FULL MATCH – HRDO vs Mr. DEDEDE: Pain for Pride I

( Mr DEDEDE vs HRDO rivalry is shown )

( Crowd boo’s as Helicopter intro plays )

( Camera fades to Mr DEDEDE with loud winds heard in the background )

Mr DEDEDE: ITS THE GAWD, LIVE!!! LIVE in The HEART of New York CITY!!!!! The Gawd is so excited! The Gawd is so enthusiastic! The Gawd is First off, Glad that NICK isn’t here to bug me first off! And ya know what? The Gawd is cooking up something big! The Gawd isnt cooking up pie, The Gawd isnt cooking up stroodle, The Gawd isnt cooking up steak, burgers, patties for none of you fat sons of bitches! The Gawd is going to cook up a can of WHOOPASS, open it up and feed it to HRDO’s candy ass, even if i have to use a spoon! Though after I get finished with him he aint gonna be able to eat shit without a straw! Than ya know what im gonna do? I’m gonna feed off of the energy of The MILLIONS…….. AND THE MILLIONNNSSSS…. Of The Gawds fans! That’s what I’m gonna do! Then The Gawd is gonna do this, The Gawd will take every risk there IS to take to make sure HRDO smells what I’m cookin’, too bad the only way he’ll be able to smell a damned thing is through a breathing machine! The Gawd says this, Pain for Pride.. WOOOOOOOO Pain for Pride is gonna be the 2nd highlight of my life! first time was getting my first piece of pussy! When The Gawd Whoops HRDO’s candy ass… ALL OVER MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!!….

Mr DEDEDE: The Gawd will admit, we’ve been at each others throats! LITERALLY! But The Gawd is gonna finish this off, And The Gawd is gonna finish HRDO off right now! Tonight! And why? Because i am THE JABRONI BEATING… PIE EATING, ELECTRIFYING.. JET PLANE RIDING… And I DO MEAN.. JETPLANE RIDING!!!

( Camera shows Mr DEDEDE standing in a helicopter over Madison Square Garden )

Stew-O: OH MY GOD!


*DEDEDE throws down a rope/ladder attached to the Helicopter*

Mr DEDEDE: WHAT THE GAWD!!!!!! … IS!!!! …. COOKIN!!!!

( We cut inside the arena, and the crowd cheers as they see DEDEDE standing in the rafters. DEDEDE descends from a harness but appears to slide down a rope-ladder for theatrics, and he lands at the top of the ramp before an impressed audience which cues his music. Mr DEDEDE’s music plays as he taunts his way down the ramp )

Announcer: This Grudge Match is scheduled for one fall! FIRST, making his way to the ring! From Miami, Florida, weighing in at 270 Pounds….. MISTEEEEEEEEER DEDEDE!!!!!!!!

Deadprez: Here comes the self proclaimed Gawd! Making his way to the ring! And some believe that he just may BE a Gawd! But if DEDEDE wins this battle, He won’t only be called Gawd, but he will have as much credibility to the wrestling world as a titan would have to the mythical world! Titans are above even Gods, and if DEDEDE wins, you’d better believe his legacy goes down with the titans as well!

( DEDEDE’s music continues playing as he raises his arm to the crowd, until a HUGE explosion shoots up from the stage and the turnbuckles. DDD jumps back because he is startled. )

( HRDO’s music plays and crowd cheers when he comes out with a rusty chain )

Announcer: And the opponent, From Orlando, Florida… Weighing in at 260 Pounds….. H-R-D-O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Here Comes HRDO! The Monster that for over a year has decimated the likes of CiC, King and even Crude! And now, HRDO wants to add another huge name to that list! And that name is Mr DEDEDE! But will HRDO be able to pull off one of the BIGGEST matches of his life?? And its not just his life, its his opponent, Mr DEDEDE’s life! How’s it gonna be? Who will walk out Victorious in the 1 on 1 competition? We’re gonna find out as SOON as the bell rings!

( C.M Ronn’s music plays as Crowd Cheers as he comes out with a Referee shirt )

Announcer: And! The Special Guest Referee…. From New Jersey… The CHAIRMAN of the Board of Extreme Answers Wrestling… ROOOOOOOOOONN!!!

