Jake Smith

The Moral Compass

After starting Season 14 off on the lowest note he could, Jake Smith found himself between a rock and a hard place. Seeming to go as stagnant as the people he criticized, with nowhere to go from there. His saving grace as he’d like to say, was when he was traded for Andrea Valentine and sent to Dynasty. Now he considers it a fresh start out of many that have been throughout his career, his ego growing to an all-time high after seeing the benefits that came out of this. The fact that one year ago Dynasty traded him away, and now in the present Dynasty was trading for him. It boosts the fact that he believes that he is a ‘hot commodity’ and above the rest, brandishing not just Dynasty as ‘The Jake Smith Show’ but Elite Answers Wrestling as a whole, ready to takeover.

Written by EAW


Ronan Malosi