Grand Rampage (2008)


( “Superstar” by Lupe Fiasco plays, and we get a highlight reel style video showing all of the competitors participating in the Grand Rampage match. The show cuts open to the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, where the massive crowd is on their feet cheering for the fireworks that are going off on the stage. )

Stew: Ladies and gentlemen, EAW fans, tonight history will be made! Tonight, all hell will break loose, and tonight the road to Pain For Pride begins!! Tonight, we are live at the GRAND RAMPAGE!!!

DP: I’m DeadPrez, special guest commentator here for the Grand Rampage! And tonight, it’s quite possibly the biggest event in EAW history, we’re so glad you could join us! Our main event, the one and only Grand Rampage match, who goes on to the coveted Main Event of Pain for Pride!

(Long helicopter intro plays )

Deadprez: Ladies And Gentlemen, i know this man so, so, so well, and this man has overcome so many odds, has been the envy of many rosters, and the light and the life of any show he’s been in! And it all ends tonight, Because tonight….

( Mr DEDEDE’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s and chants ” Sellout ” and ” No More Movies ” as he comes out )

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, residing in Miami, Florida… Misteeer… DEDEDE!!!

Stew-O: Mr DEDEDE’s history in e-feds has you, Deadprez, in many catalogs.. and DEDEDE wont forget, the amazing feud he has had with you and many other people! And tonight, Mr DEDEDE is gonna wrap this huge career he once had,up for good.. and one hes done with that, hes heading to movies.

( Mr DEDEDE enters the ring in grabs a mic )


Crowd: Lets go DEDEDE!

Crowd: DEDEDE Sucks!

Mr DEDEDE: .. geez people make up your mind! Anywho…. FINALLY, MR DEDEDE.. IS LEAVING EAW!!!

( Crowd gives a mixed reaction and DEDEDE smirks )

Mr DEDEDE: Understand, I’m not going to leave E-feds, just because i wanna be arrogant. Just because i wanna make the fans cry. It’s because I have to, its because its not fair, that my radiant light is not affecting anyone else, its only helping me. Listen people I AM Gawd, my talent is unlimited: Wrestling, singing, my creativity, my athleticism, I’m a genius! But not every moment has been golden for me! I’ve been embarrassed by dating Dirti Diva, My emotionalism in AWF and ive been in incredible feuds such as ME vs MOP, Me vs Deadprez, Me vs Ronn, and ive done all there is to do!

Mr DEDEDE: Understand that when i leave E-feds, when i leave entertaining all of you in the ways of pure, enforcing and chaotic, explosive brutality, i will STILL be entertaining you all on the silver screen!

Mr DEDEDE: I’ve screwed all the chicks there were to screw, I won all the titles needed to be won and accomplished everything I’d want! I’ve had the biggest, the baddest, the strongest, the deadliest such as Undertaker-Rip, Ronn, Mike Waggz and Masters try to kill me in the squared circle! Ive teamed with the likes of King, WWEfan, and Deadprez!! Ive made friends with HRDO, Cassidy, Ronn and more! Mr DEDEDE has done it all… and FINALLY… The Gawd says………………. ITS OVER.

Mr DEDEDE: I promise you, with not a single tear in my eye, and with the BASS IN MY VOICE, AND WITH THE WILL IN MY HEART! I PROMISE THAT YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME AGAIN IN THE SQUARED CIRCLE… Because let’s face it, i love every single one of you, but when it comes down to business.. i must let the next generation take over, I must let the likes of MvM, CC, Shaman, JayJayyyyy, HBB and even Masters shine to the top… not to mention collect a fat hollywood check. And this is why i am dropping out of The Grand Rampage…

Mr DEDEDE: Before i leave forever, i must say 1 thing… Superstars of EAW, and EAW Fans….. remember one thing, dont ever… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER…. forget –

( MASSIVE fiery explosions rise up from the stage as HRDO’s music plays )

Mr DEDEDE: Wh-hat the hell!

( Crowd cheers as HRDO walks to the ring )

Deadprez: And Look at this! HRDO, is blatantly walking to the ring for god knows what reason! But what has DEDEDE Said to catch hrdos attention?

( HRDO hastily enters the ring )

Mr DEDEDE: W-Wait HRDO man your making a big mistake, your…


( HRDO’s Music plays as fiery explosions shoot up through the turnbuckles )

Deadprez: What are the reasons behind HRDO’s actions, interrupting DEDEDE’s speech and Chokeslamming him to the Canvas!

Stew- O: I don’t know, but what i do is, up next, we have Ronn, going to take on his greatest challenge yet! And that’s WWEfan.

( Ronn vs WWEfan rivalry promo plays )

Announcer: This is an Extreme Rulez match, where the only way to win is by pinfall or submission!

(Ronn’s music hits, the crowd cheers wildly as he makes his entrance)

Introducing first, from New Jersey, weighing in at 230 pounds, he is the Chairman and Founder of Extreme Answerz Wrestling, RONNNN!!!!!!!

DP: And we are starting things with this huge Extreme Rulez match, and here comes your EAW Chairman, Ronn…

(Wwefan’s music hits, the crowd erupts with boos as he walks to the ring)

Announcer: And making his way to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 240 pounds, he is the Vice President of E.A.W, Wwefan-taker-Kennedyyyy!!!

Stew: Ever since EAW was resurrected months ago, these two men have been involved in one of the most personal rivalries in E-fed history! And in my opinion, it’s all based on Wwefan’s jealousy that Ronn is the EAW Chairman and not him!

DP: Well, that’s your opinion…

Stew: I can guarantee you that this won’t be your traditional wrestling match, this will be a brawl between two enemies!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

DP: You may be right, the bell rings and the battle is under way! Wwefan with a right hand, but Ronn responds with a series of chops and kicks! Ronn goes for a Roundhouse kick, but Wwefan catches him and throws him into the turnbuckle… Wwefan removes the turnbuckle protection covering, and smashes Ronn’s face into the exposed turnbuckle! Wwefan with some Elbows to the face, and Wwefan slaps the EAW Chairman! But Ronn blocks the slap, and Ronn slaps Wwefan!! Ronn whips Wwefan into the turnbuckle, and there’s the Running Knee Lift to the face!! And Ronn tries to follow up with the Bulldog, but Wwefan counters and throws him outside the ring, Ronn lands face-
first on the concrete floor!

Stew: Wwefan climbs to the top rope, and he does a Diving Crossbody on Ronn… but Ronn moves outta the way, and Wwefan’s face goes smashing into the ring barricade! Ronn picks up Wwefan, and hits several punches to his face…. but Wwefan with a Low Blow, and Wwefan with a huge Boot to the skull of Ronn! Wwefan makes the cover here at ringside, remember pinfalls count anywhere! 1…..2…… but Ronn gets a shoulder up… Wwefan picks Ronn up, and leans him against the ring steps, he looks under the ring and gets a steel chair! Oh my god, Wwefan with a huge chair shot on Ronn, listen to that devastating impact!!

DP: Ronn falls down to the floor, he may have suffered a concussion here! But Wwefan doesn’t make a pinfall, he throws Ronn back in the ring.. Wwefan brings the chair into the ring, he places Ronn in the turnbuckle, and puts the steel chair in front of his face! Wwefan climbs up to the opposite top turnbuckle, I think I know what Wwefan is gonna do here! Wwefan leaps off the turnbuckle, COAST-OF-COAST ON RONN!! BUT RONN MOVES OUT OF THE WAY, AVOIDING THE IMPACT, AND WWEFAN SMASHES INTO THE STEEL CHAIR!
Stew: Holy shit!! Wwefan may have just knocked himself out there, and Ronn reaches an arm across his body! 1……………..2…………. but Wwefan still gets a shoulder up! Ronn picks up the steel chair, and he strikes Wwefan across the back with it! And he strikes him again, and again, and again, and again!!! Wwefan is screaming in pain, Ronn is enjoying giving Wwefan the beating of his life here at the Grand Rampage!


Stew: The crowd is booing at the mysterious masked man, as he starts assaulting Ronn with some vicious punches! Zeon goes to ringside, he picks up a monitor from our announcer table, what the hell is this guy doing!?


