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Grand Rampage (2009)

30 Extremists, 1 Prize

(Video highlighting the Grand Rampage match plays, featuring the song “Frontline” by Pillar. The broadcast cuts over to the Philips Arena where the sold out crowd is cheering at the top of their lungs as the music blares over the sound system. )

(Huge pyro goes off, as camera shows fans screaming on their feet)

Stew: Ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to the second annual of the Grand Rampage! I’m Stew-O alongside Edge & TNA Rocks here at ringside, and we’re live from Atlanta, Georgia!

ETR: Oh boy! What a night this is going to be! Tonight is loaded with actions and surprises, but most importantly, a ticket to the Main Event of the biggest event in the wrestling world, Pain For Pride!

Stew: Despite the importance of the Grand Rampage match itself, I personally wouldn’t want to fast forward to our Main Event! We’ve got a lot of other great amazing matches tonight, and I can guarantee this will be an unforgettable FPV!

(Camera fades to the middle of the ring)

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the EAW INTERWIRE CHAMMMMPIONSHIPPPP!!!

(The Dark Emperor’s music hits as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction, mostly cheers)

Ring Announcer: Entering first… from the Kingdom of Hades, weighing in at 275 pounds… THE DARKKKK EMPRERORRRRR!!!

ETR: Welcome back to ringside here at the Grand Rampage! We have our first match of the night just about to begin and making his way out to the ring at this time is the monstrous, intimidating Dark Emperor!

DP: DE has been on a hot streak lately, even defeating the champion himself, MK and his partner Mak on Turbo with Starr… Tonight he looks to defeat MK once again, but this time for the Interwire title…

(Mister K’s music hits as a chorus of boos spread throughout the arena)

(MK comes out to the stage with a mic in his hand)

MK: Now that I have your attention…

MK: I weigh in tonight… at 2 HUNDRED… 47 POOUUUNNDSSSSSS!!!




(MK drops the mic and continues his way to the ring)

ETR: And now here’s the champ! He rolls into the ring and hands his title belt to the ref as the two opponents stare each other down and the bell rings! DE and MK lock up in the middle of the ring!

DP: DE drives a massive knee strike into the gut of MK and pushes him off the ropes! MK comes back as DE lifts him up by his waist and drives him full force straight into the corner turnbuckle!!

ETR: DE hits a few shoulder thrusts into MK’s midsection before MK battles out with forearm clubs into DE’s spine! DE backs off as MK charges forward looking for a clothesline!!

DP: But DE ducks under it and lands a kick to MK’s gut as he turns around! DE brings MK in and perfectly connects a DDT, driving the head of the champ directly down and into the canvas!!

ETR: Impressive move there by the Dark Emperor as he continues his attack on MK, hitting toe kicks into the champ’s ribs! MK rolls toward the side of the ring and helps himself up using the ring ropes…

DP: DE is right there though, still keeping on him as he’s hitting continuous right hands as MK is on his knees, bashing his fists right into MK’s skull! DE looks to stay in control here in the early-going as he lifts MK back up to a vertical base…

ETR: DE tosses MK off the ropes and goes for a monstrous clothesline! But MK dodges and connects a seated side slam on the Emperor! MK jumps back up to his feet, waving his arms for DE to get back up!!

DP: DE slowly gets back to his feet as MK kicks him in the gut! MK lifts DE up and into the air as he connects a Fisherman’s suplex! MK hooks the leg and is looking for the early pinfall!!


ETR: DE gets a shoulder up and uses his power to push MK off of him and he gets back up to his feet… Both men are up and DE quickly grabs the leg of MK and downs him with a Dragon Leg Whip!!

DP: DE keeps hold of MK’s legs as he turns him on his back and it looks like he has the Boston Crab submission hold locked in!! Tapping out is not an option for MK here because if he does, he loses his title along with his 10 month reign!

ETR: Although MK’s title reign is colossal, DE looks to prove that he is the more colossal factor here and so far, so good as he tightens the submission hold, wrenching at MK’s legs as MK is looking for a way to somehow get out of this situation!

DP: MK pushes himself up a little bit as he extends his arms, he whips his legs around, flipping DE over in the process and he broke out of the Boston Crab! MK grabs the rope to help himself up and goes over to DE, stomping into his midsection!!

ETR: DE pushes himself back up to his feet as MK is still trying to keep him down, hitting kicks all over his body! DE looks stunned for a moment but comes back and hits a right handed uppercut to MK’s jaw!!!!

DP: What a right hand! MK staggers back a bit as he falls off the ropes and DE goes for a massive Big Boot into MK’s skull!!!

ETR: But MK ducks under it! DE turns around and MK hits a quick punch of his own to DE’s jaw! MK goes off the ropes and comes running back as he connects an impressive running, swinging neckbreaker!!

DP: This is MK’s time to take advantage! He has DE down and now he has to capitalize, can he do it?!? MK goes over to DE and puts him in a side headlock! DE is trying to get to his feet but MK keeps the hold locked in!

ETR: DE powers himself back up to his feet but MK is being stubborn here, not willing to break the hold! DE hits a huge elbow to MK’s gut and MK releases the hold, but throws DE off the ropes!

DP: DE comes charging back toward MK as MK JUMPS with a huge vertical leap to hit a dropkick! MK is looking to take the control right here as DE is downed once again! DE gets up into a seated position, trying to get to his feet…

ETR: But MK comes and SMACKS a kick into the chest of the seated Dark Emperor! DE snaps back down to the mat as MK quickly connects and elbow drop, driving the joint of his elbow into the sternum of DE!!

DP: MK scurries over to the corner and he taunts to the crowd! He climbs up to the top turnbuckle and it looks like he’s setting up for a HUGE SPLASH!!! No way! MK jumps off the top rope!!!!!!

ETR: And HE HIT IT!!! Wait, no! DE CAUGHT MK BY THE NECK! DE gets up with his hand wrapped around MK’s throat and he’s going for a chokeslam!! He sets up…. But MK hits a kick into his stomach and barely escapes disaster!

DP: Impressive counter there by MK as he looks to capitalize, bring DE in and it looks like he’s in perfect position to hit the M!K CHECK!!! He’s going for it! This could be it right here!!!

ETR: BUT NO! DE pushes MK back off the ropes as both of these two narrowly escaped each other’s finishers, and a possible loss… MK comes back off the ropes and DE connects with a HUGE Big Boot into the skull of the Interwire Champion!!

DP: MK collapses down to the canvas as DE jumps and connects a leg drop, just adding to the punishment of the Interwire Champ! DE continues his attack, hitting a quick fist drop as you can see both of these men are tired and nearly wiped out!

ETR: DE goes over to MK and he sets up for what looks like some kind of submission maneuver… It’s the Triangle Choke! And DE has it locked in! I’m not sure if MK can get out of this, we may have a new champion right here!!

DP: The end is coming near for the current Interwire Champion and if DE can keep this locked in long enough, his name will be engraved into the nameplate as the second Interwire Champion in EAW history!

ETR: Damn! Blood is POURING out of MK’s mouth as DE is RUTHLESS, he’s not letting up at all as MK seems like he’s out cold!! The referee comes up to MK and he’s checking if MK’s alright…

DP: The ref lifts up the arm of MK and it seems dead… the arm falls right back down as the referee continues the test, if MK can’t come back to us here in the next two trials, this will have to be the end of the match!

ETR: The arm goes up again… But it falls right back down the same way it did before… That’s two! Can MK regain awareness?!? The referee lifts MK’s arm for the third time! And it falls!!!

DP: Wait hold on, don’t count MK out as his arm is barely hovering up in the air! He makes his hand into a fist and raises it up into the air! MK is still in this thing as he uses his free arm to hit a powerful fist to the skull of DE!!!!!

ETR: DE seems shocked as MK gets his way out of the hold! MK gets himself on top of DE, still hammering repeated fists into DE’s head! MK is unleashing unforgiving fists of fury and anger!!

DP: MK gets up as he looks down on DE, stalking him and waiting for him to get back up to his feet! But MK goes over to DE and wrenches his arm, lifting him up himself as MK pulls DE up and onto his shoulders!!

ETR: MK connects the Shock Drop! MK taking back control of the match! MK has blood coming out of his mouth but he’s continuing on, fighting hard and now he hits a few stomps into DE’s gut!

DP: DE rolls over to the side of the ring and slowly gets back up to his feet! MK comes at him and hits a knee to his gut! MK Irish Whips DE off the ropes on the opposite side and hits a running STO as he comes back!!

ETR: DE slowly gets up to his hands and knees as MK charges forward and looks for a running kick across the side of the Dark Emperor’s face!!!

DP: But DE dodges the kick and jumps to his feet! MK turns around and DE slaps his hand on MK’s throat! THE CHOKESLAMMM!!! If DE hits this it’s over for sure!!

ETR: But MK counters and gets into position and MK is setting up for the M!K CHECK once again!

DP: But yet another counter!!! DE drops to the ground and quickly rolls up MK tight for the pin!




DP: The Dark Emperor FINALLY puts an end to MK’s title reign! 10 months after MK won it as a rookie, DE takes the crown and now the Emperor is the second ever Interwire Champion!!!

ETR: DE was right all along, tonight was MK’s own personal Armageddon and his own personal end of days… the days of being champion that is… When it all came down to it, MK couldn’t beat the 30 time champion, Dark Emperor…

DP: Stay with us right here, we’re not even close to being done and we still have a fantastic show in store!

(Dark Emperor’s music hits as he celebrates in the ring with his newly won Interwire Championship)

*Pain For Pride commercial plays)*

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )
Announcer: This match is scheduled for onefall…. and is for the EAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! ..

( The Backstabbers music plays as the come out )
Announcer: The Challengers, first making their way to the ring… At a Combined Weight of 442 POOOOOOUNDS… The team of Mickey Masterson & Extreme Enigma…. THEEEEEEE BACKSTABBEEEEEEEERS!!!!!

ETR: When you talk about an incredible change of events, a week ago none of us knew this match would take place! But it was provoked when during a tag team match, Johnny Bad Blood from out of nowhere attacked Extreme Enigma and nailed him with the Full Throttle, and Jaywalker thus BANNED Extreme Enigma from the Foundation!

Stew-O: It was there when Mickey Masterson had to make a choice on Turbo, Mickey Masterson had to make the choice of either sticking with the Dynasty’s Foundation… or to LEAVE the Foundation himself and stick with Extreme Enigma! It was either with the Foundation or Against the Foundation!

ETR: And on Turbo Mickey Masterson made the choice of staying with Extreme Enigma, his partner, no matter what! And Right than and there Jaywalker STRIPPED Mickey Masterson of his half of the tag titles, placed it on himself and declared this match be made! And The Backstabbers look as intense and intent on winning back their Titles as ever!….

( The Booze Money Outlaws music plays as they come out with Jenny and with their Tag Team Titles )
Announcer: And the opponents…. accompanied by Jenny, at a Combined Weight of 475 POOOOOOOUNDS….. They are the team of the Alternative X Champion, Johnny Bad Blood… & the VICE PRESIDENT of EAW, Jaywalker… and the EAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOOOOONS….. THE BOOOOOOOOOOOOZE MONEEEEEEEEEY OUTLAAAAAAAAAAWZ!!!!

Stew-O: The Booze Money Outlaws consist of two of the most powerful people in Extreme Answers Wrestling! 1/2 is the Beer Swilling Texan, and the Alternative X Champion… Johnny Bad Blood!!! And the other half is the Very Vice President of Extreme Answers Wrestling, JAYWALKER! And not to mention they are the reigning EAW Tag Team Champions! ….WAIT A MINUTE!!!

ETR: I was Right!!! As Soon as Johnny Bad Blood steps into the apron, Extreme Enigma RUNS at JBB with a running Axehandle, as he lands to the outside! And Jaywalker slides in the ring from the other side, and Jaywalker attacks Extreme Enigma as Enigma is cornered on the turnbuckle, and Jaywalker is pounding on Extreme Enigma! But from behind, Mickey Masterson grabs Jay’s Shoulder… and Jaywalker throws a HUGE uppercut, rattling the Jaw of Mickey Masterson! As Mickey Masterson is on his knee’s!

Jaywalker (Without a mic): How DARE you put your hand on me…. I MADE YOU! Did you know that!? I made you!!!!

Stew-O: Mickey Masterson is looking up and staring at Jaywalker…. and from behind Extreme Enigma strikes the spine of Jaywalker with the dropkick, and Jay runs into the ropes, and runs towards Extreme Enigma…. but Extreme Enigma moves out of the way and Jaywalker CLOTHESLINES Mickey Masterson!!!! And Extreme Enigma looks like he’s going to attack Jaywalker, but Jenny from the outside holds onto the leg of Extreme Enigma, and Johnny Bad Blood from the outside grabs Enigma’s other leg… and Both men pull Extreme Enigma GROIN FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!!! As Extreme Enigma is screaming in pain, ramming his fists onto the mat!!! And Both Jenny and JBB are STILL pulling Enigma into the Turnbuckle as Jaywalker takes angry stomps, Jay is Jaywalking all over Extreme Enigma!

ETR: Extreme Enigma is absolutely defenseless! And JBB & Jenny let go of the grip as Jaywalker slides Extreme Enigma into the center of the ring! 1…………….2……………… but Extreme Enigma kicks out! And now Jaywalker is taunting into the crowd, Jaywalker is blowing off a head of steam… but from behind Mickey Masterson turns Jaywalker Around!!!

Mickey Masterson (without a mic): You didn’t make me anything, besides a man i never wanted to be….

ETR: AND WITH THOSE WORDS, MICKEY MASTERSON THROWS A HUGE RIGHT HAND SQUARE INTO JAYWALKER’S JAW!!!! And Mickey Masterson backs into the ropes and runs towards JBB out of the ring and Swings on the ropes for a Baseball slide!!

Stew-O: And Mickey Masterson rolls to the outside as Jenny backs away, and Mickey Masterson grabs Johnny Bad Blood…. and Mickey has hold of JBB’s head as he RAMS it into the Steel Turnbuckle! And Mickey grabs JBB and whips him FULL POWER into the Steel Guardrail, as he crashes into the Guardrail gut first and tumbles into the crowd! Mickey Masterson now climbs onto the apron, and meanwhile Extreme Enigma is under the ring and pulls out a Ladder! Extreme Enigma has the ladder in his hands, and Enigma slides it into the ring, and now Mickey Masterson waits untill Johnny Bad Blood is up on the Crowd… and Mickey is going to LEAP OFF OF THE APRON FOR A SENTON!!!!

