.. Sabina!

( Organ plays “here comes the bride” as Sabina comes out in a Wedding Gown )

Deadprez: Here she comes!

( Sabina walks down the ramp slowly as The flower girl leads the trail with flower peddles down the ramp )

Rated R Shaman ( No Mic ): Wow… shes…

( Both Sabina and RRS Stand side by side as “Here comes the Bride” stops playing )

Reverand Gunthor: Before i officially and heavenly unite these two as one, We have a song, performed by TI and Rhianna….

( Both TI and Rhianna are seen standing on a platform, performing “Live your Life” )

Rhianna: You’re gonna be a shining star, fancy clothes, fancy cars.

And then you’ll see, you’re gonna go far.

Cause everyone knows, who you are-are.

So live your life, ay ay ay.
Instead of chasing that paper.
Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay.
Ain’t got no time for no haters.
Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay.
No telling where it’ll take you.
Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay.
T.I: Nevermind what haters say, ignore them ’til they fade away.
Amazing they ungreat for after all the games I gave away.
Safe to say I paved the way, for you can’t get paid today.
You still be wasting days away, nah had I never saved the day.
Consider them my protégé, how much I think they should pay.
Instead of being gracious, they violated and made you wait.
I never been a hater still I love them, yeah I graze the way.
Some say they so yay and no they couldn’t even work on Labor day.
It aint that they black or white, their hands of area in shades of grey.
I’m West side anyway, even if I left the day it fades away.
Some move away to make a way not move away cause they afraid.
I’ll go back to the hood and all you ever did was hate away.
I pray for patience but they make me want to face away.
Like I once made them scream, now I could make them plead their case away.
Been thuggin’ all my life, can’t say I don’t deserve to take a break.
If you ever see me catch a case, and watch my future fade away.
Rhianna: Just living my life (ay), my life my life, my life
Just living my life, my life , my life, my life (oh)

( Crowd Cheers as Both T.I and Rhianna continue to sing until the song ends )

Reverend Gunthor: That was T.I and Rhianna. And now, Sabina, RRS, as you partake these rings in this black box, slip them onto your fingers physically, and spiritually never slip them off!

( RRS grabs the Black box, slips his ring in his finger, and SKO’s ring on her finger )

Reverend Gunthor: James, do you accept Sabina to be your lawfully wedded wife? Will you be there for her, in sickness in health, in rich or poor.. Will you be by her side, as much as you desire her by your side?

Rated R Shaman: I do…

Reverend Gunthor: And Sabina.. will you take RRS to be your lawfully wedded Husband? Will you be there for him, in sickness or health? Through wealth or poverty? Through youth and through affliction? Will you be faithful to your husband, and be there as his shoulder to cry on, as His is yours?

Sabina: I do….

Reverand Gunthor: If there is anyone who objects or feels otherwise, that these two shall not marry… Speak now.. or forever hold your peace! …

( Long Silence Plays )

Deadprez: Uh oh…..

( Long Silence Continues )


Reverend Gunthor: Than by the Power Invested in me.. I pronounce you two.. Husband.. and …..

( Camera fades to a masked man screaming into the camera )


Masked Man: You wanna know who I am??? … Let me show you…

( The Masked Man turns his back to the Camera and removes his Mask as Both RRS and SKO stare into the Camera )

( ETR’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s and The Shocked EAW Stars stand up )

Deadpez: HOLYYYY!!!!

Stew-O: YOUR KIDDING ME!!!! It was ETR??????????????????????????????????????

Deadprez: But WHAT would ETR want with Sabina???????????????????????????????

Stew-O: I dont think he’ll be able to get PAST this ramp full of EAW Extremist!!! ( ETR comes out inside a jeep filled with 4 other Masked Henchmen as he drives down to the ring )

Deadprez: So ETR Was the sick, pperverted felon that was stalking Sabina all this time??? (

ETR walks out of the Jeep holding a night stick and a microphone and enters the ring )

ETR: Sabina… I bet you wish you had listened to me, and DIDN’T say your ” I do’s ” with that man-slut RRS… When you could’ve had me rocking your world right about now … But i guess actions speak a lot louder than words… And now that you see me and my sexiness… you’ll know that The Rated R Shaman isn’t so sexy anymore compared to me 🙂

ETR: But i guess Ill give you another change, because Foolishness doesn’t break a bond..and SKO the bond between you and I.. can NEVER…BE…BROKEN…..

Sabina: You sick son of a…

ETR: Manners baby, Manners. Sabina im here right now to tell you.. RRS isnt who you were meant to marry… Its ,e.. The Most Beautiful Star in EAW.. perfect for the Most Beautiful Woman in EAW… you and I Sabina can be one. And…. oops.. I forgot…

Deadprez: OH MY GOD!!!!

Stew-O: ETR SMASHES THAT NIGHTSTICK OVER RRS’ HEAD!!! AND NOW ETR SMASHES IT IN HALF OVER REVEREND GUNTHOR’S HEAD!!! Both The Reverend, AND RRS have been knocked out, and as more Masked men surround the Ring, ALL the EAW Roster can do is watch in dismay!!!