Stew: Wow! Zeon has been taken out here, and Ronn gets back into the ring to finish of Wwefan! But Wwefan is up, and he kicks Ronn in the mid-section…. he lifts him up, WWEFAN HITS THE JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB!! The distraction from Zeon may have allowed Wwefan to pick up the victory, he covers Ronn! 1…………..2…………….. But Ronn somehow reaches a shoulder up on the count of 3!

DP: Wwefan can’t believe he kicked out, Wwefan goes outside to ringside and looks under the ring….. Oh my god, he brings out a table! Wwefan brings the Table inside the ring, he sets it up in the middle, and picks Ronn up! WWEFAN PICKS RONN UP FOR A JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB, THROUGH THE TABLE!!! But Ronn is trying to counter it, and Ronn quickly lifts Wwefan up to the top rope…… WAIT A SEC, WHAT THE HELL!??


( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

(Ronn’s music plays as he celebrates) Announcer: The winner of this match, he is the EAW Chairman, RONNNN!!!!!!

DP: Ronn has finally gotten some redemption on the man that has made his life hell ever since EAW was resurrected, Ronn has destroyed Wwefan-Taker-Kennedy in this Extreme Rulez match!!

( EAW’s first ever Dynasty vs Showdown promotion airs )

( Promo of MVP vs EAW Fan rivalry plays )

Announcer: This Match is scheduled for 1 fall…. and is a GRUDGE match!

( No music plays at all as The EAW Fan runs from the crowd and into ringside and eventually the ring wearing ripped jeans and a hollistar T-Shirt )

Stew-O: Well here is this ” EAW Fan ” That has not only put mvp out for 30 days on suspension, but has also costed MVP $ 1500 for FAKE injuries in court! But MVP said last Wednesday on Showdown that This EAW Fan happens to be a Y!A User, but who is it?

( MVP’s music plays as him and his 4 Masked Henchmen come out and stand on the ramp with him as Crowd Boo’s )

Announcer: The opponent, standing on the ramp, from Tampa, Florida weighing in at 235 pounds…. M-V-P!!! (MVP gets a mic )

MVP: HOLD UP HOLD UP HOLD UP! Now i see that my opponent, or as everyone knows him as EAW Fan seems to not have any introduction!

MVP: Why? Because… I got an Introduction, Ladies and Gentlemen meet, from Long Island, New York…. Luke B.B.B!

Deadprez: So it was Luke! 1 of Y!A’s top ten was the one who squared off with mvp months ago directly from a crowd! And MVP is walking down the ramp, leaving his henchmen behind as the bell rings!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew-O: MVP Stares down Luke, and both men lock up, But MVP gets the 1st punch, after punch, after punch, and MVP does a Headbutt, backs into the ropes, runs in and does an explosive clothesline! MVP Picks up Luke, And does a few knife edge chops, And MVP Does a hip-toss and pins, 1……2……. but Luke grabs the ropes.

Deadprez: Luke gets up on the turnbuckle, but MVP grabs Luke, whips him to the other Turnbuckle and Does a Running Boot to the face! And MVP does a Bulldog following it up, but Luke, on the bulldog actually runs FASTER than MVM, shoots himself like a missle out of the ring onto the apron, and does a Springboard Crossbody right on MVP!

Stew-O: Luke picks up MVP and does a Armdrag, MVP gets right up and Luke does another Armdrag into an Armbar… And MVP overpowers it and scoopslams Luke, and MVP does a elbow drop, and does a legdrop. Now MVP backs into the ropes and does Shouts out the proverbial ” BALLIN! ” And Does another big Elbow Drop and pins with the 1…….2…….. but Luke elbows out of it.

Deadprez: MVP picks up Luke and goes for a powerslam, But Luke elbows MVP’s head, kicks him in the gut, throws his own punches after punches and immediately does a Hero’s Clothesline! Now Luke grabs MVP’s head, and Climbs the Top Rope, and Luke does a Tornado DDT right on MVP and pins, 1……….2………. but MVP still gets one out!

Stew-O: Luke and MVP get up and MVP does a scoop slam, but Lupe reverses and pushes MVP from behind into the Turnbuckle… AND LUKE runs to MVP and does a Running Flip Facebuster, actually FLIPPING OVER MVP AND PLANTING HIS FACE INTO THE TURNBUCKLE, AS LUKE LANDS OUTSIDE THE RING! BUT WAIT A MINUTE! MVP’S HENCHMEN, MASKED MEN ARE ALL ATTACKING LUKE B.B.B!

Deadprez: Masked Man _# 1, with a Steel Chair, smashes it RIGHT over the head of Luke, and Masked man _# 2 Does a thunderous GORE! MAJOR SPEAR! Masked Man _# 3 goes under the ring and grabs a Barbedwire String, and WRAPS IT AROUND THE NECK OF LUKE, AND CHOKES HIM WHILE THE OTHER 2 MASKED MEN PUNCH HIM OUT! But wait a minute!

Stew-O: THERE’S HEY YO CHICO EMERGING FROM THE CROWD! And Chico with A HUGE RUSTY STEEL CHAIN, AND CHICO AT RINGSIDE WHIPS THAT CHAIN AS IF IT WAS A BELT OVER THE HEAD OF MASKED MAN _# 1, 2, 3 AND Masked Man _# 4 throws Luke into the ring, while Chico gets a steel chair, and hits Masked man _# 4! Now the other 3 masked men get up, and Chico Smashes The Chair all over them! NOW Chico outside the ring with a Chain and Chair in his hand, stares at MVP In The Ring Setting up Luke BBB in the position of a Playmaker!

Deadprez: Chico barking commands saying that he wouldent dare, and MVP saying that he WILL! And MVP Hits The Playmaker, and as Chico is about to run in and beat the crap out of MVP, Masked man _# 2 Handcuffs Chico while the other 3 masked men hold chico down! Now MVP Pins Luke B.B.B, 1……….2………. and 3! And MVP wins this match!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

(MVP’s music hits as crowd boo’s when he celebrates )

Announcer: Here is your winner, M-V-P!

Stew-O: Its kinda sad that MVP needs 4 Henchmen who no one knows, just to attack an EAW Fan that he found in the crowd, now known as Luke B.B.B!

Deadprez: Once you think about it, Luke isn’t a bad wrestler. And MVP is just one lazy dude, but the thing i don’t understand is why Chico came out. Does Chico have an unknown relationship with Luke? Or is it something against MVP, maybe its one of the henchmen, or maybe….

Stew-O: Maybe its the fact that it isn’t fair that MVP and those Henchmen were jumping a poor innocent EAW Fan.

Deadprez: But Theres no way Chico could’ve made it to the ring so fast in such short notice, but however it happened, Chico tried hard to save Luke, but i think This isnt over, we will just have to tune into Showdown to find out! But now, it is time for The Vixens Championship match up!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: This match is scheduled for 1 fall… and is for The Extreme Answers Wrestling, VIXENS Championship!

( Cassie’s music plays as Crowd cheers when she comes out )

Announcer: 1st making her way to the ring, From England… CASSIOTROOOON!

Stew-O: Hey look! There’s Cassie, and if you’ve noticed in her hand, she has a bushel of flowers?

Deadprez: Well Cassie is known for her great Attitude and mostly her smile, if she gets doubled teamed by two ladies in a match, she’d probably laugh about it the next day! But something she takes seriously is This Womens Championship, and be sure shes not gonna let it slip by her without a good fight!

( HBKFan’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when she comes out )

Announcer: And the opponent, making her way to the ring… HBKFan!

Stew-O: HBKFan and Cassie have faced off before, and even when Cassie was the victor, you never know when HBKFan will come out of nowhere and surprise the hell out of you! Shes done it before and don’t be surprised if she does it tonight!

( Jenny’s music plays as crowd gives a mixed reaction when she comes out with the Vixens title )

Announcer: And The Champion, From Chicago, Illinois, please welcome, Jenny!

Deadprez: Ya know, Jenny has been in E-feds for a long, long time! Many have come, many have passed, but its Great to see a User back from SNY, to be around as Our womens Champion!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew-O: All 3 women stare at each other.. And Both HBKFan and Jenny are double-teaming Cassie! Both do a double irish whip on Cassie to the turnbuckle, and HBKFan does a bulldog on Cassie, And HBKFan picks up Jenny, and Scoopslams her right on the gut of Cassie! HBKFan picks up Cassie, kicks her in the gut as Cassie bends down, and repeatedly kicks her in the face, bounces off the ropes and goes for a Shining Wizard, but Cassie does a back-bend and hits it on Jenny!