Deadprez: Here comes the referee of this match up here! Right now he is NOT the Chairman of EAW, right now he is the Special Guest Referee… CM RONN! And i think i know why Ronn made himself special referee! Because Ronn knows that these 2 men with a normal man watching them would KILL each other! But Ronn is here to make sure that DEDEDE and HRDO dont wind up seriously injuring eachother or someone else!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew-O: Mr DEDEDE and HRDO, circling the ring and Ronn standing there making sure no one tries anything funny. DEDEDE and HRDO lock up and HRDO is already leading in the grapple, but DEDEDE uses his strength and over powers HRDO, and DEDEDE attempts a Scoop Slam, but HRDO gets out of it and pushes DEDEDE into the ropes, but DEDEDE returns with a HUGE Clothesline! HRDO immediately gets up, and HRDO throws a kick at DEDEDE’s sides, but DEDEDE blocks it and goes for the peoples punches! But HRDO ducks the final blow and HRDO Does a Scoop Slam of his own! Ronn exits the ring.. and Ronn is actually THROWING IN a Steel Chair! And HRDO Grabs it, till DEDEDE hits a shot below the belt and delivers a Snap DDT! DEDEDE stares at Ronn, and Ronn is explaining that he’s gonna “Rig” both sides of it! But DEDEDE is still yelling at Ronn till HRDO does a roll up, and Ronn pins!

1…………2……….. but DEDEDE kicks out.

Deadprez: DEDEDE gets up using the ropes, and HRDO runs at DEDEDE and attempts to Clothesline him out of the ring, but DEDEDE kicks HRDO in the gut, and DEDEDE does a swinging neckbreaker! But HRDO gets out of it, kicks DEDEDE in the gut and does the same swinging neckbreaker! HRDO grabs DEDEDE, and HRDO goes for an early Jackknife Powerbomb! But DEDEDE gets out of it, and DEDEDE reverses with a HURRICANA! Unbelievable from the big man! DEDEDE grabs the Steel Chair that was on the ring floor, and DEDEDE waits until HRDO stands up… and he does as DEDEDE SWINGS! But HRDO ducks and DEDEDE swings again, but HRDO ducks and DEDEDE hits the chair onto the turnbuckle. And while DEDEDE deals with the vibrations, HRDO from behind does a German Suplex! HRDO does another German Suplex, and does the final Suplex into the middle of the ring! HRDO Picks up DEDEDE again and HRDO whips him to the turnbuckle… and HRDO wants to settle this match with a running Clothesline! HRDO whips DEDEDE again to another turnbuckle and HRDO does ANOTHER huge Clothesline!

Stew-O: HRDO makes his way to another turnbuckle, and DEDEDE slowly gets up… until HRDO does… THE FLYING CLOTHESLINE! But DEDEDE reverses into… THE GRAND SLAM!!! The Grand Slam!!! But HRDO elbows DEDEDE onto the side of the head, and HRDO hits a HUGE Boot flat on DEDEDE’s face! But DEDEDE holds HRDO’s leg, and HRDO Falls flat on his back, DEDEDE grabs both of HRDO’s legs and goes for.. THE SHARPSHOOTER!!!! But HRDO pushes out with his legs as DEDEDE falls to the outside of the ring! DEDEDE purposely did that and HRDO runs at DEDEDE with a baseball slide to the outside of the ring! And DEDEDE falls right onto the steel guardrail! HRDO is outside with the Steel Chair, and HRDO nails that chair into DEDEDE’s gut, and HRDO puts DEDEDE’s head flat onto the steel guardrail… SO HRDO CAN SLAM THAT CHAIR, RIGHT ONTO THE BACK OF DEDEDE’S HEAD! DEDEDE somehow STILL isn’t bleeding, and HRDO grabs DEDEDE’s head and rams it onto the guardrail, and HRDO throws DEDEDE’s shoulder STRAIGHT into the steel ringpost!

Deadprez: DEDEDE is trying to recover his shoulder, but HRDO grabs a hold of his head and rams it RIGHT onto the Announce Table! But DEDEDE blocks the impact, and DEDEDE elbows HRDO in the ribs, and DEDEDE throws a huge fist to HRDO’s face! HRDO slides onto the ring apron, and DEDEDE goes under the ring to get a table! But look at this! The referee Ronn is trying to pull DEDEDE away from the table, maybe because he doesn’t want these stars to hurt each other THAT bad! But after refusing to listen to Ronn, DEDEDE sets up the table on the outside of the ring, and DEDEDE goes in the ring looking for HRDO.. Till HRDO does a huge shoulder block! HRDO goes towards the top rope.. and there’s Ronn trying to talk HRDO out of doing this! But HRDO does… A FLYING CLOTHESLINE knocking DEDEDE down as SOON as he gets up! And I’ve had that happen to me before, not only is it painful, but its FRUSTRATING because as soon as you try to get back up and win this match, you’re knocked back down! And DEDEDE is crawling towards the ropes to try to get up, and HRDO again goes towards him until DEDEDE throws a punch, another… and DEDEDE does… THE PEOPLES PUNCHES!