ETR: Sabina….. Your option is your future…. But for now.. Your future is your option, yet, you have no choice… but to have your present.. as my future.. and MY Present.. YOUR Future…Grab her…

( Two masked men grab Sabina by her arms and carry her out of the arena )

ETR: ….. ( ETR stares at RRS ) … Im gonna take whats mine my friend… and Ill take her… at your expense….

( ETR’s music continues playing as He exits through the Crowd, leaving RRS unconscious in the ring )

Deadprez: That son of a bitch.. ETR that slimy son of a bitch attacked a newly rehabilitated RRS, and he just…

-O: I don’t know what pleasure ETR has in ruining RRS’ life, but im pretty sure RRS is going to do something about this, because this is SICK, it makes me SICK.

Deadprez: Jeez Stew, i understand this is some Creepy shit ETR is doing, but maybe he just wanted to get to know Sabina! you ever thought of that?

Stew-O: This is wrong, and i just Hope ETR feels bad for what he did, or one way or the other, hes gonna get his!


( Camera fades backstage to Cole walking in the corridor )

Cole: well, i think ive made an impact… Now what do i do?

( Cole bumps into Kat Kizz )

Cole & Kat Kizz: Oh.. Im sorry!

Cole: No, it was my fault, i wasnt paying attention

Kat Kizz: It’s alright, soooo… I saw you out there yesterday, you were amazing

Cole: Heh, Thanks, i saw you on Showdown, you were amazing too… Sooo… The locker room’s having a fall party in a few weeks on Showdown.. i was wondering if you’d wanna come with me?

Kat Kizz: welll… i guess so. sure thing, ill come! 🙂

Cole: Yay! The boys are gonna love this! I mean… Ill pick you up at 8

Kat Kizz: lol, no problem…

( Kat walks away as Cole stands there love stunned )

Deadprez: Aaaaw isnt that nice!

( Camera fades to the Announcers )

Stew-O: We are LIVE for Part 2, of King of Extreme! Day 2! And if you’ve missed Part 1, well you missed Captain Charisma, defeating Mr DEDEDE, Starr defeating Lethal Consequences, Knocka defeating Impact, DE defeating JBB, and the wedding! Lets take a look!

( KOE Part 1 recap video plays )

( Camera fades backstage to Mr DEDEDE, sitting angrily in his lockeroom with DE as crowd boo’s )

Mr DEDEDE: DE…. I’ve lost to Captain Charisma on Day 1 of KOE… And DE, thanks to that son of a Bitch, Regulator, I’m Relying on you to win KOE for me. Don’t let me down…

Dark Emperor: Don’t worry boss, I’m gonna dedicate my next match to you, why? Because i know how its like to be screwed out of matches… a big example is my match against Reg at Pain for Pride….. I will need your help.

Mr DEDEDE: Its alright, Help with what?

Dark Emperor: Well… I’m afraid that Reg is gonna come out and try to fuck me up, once again. I know its pretty common for him. So i was wondering, Boss, if you could be there to keep a lookout for me?

Mr DEDEDE: I’m tempted… and Ill do it

Dark Emperor: Thanks boss, you know it means a lot to me, by the way, what are you gonna plan for Showdown?

Mr DEDEDE: Well i was thinking, since our innovative Main Event, yet to be announced by General Manager, Cuck U. Fena is gonna take control.. Ill just sit back, relax, you know.. let the other Showdown Extremists wrestle they’re asses off. BUT… If you’d like, ill put you in.. who knows.. a _# 1 Contendership match? Get a shot at MK’s Interwire Gold?

Dark Emperor: Brilliant sir, and I think I already know who I want to face.. and who i want to Humiliate… Regulator!!!

Mr DEDEDE: Damn right, But you have a match coming up.. get ready, and ill see ya out there..

( Dark Emperor stands up )

Dark Emperor: Thanks boss..

Mr DEDEDE: Oh and By the way.. if you see WWEFan, tell him i said I needed him if you please?

Dark Emperor: No problem, boss..

( DE exits out of the room )


( Crowd cheers as camera fades to the Ring Announcer )

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen.. making a special announcement, please welcome.. The Showdown General Manager… Cuck U. Fenaaaa!!!!

( Cuck U. Fena’s music plays as Crowd Gives a Mixed reaction when he comes out )

Deadprez: And Here Comes our Showdown General Manager, Cuck U. Fena! Fena is definitely an innovative one, when it comes to booking, matchmaking, and I can only… Well I CANT Imagine what Fena has to say at the moment!

Stew-O: Well Fena is dressed in Sweats, the same way he was dressed during his Match against Chainstein.. do you think he’s out here to fight?

Deadprez: We’ll Fena’s gonna tell us WHY he’s out here, one way or another! Lets hear what he has to say! ( Cuck U. Fena grabs a Mic )

Cuck U. Fena: Yo, Wassup Mah Peeps and Tweets! Its ya boi Fena, with an Announcement to Make!

Cuck U. Fena: Ima break it down like dis…. Nah… Forreal, i have an Announcement to make, Regarding the next episode of Showdown, and Regarding Oblivion!

Stew-O: Let’s hear it!