Deadprez: HBKFan gets up quickly and Cassie does a Reverse Atomic Drop than throws a fist across her back, and Cassie pins, 1…….2……. but HBKFan kicks out. Cassie and HBKFan get up as they Grapple and HBKFan gets the upper hand, and HBKFan does a Leg Scizzors, And Cassie rolls over and gets out of it easily, and Cassie does a Clothesline on HBKFan, and Cassie goes for a Figure 4 Leglock, and HOLDS IT IN!

Stew-O: Jenny is spotted on the top rope by the camera, And Jenny does a frogsplash on both Cassie and HBKFan in the figure 4 lock! Jenny hits it and does a pin on Cassie, 1……2……. but she kicks out, and Jenny goes for a pin on HBKFan, 1……2……. and HBKFan kicks out as well! Now Jenny picks up both women, set both of them up under her arm and Goes for a Double DDT.. But both do a Double Back-Body Drop!

Deadprez: Both Cassie and HBKFan pick up Jenny, irish whips her to the ropes as Jenny lands on the apron, yet she holds onto the ropes, Bounces off the ropes and goes for a Springboard 360 Senton, and while she hits both women she does a missile dropkick! Jenny picks up Cassie and holds her above her head, and drops her face right onto the Turnbuckle. Now Jenny grabs Cassie and does a Belly To Belly, But From Behind HBKFan does a German Suplex pin on Jenny, 1…..2………. But Cassie does a flying double kneedrop onto the face of Jenny, as Cassie grabs both of her legs for her own pin, 1…….2…….. but there’s the kickout!

Stew-O: Cassie gets up, and HBKFan runs for an irish whip on Cassie and clotheslines Cassie to the outside of the ring! HBKFan gets back to Jenny and HBKFan waits for Jenny, and she does a Superkick. Jenny is down and HBKFan does a Dancing Legdrop on The Vixens Champion… And hits it and there’s the pin! 1……2…… but Jenny is still able to kick out. HBKFan stands up and is thinking of doing a California Dream… BUT WAIT A MINUTE!

Deadprez: Cassie enters the ring with a Steel Chair, and Cassie smashes it RIGHT OVER THE HEAD of HBKFan! And Cassie goes for the pin, 1……2……… but Jenny breaks up the pin, SAVING her Vixens Championship! Cassie and Jenny are in the middle of the ring, and now both women trade punches in the ring, till Cassie Does… A STRATUSFACTION ON JENNY… but Jenny reverses that into a Spinebuster! Now Jenny goes onto the top rope.. and Sets up for a Moonsault, but HBKFan does a high kick to the backside of Jenny, and Jenny flies face first into The Ring Barricade!

Stew-O: Cassie gets up and Runs at HBKFan, but HBKFan elbows Cassie, and goes for another Superkick but Cassie ducks and Cassie does a Running STO. Cassie climbs the ropes and goes for a Shooting Star Press, but HBKFan goes on the turnbuckle that Cassie is sitting on, and HBKFan hits a Superplex! And pins Cassie, 1……2……. And Cassie still kicks out. Outside the ring our EAW Vixens Champion is trying to recuperate, and in the ring HBKFan picks up Cassie, and hits A California Dream!!

Deadprez: HBKFan goes for a pin, 1……2……… And the referee’s hand goes down for the 3 but Jenny pulls Cassie outside the ring desperately! HBKFan taking a breather in the ring, but not for long as she grabs The Steel Chair that’s in the ring while both Cassie and Jenny are trading punches out the ring. Now HBKFan throws the steel chair on both women, and HBKFan hops off The Ropes and does a Crossbody on both women… BUT BAH GAWD! JENNY AND CASSIE THROW THE CHAIR AT THE FLYING HBKFAN, AS SHE CRASHES AND BURNS TO THE APRON!

Stew-O: Jenny kicks Cassie in the gut, grabs her and throws her Shoulder To Steel onto the Steel Ringpost! Now Jenny goes under the ring, and grabs a Shopping Cart, and Jenny puts Cassie in The Shopping Cart, and actually rides it up the ramp. Jenny is now on the stage at the top of the ramp, centers the Shopping Cart to the Pit of Tables and Barbedwire at the side of The Stage.. AND SHES NOT GONNA DO IT! SHE WONT!

Deadprez: OH MY GOD! JENNY DRIVES CASSIE, OFF THE STAGE AND THROUGH THE ELECTRIC BOX, THE PIT OF TABLES AND THROUGH THE BARBEDWIRE PIT!!!!! But From behind HBKFan does a Superkick on Jenny, AS JENNY STAGGERS OFF OF THE STAGE, BUT Jenny keeps her balance, Kicks HBKFan in the gut and hits a DDT OFF OF THE STAGE ON HBKFAN!!! UNBELIEVABLE BY JENNY! And Jenny puts her arm over HBKFan with the 1…….2…….. and THE KICKOUT! And Cassie does A CHICK KICK OUT OF NOWHERE! AND THE PIN!! 1……2……….3…

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew-O: And Cassie is the NEW Vixens Champion!

Stew-O: But WAIT A MINUTE! From behind The curtain on the stage, HBG comes out! HBG comes out with a determined look on her face, on top of the stage while Cassie is on the Wasted Platform 10 feet off the stage.. And HBG, Signaling That SHE wants the Vixens Title!

Deadprez: Look at this, Cassie signals HBG to come, come fight with her, Cassie WANTS HBG just as bad as HBG Wants her, HBG goes down… AND HBG DOES THE BILLIONDOLLAR BITCHSLAP ON Cassie! But Cassie ducks and Cassie hits.. A CHICK KICK! A CHICK KICK AS HBG RETREATS TO THE CROWD AREA!

( Cassie’s music plays as crowd cheers when she celebrates )

Stew-O: HBG, tried to send a Message to Cassie, that she is COMING for That Vixens Title, but Cassie had her own message waiting, and HBG heard it loud and clear! and only we can see whats gonna happen next!

( Camera fades to MvM in his locker room posing in front of the mirror in a towel )

MvM: ( turns to the camera ) Oh! Hey… Ladies, Men, And Prostitutes in the EAW see this body? You see my toned, sexy abs?.. I know as well as you do that this is only 1/2 of the appeal. Because the other half?…. We will save that for the ring, save it for the Destruction… The Decimation… The Annihilation… That is me… M-V-M. ( Camera fades out ).

Deadprez: Hey Stew, dont get any bright ideas man.

Stew-O: aaah shutup…

(Video package showing Jayjayyyyy winning the World title inside a Steel cage)

(Video package showing INDEPENDENT’s domination in the world of E-feds)

(JayJayyyyy’s music hits, his signature fireworks go off and he walks to the ring holding his championship belt)

DP: Jay has a huge challenge to his title tonight,but can he remain the champ? We will see in this huge match!

(INDEPENDENT’s music hits, the lights dim and he makes his grand entrance)

Stew: It’s showtime here at the Grand Rampage, here comes INDEPENDENT ready for the opportunity of his life!

(INDEPENDENT and Jayjayyyyy stare down, the ref lifts the World title in the air)

Announcer: This match match is scheduled for a one fall… and it is for the EAW World Heavyweight CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Announcer: Introducing the participants, first, from Toronto, Canada, weighing in tonight at 220 pounds, he is the current EAW World Heavyweight Champion, JAYJAYYYYYY!!!! (Crowd cheers)

Announcer: And introducing the challenger, from Death Valley, weighing in at 260 pounds, he is the King of Legends, and he is currently undefeated in EAW, INDEPENDENT!!!!!!!!! (Crowd boo’s)

DP: For INDEPENDENT, this is a moment that you wait your whole career for! One chance to climb the mountain, with One prize: being World Heavyweight champion!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew: The bell rings, the World Heavyweight title match is under way! Independent and Jayjayyyy are still staring down, Jay goes for a right hand but Independent moves out of the way and backs into the corner… Jay goes for another right hand, but Independent ducks and throws Jay into the turnbuckle, and now Independent fires some rights and lefts at the World Champ!

