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FULL MATCH – Justicar Eric vs. Jake Smith

Clark Ruggerio: The following contest is scheduled for one-fall and it’s a Fightgrid exhibition match between The Revolution’s Jake Smith and the newest member of the Showdown roster – Justiciar Eric.

Ben Knight: The two superstars haven’t met face-to-face but the buildup to this encounter has been filled with venomous barbs and threats to put away the other.

(The arena lights switch off as the room fades to black. Suddenly, blinding light engulfs the building as black mist arises from around the stage and down the ramp. The titantron turns on to show a visual of The Earth being set alight.)

(“All Fall Down” blares through the arena’s speaker system as from the back emerges Justiciar Eric. The debutant is donning his ceremonial robes over his ring attire. He places a hand over his heart and makes the solemn pledge before making his way down the aisle, wearing a soulless expression on his face that pierces into everything he faces. The newcomer climbs up the ring steps before stopping by the turnbuckle, looking around the environment as he leers at all surrounding in.)

Maria Del Rey: The following Fight Grid exclusive matchup is a singles competition scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty pounds, from Jacksonville, Florida…JJJJUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSTIIICCAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR EEERRRRRIIIIIIIIIC!

Clark Ruggerio: This is the first time Eric is going to compete in the EAW ring and he is intent on making an impact tonight.

(As Justiciar Eric enters the ring, he heads to the eastern side of the ring as he removes his ceremonial robes and tosses them asunder to look back at the ring stage to await his opponent. The lighting returns to normal as a buzz surrounds the arena, fans eagerly await Eric’s opponent for tonight.)

Ben Knight: Love him or hate him – most likely the latter – as a member of The Revolution, Jake Smith alongside Josh Nicholls have been making an impact on Battleground and now they’re on the main roster to resume where they’ve left off.

(The arena lighting dims once more as “House of Wolves” by My Chemical Romance’s intro begins; a few boos surface for the pending arrival of this man as Justiciar Eric is seen quietly listening to the referee’s instructions for the match. The drums kick in as the lights abruptly switch on and begin flashing aggressively, Jake Smith has arrived.)

Maria Del Rey: And his opponent…weighting in at two-hundred and three pounds…from Venice, California…JAAAAAAAAAAAKE SSSSSMMMMIIIIIIIITH!

(Jake smith arrives with a smarmy grin on his face, grinning as he struts nonchalantly down the ramp – slapping his hands together – as he eyes at his opponent stood in the ring. Justiciar Eric returns a snarl but Smith brushes it off, the latter zoning out for a second as he combs his fingers through his own hair. Jake enters the ring to approach his opponent as the two begin trash talking whilst Smith takes his jacket off. The referee interjects to bring some much-needed order but suddenly he ducks as Jake Smith flings his leather jacket at an alerted Justiciar Eric.


Clark Ruggerio: This match-up is officially underway! The bell’s toll prompts Jake Smith to immediately pounce on the distracted Justiciar Eric, the former hammering away with forearms at the slightly larger debutant. The barrage of blows sends Eric retreating into the eastern ropes as Smith grabs his foe and Irish Whips him across the ring! Eric ricochets off of the western ropes and into his opponent, immediately greeted by a thunderous clothesline! Justiciar Eric is sent tumbling to the mat, cradling his neck as Jake Smith basks in the jeering of the audience following what has been an ambush. Justiciar Eric staggers to his feet – only to be greeted by a kick to the abdomen, forcing “The Lord of Order” to keel forward as Smith begins hammering the back of the former with forearm shots until they send Eric back to his hands and knees. Smith applies a front-facelock on his weakened foe and lifts him up, before condemning the debutante to the canvas with a Fisherman Suplex! Smith maintains the bridge as the referee counts the pin:



Ben Knight: Shortly after the second, Justiciar Eric powers out of the pin attempt! Jake returns to his feet and begins stomping away at the ribs of his adversary, inviting heat from the fans as the underhand tactics at the start of the match have given “The Mighty” the advantage in this match. Smith takes a few steps back, eyeing the groggy Justiciar Eric as he recuperates and brings himself back up… But Smith has other ideas as he charges at the doubled over debutant and goes for the “BROKEN WINGS” SWINGING NECKBREAKER! BUT Justiciar Eric pushes his onrushing adversary into the western ropes, and the latter’s momentum sends him into a well-prepared SPEAR FROM JUSTICIAR ERIC! However, it does not connect, the darting Jake Smith leaps over the battering ram of Justiciar Eric’s shoulder and stops himself at the eastern ropes. Eager to pick up and turn the tide in his favour, Justiciar Eric turns around to meet Jake Smith and THE COCKY BASTARD OBLIGES WITH A SPEAR OF HIS OWN! Smith slaloms over the body of his foe, making a bridge pin one more time!




