The Ultimate Temptation

It’s obvious to anyone that Kensi’s career has not gone the way she’s wanted. A lot of mistakes have been made, and situations outside of her control painted her in a rather disgusting and negative light. She wants to put all of that behind her and move forward, and a lot of that has to do with her new outlook on things, a change in attitude, and the influence of her fianc√©, Prince Fayyaad al Ziyad, who has certainly encouraged to shed her uptight, Southern Belle persona. Kensi speaks her mind, freely shows off her body and is in touch with her sexuality, has changed her tone, and no longer cares about coming off as proper. She wants to fight, have fun, get her hands, win championship gold, and make amends when it comes to all the bridges she has burned.

Written by Fight Grid

Most Valuable Elitist #188

Jamie O’Hara