DP: But Jay does not back down, he replies with some knife-edge chops, but Independent isn’t fazed and he throws Jay head-first into the steel ring post! Jay falls down to the canvas, he’s getting up, but Independent with a huge kick to the side of the head, and he hooks the leg! 1……….2….. but Jay kicks out. Independent puts him in a Side Headlock, but Jay is getting back to his feet, Independent still has the Headlock on him…. he holds it in for 30 seconds, but now Jay breaks the hold and does a quick Dropkick! Independent falls into the turnbuckle but is still standing, now Jay runs at him with a Clothesline! But Independent is still standing, Jay runs at him again, but this time Independent catches him with a big Boot to the skull! And Independent with a cover, 1……….2……. a kick-out!

Stew: As Jayjayyy gets up to his feet, Independent is taunting him, and now Independent with a Scoop slam! Independent has dominated almost all of this match so far! Now Independent lifts Jay up to the top rope, and Independent does a huge clothesline, knocking Jayjayyy down to ringside! And listen to that impact as Jay’s head smashes against the concrete floor!

DP: Jayjayyyy has a 10-count to get back in the ring, but for now he’s not moving! 1…. 2…. 3…… 4…. 5…… 6…. but Independent climbs out of the ring, he cannot win the title by count-out! Independent lifts Jayjayyy up in a Bear Hug, and he drives him rib-first into the apron! Independent throws Jay back into the ring, and climbs up to the top rope……. Independent with a Flying leg drop, but Jay moved outta the way! Independent crashes and burns, and this may be the opening that Jay needs to win this match! Independent is up to his feet, and Jayjayyyy does a Running DDT! The hook of the leg, 1……..2….. but Independent gets a shoulder up! Jay picks him up, and Jay is going for the CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB!

Stew: But Independent reverses it into a Backslide pin! 1…….2……… but no, Independent almost won the championship there! Independent goes for a Dropkick, but Jay jumps out of the way and Independent falls down to the canvas, Jay with a Bridge pin! 1………..2………. but Independent reverses it, and both men get back to their feet… Independent lifts Jay up in the air, oh my gawd look at his strength! He throws Jay over the top rope, but Jay hangs on and pulls Independent over the top rope, both men go crashing down to the floor!

DP: The ref is counting them out, if the match ends as a draw then Jayjayyyy retains the title! 1…… both men get up, Independent bounces Jay’s head against the ring apron, 2…… but Jay responds with a big right hand! And now Independent punches him, 3…. both men are exchanging punches! 4………. 5…….. 6……….. 7……… they’re still brawling here, they better get back in the ring! 8……………….. 9………….. THIS MATCH IS GONNA GO TO A DOUBLE COUNT-OUT!!

Stew: But both men quickly slide back into the ring, Oh my god how close was that?!! Independent throws the ref into Jayjayyyyy, Jay is distracted and Independent picks him up, PILEDRIVER by Independent!! The distraction may have cost the World champion, and now Independent lifts Jay up to the top turnbuckle, looking to put him away! Independent goes for the NECRO TOMBSTONE FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! But Jay reverses it, And Jayjayyy hits a One-handed Bulldog from the top rope!!!

DP: Independent is not moving after that, and Jay lifts him up, HERE WE GO!!! JAYJAYYYY CONNECTS WITH THE CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB, And he pins Independent, good night! 1………….2………….3! And Jayjayyyy retains the World championship against the
King of Legends Independent!!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Jay’s music hits and he gets his arm raised as he’s handed the title )

Announcer: The winner of this bout, and STILL your EAW World Heavyweight Champion, JAYYYJAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Stew: Jayjayyyyy’s rollercoaster title reign continues here at the Grand Rampage, tonight Jayjayyyy retains the World Heavyweight Championship!!!

[ Promo vid for the Grand Rampage match airs ]

( Camera shows playback of HBB winning _# 1 contendership against Masters, and HBB interrupting DEDEDE’s speech )

( Camera shows DEDEDE screwing HBB and King Kjors winning the EAW World Title )

( Camera pans to the arena )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )
Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, This match is scheduled for 1 fall…. And is for the EAW.. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! ….

( HBB’s Music plays as crowd cheers when he comes out with a bow with heart arrows in hand )

Announcer: First making his way to the ring, The Challenger, From San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at 235 Pounds.. he is The HEART… BREAK… BOOOOOOOOY!

Stew-O: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Heart Break Boy has overcome many odds in his past before, and Now that he is standing tall, standing strong as The _# 1 Contender, And that he dosent intend to Pass up this chance, King Kjors may have bit off more than he could chew in EAW!

Deadprez: Well i believe That HBB deserves his fair rematch, And General Manager Cuck U. Fena earlier tonight decided, That if anyone interferes in this match, they will be fired! That provides HBB even more of a chance to gain what he wants, but beating King Kjors sure won’t be the easiest thing in the world.

( King Kjors music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he comes out with a Chariot ridden by four horses in the front, and guards protecting from the back )

Announcer: And the opponent, Weighing in at 244 pounds, He is The EAW WOOOOORLD CHAMPION….. KING.. KJOOOOOORES!!!

Deadprez: And here”s the man that is respected by So many, yet so little by the EAW crowd. Now i cant blame them, because Kjors was practically handed The Title, but if Kjors Displays the best he has in his entire body, if he proves to me that he deserves what he has, than believe me ill eat my words faster than you can say….

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Kjors exits his chariot and enters the ring with his cape and his scepter )

Stew-O: Kjors seems to be politely beckoning a Handshake from HBB… BUT KJORS QUICKLY RAMS THAT GOLDEN SCEPTER UPSIDE THE HEAD OF HBB! Kjors gets on HBB and repeatedly punches, after punches after punches The forehead of HBB. But HBB Grabs Kjors Head, and Headbutts Kjors right in the temple as Kjors releases his grip, stands up and corners himself to the turnbuckle. HBB waits for Kjors to turn around on the turnbuckle, runs for a Clothesline and hits it, and hits a Bulldog off of the turnbuckle. HBB sets up Kjors and does a Standing Moonsault… but Kjors lifts his foot and reverses!

Deadprez: HBB sits on the ring floor, and Kjors bounces off the ropes and does a baseball slide and hits it. Kjors picks up HBB, twists his arm and hits numerous elbows on the arm, and Kjors locks in a Headlock, but HBB reverses, goes behind Kjors and does a Back to Backbreaker. HBB pins Kjors, 1…… but Kjors kicks out of that one! Kjors gets up and HBB gets up, and HBB does, THUNDEROUS knife-edge chops! And HBB goes for a Atomic Drop, but Kjors blatantly pushes HBB to the ropes, and Kjors clotheslines himself and HBB to the outside of the ring!

Stew-O: Kjors is outside the ring, and Kjors removes the Steel Steps from The Ring Post, and Kjors puts HBB’s leg in front of the steel steps, and Kjors does a Baseball Slide on the Steel Steps… AND CRUSHES HBB’S LEG ON THE RINGPOST! Kjors grabs HBB’s leg, gets a Steel Chair from under the ring and puts HBB’s leg into the flaps of the chair… now Kjors grabs the Steel Steps… AND DROPS THEM RIGHT ONTO HBB’S LEG THATS IN THE CHAIR! AND REPEATEDLY STOMPS ONTO THE CAUGHT LEG OF HBB!

Deadprez: I think Kjors is on to something! Kjors is targeting the leg, that is Vital to HBB if he wants to use The Sweet chin music. Now Kjors picks up HBB, And Continuously rams his head onto the ring post, but HBB Elbows out, and HBB grabs Kjors head and walks over to The Announce Tables. HBB picks up Kjors and Drops him onto our Announce Table, and Kjors gets up and HBB goes for a Running STO but Kjors does a Backbody Drop and…. OH MAN!

