Jamie O’Hara

The Ace of EAW

A tangled mess of personal and professional strings.

That’s what Jamie O’Hara has become. His vision seemed perfect, it seemed unquestionable. Winning at Pain For Pride would have brought harmony to his mind, balance to both areas of his life. Yet in the wake of loss, his world feels like its been thrown upside down. He believed he had ascended, to something greater than anyone could possibly imagine and it wasn’t enough. A false idea perhaps. Now he’s someone lost. Unclear of what he wants to achieve. The Answers World Championship? Revenge? Greatness? All goals he wants to achieve, everything he could possibly achieve but at what cost? His personal morals? His wife? He feels his mind no longer aligns with what his soul wants or questions whether it was ever align at all. Now, he’ll begin to untangle this mess and realise what his soul truly wants; what his subconscious has been telling him this whole time. Sacrifice whatever he needs to sacrifice. Become whatever he needs to become. All in order to truly ascend, to find divinity.

In the end, he will discover who he wants to be and embrace it; no matter the cost.

Written by Fight Grid

Kensingten Calhoun-Astor

Carlos Cruz