ETR: No He’s not, Jaywalker holds Mickey with the Full Nelson!!!! And from behind Extreme Enigma with ladder in hand DRIVES THE LADDER STRAIGHT INTO THE BACK OF JAYWALKER’S HEAD!!!! … But Jenny PULLS Jaywalkers legs, as Jaywalker DODGES that one and Enigma ends up hitting MICKEY MASTERSON IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!! And Mickey is sent flying and lands face first into the Guardrail! And Johnny Bad Blood who is still in the crowd throws a HUGE running knee into Mickey Masterson’s head! Jenny pulls the Ladder out of the ring and Jenny bridges the Ladder from the Ring Apron to the Steel Guardrail! is explaining to Jaywalker what was about to happen, and Jenny hands Jay a chair…. And WAIT A MINUTE!!! EXTREME ENIGMA LEAPS OVER THE TURNBUCKLE AND HITS A FLYING LOU THEZ ON JAYWALKER!!! ….. But JAYWALKER COUNTERS, TOSSING THE STEEL CHAIR STRAIGHT INTO ENIGMA’S BODY! Extreme Enigma has crashed and burned!!!

Stew-O: And now Jaywalker grabs Extreme Enigma and…. Jaywalker WHIPS ENIGMA FULLSPEED INTO THE STEEL STEPS!!!! .. But with the willpower Extreme Enigma had and more, Extreme Enigma REVERSES the whip as Jaywalker is sent into the steel ste—- BUT WAIT!!! JBB runs the way Jaywalker was headed, and JBB REVERSE whips Jaywalker into Extreme Enigma!!! As Jay runs with a RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!!! And the Outlaws both slide Extreme Enigma into the ring…. But wait!!! It turns out Mickey Masterson is in the ring!!! And as JBB Slides in, Jaywalker gets on the Apron and MICKEY MASTERSON SUNSET FLIPS OVER JAYWALKER, AND HITS THE SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!!!! As Jaywalker CRASHES into the Ladder, and The Ladder as been broken damn near in half!!!!

ETR: I Cant believe it!!! Jenny is going over to Jay, and Jenny is trying to see if Jay is okay! In the ring, Johnny Bad Blood is picking Extreme Enigma up by his hair… and Extreme Enigma REVERSES into an Atomic Drop!!!! And JBB is Seated on the Turnbuckle, and Enigma slides in a Steel Chair from the Apron, and puts it infront of Johnny Bad Blood!!! And Enigma SWINGS off of the Turnbuckle JBB is seated on… and EXTREME ENIGMA HITS THE CANNONBALL!!!

Stew-O: The Steel Chair has been driven straight into Johnny Bad Blood’s Face!!! And Engima hooks the leg for the pin!!! 1!!!!………………….2!!!!!……………………. but Johnny Bad Blood kicks out! Now Jaywalker is rolled onto the apron by Jenny…. but that was a BAD MOVE!!! Because Jaywalker tries all he has to get up… but Masterson is on the apron as well!!! And Extreme Enigma sets up the Chair in a seated position and Mickey Masterson SPRINGBOARDS off of the Apron and hits the Springboard Bulldog THROUGH THE SEAT OF THE CHAIR!!! Mickey tosses the wrecked Chair out, and Mickey Masterson is on his hands and knees… and Enigma runs to the other turnbuckle… and JBB is laid on the Turnbuckle clear across EE as Enigma RUNS ON AND OFF OF MICKEY’S BACK FOR THE POETRY IN MOTION!!!

ETR: And Extreme Enigma hits it… and Enigma QUICKLY goes for a Hurricanrana!!! As JBB is sent stumbling…. STRAIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK FROM MICKEY MASTERSON!!! And Jaywalker is making his way up as Extreme Enigma kicks Jay straight into the Gut and hits THE TWIST OF FA—– NO!!! From the apron Jenny has a Kendo Stick… and Jenny CHOKES OUT Extreme Enigma with it, before Enigma can hit the Twist of Fate!! Johnny Bad Blood is rolled out of the ring, perhaps unconscious at this point.. and Mickey Masterson RUNS FOR THE CLOTHESLINE ON BOTH EXTREME ENIGMA AND JENNY, AS ALL 3 MEN ARE SENT TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!! Masterson is back on his feet, and on the other side of the ring…. it looks like JBB has a Wooden Table in his hands!!!

Stew-O: Johnny Bad Blood has blood streaming down his Chin, and Johnny Bad Blood slides the Table into the ring as Jaywalker sets it up… and Mickey Masterson doesnt know what to do outside of the ring… so he is going towards Johnny Bad Blood!!! … And Johnny Bad Blood goes under the ring… Mickey Masterson is RIGHT BEHIND HIM!!!!! …. BUT JOHNNY BAD BLOOD AS SOON AS MASTERSON LAYS A HAND ON HIM SMASHES A BEER JUG STRAIGHT INTO MICKEY’S FACE!!! Mickey’s Face INSTANTLY begins to profusely bleed! And now Johnny Bad Blood snatches the Ring Bell…. And Bad Blood CLOCKS the Ring Bell into the top of Mickey Masterson’s skull!!! Mickey Masterson is laid out! And now Extreme Enigma is back into the ring!

ETR: Jaywalker is beating down on Extreme Enigma with repeated elbow after elbow into Enigma’s skull, and Extreme Enigma is battling back with punch after punch!… and Johnny Bad Blood slides into the ring with the RingBell!!! And JBB IS GONNA STRIKE ENIGMA WITH THE RINGBELL!!!! … But Extreme Enigma does a SPLIT!!! As He ends up clocking Jaywalker in the Skull!!! And Jaywalker lays unconsciously over the Wooden table!!! And Johnny Bad Blood is gonna attack, but Extreme Enigma KICKS THE RINGBELL INTO JOHNNY BAD BLOOD’S JAW!!! As JBB is down! And now Extreme Enigma climbs up onto the Table…. and now Mickey Masterson is actually CONSCIOUS!!! And Mickey Masterson climbs onto the apron!!!

Stew-O: I Didn’t think that was Possible!!! How could Masterson still be up!!! Now Enigma is on the same table standing that Jaywalker is laid out on…. and now Mickey Masterson picks up BOTH LEGS OF JAYWALKER!!! .. AND NOW MICKEY MASTERSON SPRINGBOARDS OFF OF THE ROPES AND HITS THE LEGDROP ON JAYWALKER!!! …. AND AT THE SAME TIME MICKEY MASTERSON HITS THE DOUBLE LEGDROP INTO THE GROIN!!!! AS JAYWALKER HAS BEEN SENT THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!! GOOD LORD!!! … And now Mickey Masterson has NO IDEA where he is!!! And Mickey Masterson COVERS JAYWALKER!!! 1!!!!!!!!………………………….2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………..

ETR: BUT JENNY PULLS MICKEY MASTERSON OUT OF THE RING! And Jenny CLOCKS MICKEY MASTERSON OVER THE HEAD WITH A STEEL CHA-….. But Extreme Enigma from inside the ring PULLS JENNY ONTO THE APRON BY HER HAIR!!! …. And Extreme Enigma Snapmares Jenny into the Ring, RIGHT into Jaywalker’s Gut!!! Jenny is laid out onto Jaywalker!!! And now Johnny Bad Blood is coming into the rescue, with a Shoulderblock into Enigma’s spine…Johnny Bad Blood now pulls Extreme Enigma…. AND JOHNNY BAD BLOOD NAILS THE YUNG BLOOD SLAM, STRAIGHT INTO THE CANVAS!!!!!! EXTREME ENIGMA IS IN HUGE TROUBLE!!!

Stew-O: Jaywalker is STILL knocked out!!! And Johnny Bad Blood IS ABOUT TO NAIL THE YUNG BLOOD SLAM!!! BUT FROM BEHIND!!!!! MICKEY MASTERSON LOCKS IN THE BORDER CITY STRETCH, ALMOST OUT OF THIN AIR!!! Johnny Bad Blood is in EVEN BIGGER TROUBLE THAN EE WAS! Mickey Masterson has the Border City Stretched SYNCHED IN!!! The Rest of the Outlaws are down, and Mickey Masterson has this match in the PALM OF HIS HANDS!!!! Johnny Bad Blood is fading fast and is thinking of tapping out!!! But JOHNNY BAD BLOOD REVERSES THE STRETCH, SPINS AROUND AND BEHIND MASTERSON AND LOCKS IN THE BAD BLOOD VICE!!!! … And Extreme Enigma is on the top Turnbuckle!!! JAYWALKER AND JENNY ARE STILL LAID OUT!!! … And EXTREME ENIGMA HITS THE SWANTON BOMB ON BOTH JAYWALKER AND JENNY!!!!!!! ITS OVER!!!! 1…………………..!!!!!!!!……..2!!!!!!!!!!!………………………… BUT MICKEY MASTERSON AT THE SAME TIME TAPS OUT!!!!, 3!!!!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

ETR: Extreme Enigma won!!!! Extreme Enigma has won back the EAW Tag Team Championships!!!

Stew-O: No!!! Johnny Bad Blood was the one who made Mickey Masterson tap out!!!

ETR: You serious??? Extreme Enigma pinned Jaywalker to the mat!!

Stew-O: Mickey Masterson tapped out before the 3! Johnny Bad Blood retained the Titles!

( The Replay of the end of the match plays on the screen several times )

ETR: There you go! Enigma OBVIOUSLY won! and not 1, but two Referees who were watching this match backstage are arguing this subject!!!

Stew-O: Mickey Masterson submitted atleast 10/11ths of a second before that 3! The Referee in this match mustve counted too slow for the Backstabbers own good, because Masterson tapped out!

ETR: Johnny Bad Blood is laid down, and Extreme Enigma is standing in the ring while the Referees are talking with the Ring announcer…. and The Referee’s have made their decision! …

Announcer: The Referees of Extreme Answers Wrestling have made their decision…. and the Winner of this match….

( Extreme Enigma’s music plays as he celebrates )


Stew-O: Well there you have it! The Backstabbers are the TWO TIME EAW Tag Team Champions!!! Extreme Enigma is actually JUMPING FOR JOY!!!

ETR: But this was an OUTSTANDING Match! All 4 of these men.. hell… even Jenny were fighting for their lives!!! Extreme Enigma is celebrating with Both of the EAW Tag Team Championships!

Stew-O: When your right, your right! This was an amazing matchup, everyone here gave it everything they had! And Extreme Enigma & Mickey Masterson are back together and they ARE the 2 time EAW Tag Team Champions! …

Stew-O: Good God, So much has happened tonight already!

ETR: Coming up next, These two women have fought tooth & nail in 4 consecutive matches for survival and for the EAW Womens Championship in the Best of Five Series! And the final battle between these two is live, here tonight at the Grand Rampage!

( Rivalry and Dispute over the EAW Womens Championship between HBG & Eve is shown )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: This match is scheduled for onefall… and is the Final Round of the Best of 5 Series.. for the EAW WOMEEEEEEEEEEEENS CHAMPIONSHIP!!

( HBG’s music plays as she comes out in Kneepads, Wrestling tights and a shirt saying “New Womens Champion” )

Announcer: The Challenger… from Dallas, Texas…. weighing in at 135 POOOOOOOOOUNDS…. THE HEART… BREEEEAK… GAAAAAAAAL!!!!

Stew-O: I have never seen the Heart Break Gal as focused on anything as this EAW Womens Championship that Eve posesses! She’s tried everything, mindgames like calliing Eve names, staring possessively at the Womens Championship and even using Eve’s own finishing moves!

ETR: Than she’s tried physicality, such as what she did on Dynasty when she hurt Eve badly which might have brought 1. Intimidation and 2. a disadvantage to the EAW Womens Champion! HBG has been in more of a hotter pursuit on the Womens Championship than I’ve ever seen, in my opinion! Eve lived for the title when it was on Sabina’s shoulder, but you can definitely compare Eve’s lust for the Title with HBG’s lust for gold as well! … And look at HBG! HBG didn’t even step into the ring, HBG is throwing Weapon after Weapon into the ring! 2 TrashCans, 3 Traffic Signs and A Singapore Cane!

( Eve’s music plays as she comes out with the Womens Championship )

Announcer: And her opponent…. from Los Angeles, California… weighing in at 137 POOOOOOOOUNDS….. She is the EAW WOMENS CHAMPIOOOOOON… EEEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Stew-O: No matter what HBG has thrown at her, no matter how bad HBG has tried to bring her down, Eve has always stayed firmly on her feet! But as you can see Eve limping her way to the ring, you can tell that HBGs antics are starting to catch up to Eve! And It is really hard having to fight 4 matches against the same person who is learning each move you make and each breath your gonna take match after match, It’s hard on the both of them, but It must be a relief that this is the final battle!

ETR: While Eve makes her way to the ring, HBG clutches But at the same time it’s do or die for both women. You cant afford to trip over your own feet once, because these two know how each other work! This is going to be interesting! …

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew-O: The match is on, HBG raises the Singapore Cane over her head as Eve TRIPS HBG’s legs and HBG falls on her back as Eve throws many many punches into HBG!!!! HBG is trying to block her head and Eve is just pouring out her agression and her want to retain! And now HBG uses her legs to push into Eve’s midsection, and HBG is on her knees, up, and Eve goes over to HBG, knee’s her in the midsection and carriers her onto both arms! And Eve RUNS FULLSPEED AND DRIVES HBG Spine first into the Turnbuckle, and than does a Release Back Suplex Throw on HBG! HBG rolls over and sits up in pain, and is using the ropes to get up as Eve backs into the ropes and runs towards HBG, but HBG Reverses with a Hip Toss!

ETR: Eve is downed and is trying to get back up as soon as possible, but HBG Toe kicks RIGHT into the back of Eve’s Leg, and Dropkicks into Eve’s Spine! Eve runs into the Ringropes, Eve momentary lay’s there and HBG runs for ANOTHER Toe kick into the back of Eve’s Leg, but Eve hits a Drop Toe Hold! HBG is landing Throat First on the Ropes and Eve leaps over the Ring Ropes and hits a Facebuster onto the ropes on HBG, as Eve lands on the Apron! HBG in the ring is groggy, and Eve is thinking of something…. but HBG FAKED IT, AS SHE THROWS A RIGHT HAND into Eve’s Jaw, Eve gets all of it! Eve is about to fall off the Apron but holds on with one hand and Shoulder’s into HBG’s ribs.. and Eve slides under the ropes and inbetween HBG’s legs and Rolls up a pin!