( Deadprez and Stew-O moves out of the way as HBB is thrown behind the announce table )

Stew- O: HBB gets up slowly, and Kjors does a high Kick to the head, but HBB ducks and Kjors falls groin-first into the barrier fence, and HBB does a hero Clothesline on Kjors, landing both men into the crowd area where the stairs are! Now HBB and Kjors brawl up The Stairs, and now both men are thirty feet up the stairs in this crowd in the grand rampage… And HBB rams Kjors head onto the stair railing! But Kjors counters with a low blow on HBB, and Kjors picks up HBB and drops him gut-first onto the railing! And Kjors grabs HBB and throws him through the exit door, and both men are backstage through the crowd!

Deadprez: The crowd is rushing up to the Exit door… AND THE EXIT DOOR BREAKS OPEN AND OFF THE HINGES AS HBB RAMS A LADDER LIKE A TRAIN STRAIGHT INTO THE FACE OF KJORS, AND KJORS FALLS 30 FEET DOWN THE STAIR FLIGHT AND FALLS THROUGH THE BARRICADE, BREAKING IT IN HALF, AND POSSIBLY KJORS!!!! Now HBB walks down to ringside 30 seconds later… And HBB takes the cover off of the ringbell table, our announce table and the spanish announce tables that are all lined up.

Stew-O: But Kjors comes out of nowhere and clocks that EAW World Title belt right upside the face of HBB! Now Kjors, picks up HBB, and goes for a Belly to Back Suplex through the Table…. But HBB holds himself to the ground… and Kjors squeezes in a Bear Hug, and continuously headbutts HBB. Kjors gets up onto the Spanish Announce Table… AND KJORS DOES A KINGS PLEX!!!! A KINGS PLEX ON HBB THRU OUR ANNOUNCE TABLE! Amd Kjors pins, 1……2……. but HBB still kicks out. Kjors goes under the ring and gets a Trashcan filled with Coal… a Barbedwire Bat… AND A GALLON OF lighter fluid!!!!!

Deadprez: This man is going crazy! Kjors picks up HBB, climbs The Steel Steps thats facing The Announce Table… And Kjors holds HBB on The Ring Apron… AND KJORS DOES A JUMPING, SPINNING PILEDRIVER INTO THE TRASHCAN FILLED WITH COAL ON HBB! But HBB Reverses with a Powerbomb and its Kjors who is headfirst into that Trashcan of Coal! Now HBB picks up Kjors and The Trashcan… And HBB Drops it onto the Spanish announce table!

Stew-O: Kjors laid out on the Spanish announce table with his upper body stuck in a Trashcan filled with coal! And Now HBB gets that gallon of lighter fluid, while The Spanish Announcers run off into the crowd, and HBB pours the lighter fluid into the Trashcan, And YOU CAN HEAR KJORS SCREAM AND CHOKE ON THE LIGHTER FLUID! AND HBB GETS A LIGHTER AND A MATCH AND SETS THE TRASHCAN ON FIRE!!!!! SETS THE TRASHCAN ON FIRE AS KJORS SCREAMS ARE HEARD AND HE INSTANTLY YANKS THE TRASHCAN OFF OF HIM!!!! AND HBB JUMPS UP THE TURNBUCKLE AND HITS A MOONSAULT ONTO THE STILL FLAMING KJORS!! HE MUST HAVE NEVER FELT PAIN LIKE THIS BEFORE!

Deadprez: FIRE EXTINGUISHERS FROM THE ARENA SECURITY PUTS OUT THE FLAMING TRASHCAN AND KJORS AND HBB COVERS WITH THE PIN, 1………2………………. AMAZING! KJORS KICKS OUT! HBB with no let up picks up Kjors and nails the ATOMIC DROP and takes him DOWN with the knife edged chop!

Stew-O: HBB Climbs The Top Rope.. And HBB is going for it, and does a HEART BREAK ELBOW! A HEART BREAK ELBOW, BUT KJORS ROLLS OVER AS HBB CRASHES RIGHT ON HIS ELBOW! Now Kjors waits, and HBB is up, and Kjors kicks him in the gut… AND DOES A SCIZZORS KICK ON HBB! A SCIZZORS KICK! And Kjors pins HBB… 1…….2……… and HBB Shoulders out of it! Now Kjors Gets the Barbedwire Bat.. And waits till HBB gets up so he SWINGS RIGHT IN THE GUT OF HBB, AND BREAKS THE BAT!!!! BREAKS THE DAMN BAT OVER THE HEAD OF HBB!

Deadprez: Kjors sets up HBB… and Kjors does.. A CROSSFACE CHICKENWING SUBMISSION! AND KJORS LOCKS IT IN! LOCKS IT IN! LOCKS IT IN! LOCKS IT IN! And HBB is an inch and a half away from tapping! AND HES GONNA TAP! HES GONNA TAP! HES GONNA TAP BUT NO, HBB GETS TO THE ROPES! HBB saved himself! Now Kjors is up… And HBB goes for The Kings plex in the middle of the ring, but HBB gets out of it, and GOES FOR A SUPERKICK, BUT Kjors ducks as HBB misses, and Kjors kicks HBB in the gut as he bends down, and goes for another Scizzors kick, but HBB escapes the kick as Kjors lands on his posterior… and..

Stew-O: BAM!!! THERES A SUPERKICK OUT OF NOWHERE! But Kjors ducks… and HBB grabs Kjors legs…. Trips him as he falls on his back.. and HBB does a SHARPSHOOTER! A SHARPSHOOTER! And HBB holds in the Sharpshooter on Kjors, as he claws his way to the ropes.. BUT THE PRESSURE IS ON! AND KJORS HAS NOWHERE TO GO AS BOTH MEN ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! But Kjors uses all his legstrength and pushes HBB to the ropes. Kjors quickly gets up, HBB tries to Strike Kjors and Kjors instead does a Clothesline, but HBB ducks, and bounces off the ropes and HBB does.. A SHINING WIZARD!!! WE’RE GONNA HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!

Deadprez: HBB falls over King Kjors, and theres the pin… 1…….2……… AND THERES THE THR… but Kjors kicks out! That was close! Now HBB climbs the top rope…. AND HBB DOES A HEARTBREAK ELBOW! A HEARTBREAK ELBOW ON KJORS! AND HBB RUNS TO THE TURNBUCKLE! AND IS TUNING UP THE BAND!

1……2……3…….4…….5…….6…….7……8………9……. ( Kjors Gets up )


Deadprez: Kjors is learning the true meaning of Agonizing pain! And Kjors sits up, and grabs the ropes… sits up AND SLAPS HBB RIGHT IN THE FACE! Now both Kjors and HBB Get up, and HBB goes for A SUPERKICK! But Kjors ducks and does a LOW BLOW ON HBB! Now one of Kjors Guards throw in The EAW World Title, Kjors Grabs it and CLOCKS him in the face with that belt!


( King Kjors music plays as crowd boo’s when him and his court celebrates )

Announcer: Here is your winner… AND STILL The EAW WORLD CHAMPION… The King… KJOOOOORS!

Stew-O: What.. an explosion between these two men! And after this match, look at him.. keep looking at him because KING KJORS is STILL The EAW World Champion!

Deadprez: And the respect for this man is coming slowly, but the thing is…HBB did so so so well! …

( King Kjors leaves as HBB gets up and is congratulated by the crowd )

( HBB’s music plays as crowd cheers when he leaves through the crowd )

Stew-O: And believe this, HBB shouldn’t feel bad for himself at all, i think in the future.. HBB will have another Chance like this, just wait for it! ..

( Grand Rampage promo plays )

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time……. for the GRAND RAMPAGE MATCH!!! Now in this match, Extremists will enter the ring every 90 seconds, until all 30 have entered. Every 5th entrant will be able to bring a weapon to the ring, which can be used at any time (the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th entrants). Eliminations occur when you throw another Extremist over the top rope with their two feet touching the floor, there are no Pinfalls, Submissions, DQs… The winner will be the Extremist who remains once all the others have been eliminated. The winner will get a shot at either the EAW Championship or the EAW World Heavyweight Championship in the Main Event of Pain for Pride! So, ladies and gentlemen…….. Let’s Get Ready To…………………….. RAMPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DP: You heard that right guys, it’s time to Rampage!

Stew: Yup, but who will entrant No.1 be? No one wants to draw that number, but it has to be someone!

DP: I dunno about you Stew-O, but I got chills down my spine!

Stew: Who is No.1 going to be!………??

