Haruka Kashimashi

The Prodigious Valkyrie

Haruka’s life desired to be a professional wrestler and make the audience proud of what she’s doing for them. When she was young, she was inspired by anime/series/Idol group that she liked to watch. The success she sought to pursue, Haruka was highly respected by those with the same respect for her. She is a person who is against guilt, and when she meets it, She will either get rid of or preach them immediately. Haruka truthfully and genuinely cares about the fans as one of the important things for her goal. She is loyal to the place where she worked; She will pay respect with the heart of reverence; even though her enemy might dislike her pretty much or herself hate her opponent, she will still pay respect to them when everything is over. Haruka is also very confident in every fight she gets herself into. Her essence aspires to be people’s favorite. No matter what the situation will look like, she will use everything she has to set the victory that she anticipated.

Written by EAW


Jacob Senn