Stew-O: 1!!!!!……….2!!!!………….. but HBG Kicks out! HBG knows better, but I think Eve was meaning to prove a point, and Eve goes over to one of the Trashcane and carries it towards HBG… and HBG makes her way up as Eve DRIVES IT INTO HBG’S HEAD!! NO, HBG shifts over as Eve runs gutfirst into the top rope and almost falls out of the ring, but from behind HBG hits a Back Suplex, great connection by HBG! And now HBG goes over to Eve and wants to lock in the STF… AND HBG ACTUALLY HAS IT LOCKED IN, As Eve is actually in trouble right now! Eve is trying to grab anything that can possibly get her out of this submission… and Eve actually grabs a Lid off of one of the Trashcans, and BASHES IT OVER HBG’S HEAD!!! My Gosh what a Shot! And both women are on their knee’s and Eve SMASHES the Lid over HBG’s Head again!

ETR: HBG’s Eyes must have rolled up in the back of her head! HBG is seated on the Canvas and Eve backs up and runs a Knee straight into HBG’s Jaw!!! And now HBG rolls over to the Turnbuckle and is calling the referee to check on her, as HBG is clutching her Jaw! Im starting to wonder if HBG had cavities as a child, or maybe she’s that worried about her facial features! And now Eve shoves the Referee out of the way as Eve corners HBG And Eve throws shot after shot after shot into HBG’s Head!


ETR: I have a Bad feeling Eve’s not going to listen to you, HBG! Eve is STILL THROWING PUNCHES…. but HBG rakes the eyes of Eve, kicks Eve in the midsection and HBG does a Sunset Flip Powerbomb on Eve as she is planted into the middle of the ring! Both Women are down!

Stew-O: Both HBG and Eve are down and might be out! Suddenly HBG rolls over and onto Eve and hooks the leg, 1!!!……………..2!!!!!……………… but Eve kicks out! Now both women are getting back up, but before Eve and Rise to her feet, HBG SLIDES Eve to the outside of the ring! Eve is still trying everything in her power to get up and HBG is on the apron, Eve is at a vertical base as HBG does a Double Knee off of the Apron straight into Eve’s Face!… BUT EVE DODGES AND HBG FLIES THROATFIRST INTO THE STEEL GUARDRAIL!!! HBG is in so much pain, HBG is coughing and coughing as Eve goes underneath the ring and pulls out a Steel Chair! Not Good for HBG at all! And HBG is still groaning and crying and gets off of the Turnbuckle as Eve CREEPS UPTO HBG AND CRACKS THE CHAIR INTO HBG’S SKULL!!!

ETR: Oh My Gosh!!! The Referee should just end this match now! Eve’s own hands are hurting as shes shaking them off for how hard she hit HBG with that Chairshot! HBG is bleeding out of her forehead profusely and is laid out in a heap, as Eve looks like she’s starting to feel sorry! But Eve shakes it off and Eve grabs HBG and drags her to the other side of the ring for some reason and slides her in! And now Eve without thinking Hooks the leg with the pin, 1!!!!………………..2!!!!!……………….. But HBG grips the Bottom Rope with her hand! HBG is still showing signs of life, and Eve beckons HBG with both hands for her to get up, Eve with the mercy that she has in her Heart wants to end it right here and right now! Eve is a very relentless vixen when it comes to battle, and HBG is on her feet and dazed like a Zombie as EVE PULLS HER IN!!!!

Stew-O: AND THERES THE TORNADO DDT!!! RIGHT INTO THE CANVAS!!! … But before the Tornado can twirl, HBG has hold of the Singapore Cane and SWATS IT into Eve’s Abdominal Region! As Eve falls to her knee’s and HBG falls flat on her face! Eve looks stunned with that sharp SWAT with the Cane! And HBG gets back on her feet, one hand holding the Cane and the other hand rubbing on her face… and HBG Finds HER OWN BLOOD ON HER OWN HANDS!!! AS HBG IS SHOCKED AND SCREAMING IN A FIT OF RAGE! Eve is getting her way back up and HBG kicks Eve in the side of the head! And HBG grabs another Singapore Cane from the Ring Apron, SHE’S WEILDING TWO CANES, AND HBG BATTERS EVE ALL OVER HER BODY, EVERY CREVICE OF EVE IS BATTERED WITH THE SINGAPORE CANES!!!!

ETR: HBG Throws shot after shot after shot!!! Both Singapore Stick that are made of Bamboo, material Panda Pears cant even break have been severely damaged by HBG! This must be the blind fury that HBG Has when stuff like this happens! Now HBG grabs Eve and HBG locks in the Bear hug, and than hits the Overhead Release Suplex Leghook Pin! 1!!!!…………….2!!!!……………. but Eve kicks out! Now HBG grabs a Trashcan and HBG sets it inbetween the 2nd and 3rd Turnbuckle, and now on another Turnuckle HBG grabs Eve and drives her Spine First into the Turnbuckle! Now HBG carries Eve and sets her seated onto the top Turnbuckle! And HBG CLIMBS THAT SAME TURNBUCKLE… NO!!!! AND THERE IT IS!!!! THE SUPERPLEX!!! THE SUPLEX PLEX STRAIGHT INTO THE RING!!!

Stew-O: BUT EVE REVERSES WITH THE REVERSE SUPLEX!!! AS HBG LANDS GUT FIRST INTO THE TRASHCAN OFF OF THE TOP ROPE!! And the battered Eve descends from the Turnbuckle and HBG is slowly… slowly getting up…. and HBG even on her feet has no clue where she is, and EVE REMINDS HER BY HITTING A HURRICANA ON HBG!!! AS HBG RUNS SKULLFIRST INTO ANOTHER TRASHCAN THAT WAS ON THE TURNBUCKLE!!! These two women may have been able to prepare for a Moonsault or a Superkick, but not Weapons! HBG is still bleeding out of her forehead, and HBG’s face at this rate will turn into a crimson mask! And now HBG who is COMPLETELY out of it turns around, as Eve pulls HBG in… AND EVE FINALLY HITS THE TORNADO DDT!!! STRAIGHT INTO THE STEEL STOPSIGN!

ETR: Oh no! Wait! HBG REVERSES THE DDT INTO THE SPINEBUSTER!!!! As Eve is down and HBG is sitting backed on the Ropes! Now HBG pulls herself up, and lays back on the ropes, HBG really needs rest but Eve is already getting back up! Eve runs towards HBG and hits a clothesline in the middle of the ring, and HBG gets back up as Eve runs for another clotesli-

Stew-O: BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETR: MY GOD!!!! OUT OF NOWHERE THE HEART BREAK GAL NAILS THE SUPERKICK!!!! EVERYONE IN THE BUILDING IS SHOCKED!!! And HBG collapses over Eve!!! HBG is closing into the Womens Championship! 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………..2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………..3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( HBG’s music plays as she celebrates with the Womens Championship )


Stew-O: HBG Did it! I’m sure she has plotted, she has worked, she has planned for everything Eve does! HBG and Eve have studied eachother like books and it ended up being the Heart Break Gal who comes out on top and is the new Womens Champion!

ETR: How Ironic! HBG came out in a shirt saying “New Womens Champion” And what do you know!? And I guess Eve’s Womens Title reign that began at Reasonable Doubt ends here, The Heart Break Gal is the Womens Champion, and through the shed of blood and the tears HBG has prevailed!

Stew-O: Congratulations go out to HBG and my respect to Eve, these two fought an amazing match! …

(Camera fades backstage To The Triple Crown Syndicate in their dressing room)

Mak: I’m ready for tonight, are you?

CC: I sure am, I got thousands of my peeps in the crowd awaiting for their idol to reign supreme on this company starting from tonight..

MK: Well, despite losing my title which I held for 10 months, this is has been my main focus. Going to Pain For Pride and becoming EAW Champion!

EOE: I’m ready… I’m ready to destroy ANYBODY who steps in my way! Anybody who messes with the Syndicate will feel the…. POOOUUUUUUUUUUUNCEEEE!!!!!!!

Mak: That’s what I’m talking about, one of us WILL go to Main Event Pain for Pride, whether it be MK, CC, EOE or I… and up next, I have the biggest surprise in the world for HBB!..

(Camera fades back to the ring announcer)

Announcer: The following match is a FAAAAAAALLS COUNTER ANYWHERE!!!

(HBB’s theme song plays, he gets a huge pop as he makes his way to the ring…)

Announcer: Introducing first, making his way to the ring, from St. Louis, Missouri… weighing in at 220 pounds…… the EAW INTERBRAAAANDED WORLD CHAAMPION……….. THE HEAAAAAART BREAAAAK BOY!!!!!!!

Stew: And HBB is here! This man has accomplished so much since being trade to Showdown, including a World Title Gold! And he’s shown to be a great wrestler, but he also has proven to be a great individual as well!

ETR: Mak and Sabina have been facing issues for weeks, but now it all comes to an end. And if it wasn’t for HBB stepping up to defend Sabina, the ending of their relationship and the baby’s fate could’ve been worse than what you think!

Stew: And remember, not only HBB has a chance to put an end to Mak’s FPV Undefeated streak, but if he wins, the baby of Sabina and Mak will be given birth! But if Mak defeats HBB, like he did at Reasonable Doubt, then there will be no tomorrow for the baby!

(Mak’s entrance song hits, he receives a lot of boo’s from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring)

Announcer: And his opponent, from Montreal, Canada, weighing in at 230 Pounds….. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew: And what can you say about this man? He’s never been a nice guy in his career, but his actions lately have been simply disturbing, using violence with his long time girlfriend, Sabina…. But there’s no doubt he’s an amazing competitor!

ETR: Mak is slowly walking to the ring, while the crowd is disgusted to see him and still booing him. Now Mak slides under the bottom rope, and goes face to face with his foe!

(Sabina’s music plays, she gets a big pop from the crowd as she comes out to the stage looking tired with a pregnant belly)

Stew: Well, you can tell Sabina isn’t happy at all, and she can barely walk on her feet… and now the referee gets her a Steel Chair as she sits at ringside to watch the match!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

ETR: The referee rings the bell! And these two quickly attack each other not wasting any second! And now Mak takes him down to the mat and then rolls him to the floor at ringside as they continue throwing punches!

Stew: And now Mak throws HBB to the barricade! And then runs onto him but HBB drops himself on the floor and catches him by his leg connecting a Drop Toe hold as Mak smashes his head onto the Barricade!

ETR: Now HBB isn’t done with him as he throws him to the Ring post! And then runs and catches Mak by his head, then jumps OVER THE STEEL STEPS AND MANAGES TO HIT A BULLDOG ON MAK THROUGH THE STEEL STEPS!!! And Mak is already busted open in this match!

Stew: Now HBB is under the ring, and he pulls out a…. a DIAPER :O!! I guess HBB is getting Mak ready to be a father! And now HBB kicks Mak down, then hooks the diaper around Mak’s face preventing him to see! Mak has just been humiliated and he has yet to do anything in this contest!

ETR: Now HBB puts his arms around Mak’s neck, and connects a DDT to the canvas! And he goes for the cover, 1!!! 2!!!! And….. a Kick out by Mak! HBB pulls Mak by his legs, and takes him towards the Mexican Announce table! And as Mak gets on his feet, HBB smashes his head into the table! And then he starts cleaning it up as bother announces get up…

Stew: HBB throws Mak over the top of the table, and then goes after him… and HBB sets him up in a position for a second DDT!!!…. BUT NO! Mak counters it! And he has him ready for a C-4!! BUT NOT QUITE CLOSE!! HBB counters as well going behind Mak, then kicks him in the gut, and now HBB SETS HIM UP IN A POSITION FOR A PEDIGREE!!!!

ETR: I’ve never seen him do this! Matter of fact, I haven’t seen this move being performed in ages!…. AND MY GOD!!!!! HBB CONNECTS THE PEDIGREE ON MAK BREAKING THE TABLE!!!

Stew: OUCH!!! HBB has this one over right there! 1!!!!!! TWOOOOO!!!!! AND…. NO! MAK MANAGES TO PULL UP HIS SHOULDER!! And this match continues! Now HBB is getting Mak up again…… but he’s met with a LOW BLOW!! And this is the chance Mak has been waiting for to get back into this match! And as soon he takes down HBB, he goes back under the ring…. And this time Mak gets…… a SLEDGEHAMMER!!!!

ETR: And then he gets a Steel Chair and sets it up at ringside… now Mak drags HBB, and puts his head over the chair! And now Mak holds the Sledgehammer, and climbs up the barricade while HBB is still bending on that chair……. AND MAK JUMPS OFF WHILE GRABBING THE SLEDGEHAMMER AND NAILS HBB WITH THE WEAPON IN THE BACK OF HIS HEAD AND ON TO THE STEEL CHAIR!!!!!!!

Stew: In the words of current EAW World Champ…. BAH GAWD!!!! I’ve never seen ANYTHING Like that! And now Mak has the pinfall! 1!!!!2!!!!!! BUT THE HEART BREAK OUT KICKS OUT AT TWO!!! AND MAK CAN’T BELIEVE HIS EYES!

ETR: Now Mak puts the Sledgehammer below HBB’s neck, and he picks up his head with it! And then he pulls it to his back…… AND SMASHES IT A SECOND TIME TO HIS BACK BREAKING THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!!!

Stew: And now Mak throws HBB inside the ring, while he climbs up to the apron… and as HBB starts getting up…. Mak jumps to the ropes…. AND HE DIVES OFF FOR A CLOTHESLINE!!!….. BUT OUCH!!!!! SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! HBB JUST SUPERKICKED MAK OUT OF NOWHERE!!!! AND THIS MATCH IS OVER!!!!

ETR: HBB throws himself over Mak’s body for the cover! The Streak is over! The baby will see light, and Mak is done for the night! 1!!!!!!! TWOOOO!!!!!!!!!………. and a THRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…………… NOT!!!!!! MAK KICKS OUT!!!

Stew: Are you freakin kidding me?!? HBB is stunned! And so are we! And now HBB is standing in the center of the ring resting…. BUT LOOK ETR! IT’S SABINA!!! AND SHE GRABS THE STEEL CHAIR SHE WAS SITTING ON AND TAKES IT TO THE RING!!! AND I’M GUESSING SHE BROUGHT IT TO HELP HBB FINISH MAK AND SAVE HER BABY!!

ETR: Sabina gets to the steel steps and enters the ring from behind HBB as Mak is getting back on his feet using the ropes…… AND OUCH!!!!! SABINA NAILS HBB IN HIS BACK WITH A DEVESTATING STEEL CHAIR SHOT!!!!



Stew: I have no idea! But look now for Mak who sets up the Steel Chair in the corner between the second and third ropes, and then gets The Heart Break Boy up and tosses him into the Chair with his head going right into it! And HBB is still there!