Cuck U. Fena: Well, as you know, the Vixens Division is one of the two most overlooked divisions in all of EAW! So on the next Showdown, SKO aka Sabina.. will be MAIN EVENTING!
Deadprez: Wow!!!! The first ever Vixens Main event!

Stew-O: What an announcement!

Cuck U. Fena: Thats right, itll be Sabina, Defending her EAW Womens Championship… Against… The Returning… ALEXA!!!!! ( Crowd Boo’s )

Deadprez: Well Alexa, even if she’s returning STILL isnt getting much love from the EAW crowd!
Cuck U. Fena: And it will be….. SKO.. vs Alexa.. Vixens Title Match.. and The only way to win the Title.. is by retrieving it… from TWENTY FEET IN THE AIR!!!… Its will be Alexa vs SKO.. in a LADDER MATCH!!! ( Crowd Cheers )

Stew-O: This could change the EAW Vixens division influence forever! SKO vs Alexa, 1 on 1, Main event! Thats next Showdown!

Cuck U. Fena: And this is where the ember turns into remember! Because at Oblivion… Oblivion’s Main event…. Will be the BIGGEST MAIN EVENT.. IN EAW HISTORY!!!

Cuck U. Fena: For The EAW Undisputed Hardcore Championship… Mr DEDEDE Will be defending his title… AGAINST FIVE OTHER MEN!!!!

Stew-O: What does this mean???


Deadprez: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!


( Camera fades to Mr DEDEDE in his lockeroom, screaming and pulling at his hair while throwing his BBQ chicken wings everywhere )

Deadprez: BAH GAWD.. IM SPEECHLESS!!! AT OBLIVION!!! ITS The Undisputed Hardcore Title on the line!! And its gonna be Extreme Elimination Chaimber!!!

Stew-O: Mr DEDEDE can practically KISS his Undisputed Hardcore Championship goodbye!

( Cuck U. Fena’s music plays as crowd roars when he leaves )

Deadprez: My God Stew! Do you know what this means!!!????? Its not just DEDEDE kissing his Undisputed Hardcore Title goodbye! WE, you And I will be witnessing a MASS of human bodies, DESTROYED! Flesh ripped off the bone!!! Inside a weapons flooded Elimination Chaimber!!!

Stew-O: And only one will come out alive. Who will it be! Good lord I’m so excited!! and so are these EAW Fans!!!

Deadprez: Well That was definitely a huge announcement.. but coming up, we still have The Dark Emperor.. taking on Mr. Knocka For tonight! Goodness gracious! But What an Oblivion Main Event we have here!!!

( WWEfan-Taker-McMahon’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when He Comes out with a Microphone in his hand and stands side by side with Fena on the Ramp )

WWEfan: Woah Woah Woah Ladies and Gents! Hold your Horses! Before you spill out of your seats, allow me to make some announcements of our own! Now, Fena, Your Extreme Elimination Chamber decision is brilliant! And i think ive got a little bit more to add to that! Due to circumstances out of My Control… The EAW Womens Battle Royal.. Will Be discontinued! ( Crowd Boo’s ) Theres gonna be a Poll… Thats Right! The fans will get to Decide WHICH EAW Vixen, Will Be The New Commishoner of EAW! ( Crowd Cheers )

Stew-O: Thats Great, I think im gonna vote right now!

WWEfan: And, i have an Announcement to make, Concerning… MY Cash in The Vault Briefcase!

Deadprez: Uh Oh!

WWEfan: Now, i know you guys must be worried that “Im gonna come in and Steal The Undisputed Hardcore Title right after The Chamber match” … but dont worry! Because im here to promise each and every single one of you… That The Next time.. You See This Cash in The Vault Briefcase…. Itll Be LIVE in MY HOMETOWN… of LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA!

WWEFan: It’ll Be LIVE, at The Pinnacle of E-feds.. NEXT YEAR… And It’ll Be…….. AT PAIN… FOR… PRIDE!!!!

( Crowd Cheers’ as WWEfan’s music plays, and He leaves The Arena )

Stew-O: Well Here we are! Two huge announcements have been given by Cuck U. Fena, and VP, WWEfan-Taker-McMahon! And next up.. We have our King of Extreme.. Tournament match!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall.. and is a King of Extreme… TOURNAMENT MATCH!!!

( Mr. Knocka’s music plays as Crowd Gives a mixed Reaction, Mostly Cheers when he comes out )

Announcer: First making his way to the Ring…. From The Bronx, New York… Weighing in at 245 Pounds…… The SlobberKnocka.. M-V-M!!!

Deadprez: MvM who Defeated Impact on Day 1 of King of Extreme, Is now here to take on The Dark Emperor, 1 on 1 in this King of Extreme Tournament match! All to determine who will go on to Face Captain Charisma, 1 on 1! And Right now, Knocka looks Confident, and Focused at the same time! As if it was possible!

( The Dark Emperor’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when He comes out )

Announcer: And his Opponent… From an Uncharted Region in The Bermuda Triangle… Weighing in at 260 Pooooounds…. THE DARK.. EMPEROOOOR!!!