Stew-O: HRDO is knocked down here! DEDEDE waits for HRDO stomping away! And HRDO is up… and DEDEDE does a HUGE clothesline, as HRDO actually FLIPS over! And DEDEDE for some reason taunts at the crowd, when he KNOWS he has to finish off his opponent, if he wants his status as Gawd to be recognized! And HRDO is NOT about to let DEDEDE do this! HRDO sits up, and DEDEDE stomps at HRDO, runs towards the Steel Chair, and when he tries to SWING it at HRDO… HRDO counter acts with a HUGE boot into DEDEDE’s Chair that runs RIGHT into his face! DEDEDE is running back to the turnbuckle, trying to relax and rest and heal himself… but DEDEDE THROWS his arm at DEDEDE and goes for.. THE TOP ROPE CHOKESLAM!!! But DEDEDE rakes HRDO’s eye and puts HRDO onto the top turnbuckle! And DEDEDE puts HRDO on top of the turnbuckle… and DEDEDE goes for… A HUGE SUPERPLEX!!!! As BOTH HRDO AND DEDEDE are down!

( Instant replay shows how HRDO pushed DEDEDE during the suplex )

Stew-O: Ronn is in SHOCK! And Both men are knocked down, but HRDO is able to cover DEDEDE! And Ronn pins!

1……………….2………………….. but DEDEDE just BARELY raises a shoulder!

Deadprez: HRDO slowly gets up, and HRDO goes towards that top rope… and HRDO attempts…. A DIVING HEADBUTT!!!! HRDO wants to FINISH DEDEDE earlier than I THOUGHT he would in this match, but DEDEDE barely rolls out of the way! OH GOD! HRDO lands FLAT on his forehead as you can see it slightly bruised! DEDEDE slowly gets up, and DEDEDE grabs HRDO and presses him towards the ring ropes.. and DEDEDE does a HUGE knife edge chop! And DEDEDE follows up with 3 more, he whips HRDO to the ropes and DEDEDE does a SPINEBUSTER!!! HRDO Crashes straight into the middle of the ring! And DEDEDE covers!

1……………..2……………….. but HRDO kicks out!

DEDEDE stomps away, taunting at HRDO… and HRDO gets up… as DEDEDE goes for THE GRAND SLAM!!! But HRDO reverses and lifts DEDEDE for…. the Samoan Drop!!! A move that BOTH of these men share! HRDO rolls out of the ring, and HRDO grabs.. THE STEEL STEPS!!! And HRDO goes on the apron and throws those steps into the middle of the ring! HRDO picks up the steps in the ring.. and HRDO tries to ram it STRAIGHT into DEDEDE’s head! But DEDEDE does a drop toe hold.. as HRDO falls STRAIGHT into the turnbuckle, and his face rams RIGHT into the steel steps! Blood comes pouring out of his mouth!

Stew-O: My God! HRDO’s been busted open on the forehead too! And DEDEDE grabs HRDO into the middle of the ring, and stomps away at HRDO’s hurt body on the ground! DEDEDE grabs HRDO’s legs once more, and DEDEDE attempts… A SHARPSHOOTER! A SHARPSHOOTER!!! And DEDEDE LOCKS IT IN!!! HRDO is trying to fight out of it! And DEDEDE is screaming louder than HRDO is! And ive never even HEARD HRDO, in my LIFE scream out of pain! But DEDEDE is making that happen with that Sharpshooter! And DEDEDE wants to make SURE HRDO taps out to that one! HRDO is ALMOST at the ropes, as Ronn is watching closely, and HRDO GRABS The ropes! But DEDEDE is STILL locking it in! And Ronn tries to pull DEDEDE off of HRDO, and DEDEDE pushes Ronn straight into the ropes! And LOOK AT THIS, RONN RUNS AT DEDEDE AND DOES A SHINING WIZARD!!! Ronn is NOT playing any games right now! WHAT kind of referee is THAT!?