Stew: And now Mak goes for a cover! ONEEEEE!!!!! TWOOOOO!!!!! AND A THREEEEEEE!!!! THIS MATCH IS OVER!!!!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: Here is your winner…….. MAAAAAAAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Mak’s theme song plays, as crowd boos)

ETR: Mak’s Undefeated streak is still alive! And as for the baby… well we have no idea what’s going on with the baby after this shocking surprise with Sabina helping Mak to win!

Stew: And now the two are kissing in the ring like nothing happened before! That was such a great match filled with a lot of Extreme Action!

ETR: And be ready for more action after this Pain For Pride preview video!

(Pain For Pride promo video plays)

ETR: After all that’s already happened tonight, coming up is the battle between two men who will be fighting MUCH MORE than a World Heavyweight Championship match! ….

( World Heavyweight Championship title chase shows starting from Road 2 Redemption)

( Regulator vs Mr.DEDEDE Rivalry Recap shows )

( Regulator’s music plays as he comes out without any mask )

ETR: After over a year, the relationship between Mr.DEDEDE and Regulator has now reached its climax, and this may be the end of it all tonight! …

Stew-O: In the lockerroom, behind the scenes and in the ring we’ve seen Mr.DEDEDE and Regulator as friends, and thought they’ve been at disagreements before, not a day goes by where they haven’t been the best of friends and haven’t shared the same mutual respect. But at Reckless Wiring, I dont know if im going out on a limb right now but Regulator turned his back on the friendship between him and The World Heavyweight Champion!

ETR: No I think your right, it isn’t like Reg and DEDEDE have been having problems backstage, they were best of friends only moments before Regulator’s brutal attack on Mr.DEDEDE! And Reg’s been going on for weeks saying how much of a coward and hypocrite DEDEDE is, and that he will take advantage of you in a heartbeat! Maybe Reg knows something that we dont…

( Mr.DEDEDE’s music plays as DEDEDE comes out, drops the Title at the top of the Ramp and slowly walks down the Ramp )

Stew-O: Mr.DEDEDE after Regulator brutally attacked him was put out of comission for weeks, and it was until Regulator challenged him that….


( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew-O: WHAT AN ABRUPT WAY TO START THIS MATCH! Both DEDEDE and Regulator are throwing ALL the bad blood they could possibly have at eachother!! And neither of these men are giving an inch to their opponents! Right’s and Left’s are flying ALL OVER the place, this isn’t going to end any time soon!!! Now Regulator goes for another HUGE shot, but DEDEDE blocks it with the forearm, and tosses HIS Right hand! Reg tosses another and Now DEDEDE is pummeling Regulator with Punch after Punch! Regulator Stumbles towards the left side of the ramp, at the 6 Foot Ramp Guardrail, and DEDEDE grabs Reg’s head and throws a HUGE hammer like right hand into the Skull! Reg stumbles away from DEDEDE and DEDEDE Follows Reg down the Ramp as The Champ hits ANOTHER right hand!

ETR: And now Reg is backed up on the Guard Railing and DEDEDE RUNS FULLSPEED for the Clothesline!!! But Reg moves out of the way as DEDEDE runs into the Chainlinked Guardrail and flips over into the crowd!! And now Regulator wants to take the little bit of time that he has, as Reg goes towards DEDEDE in the Crowd area and throws HIS Hammer like right hand’s into DEDEDE’s head! As Both of these men stumble deeper into the crowd in a more open space, and Regulator grabs DEDEDE and Irish whips him with all of his strength spine first into the Side of the staircase!!! DEDEDE keep in mind is not at 100%, and this IS a Street Fight contested for the World Heavyweight Championship! DEDEDE is down and Regulator goes over to a Trashcan and Regulator empties it out onto the Ground, and now Reg sets it down and goes over to DEDEDE..

Stew-O: And Reg grabs DEDEDE but DEDEDE SHOVES him into another Chain linked Barrier inside the Crowd!! And now DEDEDE grabs the Trashcan, goes over the barrier into the pit of people and Mr.DEDEDE throws punch after punch at Reg, grabs the Trashcan…..

Mr:DEDEDE: This is where your ass belongs!

Stew-O: and BASHES it over Regulator’s Skull!!! As Crowd members sit up from their seats Regulator stumbles into a pile of Steel Chairs! And now Regulator is going as far as crawling away from Mr.DEDEDE and Mr.DEDEDE is staying hot on his trail! And DEDEDE gets Regulator up and continuously throws Peoples Punches over and over, Spits in his hand and hits the FINAL HARD SHOT WITH THE RIGHT HAND! As Regulator stumbles over the Guardrail and Back into ringside!

ETR: DEDEDE goes to Ringside as well and DEDEDE pulls a Steel Chair from the crowd as Regulator slides into the ring out of desparation, and DEDEDE slides into the ring, but Regulator meets Mr.DEDEDE with a dropkick, knocking both men down! And you know that was out of desparation as well! Now both men make theyre way back up, and Regulator runs with a Shoulderblock, DEDEDE gets back up and Reg hits another Shoulder Block, BUT Mr.DEDEDE Reverses it into an Arm Drag Takedown, and locks in the Armbar!!! Regulator is surprised and screams in pain, but Reg quickly turns around and throws a Fist into Mr.DEDEDE’s abdomin, and throws another kick to the Abdomin, scoophoists DEDEDE and DROPS him Abdomin first into Reg’s Knee!

Stew-O: Now Look at this! Regulator is pulling DEDEDE’s Bandages just below his pectoralic muscles, and Reg using those bandages throws him into the Turnbuckles! And Reg Tears of DEDEDE’s bandages and throws KNIFE EDGED CHOPS INTO THE CHEST!!! Shots like those can make your heart stop!!! And now Regulator whips DEDEDE to the other turnbuckle, but midway DEDEDE does a reverse Irish Whip and DEDEDE hits a MEAN Turnbuckle clothesline! As Reg falls to the Ground! And Mr.DEDEDE Hooks the leg, 1………………….2……………………… but Regulator kicks out! Mr.DEDEDE gets back up, and Mr.DEDEDE is already going for Regulator’s legs!!! Mr.DEDEDE is about to turn Reg around and lock in the SHARPSHOOTER!!! But Regulator kicks out of it, hurries back up and as Mr.DEDEDE comes back Regulator does a Hip Toss!!!! Amazing offensive Move by Reg to shift the odds in his favor!

ETR: Mr.DEDEDE tries to get back up, but Regulator assaults DEDEDE with several elbows all over his body, and Regulator grabs Mr.DEDEDE and hits a Snap Suplex into the middle of the ring!!! .. And Reg holds on, lifts DEDEDE up again and hits ANOTHER Snap Suplex! And Reg STILL has Mr.DEDEDE held and hits the 3RD OF THE 3 SNAP SUPLEXES!!! And Regulator hooks the leg of the Champion! 1……………….2…………… and no, DEDEDE kicks out! Now Regulator goes outside of the ring and has hold of DEDEDE’s arm…. and Reg PULLS DEDEDE SHOULDER FIRST ONTO THE STEEL RINGPOST!!! As DEDEDE crashlands to the outside! Now Regulator pulls out a steel chair, and Regulator holds it in both of his hands, Regulator is wasting no time and in the meanwhile Mr.DEDEDE is screaming and is in alot of pain!

Stew-O: Regulator is slowly making his way over to Mr.DEDEDE who is crouched over our announce table, and Mr.DEDEDE spots Regulator at the corner of his eye and looks to confront him… but Reg CRACKS THE STEEL CHAIR INTO DEDEDE’S SKULL!!! As the seat of the chair damn near falls off!!! And Reg tosses it to the Ground!! DEDEDE is laid out on the Ringside ground and look’s like he’s been knocked out cold! Regulator is just looking down, staring at his rival who is completely at Reg’s mercy! Now Regulator goes over to our announce table and RIPS Both of our monitors off our table and tosses into the ring!! It’s like Announce Tables cant survive in this business anymore! And now Mr.DEDEDE who is on his hand’s and knee’s and is climbing up the steel steps is in trouble, Regulator grabs Mr.DEDEDE and throws him in!

ETR: And now Regulator lifts up the Ring Apron and goes under it to pull out a Lean, Mean wooden Table! And Regulator sets it up outside the Ring! Now Reg slides in, but Mr.DEDEDE was able to get himself on his feet and Regulator runs for a Clothesline!!!! BUT DEDEDE QUICKLY HOISTS REGULATOR ON HIS SHOULDERS AND NAILS THE SAMOAN DROP STRAIGHT INTO THE RING!! Mr.DEDEDE cought Regulator completely off-guard, but DEDEDE Cant capitalize because he’s struggling to even move around! Mr.DEDEDE is using the turnbuckle to get his way up, and DEDEDE takes the padding off of the top turnbuckle… and DEDEDE is taking the padding off of the MIDDLE TURNBUCKLE!!! And Does the same for the Bottom!! DEDEDE is stripping the turnbuckle to leave out the exposed Steel!!!

Stew-O: I dont know what DEDEDE has planned but im not sure if I want to anymore! DEDEDE goes over to Reg and DEDEDE presses Reg into the other Turnbuckle…. and DEDEDE with all he has Irish Whips Regulator into that Steel Exposed Turnbuckle!!!! … But Reg stops the impact with his boot and DEDEDE goes over to Reg, but Reg fires back with an Elbow into DEDEDE’s jaw! And Reg from behind wraps his arms around DEDEDE for the German Suplex! But DEDEDE Spins around and behind Regulator as well and DEDEDE throws a toe kick into the back of Reg’s leg, and Reg gets back up as DEDEDE Runs STRAIGHT INTO REGULATOR…. But Regulator HOPS over DEDEDE’s Head and Regulator dropkicks DEDEDE in the spine, as Mr.DEDEDE lands Throat first into the middle Rope!!!
Regulator: This is the last time you’ll see this move….

ETR: AND REGULATOR TAKES ADVANTAGE!!! Regulator GOES FOR THE 718!!! …. AND REGULATOR CONNECTS!!! As DEDEDE Falls onto the Middle of the Ring, and Regulator Springboards off of the ropes FOR THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!! AND HE HITS IT!!! REGULATOR HOOKS THE LEG FOR THE PIN!!! 1!!!!!!!!!……………………2!!!!!!!!!……………. But Mr.DEDEDE kicks out!! Now Regulator digs into his Boot, and Regulator pulls out a Bloodstained Nighstick!!! That is Mr.DEDEDE’s blood on that nightstick, and Regulator is staring at it posessively as Mr.DEDEDE starts to shift around and slowly… slowly rises to his feet, holding one of our Monitors!!! And Regulator IMPALES THE NIGHTSTICK STRAIGHT INTO MR.DEDEDE’S SKULL!!!! BUT DEDEDE DUCKS UNDER THE NIGHTSTICK AND DEDEDE SMASHES & BASHES OUR MONITOR OVER REGULATOR’S HEAD!!!

Stew-O: Regulator teeters and is just about to fall…. and Mr.DEDEDE Grabs the legs of Regulator, and MR.DEDEDE IS GOING FOR THE SHARPSHOOTER….. AND HE HAS IT LOCKED IN!!! MR.DEDEDE HAS THE SHARPSHOOTER LOCKED IN!!! Regulator is in alot of Trouble!! DEDEDE is applying the Sharpshooter like never before!! AND THE PRESSURE IS ON AS DEDEDE STRUGGLES AND STEPS CLOSER AND CLOSER INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!! Regulator is in EXCRUCIATING PAIN, AND DEDEDE IS FEEDING OFF OF THAT AND IS APPLYING ALL THE PRESSURE HE POSSIBLY CAN!!! And now Regulator turns his way to the right, and Regulator has ONE HAND on the Ropes!!! … And Regulator is so close to getting to the rops and getting some leverage! … AND REGULATOR HAS BOTH HANDS ON THE BOTTOM ROPE, BUT MR.DEDEDE STILL WONT LET GO OF THE HOLD!!!

ETR: But Regulator is hosting himself over the Top Rope but DEDEDE STILL WONT LET GO!!! And now Regulator rolls Frontwards over the ropes towards the Apron, as Mr.DEDEDE is hung upside down by the ropes!!! And Regulator slides in the ring as DEDEDE frontflips onto the Apron! And Regulator is on his knee’s and is in immense pain, and now Regulator goes over to Mr.DEDEDE And Mr.DEDEDE headbutt’s Reg, and DEDEDE Grabs Regulator and is going to SUPLEX REG FROM THE RING THROUGH THE TABLE OUTSIDE!!! But now Regulator is attempting to Suplex Mr.DEDEDE in the ring, AS HE DOES HOISTING DEDEDE HIGH IN THE AIR!!! .. But DEDEDE uses all 275 of his Pounds to get his feet back on the Apron, and DEDEDE LIFTS REGULATOR INTO THE AIR NOW!!! … BUT REGULATOR WHILE IN MIDAIR CROSSBODY’S DEDEDE AS MR.DEDEDE CRASHES SPINEFIRST THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

Stew-O: GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!!! THIS IS LIGHT’S OUT FOR DEDEDE!!! Regulator made one of the most impressive reversals i’ve ever seen, and We all though DEDEDE was going to send Reg to hell!!! Now Reg who has taken complete advantage of his position grabs Mr.DEDEDE and slides him into the ring! And Regulator is trying to recooperate, Regulator is making his way to his feet…. and Regulator grabs The Unconcious Mr.DEDEDE and Regulator hits the FIRST German Suplex and holds in a pin!!! 1………………2!!!!!…………………….. THR—NO! And Regulator hits the SECOND GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Holds in the pin!!! 1……………………2………………………!!!!!!! AND REG HAS WON IT!!! … Wait! DEDEDE Kicks out! And now Regulator hits the THIRD AND FINAL RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!

ETR: Mr.DEDEDE is flat on his back, Mr.DEDEDE is paralyzed! Mr.DEDEDE is trying to sit up, he’s trying to MOVE HIS BODY THE SLIGHTEST BIT, But there is SOMETHING holding him down! Regulator is now climbing to the top rope! Regulator is climbing to the top and Regulator should REALLY THING TWICE ABOUT WHAT HE’S DOING! Regulator now LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE!!! … AND REGULATOR HITS THE DIVING HEADBUTT!!!! THE DIVING HEADBUTT ON DEDEDE!!! BUT DEDEDE KIPS UP!!!! DEDEDE KIPS UP AND LANDS RIGHT BACK DOWN, BUT DEDEDE HAS AVOIDED THE DIVING HEADBUTT, AS REGULATOR CRASHES SKULL FIRST INTO THE CANVAS!!!! I dont know how DEDEDE was able to get the new found energy but something made Mr.DEDEDE avoid that headbutt!