Stew-O: Well The Dark Emperor feels for his Mentor, But im sure he isnt NEARLY as peeved as Mr DEDEDE must be tonight!

Deadprez: Yeah because Mr DEDEDE not only lost himself The King of Extreme Tournament, He has to prepare for The Biggest Match of his LIFE, thats gonna be taking place in only 5 Weeks! 5 Weeks Stew! How can DEDEDE prepare for pain? Thats like preparing to survive being eaten by a Shark, it WONT happen!

Stew-O: Well its gonna HAVE to happen, DEDEDE might as well spend as much time as possible with that Title, because it dosent look like hes gonna be keeping it after oblivion!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Deadprez: DE and Knocka are circling the ring, and DE is on the attack, throwing Fist after Fist at Knocka, but Knocka is returning those punches, and Knocka, who IS more Agile whips DE to the ropes, and as DE comes back, He Elbows, goes Back to Back with DE and holds in a Crucifix Pin! 1………2………… but DE kicks out. and Knocka and DE are both up as Knocka hits a Hiptoss, and DE is back up, as Knocka QUICKLY attempts an MKO! But DE spins around.. Kicks Knocka in the Gut.. and Attempts The HellHammer!!!

Stew-O: But Knocka is out of it.. and Knocka backs up on the turnbuckle, as DE walks toward Knocka.. and Hammers at his Head, OVER and OVER again! And Knocka is laid on the Turnbuckle.. as DE throws HUGE Knife-edge Chops to the Bare Chest of Knocka! As Knocka is suffering, on His Knee’s holding his Chest.. and DE throws another HUGE kick to the Back of Knocka’s Neck! And Knocka is on his Back on the Mat.. as DE backs into the Ropes, and does a Standing Frogsplash!!! And DE Pins!!! 1…………..2…………. but Knocka Kicks out!

Deadprez: Pretty athletic maneuver by DE, and Knocka rolls towards the ropes, and forces his way up, and DE Again goes towards Knocka and throws Unrelenting Hammers to the Head! And Knocka Blocks one Blow, and Throws his OWN Punch, and Knocka Runs at DE with a Knee…. But DE Does a Catapault as Knocka Lands on the Ring Ropes Throat First! And Knocka lands onto the Ring Apron, as DE backs into the ropes, and does a Baseball Slide on Knocka, and Knocka lands onto the Gravel Ringside! DE Slides out of the ring, and DE Goes under the ring… and DE Grabs a ShoppingCart, and inside it grabs a Clock Wrapped in Steel Barbedwire!!! And Knocka is up.. AS DE SWINGS.. AND SMASHES THAT CLOCK OVER HIS HEAD!!!

Stew-O: Knocka is Laid outt, FLAT on his back, and DE Goes under the ring again… and DE Grabs a Steel Crowbar!!!! And DE Goes toward’s Knocka… and SMASHES that Crowbar over his Gut!!!!!! DE is LAUGHING, as Knocka is writhing in pain.. and Knocka slowly but surely gets up.. as DE SMASHES the Crowbar over Knocka’s Back again!!! And Knocka is laid out, front first onto the Stone Barrier Wall…. And DE is ready to SMASH that Steel Crowbar into Knocka’s Head!!! He Raises The Crowbar… and SMASHES it down into Knocka!!!! But Knocka just barely rolls down to the Gravel ringside, as DE Smashes the Steel Crowbar into that stone crowd Barricade!

( Mr DEDEDE’s Music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he Comes out in street clothes with a Steel Chair )

Deadprez: Well DE asked DEDEDE to come out, and watch this matchup in case Regulator tries anything funny! And i think as the loyal boss he is, Hes doing just that!

Stew-O: Well DEDEDE sets up the chair in seating position, and DEDEDE is just sitting there on the middle of the Ramp, Watching this Match, as DE Grins, knowing DEDEDE has his back!

Deadprez: DE drops The Crowbar, and DE picks up Knocka… and DE carries Knocka onto his shoulders.. and RAMS Knocka, SPINEFIRST into the Steel Ringpost!!! But Wait!!! Knocka Rolls off of DE… and DE CRASHES Headfirst into that Unforgiving Steel!!! And DE is now Staggering, after that HUGE Impact, as Knocka throws a slow punch… a Kick to the Gut…. and Whips DE RIGHT into the Steel Steps!!!! …. AND DE CRASHES!!! DE CRASHES HEADFIRST YET AGAIN!!!! DE is KNOCKED Out!!! And Knocka Goes toward The Shopping Cart… To pull out 2 Glass Beer Jugs! 1 For Each Hand!! And DE barely gets up.. as Knocka goes behind him… and sets up those TWO Glass Jugs BOTH next to his Head…. AND KNOCKA SMASHES THEM TOGETHER, AND DE’S HEAD IS IN BETWEEN!!! BUT MY GOD!!!