(Hardy Boyz’s music hits, the crowd goes wild as he makes his entrance)

DP: Oh my!! It’s Hardy Boyz, Hardy Boyz has drawn the unlucky No.1 in this Grand Rampage match!

Announcer: Introducing the first participant, from the United Kingdom, weighing 250 pounds, HARDY BOYZ!!!

Stew: Hardy will have a HUGE battle ahead of him if he even dreams of main eventing Pain for Pride, that’s for sure! He has to go through 29 other hungry Extremists to do so!

DP: Who will be No.2? No.2 is just as bad as No.1, but who is it!?

(Mike Waggz’s music hits, he walks out to the ring and the crowd boo’s)

Announcer: And the 2nd participant, from Yonkers, New York, MIKE WAGGZ!!!

DP: It’s Mike Waggz! The man that had a huge influence on the world of E-feds, who now is a Showdown extremist, has drawn No.2!

Stew: One Dynasty and One Showdown extremist will start off the 2008 Grand Rampage!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew: And it’s under way, as Waggz and HB start trading rights and lefts… neither of these guys want to be worn down in the early stages of this match, they’ve got an hour in there if they want to win! Waggz whips HB across the ring, and there’s a Back Body Drop… HB gets back up, Waggz pushes him against the ropes and tries to eliminate him! Could this be our first elimination? But HB is holding on, and now HB with an elbow to the face!

DP: HB now throws Waggz shoulder-first into the ring post, and HB lifts Waggz up on his shoulders! Waggz is going out, HB throws him over the ropes! But Waggz wraps his legs around the top rope and hangs on! Now Waggz with a kick to the face, both men fall down to the canvas!
10…..9….8….7….6….5….4….3…..2……1……… BUZZ!

(Phenom’s music plays, he runs out to the ring)

Stew: Phenom is No.3 in this Grand Rampage, and he goes straight to work on HB with a clothesline! But there’s Waggz with a kick to the mid-section of Phenom, he runs at him but Phenom catches him with a Big Boot! Phenom picks HB up, and there’s a Scoop slam.. now Phenom lifts HB up into the air, HB is in trouble! Phenom tries to throw him over the top rope, but HB lands on the apron… and HB with a Vertical Suplex off the apron, Phenom lands on the floor at ringside! Phenom is eliminated, we’re back down to two men….. and Waggz hits the Codebreaker on HB!

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…….. BUZZ!

(The Champ’s music hits as he comes out to the ring)

DP: Here comes The Champ, at No.4! The Champ gets in the ring, and does a Shoulder Block on HB! But Waggz runs at him going for a Codebreaker, but The Champ manages to block it! And now The Champ grabs Waggz and tries to throw him outta the ring, but Waggz is holding on!

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…….. BUZZ!

(Wwefan’s music hits, he walks slowly out to the ring in pain, he’s holding a steel pipe)

Stew: The EAW Vice President is No.5 here, Wwefan! And you can tell that he is worn out after losing a brutal Extreme Rulez match against the EAW Chairman earlier in this evening!

DP: But ladies and gentlemen, Wwefan is the 5th entrant here! And that means he’s allowed to bring a weapon to the ring, and he’s got a steel pipe! The Champ is not backing down, he goes for a Shoulder Block on Wwefan, but Wwefan catches him with a shot to the skull with the steel pipe! And Wwefan throws him way over the top rope and down to the floor, The Champ is eliminated! HB is back up, Wwefan with a steel pipe shot!….. but no, HB ducks out of the way and HB hits a Samoan Drop on Wwefan!!

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…….. BUZZ!

(Lava Lamp’s music plays, he runs to the ring)

DP: Lava Lamp, the 6th entrant, he jumps from the apron and does a Springboard cross body on Mike Waggz, and Lava Lamp with a Leg drop on Wwefan! But HB from behind, Bulldog on Lava Lamp! And now Mike Waggz picks Lava Lamp up, he hits a Dropkick!
Stew: Well, Waggz and HB have been in here since the beginning 10 mins ago, but they’re looking pretty good in this Grand Rampage! Waggz kicks HB mid-section, he bounces off the ropes and goes for a Codebreaker on Waggz! But HB reverses it and hits the 99 Crusher!!

10..9..8..7..6..5…4..3..2…1…… BUZZ!

(Scrappy’s music hits, he makes a quick entrance)

DP: Here comes Scrappy at No.7! Scrappy with a nice Snap suplex on HB, and he does some knife-edge chops on Lava Lamp! He starts stomping on Wwefan, who is lying holding on to the bottom rope on the canvas!

Stew: Wwefan refuses to even get up, he just wants to stay down! But Scrappy lifts him up, Wwefan with a Low Blow! Wwefan grabs his steel pipe, and smashes it in Scrappy’s face! And Wwefan just collapses again! In the the other corner of the ring, Lava Lamp does a Shining Wizard on HB! And Lava Lamp tries to do a Headscissors on HB, but HB catches him with a POWERBOMB!!! And HB throws Lava Lamp over the top rope!

DP: But Lava Lamp hangs on to the top rope with all his strength! And Lava Lamp flips over the ropes and back into the ring, but HB catches him straight away with a huge right hand!

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1……… BUZZ!

(Ronn’s music plays, the crowd goes wild and he walks down to the ring)

DP: It’s Ronn, Ronn is at No.8! And Ronn was successful in defeating his arch-enemy Wwefan earlier in tonight, and unsurprisingly, Wwefan rolls under the bottom rope as Ronn enters! Wwefan is not eliminated for he did not go over the top rope!

Stew: Ronn throws Waggz into the turnbuckle, and there’s a Running Knee Lift!! He gets Scrappy in the other corner, and a Running Knee Lift on him! But Scrappy moves out of the way, and Scrappy tries to Clothesline Ronn over the top rope! But Ronn ducks, and Ronn with a huge Roundhouse kick on Scrappy, listen to that impact!! And Scrappy goes over the ropes and falls down to the floor, eliminated thanks to that devastating kick by the EAW Chairman!

10…9…8…7…6..5….4…3….2….1……. BUZZ!

(MVP’s music hits, the crowd boo’s and he runs out to the ring)

DP: Showdown’s MVP, who qualified on Showdown after beating Flashback, is the No.9 entrant! He enters the ring, and there’s the Players Boot on Mike Waggz in the turnbuckle! And wait a minute, Wwefan who was standing at ringside, jumps up on the apron and throws Mike Waggz over the top rope and down to the floor!! Wwefan-taker-Kennedy has Cheated his way to eliminating Mike Waggz, who had entered at No.2!

Stew: What do you mean, cheated his way? It’s all legal in the Grand Rampage match! Well, Wwefan stays outside the ring… right now, there are 4 men in this Grand Rampage: Hardy Boyz who came in at No.1, Wwefan who came in at No.5, Lava Lamp who came in at No.6, Ronn who came in at No.8, and MVP who came in at No.9!

Stew: MVP picks up wwefan’s steel pipe and wraps it around HB’s throat…. he’s choking him out, and meanwhile Ronn is taking Lava Lamp out with some knees and chops…

10…9…8…7….6….5….4….3…2……1……. BUZZ!

(Captain Charisma’s music plays, he walks to the ring holding a steel chair)

Stew: It’s Captain Charisma! Captain Charisma is entrant No.10, and he’s got a steel chair with him! CC enters the ring, a huge chair shot on MVP! And another one on Lava Lamp! But now Ronn grabs the chair from him, he tries to hit CC with the chair… but CC ducks and Drop toe holds Ronn onto the steel chair!

DP: And NOW Wwefan comes back into the ring, when Ronn is down! He grabs the steel pipe, and repeatedly smashes it against Ronn’s back! Wwefan is torturing the EAW chairman here! Wwefan lifts Ronn up and tries to throw him over the top rope, but Ronn is hanging on! And now Ronn with a kick to the midsection, and Ronn Bulldogs Wwefan! And hang on, Ronn puts Wwefan in the Anaconda Vice!! It’s locked in, Wwefan is furiously tapping out but it doesn’t mean nothing! And now CC with a steel chair to the skull of Ronn!! That was a bad idea of Ronn to put Wwefan in the Anaconda vice!

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…… BUZZ!