Stew-O: Regulator is almost curled up in a ball!! That was gruesome Impact that This young man Reg unfortunately had to suffer! I Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy! And now Mr.DEDEDE is on his knee’s, Mr.DEDEDE is just fighting for conciousness, and Regulator slowly and getting slower by the second is getting his way up! Regulator is on both of his feet, and Mr.DEDEDE has the Bloodstained Night stick, that has HIS own Blood on it!!! And Mr.DEDEDE BASHES THE BLOODSTAINED NIGHTSTICK INTO REGULATOR’S SKULL, BUSTING HIM WIDE OPEN!!! And DEDEDE PRESSES Regulator as he runs FRONTWARDS STRAIGHT INTO THE EXPOSED STEEL TURNBUCKLE!!!

ETR: Oh my goodness!!!

Stew-O: And now Regulator has his eyes rolled up in the back of his head!!! And Reg FINALLY, FINALLY turns around…. AND DEDEDE!!!!! OUT OF NOWHERE MR.DEDEDE NAILS THE SPEAR ON REGULATOR!!!!!!!!!!! DEDEDE KNEW WHAT HE HAD TO DO AND HE NAILED THAT THUNDEROUS SPEAR ON REGULATOR!!! AS REGULATOR BEGINS COUGHING UP BLOOD!!! AND MR.DEDEDE, ALL HE HAS TO DO IS GET AN ARM ON HIM, GET A FINGER ON HIM!!! AND DEDEDE CLAWS AND COVERS REGULATOR!!! 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………………2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………………3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


( Mr.DEDEDE’s music plays as the Referee hands him the World Heavyweight Championship )


Stew-O: I do NOT envy the Referee in this match!!! And Even if I walked out the World Heavyweight Champion, I dont think I would ever be the same! This is these two men right here! This match, even thought it doesn’t often happen, this one match has CHANGED the Careers of both of these men!!! But In the end, Mr.DEDEDE has won it! Mr.DEDEDE Has risen to the challenged, stepped up to the plate and now Mr.DEDEDE is STILL THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

ETR: I’m Speechless! Regulator DID NOT want to lose this match! Regulator fought with more than I’ve ever seen Regulator fight before! Both of these men promised each other that it would be the fight of eachothers lives! Regulator was on a mission to capture the World Heavyweight Champion! Mr.DEDEDE Was on a mission to make Regulator pay and Suffer for EVERYTHING he’s done! And you know as soon as all this was introduced that there could only be one winner! And that winner by Fate and by Everything he could Sum up was Mr.DEDEDE!!!

Stew-O: And Mr.DEDEDE after celebrating with the Title and staring at his former best friend, a man who used to be a brother to him is walking up the Ramp, and is not looking Back! ….

( Mr.DEDEDE leaves through the curtain )

ETR: Wow….

( Grand Rampage Commercial plays )

…. ( Ding! Ding! Ding! ) …

( Camera fades to the Announcer )

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for onefall…. and is a 30 MAN Over the Top Rope… BATTLE ROYAL!!! The Rules of this match are as following, Every 2 Minutes, a new Entry will enter in to the match, both feet have to have touched the ringside area to be eliminated, and the last man Standing will be The WINNER of the 2009 Grand Rampage!!! ….. LETS GET READY TOOOOOOOOOOO RAMPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!

ETR: I’m Excited!

(Carlos’ music plays as he Comes out ) ..

Announcer: The First Entrant… From Baton Rouge, Louisianna… weighing in at 236 POOOOOOOUNDS….. CAAAAAAARLOS!!!

Stew-O: Being the first entrant in the Grand Rampage match isn’t the best place you want to be… but Carlos still has a look of confidence, and Carlos Just like many other contestants here are indeed Ready to Rampage!….

( Lethal Consequences’ music plays as he comes out )

Announcer: And The Second Entrant….. From Boston, Massechuchettes… weighing in at 230 POOOOOOUNDS…. LETHAAAAAAAAAAAL CONSEQUENCEEEEES!!!

ETR: And what a surprise! The Former EAW Champion, Lethal Consequences is the Second Entrant in this Grand Rampage matchup! LC after losing his EAW Championship to StarrStan weeks ago on Showdown is determined to get his Championship opportunity by winning the Grand Rampage!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew-O: The Grand Rampage match is OFFICIALLY on! And as Carlos slightly charges at Lethal Consequences… but Lethal SHIFTS behinds Carlos’ back and ALREADY tries to force Carlos over the ropes!!! Carlos is hanging gut first over the ropes, and LC is throwing Elbow after Elbow into his spine… and Carlos FLIPS over the Ropes, but lands on the Apron and rolls back in! Lethal Consequences picks up Carlos, and LC kicks Carlos in the Shin, backs into the Ropes and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker!

ETR: Wait a second, Carlos TWIRLS around during the neckbreaker, and Carlos ends up hitting a back suplex on Lethal! Lethal scurries back up, suprised, and Carlos pushes LC in the ropes and whips him behind him.. and as LC returns, Carlos bends down and hits the Back Body Drop…. But… But this time to the outside of the Ring!! But Lethal is HOLDING onto the top Turnbuckle… and LC jumps off of Carlos and onto the Turnbuckle.. and as Carlos turns arond Lethal Consequences leaps for the Flying Crossbody!!! ….. But Carlos catches Lethal Consequences and Counters the Crossbody into the Spinning Scoop Slam!!! As LC plummets into the mat!

Stew-O: Amazing offense and reversal by Carlos, and Carlos picks up Lethal, and DRIVES him into the Steel Ringpost shoulder first! …. And while Lethal is trying to recover, Carlos attempts a German Suplex!!! But it cant happen, LC Hangs onto the Turnbuckle again! And LC Elbows repeatedly into Carlos’ very eye socket! And Lethal backs into the Ropes behind him and hits the Bulldog into the middle of the Ring! And the Countdown is on!

10……….9………….8………..7……….6……….5……..4……….3………2……….1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(Mr.Pricele$$’s music plays, crowd is shocked as he comes out)

Announcer: The third Entrant…. MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR……. PRRRRRIIIICELE$$!!!!!!!

ETR: It’s… Mr.Pricele$$! Formally known as Cole! And he’s back to Extreme Answerz Wrestling! Mr.Pricele$$ is making his way to the ring! And Carlos is trying all he can to get up, as LC awaits Mr.Pricele$$… and as he slides in, LC throws stomp after stomp at Mr.Pricele$$, backing him into the Turnbuckle! LC is giving Mr.Pricele$$ absolutely no air to breathe, and LC is pressing his knee straight into his gut, and from behind Carlos throws a HUGE boot into LC’s Spine, and snapmares LC into the Center of the ring! And now Carlos going over to DJ Hazard forcing him over the Ropes!!! … But Cole throws elbows into Carlos’ head, and Cole whom is still on the top turnbuckle LEAPS for a Flying Crossbody!!! As All 3 men are down on the Canvas!

Stew-O: Mr.Pricele$$ already making a high flying appearance here in the Rampage, all 3 of these men are fighting fueled with Passion for the World Championship, as for the 27 other men who want to go to Pain for Pride and main event! Now Cole is back up, and he is pulling Carlos towards the Ring Ropes… Mr.Pricele$$ now has Carlos saddling the Ropes, an experience no man would ever want to feel! And Cole Backs up and hits a phenomenal dropkick, as Carlos is still hanging on the ropes with both hands, and one foot is about to touch Ringside! And now Hazard backs up and runs towards Carlos again….. but BAM!!! LC HITS THE SHINING WIZARD AS COLE WAS RUNNING FULLSPEED TOWARDS CARLOS!

ETR: That was a Bone Shattering Shining Wizard! Lethal Consequences picks up Mr.Pricele$$ and Lethal Consequences is trying to force him over the ropes now! … and Carlos gets back into the ring and is actually helping Lethal to eliminate Mr.Pricele$$!! … and Cole Swings under the ropes into the ring and SCOOPS BOTH LC AND CARLOS OVER THE… no… before Mr.Pricele$$ could force them over the ropes, Carlos throws a boot into Coles Jaw, as the Countdown is on! ..

10………..9…………8………..7……….6……….5……..4……….3……….2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

( Extreme Enigma’s music plays as he comes out )

Stew-O: Extreme Enigma is making his way down the ramp, the 4th Entrant, and Carlos is trading blows with Mr.Pricele$$, and he SWINGS for a right hand, but Carlos ducks under it and hits an Armdrag into a Seated Armbar! And now Extreme Enigma slides in, and goes right on the attack on Lethal Consequences! LC is hovered over the Turnbuckle, and Enigma throws closed fists and elbows into Lethal’s Skull, And Extreme Enigma picks up Lethal Consequences… and hits a Reverse Suplex, as LC Lands GUT FIRST onto the ropes!!! And now Carlos is going towards Extreme Enigma, but Extreme Enigma hits an enziguri! And Carlos Stumbles Backwards into Cole and Extreme Enigma RUNS AND CLOTHESLINES BOTH MEN OVER THE ROPES!!!!

ETR: AND CARLOS HOLDS ON… and Mr.Pricele$$ has one foot on ringside, and another foot only 6 inches from elimination! And now Extreme Enigma Climbs onto the Turnbuckle….. Extreme Enigma hits a Dropkick on Cole off of the top rope!!!

Announcer: Mr.Pricele$$ is eliminated!!

ETR: Well we’re good to see him back but he’s done for the night! Lethal goes over to Extreme Enigma, as Enigma kicks LC straight into the Gut… and Enigma is GOING FOR THE TWIST OF FATE!!!! … But Lethal Consequences pushes Enigma out, and LC Slides out of the Ring as Quickly as possible! Lethal slid under the Rope, and it was not counted as an Elimination! Smart move by LC!

Stew-O: Lethal Consequences is trying to save his skin, and Extreme Enigma slides under the ropes as well! And Extreme Enigma grabs a steel chair from the Ring Announcer, and Extreme Enigma puts it in a seating position… and now Enigma goes over to LC And DRIVES him spine first into the Guardrail! …. And now Enigma backs up… Runs ONTO the Chair and SHOOTS himself for a Spinning Wheel Kick into Lethal Consequences sending LC into the Crowd! And now Extreme Enigma rolls into the ring with the chair and sets it up on the Turnbuckle! …. But Enigma forgot that he didn’t eliminate Carlos, and from behind Carlos NAILS a German Suplex on Extreme Enigma!

ETR: Carlos came virtually out of nowhere with the German Suplex, and Now Carlos drops repeated elbows into the back of Extreme Enigma’s neck and head…. and Carlos drags Extreme Enigma by his hair…. Enigma is on his feet and Carlos hits a Quick, Deadly snap suplex into the Canvas! Carlos continues and hits the SECOND Snap Suplex! … And Carlos isn’t done… Carlos hits the Third Sna-….. But… But Extreme Enigma hooks his leg on Carlos, stopping the plex! And Enigma headbutts Carlos, and Extreme Enigma backs up on the ropes and hits a running Double Axe Handle on Carlos! And the Countdown is back underway, as Lethal Consequences is still at ringside! …

10……….9………….8………..7……….6……….5……..4……….3……….2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

( The Rated R Shaman of Sexy’s music plays as he comes out with a monkey wrench )

Stew-O: The 5th entrant of the Grand Rampage match, The Rated R Shaman of Sexy in his 2nd Grand Rampage appearance is coming out here with the monkey wrench! Extreme Enigma is watching RRS walk down the ramp, and RRS is… is refusing to step into the ring! Enigma is confused as to why RRS won’t enter, and from behind Lethal Consequences RUNS SHOULDER FIRST into Enigma’s spine, as Enigma runs skull first into the turnbuckle! And Lethal Consequences is throwing many repeated toe kicks over and over and over and over again into Extreme Enigma’s midsection, and Lethal Consequences backs all the way up….. and runs with a Turnbuckle Clothesline, almost beheading the Extreme Enigma!

ETR: Extreme Enigma is laid out infront of the turnbuckle on the floor, and RRS is just watching Extreme Enigma get beaten down, and Lethal Conesquences presses his boot across Extreme Enigma’s throat! Enigma is being choked out! …. And suddenly from behind, CARLOS TRIES TO FORCE LC OVER THE ROPES!!! … Lethal is losing his balance! Lethal is JUST about to fall out! … But LC ROLLS on the ropes and away from Carlos! That was a whole lotta luck in the hands of Lethal Consequences! And Carlos goes over to LC, and whips him into the ropes… and as LC comes back Carlos lifts Lethal and hits the Gutbuster!!!!! What an Epic Grand Rampage match, and only 5 people are in so far!

Stew-O: One more is about to enter! ..

10……….9…………8………..7………..6……….5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

( Mike Vandal’s music plays as he comes out )

Stew-O: The 6th Entrant, the Monster, Mike Vandal is making his way to the ring! Carlos meanwhile in the ring is throwing repeated stomps at Lethal Consequences, and Mike Vandal slides into the ring and nails a HUGE BOOT ACROSS CARLOS’ SKULL!!! And Mike Vandal picks up Carlos on his Shoulders!!! …. And Mike attempts to TOSS Carlos outside of the ring!!! ….. BUT LOOK AT THIS… EXTREME ENIGMA HITS A TWIRLING ENZIGURI ON MIKE VANDAL, AS HE BACKS UP INTO THE ROPES AND NEARLY FALLS BACK! …. And Extreme Enigma picks up Lethal Consequences… and THROWS LC Skull first as a Battering Ram into Mike Vandal’s Gut! And as you can see The Rated R Shaman of Sexy who still outside of the Ring is watching this match, and hasn’t entered yet!

ETR: Mike Vandal is on his knees but is actually GRINNING in pain! And Extreme Enigma grabs the Steel Chair in the ring.. and Extreme Enigma SMASHES IT ACROSS MIKE VANDAL’S SKULL!!!! …. And Mike Vandal is STANDING UP, AND ASKING FOR MORE!!! And Extreme Enigma TOSSES the Steel Chair into Mike Vandal’s Face… but Mike Vandal catches it with his hands and TOSSES it right back into Extreme Enigma’s skull!!!

ETR: And from behind, Carlos SWEEPS Mike Vandal’s legs and Carlos attempts an Ankle Lock!!! … But Vandal quickly rolls over and nails Carlos in the skull with the Enziguri! And now Mike Vandal is back in on his feet, and Mike Vandal picks up the Steel Chair and BASHES IT REPEATEDLY INTO HIS OWN SKULL!!! AS BLOOD BEINGS STREAMING OUT!!!

