The Quintessential

Impact is the classic bad guy who earnestly believes he’s a good dude, only a much more extreme example of the archetype. His appreciation for all forms of culture is evident in the many references he makes in his promos. Impact has, at last, gained an inner peace with himself after years spent in turmoil as parts of mixed tag teams in various promotions and general career disorder after a wildly successful singles run made up the majority of his first five years in the business (2008-2013). A key theme in the modern incarnation of Impact is that he clearly wasn’t satisfied with himself for many years despite being one of wrestling’s most well-regarded and decorated performers. He takes accountability for the misjudgments he made in groups like Hexa-gun and The Mercenaries, and he looks back with anger on his run as EAW Champion from 2016 and 2017. Sure, he’ll tout his accomplishments and his influence to the style, but in the same breath he’ll be his own biggest critic, and that’s what makes him unique. He’s hella full of himself, clearly, but self-aware enough to know when his shit smells particularly foul. Always had the world-class talent, but his life was a grind until he found that inner piece. His self-satisfaction isn’t synonymous with self-congratulation. He doesn’t want to paint himself as a vanity achiever but as a wrestler who breathes new life into everything he touches rather than relying on his established position in the old guard. Verbally a gunslinger who will regularly use colorful words, use hand signals, and be generally animated. The character of Impact can be best summed up as exactly that — a true character.

Written by Anna C. Flowers


Jack Ripley