Stew-O: DE MOVES!! And Knocka SMASHES those Beer Jugs together, as Both of his Hands are CUT open, and Glass Shatters everywhere! And DE Picks up Knocka, and DE Puts Knocka on his Shoulders.. and DE walks over to the Spanish Announce Table… AND HITS THE SOUL OBLITERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( F-5 ) ONTO THE TABLE!!!! AND THE TABLE COLLAPSES, LEAVING KNOCKA LAID OUT, AS DE PINS!!! 1……………..2……………… but knocka Barely Kicks out!!! DE Grabs Knocka.. and DE Sends him into the Ring, and DE Gets in the ring… Waits till Knocka gets up… and Knocka IS up, as he turns around… AND DE GOES FOR THE BLACK HOLE SLAM!!!! But Knocka Elbows at DE’s Head, and Knocka Sends DE into the Turnbuckle, and DE Climbs as he is sent into the Turnbuckle… AND DE Jumps and Hits a Flying Crossbody RIGHT onto Knocka!!!!!

Deadprez: But Hold on! Knocka carries DE… and Knocka puts DE on his Shoulders!!! And KNOCKA HITS THE M-5!!! THE M-5!!! And Knocka Hooks the leg for the pin!!! 1………………..2………………….. but DE Kicks out this time! Both of these men Hit Their own Version of the F-5, and Hit it successfully! And Knocka right now, who is getting up.. and waiting for DE gets up, looks extremely Focused in this matchup! And Eventually The Dark Emperor IS up… as Knocka Goes Behind DE.. and does a Knee to Back Breaker… and does a Swinging Neckbreaker, and hooks the leg on DE Yet again! 1……………..2………………. but DE kicks out again! Now Knocka who is trying to wear DE Down, and doing a good job at it Does his Vintage Marsh Stomps, Stomping at the Head of The Dark Emperor! And Knocka backs into the Ropes… and does a Elbow Drop RIGHT to the face of DE! Now Knocka backs uo into the ropes again, and hits a Jumping KNEEDROP onto DE, but DE Rolls over before Knocka can land it!

Stew-O: This gives DE a small opportunity to get up, and DE is up as Knocka turns around.. and DE Hits a Clothesline, perhaps out of Desperation, and DE Again uses his Time to regroup, untill Knocka gets up again! DE Kicks Knocka in the Gut, and DE does a European Uppercut, and than he does a Mongolian Chop… but Knocka gets right back up.. and DE does a HUGE Headbutt!!! Knocka has a small cut on his forehead… and knocka turns to the turnbuckle.. and Protects his Bleeding head! DE Backs up… and DE RUNS HIS KNEE FULLSPEED INTO THE SPINE OF KNOCKA!!!!! And Knocka is in much MORE pain than Before, as DE Picks up Knocka… and Does a Samoan Drop!! And Theres the pin! 1…………….2……………….. but Knocka kicks out!

Deadprez: DE isnt letting Knocka Breath.. as DE Goes toward Knocka.. and attempts to lock in the Gogoplata! And if DE locks it in, Knocka guarentee’d WILL lose this Match! Knocka Fights out of it.. and Knocka punches at the gut of DE, before he can fully lock it in! DE tries to pick up Knocka.. and Knocka throws a thumb to the eye.. and Knocka does a Jawbreaker, as DE is knocked down! And Knocks crawls, limps to the Top Rope… and The Dark Emperor Slowly… Slowly….. gets up.. and DE is up.. AS KNOCKA HITS THE MISSLE DROPKICK!!! And Knocka Plummets RIGHT into The Dark Emperor.. and Hooks Both legs with the pin! 1…………………2……………………. but The Dark Emperor Kicks out! Just at The Last Milli-Second!!

Stew-O: Knocka waits untill DE is slowly up… and Knocka PUNCHES, POUNCES onto the Canvas… Stalking and WAITING.. as DE gets up…. and DE IS up.. AS KNOCKA HITS THE MKO!!! THE MKO!!!! But DE pushes Knocka into the Turnbuckle!! And Knocka turns around.. as DE Runs with a HUGE SPEAR into Knocka.. and Knocka PLUMMETS into the Turnbuckle!!! LOOK at that Spear! This is what DE likes to call the Sword of the Spirit! And The Camera shows DEDEDE Clapping, after DE Well Executes that Move! And DE Drags Knocka into the middle of the ring, and Pins! 1……………..2……………… but Knocka Kicks out! And i bet even DEDEDE is shocked! Because DE Damn sure is! DE is up.. and DE picks up Knocka… and hits.. THE HELLHAMMER!!!! But Knocka Spins around.. and hits one of his Picture Perfect Dropkicks! As both DE and Knocka are laid out onto the Ring Floor!

Deadprez: Well there’s still no sign of Regulator, and Knocka gets up… and Knocka goes to the corner of the Ring…. and Knocka Grabs DE’s own Sledgehammer! Well it was Masters untill DE STOLE it, and Knocka has hold of it.. BUT STANDING ON THE RING APRON, DEDEDE SMASHES THAT CHAIR OF KNOCKA’S HEAD!!! DEDEDE OUT OF NOWHERE!!! And DEDEDE Throws his Steel Chair into the Ring, and DE Grabs Hold of it! DE Puts the Chair on the Ground.. and DE puts Knocka INTO Conchairto Posision! As DEDEDE Slides in Another Chair!!! And DE Sets up.. raises the chair above his head.. AND DE HITS THE CONCHAIRTO!!!! As DEDEDE Stands outside the ring, Clapping, Proud of his Apprentice The Dark Emperor!