Stew-O: Mike Vandal picks up Carlos by his hair…. and Mike Vandal TOSSES Carlos into the turnbuckle! And now Mike Vandal grabs Extreme Enigma by the hair…. and Mike Vandal TOSSES EXTREME ENIGMA OUT TOO!!! … But… But wait!! … Enigma SHIFTS the Direction he was going, Extreme Enigma runs up the Turnbuckle and Extreme Enigma hits the Whisper in the wind!! Ouch! And the Count is on! … ..

10……….9…………8………..7………..6……….5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

( Captain Charisma’s music plays as he comes out )

ETR: The 7th Entrant, and the first of the 4 members of the Syndicate competing in the Grand Rampage, Captain Charisma has arrived to the scene! And The Rated R Shaman of Sexy is in absolute Shock! RRS is watching CC come down the ramp….. and RRS and CC are at Ringside, staring down as CC’s music keeps on playing!!! This epic fued between these two men have reunited! … RRS looks like he’s whispering something into CC’s Ear..AND CC SENDS THE RATED R SHAMAN OF SEXY INTO THE RING! And it was about damn time! And As CC slides in, RRS Slides under the ropes and back out! And now from behind, Lethal Conesequences throws a hard Right hand into CC’s skull, and now RRS Slides back into the ring…. and from behind RRS hits a Russian Leg sweep on LC!

Stew-O: And RRS….. RRS is HELPING CC up!!! You’ll make friends and You’ll make enemies in the Rampage, But I cant imagine….. And Both RRS and CC Are stomping away LC… and Extreme Enigma is back up and both men shift their attention to Extreme Enigma! CC attacks EE from behind, and RRS throws kicks into Extreme Enigma’s Ribs….. And both Captain Charisma & The Rated R Shaman grab Extreme Enigma… and they connect a DOUBLE FLAPJACK! Extreme Enigma is being battered by RRS and CC… this is almost like a 2 man power trip! And speaking of power trips.. Mike Vandal is back on his Feet, and CC and RRS are slowly turning around and watching the… the Behemoth.. the Powerhouse Mike Vandal stare into they’re eyes!

ETR: And now both CC and RRS are trying to take the opportunity by teeing off punches… BUT MIKE GRABS THE BOTH OF THEIR HEADS… AND BASH EACHOTHERS SKULLS INTO EACHOTHER!!! And the Countdown is on, as Mike Vandal waits and stares at the Titantron! …

10……….9…………8………..7……….6……….5……..4………..3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(Mike08’s music plays as he comes out )

ETR: It’s Mike! Mike08 is the 8th man in the Grand Rampage match…. and Mike Slides into the Ring…. and Mike Runs full speed towards Mike Vandal!!! …. And Mike TOSSES Mike08 OUT OF THE RING ON THE OTHERSIDE!!!

Announcer: Mike08 is eliminated!!

ETR: Now out of nowhere, Lethal Consequences… LC is wielding a MONKEY WRENCH! AND SPIKES IT INTO MIKE VANDAL’S LEG! As Mike INSTANTLY falls to the Ground!!! LC SPIKES the wrench over and over and over and over into Mike Vandal’s Leg!!!! Mike Vandal is screaming in pain and agony!!! The 3 Referee’s outside of the Ring slide into the Ring, and the Referee’s are signaling the X mark!!!! This is not good!!!

Stew-O: Not Good at all!! Mike Vandal is screaming in pain! As The Referee’s try to pull the big man out of the ring!! And Mike Vandal using the 3 referee’s support is being helped out of the Ringside area and up the Ramp! This is dangerous to Mike Vandal’s Career! Mike Vandal is seriously hurt bad! … And if you see the proud look on LC’s face, that’ll tell the story… and now CC and RRS are getting themselves back up… and Extreme Enigma is wielding the Steel Chair that he unloaded upon Mike Vandal!!! … And Extreme Enigma is seeking his taste of revenge as he BASHES it over Captain Charisma’s Head!!! And the close to unusable chair is now BASHED against RRS’ Head, as he tosses it out of the ring!

ETR: And as LC turns around Extreme Enigma nails the toe kick into LC’s gut and hits the Xtreme Twist of Fate!!! This Grand Rampage is becoming a battle of survival! And the next “Survivor” is going to make their way to the ring! .. …

10……….9…………8………..7………..6……….5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

( WWEFan’s music plays as he comes out )

ETR: And here comes the Money! The 9th Entrant to the Grand Rampage match! WWEFan and Extreme Enigma are meeting eyes, and as we all know Extreme Enigma was a HUGE reason why WWEFan is not the Vice President of Extreme Answerz Wrestling…. and Now WWEFan before he steps into the ring goes under it… AND PULLS OUT A BASEBALL BAT WITH EXTREME ENIGMA’S NAME ON IT!!!!!!! …. Enigma has got to be shitting his pants right now!

Stew-O: Wait a second!! … WWEFan DROPS the Baseball bat before he even enters the ring!!! And WWEFan …. What in the.. WWEFan with the frown on his face and his head down turns around and is. is Leaving through the Crowd!!!

ETR: This is his shot for the a World Title, a Main Event at Pain for Pride!!

Stew-O: What has gotten into WWEFan! WWEFan is just walking up the Crowd and looks like he is leaving the Arena! And I Guess the next entrant to the Grand Rampage will be making his way to the ring…. that’s very strange of WWEFan! …. …

10……….9…………8………..7……….6……….5……..4………..3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

( Independent’s music plays as he comes out with a Steel Chain )

ETR: The 10th Entrant of the Grand Rampage match is here, Independent is making his way to the ring… and Extreme Enigma turns around and meets a kick into the midsection by the First entrant of the Rampage match, Carlos, and Carlos again hits the Neckbreaker! And Carlos goes over to Captain Charisma, as Carlos is using all he has to force CC over the ropes…. and now The Rated R Shaman is getting back up as Independent WHIPS HIM into the ropes with all of his power… And now Independent not knowing RRS isn’t out goes over to Carlos from behind and is going for the Cobra Clutch!

Stew-O: Carlos isn’t friends with this move, Carlos is doing nothing but trying to Survive at this point! And now Independent fresh into this match is trying to force the first entrant of this match over the ropes….. and Carlos is trying to SNAPMARE INDEPENDENT OVER THOSE ROPES NOW!!!! …. But Independent using his weight falls to his back, and lets go of the hold! Meanwhile, The Rated R Shaman is back in and RRS with CC grab Extreme Enigma, and while Captain Charisma holds Enigma in a full nelson, RRS RUNS into Enigma’s gut for the Spear!!! …But wait a minute! Extreme Enigma moves out of the way as he NAILS CAPTAIN CHARISMA WITH THE SPEAR!!! The Rated R Shaman looks almost dumbfounded, and Extreme Enigma dodged but is still down, as RRS grabs Enigma….

ETR: BUT RRS MEETS A HUGE SHOT TO THE HEAD WITH THE MONKEY WRENCH BY LETHAL CONSEQUENCES! As RRS Falls to the ground immediatley! And Lethal Consequences now goes over to Extreme Enigma and is choking Enigma out with the Monkey Wrench.. BUT FROM BEHIND INDEPENDANT IS CHOKING LETHAL CONSEQUENCES OUT WITH THE STEEL CHAIN!!! And one more entrant is underway! …

10………..9…………8………..7……….6……….5……..4……….3……….2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(Adam music plays as he comes out )

ETR: Adam is the 11th entrant! And Lethal is still getting choked out, Lethal Consequences is in huge trouble by the hands of Independent! While Adam is unloading on Carlos, and Carlos is trying his best to fight back, it seems that people are targeting the earlier entrants in the Rampage match with is a very smart move! Adam has Carlos backed into the turnbuckle and is unloading punches, and Lethal Consequences is tapping out, flailing his hands like CRAZY!!!!!! But Independent won’t let go! And FINALLY Captain Charisma with what he had saves LC and strikes Independent in the back of the head with the elbow!

Stew-O: But Independent grabs Captain Charisma by the Throat! And Independant is going to CHOKEBOMB CC TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!! …… but RRS GRABS Independent by the leg and flips him over the Ring Ropes!!! Independent is eliminated!

Announcer: Independent is eliminated!!!

Stew-O:! RRS I’m guessing made up for Spearing CC by saving him from elimination! And now RRS & CC are back as a unit and go over to Extreme Enigma….. Meanwhile, Carlos is tangoing with Adam, and Adam pulls Carlos by the arm and Carlos runs gut first into Adam’s knee…. and Latino attempts a Snap DDT….. But Carlos reverses it into an underarm back body drop! And Carlos picks up Adam Again…… And Carlos SHOOTS Adam through the Middle and the Top Rope, as he SKIDS to the outside of the ring!! That must be extremely painful! Adam might be out of it, and might not even get back up! …

10……….9………….8………..7……….6……….5……..4……….3……….2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

( Lava Lamp’s music plays as he comes out )

ETR: The Twelfth Entrant, Lava Lamp is making his way, and Now Lava Lamp slides into the ring and Lava Lamp… ATTACKS CARLOS! Everyone who enters the Rampage seems to have a pull on attacking the first entrant of the match! Lava Lamp throws punches into Carlos’ skull… but Carlos DRIVES Lava Lamp into the turnbuckle across the ring…. but Lava FRONTFLIPS over and behind Carlos as Carlos runs headfirst into the Turnbuckle.. and Carlos turns around as Lava Lamp hits a hurricanrana! Now Adam rolls back in the ring after a painful exit, and the first thing you see is RRS & CC ganging up on Adam, and Both Men grab Adam by each arm and TOSSES him out! Thanks for coming, Adam!

Announcer: Adam is eliminated!

Stew-O: RRS & CC could prove to be a very prominent & dominant factor in this Rampage match! Now Lethal Consequences, like the snake he is, comes out of hiding and ATTACKS Lava Lamp from behind! LC hits a Swinging Neckbreaker! And Lethal Consequences grabs Lava Lamp and is attempting to shove Lava Lamp over the ropes…. but Lava Lamp elbows Lethal into the jaw several times, hops onto the apron and sunset flips over the ropes and turns it into a Lou Thez Press!! And now Lava Lamp is back up, and has Lethal Consequences up….. and Lava Lamp FORCES Lethal over the ropes… and LETHAL FALLS TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!! …. But wait! LC is hanging with one arm, and one hand & foot is touching the Ringside floor, as Lethal’s other hand is what is keeping her in this match!

ETR: The Rated R Shaman of Sexy now says its time to get rid of Extreme Enigma…. and RRS Grabs Enigma and tries to force RRS over the ring ropes…. but Extreme Enigma kicks at RRS, and RRS Calls CC for help….. but as RRS Turns around to see the problem, RRS Finds that Carlos has Captain Charisma LOCKED IN THE SHARPSHOOTER!!! And RRS Runs at Carlos and nails the big boot upside Carlos’ skull! RRS saving his partner, and Extreme Enigma is on the top rope…. AND HITS A DOUBLE BULLDOG ON BOTH CC AND RRS!!!

10……….9…………8………..7……….6……….5………4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

( Robbie V’s music plays as he comes out )

Stew-O: The Lucky Number 13, Robbie V is on his way out with Dr.FeelGood, and in the ring Lethal Consequences is trying with all of his might to send Lava Lamp to the outside, but Lava Lamp simply has more energy left in the tank than LC Does! And from behind Robbie V PULLS LC out of the way, these two fought on Showdown, and Robbie is the one trying to push Lava Lamp over! … But Lethal Consequences SHOVES Robbie V away from Lava Lamp, and Robbie V STRIKES the Jaw of Lethal Consequences with the toe kick! And now Robbie V Springboards off of the turnbuckle and hits a Spinning Kick into Extreme Enigma’s Jaw!!! And now Carlos is running towards Robbie V And Robbie V Reverses with a Monkey Flip!

ETR: And now Captain Charisma is up and Robbie V grabs CC… and CC slides under Robbie’s legs and from behind pushes Robbie with his feet into the Ropes!!! And Robbie Frontflips over the ropes onto the Apron, and Robbie Backflips off of the Apron into the ring, and NAILS CC with a Roundhouse kick!!!! As CC Stumbles infront of the Turnbuckle, Dr.FeelGood slides in a chair! And now Robbie V Grabs the Chair… Robbie is ready…. And Robbie NAILS the Chair Surf!!! And Robbie V is feeling froggy… but hopefully he isn’t feeling TOO froggy! And Robbie V has Lethal Consequences as a target!!!! … But…. Lava Lamp RUNS UP THAT VERY TURNBUCKLE!!! And Lava Lamp hits a Superplex AS ROBBIE LANDS SPINE FIRST INTO LETHAL’S GUT!

Stew-O: And now Lava Lamp is back up and attempts to toss Lethal Consequences out of the ring! … But from out of nowhere, Lava Lamp forgot about one person, The Rated R Shaman of Sexy, and RRS Springboards off of the Ropes and hits a Springboard Enziguri!!! …

10……….9…………8………..7………..6……….5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

( Xtreme T’s music plays as he comes out with a Microphone )


Xtreme T: You can get with this, you can hit or Miss, But with no doubt The Dream is Los Angeles! WASSUP!!! WASSUP!! WASSUP!!! WASSUP!!!

Xtreme T: 29 men but only 1 Superstar, when I win this match expect me to go Far! Being thrown to the sides when you anger Xtreme T… So Stand up, Say Wassup if you Feel Me! ( Xtreme T enters the ring )

Xtreme T: PEOPLE OVER HERE WASSUP! HOT-LANTA STAND UP AND SAY WASSUP!!! WASSUP!!! WASSUP!!! WASSUP!!! ….( Xtreme T looks and stares at the crowd of EAW Superstars staring at him ) .. wassup?..

ETR: This doesn’t look good for Xtreme T!

Xtreme T: WASSUP!!! …

ETR: But Before anyone could Stand up or Say Wassup, EVERY SUPERSTAR IN THE RING WHO’S NAME IS NOT XTREME T IS POUNDING THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF XTREME T!!! And Now Carlos kicks Xtreme T in the gut… and Carlos hits… THE CANADIAN DESTROYER ON XTREME T!!! And now Extreme Enigma TOSSES Extreme T into the crowd of EAW Superstars…. and Xtreme T FLIES over the Ropes to the outside of the ring!!! Xtreme T is gone!!

Announcer: Xtreme T is eliminated!!!!