(Johnny Bad Blood’s music plays)

DP: One half of the EAW Tag Team Champions, at No.11! JBB enters the ring, he goes straight to work on Lava Lamp, with big right and left fists… HB is getting to his feet, HB has been in there for over 20 minutes since entering at No.1! JBB does an Atomic drop on Lava Lamp, and there’s an Arm drag!

Stew: And suddenly, Wwefan smashes CC’s steel chair in Hardy Boyz’s face! HB falls down to the canvas, he’s bleeding like a stuffed pig! And you’ve gotta believe that HB will be eliminated soon, he has taken so much here!

DP: And meanwhile, CC and MVP are trading punches.. MVP with an Eye Poke, and a huge clothesline! MVP bounces off the ropes, screams BALLIN!!! and drops the Ballin Elbow on CC! MVP may be Ballin his way to a Grand Rampage victory here!

Stew: MVP lifts CC up, in position for a PLAYMAKER!! But CC counters it, and CC connects with an UNPRETTIER ON MVP!! ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!! Captain Charisma picks MVP’s body up, and throws him over the top rope!….. but MVP hangs onto the bottom rope, and gets back into the ring! MVP escaped from being eliminated there!

10…9…8…7…6…5..4..3…2…1…… BUZZ!

(Evan’s music plays and he runs out to the ring)

DP: EAW Original, Evan, is No.12! But there’s CC, catching him straight away wit(h the Chamikaze!! And now Ronn lifts CC up from behind.. a Backbreaker! Ronn goes to the apron, that may not be a good idea! Ronn goes for a Springboard diving Clothesline on CC, but MVP catches him with a huge Boot to the face! And now Lava Lamp with a Standing Moonsault on Ronn!

Stew: Meanwhile, Wwefan is choking No.1 entrant Hardy Boyz out in the turnbuckle! On the other side of the ring, one half of the Tag team champs JBB is trying to lift Evan over the ropes… but Evan is holding on, and he goes quickly to the turnbuckle… a Missile drop kick on JBB!

10……9…..8…7…6…5..4…3…2….1……. BUZZ!

(Trevor’s music plays, he comes to the ring)

Stew: Oh my!! JBB’s tag team partner, the other half of the EAW tag team champions, Trevor, is No.13!

DP: Trevor enters the ring, he does a Double clothesline with JBB on Evan! Trevor and JBB pick Ronn up, and hit a Double suplex! They both lift Wwefan up in the air, and throw him on top of Ronn!

Stew: But there’s CC from behind with the steel chair, he puts the chair between JBB and Trevor, and smashes their heads into it! Ouch, that’s gotta hurt! But there’s Evan behind CC, he lifts him up for the Evan Slam! Evan Slam over the top rope!!

DP: But CC counters it, CC lifts the top rope down and trips Evan out of the ring! Evan is now eliminated!

10…9……8……7…..6……5….4…3….2…1….. BUZZ!

(Kid Extreme’s music hits, he runs to the ring and enters)

DP: Kid Extreme at No.14! He enters the ring, but Hardy Boyz is up, and HB quickly Clotheslines him! Hardy Boyz, Lava Lamp, Wwefan, Ronn, MVP, CC, JBB, Kid Extreme and Trevor are all still in this Grand Rampage…

DP: MVP is stomping on HB, he picks him up, going for the PLAYMAKER! Yes, the Playmaker connects! Now MVP picks HB up, Wwefan helps him to try and throw him over the top rope… but HB throws Wwefan through the middle rope out to ringside, he’s not eliminated!

10……9……8…..7….6….5….4….3….2….1…….. BUZZ!

(Rated R Shaman of Sexy’s music hits, he comes to the ring holding a metal chain)

DP: Rated R Shaman of Sexy is entrant No.15, so he’s allowed to bring a weapon to the ring, he’s got a metal chain!

Stew: And you know what this means, we’re half-way through the Grand Rampage! RRS enters the ring and starts striking Kid Extreme with the metal chain! Kid Extreme is screaming in pain, RRS hits the Corkscrew Neckbreaker on him! And he throws him over the top rope, thanks for coming Kid Extreme!

DP: RRSS tries to hit Ronn with the metal chain, but Ronn ducks and lifts RRS up on his shoulders!! But there’s Wwefan in the ring, he grabs the chain and wraps it around Ronn’s throat! Ronn drops RRS off his shoulders, and now RRS hits the Corkscrew Neckbreaker on Ronn!! The unlikely team of Rated R Shaman and Wwefan have double-teamed the EAW chairman, but there’s JBB and Trevor who both hit Big Boots on RRS and Wwefan!

Stew: The tag team champs may have just saved the Chairman Ronn from elimination. Well, that’s one way to get yourself a push!

10…9…8….7…..6…5……4….3…….2….1…… BUZZZ!

(MvM’s music hits, the crowd boo’s as he walks confidently to the ring)

DP: It’s MvM! MvM is entrant No.16 here, but he’s not entering the ring! MvM is staying at ringside, watching the match! Meanwhile, Captain Charisma and MVP are exchanging right hands near the ropes, both trying to eliminate each other.. but HB SUDDENLY GETS UP AND THROWS THEM BOTH OVER THE TOP ROPE!! :O!

Stew: Wow! But No, CC and MVP both hold on to the bottom rope, and they crawl back into the ring. I thought they were both eliminated there by HB, who has been in there for 37 minutes! And now CC and MVP start double-teaming HB, CC holds HB in the turnbuckle, MVP hits the Players Boot!!

10…9…8…7…6…5…4….3…2…..1…… BUZZ!

(Sting comes out to the ring with his music playing)

Stew: Sting is here at No.17, and wait a minute! He throws MvM into the ring, before entering the ring himself! AND RONN LIFTS MvM UP ON HIS SHOULDERS, G.T.S!! And Ronn tries to eliminate MvM, but he holds onto the ropes… and MvM with an Elbow to Ronn’s face, MvM SUDDENLY HITS AN MKO ON RONN!! MvM picks Lava Lamp up, MKO!! Wwefan attacks MvM from behind with the steel pipe, but MvM ducks and the steel pipe hits JBB! AND MVM HITS THE MKO ON WWEFAN!!! Hell is breaking loose here! JBB doesnt like being hit by the steel pipe, he picks Wwefan up, and hits the LAST RIDE!!

10….9….8…..7….6…..5…..4….3….2….1…… BUZZ!

(HRDO’s music hits, he walks out to the ring with an evil smile)

DP: IT’S HRDO AT NO.18! HRDO slides into the ring, JBB and Trevor try to double-team him, but he grabs them both by the throat, OH MY GOD!……. A DOUBLE CHOKESLAM CONNECTS ON THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!! And now HRDO picks up Wwefan, a German Suplex! But Sting strikes HRDO with a steel chair, and throws him into the turnbuckle… Sting runs at him for a Stinger Splash, but HRDO ducks and lifts Sting high up into the air…. and HRDO drops Sting down to ringside, he’s eliminated!

( Hey Yo Chico’s music hits as Crowd Cheers when he runs in )

Stew-O: Chico and MVP are immediately Trading punches as Chico steps in! And OUT OF NOWHERE, MVPS 4 HENCHMEN ENTER THE RING AND ALL 5 MEN ARE JUMPING CHICO! Each of them holding a Led pipe and ramming them allover the body of Chico as they easily bruise it! MVP picks up Chico and goes for a Playmaker, but Ronn out of nowhere does a dropkick on MVP, and MVM GOES FOR THE MKO ON RONN AGAIN BUT RONN pushes out.. and Charisma comes in and hits a Clothesline on MvM! Now Ronn and Charisma pick up MvM.. and both throw punches at him.. BUT LOOK AT THIS.. HRDO CLOTHESLINES RONN AND TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!

10…..9…8…7…6….5…4….3…2…1…. BUZZ!

( Independent’s music plays as Crowd Boos when lights black out and Indy appears in the middle of the ring )

Deadprez: There’s Independent! The man who lost to JayJayyyyy earlier this night! And LOOK AT THIS! MVP’s Henchmen who are done with Chico go and attack Indy and JBB! 2 henchmen irish whips JBB and 2 Henchmen irish whip Indy to the ropes and they come back as HRDO grabs both men by the throat for a double chokeslam! AND THERES MVPS HENCHMEN ATTACKING HRDO, AND HRDO CHOKESLAMS ALL 4 OF THE HENCHMEN AND MVP TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING HERE! And now Rated R Shaman and CC who are brawling in the middle of the ring ARE DOUBLE CHOKESLAMMED BY JBB AND HRDO TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING HERE!