Deadprez: DEDEDE was only taking advantage!

Stew-O: After about 60 seconds of both men lying around and intense chants from the crowd DEDEDE is back up, and DEDEDE grabs HRDO’s legs again and attempts ANOTHER Sharpshooter!!! But HRDO pushes DEDEDE off and DEDEDE lands on the ring apron! HRDO’s legs, mostly knee’s are most likely ACHING, and HRDO goes up to DEDEDE and attempts a HUGE uppercut! But DEDEDE shoulder blocks HRDO, and DEDEDE attempts to suplex HRDO to the outside, where the TABLE is! But HRDO is fighting out of it and attempts to suplex DEDEDE over the ropes and into the middle of the ring! But DEDEDE reverses again and goes for ANOTHER suplex! And THIS TIME HE HITS IT! AS HRDO CRASHES STRAIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE HERE!!!!!!!! Both men are laid out at the side of the ring! As Ronn is watching both men get up, DEDEDE is the first to throw a punch to the very groggy HRDO, and DEDEDE grabs HRDO’s head and rams it right onto the ringpost! And DEDEDE puts HRDO into the ring, but has HRDO’s head sticking out of the apron! DEDEDE elbows HRDO STRAIGHT in the throat, and lifts HRDO’s head and drops it onto the ring apron! And slides him back into the ring! DEDEDE grabs ANOTHER table, and DEDEDE slides this one into the ring! DEDEDE sets up the table and DEDEDE puts HRDO over the table! DEDEDE climbs the top rope, and DEDEDE GOES FOR…. THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!!!!!!!! BAH GAWD ALMIGHTY!!! BUT HRDO ROLLS OVER AND DEDEDE CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

Deadprez: DEDEDE is holding his stomach that took the full impact of that crash! HRDO gets up, and HRDO waits until DEDEDE is up, and DEDEDE turns around as HRDO wraps his hand RIGHT around DEDEDE’s throat.. and HRDO DOES THE CHOKESLAM!!!!!! THE CHOKESLAM!!!!! And HRDO covers DEDEDE’s throat with the boot!!!

1………………….2…………………………. But DEDEDE kicks out!!!

As Ronn is shocked and surprised here, along with all the fans in MSG and the millions watching worldwide! HRDO puts the steel steps in place of the middle of the ring… and HRDO picks up DEDEDE.. AND HRDO IS GONNA DO THE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER RIGHT ONTO THE STEPS!!!! But DEDEDE reverses, rolling in front of HRDO, and DEDEDE grabs HRDO’s tights for a rollup pin!


Deadprez: But HRDO kicks out! DEDEDE has absolutely NOTHING left! And HRDO has 1 more trick in store!! HRDO grabs DEDEDE, pulls him to the center of the ring and does.. THE SANDTRAP CROSSFACE!!! THE CROSSFACE!!! HRDO LOCKS IN THE CROSSFACE AND DEDEDE HAS ABSOLUTLEY NOWHERE TO GO!!! What IS there left!? What CAN DEDEDE do!? DEDEDE is SCREAMING and crying as Ronn is asking him if he just wants to QUIT! But DEDEDE doesn’t know the MEANING of quit when it comes to this match! DEDEDE claws towards the bottom rope! And HRDO is locking the crossface in even HARDER! REARING IT BACK! DEDEDE is only CENTIMETERS from the ropes!!….. AND HE GRABS IT! HE GRABS IT! And HRDO is FORCED to let go of this crossface!

