Kendra Shamez

The OG Vixen

The legendary Kendra Shamez has had a vast history with Elite Answers Wrestling. Kendra has had a lengthy amount of accomplishments under her belt during her ten-year run. She has gone from one of the main pioneer of the Vixens division to at one point being the longest reigning Vixens Champion to Dynasty General Manager to Specialist Champion and now one of the backstage authoritative heads of Empire. Kendra has a strong belief that she has paved the way for the new Empire talent and now wants to dedicate her time and effort to build stars that will carry on her legacy and continue to pave the way for talent that has yet to come. Kendra is passionate about her work and will always put EAW’s best interest before anything. She is a mogul, a business woman, a creative genius. But most importantly, she is THE OG.

Written by Fight Grid