Stew-O: DE Dosent Look Done! DE waits until Knocka Gets up… And Knocka with Blood Pouring more profusely out of his head slowly gets up….. and DE Grabs Knocka… and Attempts… THE BLACK HOLE SLAM!!!!!!!!!! But Knocka Spins Around!!! And Knocka hits.. THE MKO!!! SO SUDDEN!! SO FAST!!! SO DEADLY!!! AND KNOCKA PINS!!! 1……………….2…………………..3…………….

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Mr Knocka’s Music plays as crowd cheers when he celebrates and brags in the face of Mr DEDEDE )

Announcer: The Winner of this Match, and entering into the King of Extreme Finals….. M-V-M!!!!!!!!!!

Deadprez: And We have our KOE Main event all set and Ready! Its gonna be Captain Charisma taking on Mr. Knocka… live in only a matter of MOMENTS! How is Knocka gonna prepare???

Stew-O: Knocka dosent look that Bad right now, Compared to the way CC was Roughed up by Starr! But Hold on a Minute!!! Knocka’s Music Stops.. and Knocka waits untill DE is on his Hands and Knee’s Getting up!

Deadprez: Oh My God!

Stew-O: And Knocka…. KNOCKA RUNS.. AND KNOCKA HITS THE SLOBBERKNOCKA!!! THAT VICIOUS PUNT!!!! But wait! At the last second, DEDEDE Pulls DE From The Ring, as both men stare at Knocka, as he arrogantly celebrates with the crowd!

( Mr Knocka’s Music continues playing as Both DEDEDE and DE walk up the ramp in anger )

Deadprez: Well Regardless, tonight its gonna be Captain Charisma, vs Mr. Knocka.. in a TLC Match, battling for the crown!!!

Stew-O: These men have fought before, and whats there to come TONIGHT? In this no doubt, epic matchup we’re gonna see? We’ll be right back!

( Camera fades backstage To Edge and TNA Rocks’ as Crowd Boo’s when he Surrounds himself with Masked Men )

Edge and TNA Rocks: RRS… Hey man…. Hows that headache Treating you??? Well it MUST be treating you worse than im Treating Your Wife… Because Trust me… Shes gonna have her own personal Trick or Treat in just afew minutes ( Crowd Boo’s )

Edge and TNA Rocks: RRS, i guess you dont understand when i tell you how much i want your Wife….And i wont even begin to tell you How Bad i want you gone… Gone from EAW.. gone from SKO’s LIFE… So i guess.. ill issue you a Challenge 🙂

Edge and TNA Rocks: I challenge you RRS, “Jimmy”..I Challenge you to a match.. Me vs You, 1 on 1, LIVE on the next Dynasty. To prove to you that not only am i a better person… not only do i have the better body, not only do i have a better package… Not only do I have better Butterscotch…. I am better than you RRS. I’ve been underrated all these months, my talents have been shadowed all these months… and on Dynasty when i face you.. Im gonna outshine you… and RRS.. I plan on HUMILIATING YOU.

Edge and TNA Rocks: Of course, crashing a wedding seems bad enough… But you haven’t gotten to know The REAL JAMES… before you can judge THE REAL JAMES…. ( Crowd Boo’s )

Edge and TNA Rocks: So RRS.. Thats about all the time i have right now. Ive got.. business… with SKO and I.. to attend to…….

( Screen blacks out )

( Camera fades to the Ring Announcer )

Announcer: This King of Extreme Finals Match is Scheduled for one fall… and is a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match!

( Camera shows the ring surrounded by Stacked Tables, Closed Chairs and Standing Ladders )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Captain Charisma’s music plays as crowd cheers when he comes out with a heavily wrapped arm )

Announcer: First making his way to the Ring… From Toronto, Ontario, Canada… Weighing in at 240 Poooounds….. Captain.. CHAAAAARISMAAAAA!!!!

Deadprez: CC is gonna have to show a new side of him if he EVEN wants to make it out of this match with his career! That is, unless he forfeits this match! And you heard the Announcement Earlier tonight from WWEfan, he said he wants to cash in his CITV Briefcase AT Pain for Pride II! And you heard it from Fena, that at Oblivion its set to be an Extreme Elimination Chaimber match! And I believe CC is qualified for this match!

Stew-O: Well We should find out pretty soon on one of these Showdowns!

( Mr. Knocka’s music plays as he Comes out with a Smirk on his Face )

Announcer: And His Opponent… From The Bronx, New York, weighing in at 245 Pooounds….. The Slobberknocka, M-V-M!!!!!

Deadprez: And this is the KOE Main event Folks! Mr. Knocka, taking on Captain Charisma, 1 on 1! Knocka who fought his way through this tournament, as did CC, Knocka went through Impact, and The Dark Emperor.. And looking at the odds, I don’t think CC stands a chance!