Stew-O: Xtreme T is FURIOUS! And Everyone in the ring begins brawling, throwing fists left and right! Extreme Enigma is trading punches with Robbie V, CC & RRS are ganging up on Lava Lamp and Lethal Consequences is trading blows with Carlos! Lethal grabs Carlos’ head and NAILS a Devastating Headbutt… and Lethal turns around and Carlos picks up Lethal Consequences…. and hits the Running Powerslam TO OUTSIDE THE RING! BUT NO! LC REVERSES IT INTO AN ARM DRAG PULLING CARLOS TO THE FLOOR! AND HE’S ELIMINATED!


ETR: And now RRS & CC are ganging up on Lava Lamp, Lava is on his hands and knee’s and is taking SHARP Toe kicks into his sides! And Captain Charisma AND RRS are shoving Lava Lamp over the Ring Ropes! Lava Lamp is about to be thrown infront of the ramp, As The Countdown begins! …

10……….9…………8………..7……….6………..5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

( King Mak’s music plays as he comes out with a Scepter )

ETR: EAW’s _# 1 Legend has arrived! The Fifteenth Entrant of the Grand Rampage match is here! King Mak….. and Look at this! After a quick spinning kick by Robbie, EE is down! While CC and RRS are still double teaming Lava Lamp… and LC is trying to get inside the ring… leaving Robbie V as the only man standing in the ring!

Stew: And now Mak enters the ring going face to face with the National Extreme Champ! And the two start trading punches! Robbie throws a right punch, and Mak goes for a left one… and now Robbie nails a big shot, but Mak catches his arm, and twists it, then hits a Hook Kick!

ETR: And as CC and RRS take LL down, Mak comes from behind smashing RRS with the Scepter! And now CC suddenly turns around as he double teams him with fellow Syndicate member, Mak! And now the two are kicking him down, then they get him up, and deliver a doubt elbow smash to his face! And now everyone trying to stand up is being taken down by these two!

Stew: EE is grabbing the ropes for support as he starts getting on his feet using the ropes, but here come CC and Mak… and now they start throwing punches at him, Mak tosses him to the opposite corner, and then runs onto him for a huge clothesline! And now CC catches him with a running STO!

ETR: And the countdown begins while RRS attacks CC and smashes his head onto the turnbuckle, while Robbie pulls Mak down by his leg smashing his face to the mat!

5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(Speedy’s music plays, as he comes out running to the ring)

Stew: It’s Speedy! Former one half of the EAW Tag Team Champions is here! And he slides under the bottom rope as he goes face to face with Lava Lamp! These two don’t like each other at all and now they’re exchanging jabs… And now Speedy tosses him into the ropes as LL bounces back while Extreme Enigma is attempting to get up once again… and LAVA LAMP GOES FOR A SHINNING WIZARD!!… BUT HE MISSES IT AS SPEEDY DUCKS!!! AND HE CONNECTS IT ON EE!!

ETR: And as LL turns to his back… he’s met with a PELE KICK BY SPEEDY SENDING HIM TO THE RING ROPES!!! And he’s in big trouble! Speedy connects a spinning kick! But only sending him to the apron! And now Lava Lamp is fighting back and trying to get back into the ring but Speedy is still trying to eliminate him!

Stew: And now Lava Lamp takes advantage and sets him up in a position for a suplex from the apron! And if it’s connected, Speedy is gone of this match! And LL is lifting him up slowly high in the air…. But Speedy balances back to the ring and then smashes Lava Lamp’s head to the ropes… as he bounces to his back and on to the floor!

Announcer: Lava Lamp is eliminated!!

ETR: And LL is gone! Speedy quickly attacks Extreme Enigma, and then tosses him into the ropes, and as EE bounces back, Speedy catches him and throws him high in the air!… BUT EE CATCHES HIM BY HIS NECK AS HE FALLS TO THE MAT CONNECTING A DDT!!!

10……….9…………8………..7……….6………..5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(Bobby Cash’s entrance song hits, he comes out to some cheers)

Stew: One half of the EAW Tag Team Champs is out here! And this means a Backstabber reunion in the ring! But before entering the brawl, Bobby goes under the ring! And he pulls out a Table!! And now EE slides to ringside to meet his partner, as they set up together the table at ringside!

ETR: They get into the ring, and attack Lethal Consequences! They connect a double dropkick, and then follow with a double leg drop! Now they move on to RRS, as they irish whip him into the turnbuckle, and now Bobby gets down on the mat, as EE runs from the opposite corner and leaps off Bobby’s back, connecting a leg lariat on RRS!

Stew: Now Robbie V is trading punches with Speedy on the ropes, while Mak and CC are brawling The Backstabbers! CC goes behind Bobby, and is about to connect a neckbreaker…. But Bobby counters, and then takes him down with a drop toe hold following with a standing moonsault!

ETR: While Mak and EE are throwing punches at each other, and now Mak kicks him in the gut, then runs onto the rope and attempts a clothesline, but EE ducks under his arm… and CONNECTS A DROPKICK!!!… SENDING HIM TO THE ROPES!!! MAK IS THIS CLOSE TO BE ELIMINATED!


ETR: BUT EXTREME ENIGMA HANGS ON THE ROPES, AND SAVES HIMSELF FROM AN ELIMINATION! And now he’s still on the apron, Mak quickly attacks him with a knee to the face… as EE falls down on his knee after attempting to get up… and the Countdown begins!


Stew: EE’s head is hanging between the ropes… and now Mak tosses himself onto the ropes, then bounces back…… CONNECTING A SCIZZORS KICK…. TO ELIMINATE EXTREME ENIGMA!!!



……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(Cena29’s music hits, he gets a big pop as he comes out wearing a Joe Johnson Atlanta Hawks jersey, and holding a mic)

Stew: The 18th entrant of the Grand Rampage, cena29!

(Suddenly cena29’s music is cut, as he steps at ringside)

Cena29: Watch me flow dope about 29 punks battling with no hope/
a PFP without Cena is like the Vatican with no pope/

and the whole globe, knows I’m the E’s franchise/
cuz Cena puts other wrestlers in a box like KFC French fries/

and my plan’s wise, watch the man rise, after he gets this/
too many green wrestlers in the ring.. its like I’m battling Shrek’s kids!/

y’all going over the top rope, I’m heading to the right direction/
the chances of yall winning are smaller than mike08’s erection/

I’m not one to mess with, u know Cena’s on the best of the best list/
at the rumble, watch me humble, newbs and vets BITCH!/
…see everyone’s gonna touch the floor …like Jenny’s clit!

ETR Ha ha! That’s my man right there! And now cena is in the ring as he goes right after RRS! And Cena takes him down with a running shoulder block as he starts throwing left and right hands! And now RRS turns him around as he takes advantage and the two continue rolling on the floor throwing punches…

DP: Cena29 throws RRS to the apron, and tries to shove him down… While LC nails a Snap Suplex on Robbie! And then goes after Mak as both men start trading punches, LC ends up tossing him into the corner….. and then runs towards him for a huge splash…… BUT MAK CATCHES HIM WITH A FLAPJACK SMASHING HIS HEAD TO THE TURNBUCKLE….. AND THEN TAKES A FEW STEPS TO THE BACK…… AND RUNS TO CONNECT THE ROYAL EXPRESS!!!


DP: Great move by the former EAW Champion! And now LC raises his hands in the air proud of himself as if he has this one won! And as he turns around to his back, he’s met with…. CENA29!!!! AND CENA HAS HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS… AND NOW HE GOES TOWARDS THE ROPES…. LC IS TRYING TO FIGHT BACK TO STAY IN THE MATCH BUT CENA IS APPROACHING THE ROPES….. AND HE CONNECTS AN F-5 OVER THE TOP ROPE… SENDING LC ONTO THE TABLE AT RINGSIDE!!!!!

ETR: BAH GAWD! LC just CRASHED on that table…. And he’s out of this match!!

Announcer: Lethal Consequences is eliminated!!!

Stew: And this only leaves Mak, CC, RRS, Robbie, Bobby, Speedy and Cena29 in the ring! And now Speedy connects a swinging neckbreaker on Mak, then tries to kick him outside the ring… while CC is being kicked in the corner by Robbie V…. and now RoV runs onto him for a shoulder thrust, then follows with a Monkey flip!

ETR: BUT CC COUNTERS AS HE GETS ON HIS FEET AFTER THAT MOVE!! And as Robbie turns around, CC nails an enzuigiri….. then connects a CCutter! And the countdown begins!

10……….9…………8………..7……….6………..5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(JBB’s theme song hits, he comes out to the ring with a beer bottle)

Stew: It’s JBB! Current Alternative X Champion, and he comes out to the ring! And now Bobby comes to front him, but JBB NAILS HIM WITH THE BEER BOTTLE IN THE FACE!!! AND now SPEEDY COMES OUT OF NOWHERE AND NAILS A DROPKICK FROM HIS BACK!!! BUT JBB HANGS ON THE ROPES!

ETR: Meanwhile at ringside, LC is finally starting to get back on his feet after that huge F-5….. and LC is rolling on the floor and now he goes under the ring! And he pulls out a…. GUITAR!!! LC GOT A GUITAR! AND HE SEEMS COMPLETELY UPSET!

Stew: Now Mak attempts to eliminate cena29, but Cena catches him with a Hip toss! While CC gets a back body drop… and now RRS turns him around, and goes for a right hand, but Cena DUCKS UNDER his arm, and then lifts him up connecting a Spin-out Powerbomb!

ETR: And now Cena raises his hand high, then does his You can’t see me signature to RRS… and tosses himself into the ropes… BUT WATCH OUT!!! LC NAILS A HUGE SHOT TO CENA’S BACK WITH THE GUITAR!!!! AND I BELIEVE LC WANTS SOME REVENGE!

Stew: And now Cena falls down on his knees, while RRS is back up… and sees the opportunity, RRS grabs Cena29 by the back of his head… AND THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!!!!

ETR: Dammit! Cena29 is done for the night! And you can only blame one man for this!

Announcer: CENA29 IS ELIMINATED!!!

ETR: now LC is leaving the arena as he gets to the stage, still staring down Cena29… while RRS raises his hands in the air, and bends to the ring ropes as he starts exchanging some words with his rival! And the countdown begins! BUT…. BUT WAIT A SEC! ROBBIE V!!! ROBBIE V NAILS A SPINNING KICK FROM BEHIND RRS DRIVING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE…. AND TO RINGSIDE TO BE ELIMINATED!!!….

Stew: Bah Gawd! 2 time EAW World Champ has been eliminated! And while Cena is still upset, at least he feels better now with his rival being eliminated!

……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(Nik-e-G’s entrance song hits, he gets a big pop from the crowd as he comes out with a trash can….)

ETR: It’s Nik! And he’s the 20th entrant for tonight’s match! Nik is in the ring and he takes down Speedy with a flying crossbody! And now he goes backwards nailing an elbow to Robbie’s face in the corner! And then Nik grabs Robbie by his head, and runs connecting a clothesline on Bobby… and a Bulldog on Robbie at THE SAME TIME!!!

Stew: BUT WATCH OUT! It’s JBB! And he attempts to throw Nik over the top rope… BUT NIK USES ALL HIS POWER TO REVERSE SENDING JBB INSTEAD!! AND NOW JBB IS ON THE APRON…. And he tries to get back inside the ring, but Nik headbutts him…. And THEN NAILS A TWIST OF FATE TO THE ROPE, AS JBB BOUNCES OFF TO THE BACK!!!


ETR: And now Mak attacks Nik, and then goes for a DDT, but Nik counters, and then wraps his around his neck for a SIDE EFFECT!!! But Mak elbows him in the head, then as Nik turns to go face to face with him…. MAK LIFTS HIM UP ON HIS SHOULDERS… AND HE CONNECTS THE ROYAL EXPERIENCE!!!


ETR: Speedy is bragging about taking down EAW’s _#1 Legend… but not for long! As CC comes from his back, and then twists his arms putting him in a position for an Unprettier…. AND HE CONNECTS THE CHARISMA RECORDS!!! A SPINNING UNPRETTIER ON SPEEDY!!!

Stew: We haven’t seen this move in a long time! And now the we’ve a new entrant on the way!

10……….9…………8………..7……….6………..5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(StereoRaptor’s music plays, crowd has a mixed reaction)

Stew: It’s Raptor! And the big man comes out running to the ring… and then slides under the bottom rope! Mickey comes with a right hand but he’s caught with a huge spinebuster! And now he knocks CC down with a clothesline, and as Robbie gets back on his feet… Raptor lifts him up in a position for a Powerbomb!!!

ETR: And Robbie V might be gone if Raptor connects….. and now he takes Robbie towards the ropes, and attempts connecting the finisher…… BUT ROBBIE REVERSES IT INTO A HURRICANRANA SENDING RAPTOR TO THE FLOOR!!!

Announcer: StereoRaptor is eliminated!!!

Stew: Nik’s trash can has yet to be used as it’s at ringside… and now Nik and Robbie are double teaming Captain Charisma… they connect a double dropkick, then nail a Tornado DDT! And now Robbie gets CC up while Nik is climbing up the corner without paying attention….. AND CC NAILS A LOW BLOW ON ROBBIE TO TAKE HIM DOWN THE MAT!!


Stew: Ouch!

Announcer: Nik is eliminated!!

ETR: And the 22nd entrant is coming in 10 seconds!

10……….9…………8………..7……….6………..5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(Jaywalker’s music plays, crowd boo’s as he comes out to the stage)

Stew: And look who it is! The EAW Vice President, Jaywalker! And every single person in this ring better be worried cuz Jay has all the power in the world to do whatever he wants! And now he gets inside the ring as all extremists start staring him down….. And Robbie V surprisingly attacks Jay! Robbie nails a sidekick, and then lifts him up connecting a Gutbuster! And now Robbie goes to the third rope of the corner as crowd starts chanting “ROB-BIE-V!”…. AND ROBBIE JUMPS OFF THE CORNER CONNECTING A 5 STAR FROG SPLASH!!! BUT NO!! JAY MOVED OUT OF THE WAY! AND ROBBIE LANDED HARD ON THE FLOOR!! And now Jay is up… and Robbie is trying to find his way back but is unable to… however Jay hits him with his knee in the stomach, and then LIFTS HIM UP HIGH BEHING HIS BACK IN A POSITION FOR A CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB!!!


Stew: What a move!


Stew: I can’t believe it! Robbie is gone! I thought this guy was gonna be in the Top 4 but Jay cut his dreams short! And now Nik who just got up from ringside is checking on Robbie V…. these two were partners last week on Showdown, and worked pretty good together tonight until a small accident which caused Nik’s elimination…

ETR: Nik extends his hand helping Robbie up, and now they start exchanging words… BUT WATCH OUT!!! NIK POKES ROBBIE IN THE EYES, AND THEN PUTS HIM IN A POSITION FOR THE TWIST OF FATE!!…. AND IT’S CONNECTED!!! MA GOD!