Stew-O: But hold on! HRDO is STILL holding it in! And Ronn is pulling him off of DEDEDE, and Ronn throws a HUGE stomp to HRDO’s head!!! And HRDO is FURIOUS! HRDO sits up, and GRABS Ronns throat! But from behind, DEDEDE does a desperate low blow! And DEDEDE with the REST of his stamina shoulders HRDO’s leg, and when HRDO gets up DEDEDE does a FINAL Clothesline! And Both men are on the ground, and they have absolutley NOTHING left! Another moment goes by, with the fans making a lot of noise clapping and stomping to urge these two to get back upp! DEDEDE gets up, and DEDEDE picks up HRDO, whips him to the ropes and DEDEDE does.. THE SAMOAN DROP! And DEDEDE claps and taunts to the raucous crowd! DEDEDE gets up, and DEDEDE stampede stomps at HRDO… and HRDO gets up slowly.. turns around.. and DEDEDE goes for.. THE GRAND SLAM!!! But HRDO slides DEDEDE’s arm off of his shoulder.. does a headbutt and HRDO does a HUGE uppercut! Knocking DEDEDE down! HRDO goes onto the ring apron and climbs onto the top rope… and HRDO goes for.. THE DIVING HEADBUTT!!!! But While HRDO is in midair, DEDEDE KIPS UP and BOTH HRDO AND DEDEDE’S HEADS KNOCK INTO EACHOTHER AT FULL SPEED! HOLY HELL! And DEDEDE is BLEEDING! And HRDO is bleeding as well! How are they not dead?! DEDEDE SOMEHOW summons enough strength to get up.. as does HRDO after what feels like minutes.. AND HRDO GOES FOR ANOTHER CHOKESLAM, but DEDEDE throws HRDO’s arm off of his throat.. and DEDEDE hits.. THE GRAND SLAM!!! GRAND SLAM!!!! GRAND SLAM!!!!! AND DEDEDE FALLS UNCONCIOUS over HRDO! And theres the pin!

1………………….2………………………….. BUT HRDO STILL KICKS OUT!!!

Deadprez: This is unbelievable! DEDEDE and HRDO are putting each other at the ULTIMATE Test! And its been 15 seconds of despair and DEDEDE is finally up, but dangling onto the ropes. DEDEDE waits until HRDO gets up… and DEDEDE goes for.. THE SPINEBUSTER! But HRDO reverses with a DDT! HRDO picks up DEDEDE… and HRDO puts DEDEDE on his shoulder and goes for.. a running Powerslam!!! And DEDEDE is planted right in the middle of the ring! HRDO grabs DEDEDE, and DEDEDE throws a punch, but HRDO ducks and HRDO goes for.. ANOTHER CHOKESLAM!!! AND HE HITS IT AS DEDEDE IS DROPPED RIGHT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!! HRDO KNOWS 2 chokeslams aren’t gonna be enough to beat DEDEDE, and HRDO picks up DEDEDE and sets him up… AND HRDO DOES THE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!!!! AND HRDO HITS IT AS DEDEDE HAS BEEN DESTROYED!!!!!! And HRDO is INCHES away from the pin!………. BUT WAIT A MINUTE! WAIT A MINUTE! OH MY GOD!!! Ronn grabs HRDO!!!!!!!!! AND RONN DOES THE GTS!!! GO TO SLEEP ON HRDO!!!!!! THAT SON OF A BITCH RONN!!!!!

( Ronn takes several bows to the crowd who is pissed off, and spends a long time basking in the heat having garbage thrown at him and being cursed out by the crowd )



Stew-O: But HRDO KICKS OUT!!! After that FAST pin! DEDEDE is at the corner… and DEDEDE attempts to go for the BIG ONE HERE!!! It’s been an eternity of a recovery for HRDO, but somehow he has gotten back up on his own.. and DEDEDE runs at HRDO with…. THE SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND DEDEDE NAILS HRDO WITH THE SPEAR!!! AND PINS AGAIN!!!!


( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Mr DEDEDE’s music plays as crowd boo’s when he and Ronn celebrate )

Announcer: The winner of this match… MISTEEEEEEEEER DEDEDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deadprez: This is sickening! How could DEDEDE stoop so low! DEDEDE could’ve won this match, he had EVERY ability to! And DEDEDE has Ronn doing all of the dirty work, cheating his way into a victory! That isn’t fair to himself and especially to HRDO!

Stew-O: Well anything goes Deadprez! And that means DEDEDE won FAIR and SQUARE. Just because of ONE GTS, You say our Chairman is the bad guy? That isn’t right! DEDEDE FINISHED the job with the Spear, and you’d better believe the last pin was a FAIR count! And…. OH MY GOD!!!


( Mr DEDEDE’s music plays as he continues to celebrate )

Stew-O: Ya see prez? DEDEDE didnt like what Ronn did EITHER! But facts are facts! Ronn SCREWED HRDO, and on Dynasty, there’s gonna be HELL to pay! But right now, lets watch DEDEDE celebrate this victory with his friends and family in the HEART of New York City! Madison Square Garden!

( DEDEDE leaves, the music stops and camera fades to the announcers )

Written by Fight Grid

EAW Hall of Fame 2018 Inductee # 5

Most Valuable Elitist #137