Harlow Reichert

Miss No Fucks Given

After suffering an injury at Pain for Pride at the hands of her mentor, Xavier, and being forced to face defeat on the biggest stage of them all, Harlow took off to Mexico, choosing to seclude herself and shut off contact with her team. What started off as a promising year for the redhead, turned sour after Under Siege. The loss of the PURE Championship coupled with being injured by Jacob Senn in a mask, and being sparingly booked never settled well with Harlow. When you add everything that happened at Pain for Pride on top of it, Miss No Fucks Given finds herself wondering whether or not she does give a fuck. Time away from EAW and being forced to start the season on the sidelines has Harlow questioning what exactly she wants. She’s scrapped her goals, finds herself with little direction, and has a slightly bitter taste in her mouth. “Adversity is a tool used to build character,” is something Harlow’s brother has said and that Xavier has echoed, but old, reckless habits are resurfacing for Harlow as she lives it up down in Mexico, ignoring common sense and putting herself in jeopardy.

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Constance Blevins