10…9…8…7..6…5…4….3…2..1… BUZZ!

( Cuck U. Fena’s music plays as he starts rapping and walks down the ramp and into the ring )

Stew- O: look at this! Fena and MvM are facing a Crowd of EAW Fans, and MvM who is alligned with Fena.. DOES THE MKO!! THE MKO ON FENA! AND MVM ELIMINATES FENA! Now HB runs to MvM and both men trade punches and Than a crowd of EAW Stars are all trading punches now, and look at this, JBB and HRDO are fighting off Chico and Sting! Sting picks up JBB and does a Scoop Slam… And Sting runs At HRDO and FINALLY HITS THE STINGER SPLASH! Hardy Boyz and MvM trade punches, and MvM irish whips HB to the turnbuckle, and HB does the Whisper in the Wind, and MVM REVERSES WITH THE MKO AS HB FLIES TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!

10…9…8..7…..6….5….4…3…2…1… BUZZ!

( Edge and TNA Rocks’ music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out )
Deadprez: And look! EATR SPEARS GENERAL STING, THAN SPEARS HRDO, AND SPEARS MVM, But MVM Dodges and EATR lands to the apron, but EATR jumps onto the ring ropes and does a Springboard Crossbody, and turns that into a DDT! Now HRDO picks up EATR.. and WWEfan does some quick punches to the face of HRDO, and HRDO goes for a double chokeslam on EATR.. but Chico attacks HRDO from the back with his Chain whip, and Chokes out HRDO as WWEfan quickly Eliminates ETR out of nowhere!

10….9….8….7….6…5…4…3…2..1… BUZZ!

( Masters’ Music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out )

Stew-O: And theres Masters! Masters runs in with the Sledgehammer and rams it right onto the face of WWEFan! WWEFan ducks and Throws Repeated punches to the face of Masters, and Masters reverses with a Spinebuster! And Out of nowhere MvM goes for the MKO… BUT MASTERS ELMINATES MVM! And look, Chico hits Masters from behind, and Chico kicks Masters in the gut, and Chico goes for the crucifix powerbomb, but Masters reverses and eliminates Chico with a backbody drop!

10…9….8….7…6….5….4….3….2…1… BUZZ!

( Carlito is Cool’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he runs in )

Deadprez: Look at this! CiC runs in the ring.. and CiC does a BACKSTABBER ON HRDO! A BACKSTABBER ON JBB AND A BACKSTABBER ON MASTERS! Now Lava Lamp runs in and does a Bulldog on CiC, but CiC quickly tosses him to the outside of the ring here! And JBB comes in with Trevor and Gangs up on CiC, and CiC does a BackStabber on The Tag Team Champions!
10….9…..8…..7….6….5…4….3…2…1… BUZZ!

( Chainstein’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes in )

Stew-O: Theres Chainstein! And Chainstein comes in and Trades punches against CiC, and CiC kicks Chainstein in the gut and goes for DDT.. but Chainstein reverses and does a F-U on CiC.. and Trevor runs in and Chainstein does a DOUBLE F-U ON BOTH MEN TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!

10…9…8….7…6….5….4…3…2….1…. BUZZ!

( The Game’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he comes out )
Deadprez: And theres The Game! Now both Game and HRDO and Chainstein are all in a triple threat display of punches! And JBB chokeslams both HRDO and Chainstein, and JBB trades punches with Game! JBB irish whips Game to the turnbuckle, and JBB does a running shoulder block, and Game lifts his boot, and Game climbs the top rope and does a flying Neckbreaker right there folks! Now Game picks up JBB, and JBB kicks Game in the gut and goes for a LAST RIDE! A LAST RIDE! And JBB hits it! And HRDO comes in and tosses Game to the outside of the ring, and JBB ACTUALLY STEPS OUT OF THE RING JUST TO HANDLE GAME, AND JBB RAMS GAMES HEAD TO THE RING BARRACADE, and Both men brawl into the crowd!


( Mr DEDEDE’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he comes out from The Crowd )

Stew-O: AND THERES DEDEDE!! DEDEDE runs into the ring, and Trades punches with HRDO, while Chainstein trades punches with WWEfan, and HRDO goes for the Chokeslam on DEDEDE, and DEDEDE kicks HRDO in the balls, and does.. A GRAND SLAM! A GRAND SLAM! A GRAND SLAM! DEDEDE picks up HRDO, punches him all over the face and DEDEDE does a SPEAR! A SPEAR! DEDEDE picks up HRDO and does a spinebuster…. and DEDEDE does THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MOVE IN E-FED ENTERTAINMENT, THE PEOPLES ELBOW! And he hits it, picks up HRDO AND ELIMINATES HIS WRATH FROM THE GRAND RAMPAGE!!!! AND LIKE HE WOULD SAY, BAH GAWD ALMIGHTY! Now Chainstein picks up Masters and goes for an F-U, and Masters reverses and does a Pedigree on Chainstein! And DEDEDE does a running Clothesline on Masters.

10…9….8…..7…..6….5…4…3….2…1… BUZZ!

( Heart Break Boy’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes to the ring )

Deadprez: Theres The Heart Break Boy! And HBB wants revenge on DEDEDE as he runs in with a Steel chair, and smashes it RIGHT OVER THE HEAD of DEDEDE! Now HBB picks up DEDEDE and does a SWEET CHIN MUSIC, ELIMINATING DEDEDE! Heart Break Boy and Masters trade punches now, and Masters kicks HBB in the gut and goes for a pedigree, but Chainstein hits a Clothesline on Masters, and Masters does a backbody drop on Chainstein! And HBB Superkicks Masters practically knocking all of her teeth out! Now HBB climbs on the top rope.. and HBB does a Heart Break Elbow to the HEART OF MASTERS! AND…

10….9….8….7…6….5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!

( MvM’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he runs to the ring )

Stew-O: AND THERES MVM! MVM DOES AN MKO! AN MKO ON HBB! AND MVM DOES AN MKO ON CHAINSTEIN! MvM does an MKO ON MASTERS AS WELL! MvM eliminates Chainstein, Eliminates HBB and Tries to eliminate Masters, but Masters escapes it! And now MVM and Masters are the FINAL 2 IN THE GRAND RAMPAGE! THE FINAL 2! Now MvM and Masters are in the middle of the ring, trading punches, and MvM irish whips Masters to the turnbuckle, and MvM does a Superplex on Masters… AND HITS IT! Now MvM picks up Masters, and Masters does a Spinebuster! Spinebuster on MvM! And Masters picks up MvM and tries to Eliminate him, but MvM holds on, and does a shoulderblock on the gut of Masters, bounces off the ropes and does a Springboard Clothesline! Masters and MvM get up and Masters goes for the Pedigree…. and MvM does a European Uppercut on Masters, and MvM does a Dropkick.. AND MASTERS FALLS OUT OF THE RING!!!!!

But Masters holds on to the ring, and Rolls in and Masters grabs his sledgehammer and rams it over the FACE of MvM! Now MvM’s face is a crimson mask! Masters picks up MvM and does a Running powerslam, and MvM gets out of it and does AN MKO ON MASTERS! And MVM gets up and Throws Masters to THE ROPES.. but Masters puts MvM over his head.. AND MASTERS THROWS MVM TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING! AND MASTERS HAS WON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( Masters’ music plays as Crowd Cheers when he celebrates )

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen.. here is the winner of the 2008 Grand Rampage….. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS!!!!!!!

Deadprez: And Masters has won it! Masters has WON the Grand Rampage right here! And Masters will go on to Pain For pride, to face The King Kjors, for the EAW.. WOOORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Stew- O: We wanna thank you for coming to The Grand Rampage, this has been the night for the ages, and we will see you, on DYNASTY… AND The Road.. to Pain For pride.. STARTS NOW!…

( EAW logo buzzes )

Written by Fight Grid

Road to Redemption (2007)

Pain for Pride