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Kassidy Heart

Queen of the Ultraviolent

The best thing about Kassidy is that she is unapologetic about being herself. She’s entering 2019 with big goals, big dreams, and looking to achieve the success she feels was withheld from her in 2018, especially post-merger. Imagine having the best singles win/loss record, tag team win/loss record, and a Promoer of the Year award and not having a singles championship shot to show for it. That’s something that eats away at Kassidy and something she can’t look past. The shame of losing the Empress of Elite tournament to someone who’s not even worthy of lacing up her boots, has motivated Kassidy like never before. She is still the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and who will happily die inside the ring, but this version of Kassidy has more of an edge to her. She has more of an attitude. She’s sick of being nice and not being given the spotlight she deserves. There’s a lot to this woman. This is a woman who was never supposed to make it big. And every single person who has ever told Kassidy she can’t achieve her dreams are the people who motivate her and push her to do just that.

Written by Fight Grid

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Andrea Valentine