Justin Windgate

The Xtreme Classic

EAW’s favorite Stoner is starting off the year 2021 as the EAW Interwire Champion. After accomplishing his goal of becoming a champion once again, Windgate wants nothing other than to do great things with the prestigious Interwire title. Since returning to EAW his main goal has been to change the idea of who Justin Windgate was from the start of the last decade, and he understands this Interwire Championship reign can play a major role in accomplishing his goal. Windgate has grown a lot this season, especially after his encounter with Xavier Williams earlier on where the hall of famer referred to Justin as a “Future World Champion.” It’s those words that made Justin realize that he’s truly making progress on his journey. That encounter before War Games lit a fire inside of the Xtreme Classic that still burns today as he uses it as extra motivation to be the greatest Interwire Champion that he can be by taking on any challenge and stepping up to anyone that crosses his path. This stoner is ready to light it up in the ring as he continues to establish himself as one of the greatest return stories in EAW history.

Windgate also smokes the good ol’ marijuana pretty regularly. It’s not much of a gimmick but moreso the lifestyle he lives. He’ll spark up wherever kind of similar to how you could see Stone Cold cracking open a beer. The weed, blunts, bongs, gas masks and all of that are just extra props and things Windgate can use to chill out, get into a zone, or simply to use in matches.

Written by Fight Grid

Voltage 9/1/2019

Dynasty 9/6/2019