Clark Ruggerio: Only two! Justiciar Eric responds after the second count but is nowhere as fresh as the previous pin attempt. Jake snarls at the referee, adamant that the count was slower than usual and mouths expletives to the official. Eric rises to his feet slowly but the arrogant Jake Smith is having none of it and pushes his foe down to the mat by the face. The crowd remain raucous – disgusted by Smith’s disrespect for his opponent – as Jake leans over to ‘help’ his foe back up to a standing position. Smith grabs Justiciar Eric by the left arm and yanks on it, but the latter stays firm and pulls back. “The Mighty” is slightly alarmed by his opponent’s resilience and yanks again, only to be yanked back and dragged to the canvas!? Smith falls to the mat as Justiciar Eric turns over the latter and wraps his body around the right arm! ARM BREAKAGE! Jake Smith is screaming as he feels the sudden torque of his arm joints being manipulated by his adversary’s Fujiwara Armbar and he flails his feet towards the near eastern ropes. SQUEEZING AND SQUEEZING, JUSTICIAR ERIC PUTS MORE TORQUE ON THE ARMBAR AND YELLS AS HE UNLEASHES SADISM UPON HIS MIGHTY ADVERSARY! Jake Smith wheels his body closer to the ropes but Justiciar Eric is having none of it, loosening his grip to readjust his position and DRAG SMITH BACK INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Justiciar Eric is back with Arm Breakage but he is rolled onto his back as he cannot fully grip the submission maneuver in, and he’s in a pinning predicament as Smith hooks both of his legs with the free-arm!


Ben Knight: Immediately Eric breaks free, having the slight physical advantage and now momentum of the match has flipped with just one hold. The walking wounded Jake Smith clutches his weakened shoulder as he cowers into the north-east corner of the ring, the referee eager to stop Justiciar Eric from getting himself disqualified as the latter begins levelling Smith with lefts and rights. The referee counts – ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR – and Justiciar Eric wises up, backing away at the insistence of the official as Jake Smith catches his breath. Justiciar Eric waits in the middle of the ring as a weary Smith walks towards his foe… into the SUPERKICK from Justiciar Eric! Fans pop at the sight of Eric’s boot cleanly whacking the jaw of the fallen “Mighty” and it’s this that urges Justiciar Eric to hook the legs for the pin!




Clark Ruggerio: Jake Smith kicks out at what feels like the death and Justiciar Eric cannot believe it! Eric is desperate not to lose a foothold on his debut, leaning forward to get his rising foe into a vertical suplex predicament – only he is ensnared by a SMALL PACKAGE PIN!?


Ben Knight: ONLY ONE! Justiciar Eric immediately kicks out as the upper body strength of Smith’s isn’t enough to commit to the cradle for three seconds. Both men scurry to their feet – surprisingly Smith too – with “The Mighty” CARRYING A BURST OF ENERGY TO CONFRONT AN OFF-GUARD JUSTICIAR ERIC WITH HIS FINISHING SWINGING NECKBREAKER! BUT JUST LIKE THE FIRST ATTEMPT, JUSTICIAR ERIC COUNTERS AND SENDS A PIVOTING SMITH INTO THE ROPES! The counter stifles Smith’s attempt of a victory as he turns around to be greeted BY ERIC’S BICYCLE KNEE STRIKE – THE CLEANSING TRIGGER!

Clark Ruggerio: Fortunately, Jake Smith uses some of his newfound experience on Battleground to clutch the top rope and stop himself as he lets off a massive sigh of relief. Justiciar Eric has shown the impact of that knee strike in his vignettes and that could’ve won “The Lord of Order” this match up. Jake Smith is rooted to the ropes by Justiciar Eric’s continuous forearm strikes to the head and he’s forced to cower back as the referee warns the latter not to overstep any boundaries. Justiciar Eric shrugs his shoulders and walks off, and runs back as he charges at Jake Smith with a clothesline! Smith switches on at the final second and ducks as he catapults his foe over the top rope! AND LANDED ONTO THE APRON AS JUSTICIAR ERIC HOLDS ON! Jake seems to have been cut open by one of Justiciar Eric’s strikes below the eye as slight blood stems down his cheek. He turns around and sees his adversary staring dead at him on the apron and immediately goes for a strike of his own! Justiciar Eric catches the left hand, with a hand of his own and delivers a stiff punch to the jaw of Smith’s! Smith stumbles away, clutching his face as the referee shows concern to the slight-bloodied competitor.

Ben Knight: Justiciar Eric reenters the ring and approaches Smith but trips his foot underneath the bottom rope? Eric slightly stumbles and looks behind him to see what’s behind him, bewildered by his own lack of ring awareness but it’s THE OTHER MEMBER OF THE REVOLUTION, JOSHUA NICHOLLS. The crowd groan at the sight of a crouched Nicholls as it seems that Justiciar Eric hasn’t noticed him yet. Eric decides to ignore the ‘botch’ and refocus on the task at hand Jake Smith, WHO CATCHES THE REFOCUSED JUSTICIAR WITH THE SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Jeers intensify as Justiciar Eric whiplashes head-first into the canvas! Smith hooks the legs as Nicholls sneers on the outside following his contribution…





(The booing rises a decibel with Jake Smith immediately rolling out of the ring following his victory! “House of Wolves” plays once more – sans the intro – as he is greeted by his lowered tag team partner Joshua Nicholls.)

Clark Ruggerio: The referee is crouched at the mat, checking on the winded Justiciar Eric who will be feeling aggrieved after a valiant display.


Clark Ruggerio: Smith rises to his feet and exchanges pleasantries with the other half of The Revolution but you had a feeling that the longer the match went on, the more that Justiciar Eric was growing into it.

Ben Knight: Jake Smith and Joshua Nicholls showing just why they were so impressive on Battleground and why they’re up on the main roster. Their close-knit tactics and acumen in the ring are what will see them make it on the main roster sooner rather than later.

Written by Anna C. Flowers

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