Stew: And Nik asks the referee at ringside to make the cover! Nik has been eyeing this Belt for a while, I can tell! And the referee covers…. 1!!!!!! TWOOOO!!!!! AND A THREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! NIK IS CHAMP! NIK IS CHAMP!

ETR: DAMN! Nik just won his first single EAW Championship! The EAW Hardcore belt, bringing it back home! And now Nik leaves the stage with the belt as the countdown begins!

10……….9…………8………..7……….6………..5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(EOE’s theme song hits, crowd boos as he comes out)

Stew: Uh oh… another member of the Triple Crown Syndicate! EOE is out here and looking ready for this match! And just as he gets inside the ring, Bobby meets him with some punches! But EOE hits a huge shoulder block, then tosses Bobby to the ropes…. And as he bounces back……… EOE CONNECTS THE POOUUUUUNCEEEE!!!!!!

ETR: And Bobby just got pounced! And now Speedy comes from behind EOE, and tries to throw him over the top rope! But EOE counters and backs him down to the corner, then nails a huge shoulder thrust! And now EOE grabs him by the back of his head and throws him OVER THE TOP ROPE!!



ETR: Now EOE has Bobby up between his shoulders, and goes over the ropes and tries to force him over…. BUT BOBBY IS FIGHTING AS HE WRAPS HIS LEGS AROUND THE ROPE AND HE PUTS HIS ARM AROUND EOE’S NECK AS HE STARTS TAKING HIM DOWN OVER THE ROPE SLOWLY!!

Stew: EOE lost control, and now he is the one fighting for his survival instead of Bobby! And Bobby continues to apply pressure… AND WATCH OUT!! HERE COMES JAY AS HE PUSHES DOWN EOE HELPING BOBBY ELIMINATE HIM!!!


ETR: And now Jay is actually helping Bobby get inside the ring! Jay extends his hand and this might be a Dynasty Foundation reunion…. BUT NO!!! JAY TAKES ADVANTAGE THROWING BOBBY CASH FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RING!!!

Announcer: Bobby Cash is eliminated!!!

DP: And this only leaves Mak, CC and Jay! But now the 24th entrant is on their way!

10……….9…………8………..7……….6………..5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(The Dark Emperor’s music plays, he receives a mixed reaction as he comes out with the Interwire Championship belt)

ETR: The new Interwire Champion is here! And the extremists in the ring are shocked to see the monster, DE out here! And now DE is slowly making his way to the ring, and then gets to the apron, and enters the ring as all three attack him at the same time!

Stew: And now DE shoves Jay down to the corner, and then nails a big boot on Mak! And now he throws CC into the corner and runs onto him for a huge splash! And then DE picks him up and connects a Powerslam! And now Jaywalker is attacking DE, but the Interwire Champ fights back and smashes Jay’s face in the turnbuckle!


Stew: And before going inside, he gets the trash can and slides it under the ropes! WWEFan gets in the ring as he starts throwing quick punches at Mak, and then takes him down! And now he goes over to DE, and as DE attempts a clothesline, WWEFan ducks under, and then hits a running STO!

ETR: And now WWEFan grabs the Trash can…. And SMASHES IT ONTO JAY’S FACE WHOS FALLS DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE ROPES!!! And now WWEFan brings the Trash Can and puts it in front of Jay as the countdown begins!


Stew: And WWEFan climbs up to the third rope of the opposite corner! And this isn’t good looking for Jaywalker!

5……..4………. (Suddenly the screen shows different type of colors for the numbers, as they start turning back and forth…. 3………2………1!!!!!……… (BUZZ!!!)

(Impact’s theme song hits, crowd gives him a mixed reaction as he comes out to the ring with a barbed wire baseball bat…)

ETR: It’s Impact!!! The 25th entrant of The Grand Rampage! And this former 2 time World Champ, and first ever Triple Crown Champ is seeking a trip to Pain For Pride!


ETR: And now both men are down as Impact enters the ring energized nailing a quick enzuigiri on Mak, and then a running bulldog on CC! And now Impy nails a swinging neckbreaker on The Dark Emperor taking everybody down!

Stew: And as WWEFan gets back on his feet, both men are teaming up on The Dark Emperor! And now they toss themselves onto the ropes and bounce back for a Double Clothesline….. BUT WATCH OUT!! DE CATCHES BOTH MEN BY THEIR NECKS!! AND THIS COULD POSSIBLE BE AN ULTIMATE OWNAGE!!

ETR: Now DE attempts to lift up both men but he’s unable to as they fight back…. And together…. THEY TOSS HIM TO THE FLOOR AT RINGSIDE OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! Team work brings success! And despite having a good night winning The Interwire belt, he was unable to win the GR!





Stew: The countdown is here!

10……….9…………8………..7……….6………..5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(Heart Break Boy’s theme song hits, he gets a big pop as he comes out)

Stew: And well, it’s HBB! He had a great match earlier tonight although he came up short but this is his chance to go to Pain For Pride as a World Champ… and potentially to hold 2 World titles at one time!

ETR: HBB seems tired but yet ready to compete! And he gets into the ring meeting member of the rival stable, CC! And the two are trading punches, HBB tosses him onto the ropes, and as CC bounces back, HBB kicks him in the face….. and then attempts a back suplex….. Which reverses going behind him, and then lifts him up on his shoulders… AND CONNECTS AN ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP!!!

Stew: Meanwhile the Syndicate leader, Mak is this close to be eliminated by Vice President, Jaywalker! Both men are hungry for gold and haven’t won a World Championship in a while… and now Jay sets him up in a position for a PILEDRIVER!!… But Mak counters with a hurricanrana driving Jay to the ropes!…. and now Mak is going for a clothesline….. BUT JAY CATCHES HIM WITH A BACK BODY DROP OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!!



Stew: I can’t believe it! Mak just shocked Jay right there! And our Vice President is out of this match… this night didn’t turn out to be good at all for him! And while Jay is seeming upset, the countdown for the next entry is on!

10……….9…………8………..7……….6………..5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(Mister K’s theme song hits, as he comes out with running to the ring)

ETR: The longest reigning Champ in EAW history! MISTERRRRRRRRR KKKKK!!!! And although his 10 month Interwire Championship reign ended tonight, he’s here for this big match and has a lot of confidence!

Stew: MK joins the rest of The Triple Crown Syndicate in the ring, as all three start beating down HBB and Impact!! And now they drag Impact by his legs, and get him up to the top rope… as CC follows him…. And CC JUMPS OFF PUTTING HIS LEGS AROUND IMP’S NECK THEN CONNECTS A SUPER HURRICANRANA!!!

ETR: Great move by CC! And now MK and Mak have HBB up on the other corner, and then Mak does an atomic drop, while MK tosses himself onto the ropes….. and THEN NAILS A FLYING FOERARM SMASH!!!

Stew: Now MK grabs HBB from behind as Mak starts trash talking to HBB and throwing punches in his face! And then MK lets him smashing his face to the mat…. And with HBB and Impact both down, all three are just standing in the ring making up strategies in anticipation for the next entry….

Stew: And only three more participants are left to come out!

10……….9…………8………..7……….6………..5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(StarrStan’s theme song hits, as he comes out with the Championship belt)

ETR: UH OH!!! UH OH!!! IT’S THE EAW CHAMPION!! THE BIGGEST RIVAL OF THIS STABLE!! STAAAAAARSTAN!!! And Starr gets inside the ring! And he’s quickly attacked by THREE MEN!! And they take him down, then send him to the ropes…. BUT STARR BOUNCES BACK WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE ON MAK AND CC!!!

Stew: And now MK and Starr are trading punches, but Starr slides under his arm for a GERMAN SUPLEX!!! And then lifts him up for ANOTHER ONE!!! And NOW A THIRD ONE!!!! Starr took all three down by himself! This man is truly a wrestling machine!

ETR: And just as Starr is done with Mister K… Impact attacks him from the back! Impact grabs him and attempts to throw him!!! BUT STARRSTAN WENT IN FRONT OF HIM THE LAST SECOND WHILE IMPACT WAS STILL RUNNING AND CAUGHT HIM WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX THROWING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!


Stew: Starr got revenge on his former rival! But now he’s left in the ring with The Triple Crown Syndicate along with HBB… And now CC and MK gang up on him, and take him down the mat! While Mak seems hurt grabbing his leg… and he slides to outside the ring!

ETR: And Mak is rolling on the floor and struggling while wrapping his hands around his leg! And I have no clue what happened to him and what caused this injury, but either way the countdown is back!

10……….9…………8………..7……….6………..5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(Regulator’s entrance song plays, crowd boos as he comes out to the ring)

Stew: It’s…… REG!! IT’S REGULATOR!!! The man who was completely close to become EAW World Heavyweight Champion tonight! And now he comes to the ring joining CC, MK, Starr and HBB!

ETR: Reg is in just before the last entry of the night! And Reg and CC are brawling now! Former partners are going at it, and Reg takes advantage nailing a shoulder block!! And now he tosses him to the corner, and runs onto him for a big splash… but CC MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!! AND CC GRABS HIM BY HIS HEAD AND THROWS HIM OUT THE RING!!!

Stew: But Reg is still in the match as he catches on the ropes the last second! And now CC is here to knock him off but Reg nails a shoulder thrust…. And then he jumps off to the ropes… AND CONNECTS A SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE ON CAPTAIN CHARISMA!!!

ETR: HBB gets MK up and nails a body slam! And now he’s climbing up the top rope… and you know what’s coming next!!! A DIVING ELBOW DROP!!!… AND THE HEART BREAK BOY CONNECTS IT!!!! AND NOW HE GOES TO THE CORNER AS HE STARTS GETTING READY TO CONNECT EVERYBODY’S FAVORITE MUSIC!



ETR: My God! I can’t believe it! And now the countdown is back!

10……….9…………8………..7……….6………..5……..4……….3………2………1……… (BUZZ!!!)

(Undefined’s theme song plays, as crowd seems in shock…)



(Killswitch’s theme song hits, he gets a huge pop as crowd is in shock!!)

ETR: :O Is it who I’m thinking!? It’s the first ever EAW Hardcore Champ! EAW Original! KILLSWITCH!!!!!!!!! AND HE’S BACK TO EXTREME ANSWERS WRESTLING!!!!!!

Stew: I can’t believe it! I never thought I’d see this man back here again! It’s been about a Year and Half since we’ve seen him in EAW but it seems like he’s back for good! And now Killswitch gets in the ring as the crowd is chanting his name!

ETR: KS attacks HBB and takes him down with a spear! And now Killswitch lifts CC up, and hits a GUTBUSTER!!! KILLSWITCH IS ON FIRE AND NONE IS STOPPING HIM FROM ACHIEVING HIS GOAL!!!



Announcer: HBB IS ELIMINATED!!!!!!



ETR: KS is eliminated! This is not the return he dreamed of! But oh well, the Triple Crown Syndicate always screw everything up! And now two members of TCS are in the ring, and Reg is going against two big superstars!

Stew: And now MK and CC get Reg up on his feet and toss him to the ropes!! And as he bounces back…. They go for a double hip toss….. BUT REG REVERSES INTO A DOUBLE ARM DRAG!!! AND NOW REG TURNS TO HIS BACK BUT NOT FOR GOOD! MK KICKS HIM IN THE GUT, AND THEN SETS UP FOR THE M!K CHECK!!!!



Stew: I can’t believe it! CC just eliminated MK! But now he, himself is in danger of being eliminated as he’s hanging over the top rope and grabbing on the apron….. and here comes Reg to shove him down!! A LITTLE PUSH WILL TAKE REG TO PAIN FOR PRIDE!!




(Captain Charisma’s theme song hits, crowd has a mixed reaction)

Stew: CC can’t believe it! He’s finally done it! And now he’s screaming in the middle of the ring of joy, as Syndicate members join him, even Mister K who was eliminated by the Grand Rampage Winner!

ETR: For months, CC has been working hard ever single night and his hard work payed off right here tonight in Atlanta! CC has been screwed over since day 1, but this time…. He’s going 100 % to Pain For Pride Main Event to challenge either the EAW Champ or World Heavyweight Champ, or even EAW Inter-Branded Champ!

Stew: Mak, MK, EOE and even Sabina are all in the ring to congratulate CC… but it seems like one person isn’t! And that person is none other than current EAW Champion…. STAAAAARSTAN!!!

ETR: And now Starr goes face to face with The Grand Rampage winner! I smell a Main Event in the making from now! Starr signals to the Pain For Pride logo on top of the arena, as CC stares as well and then gives him the finger signaling not! And this isn’t a good significant!

Stew: AND WATCH OUT!!! MAK COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM BEHIND STARR!!! And now the Champ is surrounded by the whole members of The Triple Crown Syndicate! As the referee gives Mak a mic…

Mak: See Starr…. I didn’t need Jaden to hande me the title… and I sure didn’t need Ronn… I also didn’t need that victory on Showdown for a title match… you see, if I had won, we could’ve possibly been fighting for your title tonight… but due to a little accident, you won… and in case you don’t remember, let me remind you that… that…… I’M KING OF EXTREME!!!

Mak: Which means, I have a guranteed title shot, anytime… ANYWHERE!

Stew: NO! I hope it’s not what I’m thinking!…

Mak: Referee…. RING THE BELL!!!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

ETR: NO! Starr is down on the mat… and there’s no hope for him! Being surrounded like that, he could get jumped anytime if he decides to fight Mak… that’s if he can even get up on his feet after that long night…

Stew: And now Mak has him on his feet…. and then LIFTS HIM UP ON HIS SHOULDERS!!!… AND NOW MAK CONNECTS THE ROYAL EXPERIENCE!!!! AND MAK HAS THE COVER!! 1!!!!!! TWOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!…….. AND A…… THREEEEEEEE!!!!!!

( Ding! ing! Ding! )


(Mak’s theme song plays, as crowd has a mixed reaction)


ETR: I can’t believe my eyes! Mak is Champ! Almost 2 years in the making, Mak has finally regained the EAW Championship gold! And now this celebration can only get better for The Syndicate as all members raise their hands up!

Stew: What an amazing show that was! This was definitely the best FPV of the year, if not of all time! We had great matches and many many surprising moments! I’m Stew here with ETR, and we hope you enjoyed tonight’s show… goodnight everybody!

( Screen fades to black while Triple Crown Syndicate are still celebrating in the ring)

( EAW logo buzzes )

Written by Fight Grid

Reckless Wiring (2009)

Pain for Pride 2