Stew-O: Well Im not saying I wouldn’t put my money on CC.. But I do believe Knocka has the advantage, I mean… Knocka has Beaten CC Before, and that was when Both of these Men Were Able! But Its been many many months since than, CC has changed so much, and so has Knocka.. And the last time these two met, CC was knocked out!

Deadprez: And CC Has even LESS of the advantage now! Knocka had two grueling matches, But CC was INJURED in his match during Starr, Knocka is not injured, and Knocka doesn’t even look tired as of now!

Stew-O: Well its all Come down to this. CC and Knocka, tieing up, and Knocka throwing Closed Fists to the Face of CC, and CC’s right arm that’s been injured, and is heavily wrapped, is basically a waste of space! And Knocka headbutts CC, as CC is groggy on the ropes.. and Knocka whips CC to the ropes.. and as CC comes back Knocka does an Elbow right to the Mouth.. and Knocka throws another right hand as CC is Groggy again! I think CC was FORCED to put more than what was needed to put in his earlier matches! He’s had to face Mr. DEDEDE, and if that wasn’t bad enough he had to face Starr! Two tough competitors, ESPECIALLY DEDEDE! And Knocka had his handful, but While Impact seemed unprepared, The Dark Emperor gave Knocka fight of his own, but regardless, Knocka has the edge!

Deadprez: And Knocka hits one of his Picture Perfect dropkicks, and Knocka who i believe has… 87…. 90 % Left, CC has only about 30% left! And Knocka hooks the leg for the early cover, 1…………2………… but CC kicks out! And if you look above, dangling is the crown, 20 feet above the ring.. the only way to win this match is by pinning your opponent or climbing up the ladder to grab the crown, and sit in your Throne as the King of Extreme! Now Knocka… Waiting until CC gets up slowly and slowly… and CC is up as Knocka backs into the ropes, and Hits a Running – Swinging Neckbreaker! And The Cover again! 1……………2………………. and CC forces his hurt arm to shoulder out!

Stew-O: Knocka Picks up CC, and Knocka throws a Knee into CC’s Gut.. and Knocka whips CC to the ropes, and as CC comes back Knocka does an ArmDrag! And Knocka Holds in that Armbar, RIGHT onto the Injured Arm! Knocka is targeting the Injured Arm, and Knocka TWISTS it… and CC is screaming in AGONY.. but CC Pulls in his Arm for The Clothesline, using his Good Arm! And Knocka is back up and Throws a Clothesline, but CC goes Behind him.. and Does a Spinout Powerbomb!!! But Knocka gets out of if… and RAKES the Eyes, and Does a Jaw Breaker, as CC is flat on his back! And Knocka Backs into the Ropes.. and jumps HIGH into the air.. and drops a knee drop RIGHT to the Face! Knocka Backs up into the ropes yet again… Jumps HIGH into the air, and drops ANOTHER kneedrop.

Deadprez: Knocka doesn’t like to waste time, But Knocka is just wearing CC down until CC has nothing left! Knocka rolls out of the ring, And Knocka grabs one of those standing Ladders.. and Knocka grabs the Ladder wrapped in BARBEDWIRE! And Knocka sends it into the ring, and Knocka goes in, and Sets up The Ladder in the middle of the ring! Knocka goes over Towards CC… And Knocka Grabs CC’s Legs… and CATAPULTS him into the Ladder!!! But Hold on! CC Jumps ON the Ladder, and CC is Climbing!! His Palms are being CUTUP by the Barbedwire, but hes Climbing!!! Knocka grabs the Ladder and shakes it, perhaps trying to get CC off.. But its no good! CC is near the top!

Stew-O: Knocka Goes to the Corner of the ring, and Grabs a Steel Chair… and Knocka Climbs The Ladder on the Side CC is on.. and Knocka SMASHES That Chair into CC’s Spine!!! CC isn’t moving on the Ladder.. and CC Eventually Falls back, and Plummets into the Canvas! Knocka Climbs The Ladder now….. And Knocka Is Going up Step By Step.. TILL HE’S AT THE TOP!!! But Hold on a Minute!!! CC is Up… and CC is Desperate… and CC Goes under Knocka… and Drops a HUGE Powerbomb!!!!!! As Knocka is laid out on the Canvas, and CC Hooks The Leg! 1……………2…………… but Knocka Kicks out! CC is up.. and CC is Going Towards the Ladder, but he isnt Climbing it! Hes Setting It up in front of the Turnbuckle! And CC goes on the ring apron.. what’s he planning???

Deadprez: CC is on the turnbuckle.. and CC waits until Knocka gets up, and He does… AS CC DOES A LOU THEZ PRESS ONTO THE LADDER.. AND THE LADDER DOES A LOU THEZ PRESS ONTO KNOCKA!!! MvM Has Cuts ALL over His Abs!!! And Knocka is Screaming out of Pain, and Really im surprised hes even CONSCIOUS! CC took a HUGE Risk here, and CC is still able, as CC Goes outside the ring.. Grabs Knocka’s legs…. and Oh boy!!!

Stew-O: This doesn’t look good..

Deadprez: CC PULLS at Knocka’s Legs… as He SMASHES Crotch First into that Unforgiving Steel Ring-Post!!!!! CC Slides back into the Ring… and CC Hooks The Leg! 1…………….2…………………Thr.. Wait! No! Knocka Kicks out! Every time you think Knocka cant kick out of something, whether its the GTS, The Spear, The Chokeslam, Knocka STILL Kicks out! And Knocka gets up, using all of his Willpower… and CC Carries Knocka onto his Shoulders…. and CC GOES FOR THE F-U!!!! THE F-U!!! But Knocka Elbows right at the Skull of CC!!! And Knocka Slides off of His Shoulders… and Knocka Lifts CC onto HIS Shoulders Now… and Hits The M-5!!!!! And My God!!! He Hits it!!!! The Pin! 1………………….2……………………. but CC Kicks out!!!

Stew-O: Knocka Grabs That Barbedwire Ladder… and Knocka Sets it up in the Middle of the Ring… And Knocka Begins To Climb The Ladder, Climbing The Ladder to victory, and Knocka who is half way up, Staring at CC who isnt even MOVING! Knocka is Climbing to the top of the Ladder… and Eventually he IS at The Top!!! Now Knocka Tries to Unstrap That Crown, Its Hard Enough since Knocka has Pains all over his Body, and CC is barely up, and barely Climbing The Ladder, yet Shaking it at the Same time! CC Meets Knocka at the TOP of The Ladder… and CC Throws Punches with BOTH Arms, Sacrificing Himself, FIGHTING Mentally and Physically Through The Intense Pain! And CC Hits a HUGE Closed Right Hand to the Jaw! As Knocka is THIS Close to falling off The Ladder! But Look at this!!! CC Grabs Knocka, and CC is STANDING at the Top of The Ladder!! What are they doing!?!?!?

Deadprez: BAH GAWD!!!


Deadprez: BAH GAWD!!!

Referee: 1……………………..2……………………..3……………………4………………………5………..

( Knocka gets up ) 6………………….7……………………………8…………………….. 9……………………. ( CC Gets up )

Deadprez: My God! How close!!! Both Knocka and CC Are up, and have Gashes all over them! And Both men slowly slide into the ring, and Both men are up… and throw Punch after Punch, back and forth, CC throws a punch, and Knocka throws a Punch! And CC hits a Headbutt.. and One Punch, One More.. and CC Goes Behind Knocka… and hits The Spinout Powerbomb!!! And CC Signals To The Crowd!! And CC Goes for… THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!!! …. AND HE HITS IT!!! CC waits! WAITS until Knocka Gets up!!! CC is Hungry, Hes Dangerous!!! And Knocka is up… as CC KICKS HIM IN THE GUT.. AND HITS THE UNPRETTIER!!!! BUT WAIT A MINUTE!!! KNOCKA SPINS AROUND, AND AS DOES CC, AS BOTH MEN FACE EACHOTHER, AND KNOCKA HITS THE MKO!!!!
Stew-O: MKO!!!! AND THE PIN!!! ITS OVER!!! 1………………….!!!!!!!!!…………..2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………… BUT CC GRABS THE ROPES!!!

Deadprez: MY GOD!!!

Stew-O: Knocka isn’t done!! Knocka backs up into the Turnbuckle, and Hes waiting.. WAITING until CC gets up! CC Is hurt BADLY! And Knocka is going for the move, that KNOCKED out CC, and Nearly Ended his Hardcore Title Reign, 5 or 6 Months ago! THE PUNT!!! And CC is ON his Hands and Knee’s.. and KNOCKA RUNS… AND HE HITS IT!! WAIT! NO! CC COUNTERS.. BY CARRYING KNOCKA ON HIS SHOULDERS!!! OH MY GOD!!!!

Deadprez: GOOD GAWD!!!!!!!

Stew-O: AND DOWN GOES KNOCKA!! DOWN GOES KNOCKA WITH THE F-U!!!! AND THE PIN!!! 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………2………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………. BUT KNOCKA GRABS THE ROPES!!!!




( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Mr. Knocka’s music plays as Crowd Explodes when he celebrates with the King of Extreme Crown )


( Referee hands Knocka a trophy, and fits the crown on his head )

Deadprez: Knocka did it! Knocka REALLY did it! Knocka prevailed after a GRUELING, destructive Match against Captain Charisma!!! He used his WIT, His STRENGTH, his ability, and WON The King of Extreme Tournament! What’s NEXT for This Showdown Extremist!! Who has won his FIRST title in his career in EAW!

( The Referee Leads Knocka to His chariot, as Knocka sits in his Throne and fireworks shower through the arena )

Stew-O: CC FOUGHT SO HARD!!!! And CC tried SO hard to win this contest! But in the end, it was THIS MAN, Mr. Knocka, who had a dream and a goal to win his first title in EAW… and here he is, as The king of all of Extreme Answers Wrestling! Goodnight everybody, Thank you SO much for being here with us, We enjoyed you and we hope you enjoyed us!

Deadprez: Im Deadprez!

Stew-O: And Im Stew-O! Goodbye!!!!

( EAW logo buzzes )

Written by Fight Grid

Midsummer Massacre (2008)

Road 2 Redemption (2009)