FULL MATCH – Dallas Houston vs Coyote Nash


(“The Man” by the Killers plays as Coyote Nash comes out with a smug look, he spins around showing off his attire before winking at the camera and high fiving crowd members)

Maria Del Ray: Introducing first, from The Mojave Desert, weighing in at 240 pounds…COYOTE, NASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clark Ruggerio: Coyote Nash has big hopes coming into this match, everyone tonight has set high expectations for him because of what he’s come to do, take over EAW and the world.

Ben Knight: Do you honestly think he’ll do that though? I’ve seen a lot of people come and go that have said the same thing and they couldn’t get the job done, who says Coyote Nash will do what the others couldn’t.

Clark Ruggerio: That’s what makes him unique-

Ben Knight: Shut up.

(Coyote Nash enters the ring and leans against the ropes before combing his hair with his fingers and moving to his corner. “The Man” fades off and is replaced by “Texas, Our Texas” as Dallas Houston comes out on his horse “Trigger” the crowd is in awe but is also booing at the same time, Dallas lights a cigar before coming to the ring)

Maria Del Ray: And his opponent, from Lubbock Texas, weighing in at 275 pounds…DALLAS…HOUSTON!

Clark Ruggerio: What…the…fuck

Ben Knight: I know right this man is the most stereotypical dollar store Clint Eastwood I’ve ever seen, the man’s name is legit 2 cities in Texas.

Clark Ruggerio: No, I mean how the hell did they allow his horse in here when they wouldn’t allow mine…

Ben Knight: :wow:

(Dallas leaps off his horse and onto the apron as Coyote, not amused watches on as Dallas hangs his hat in the corner and kicks the towel he was wearing to the side, “Texas, Our Texas” fades off as the ref signals for the bell)


Clark Ruggerio: Here we go as both men lock up- NO DALLAS WITH A GUT KICK TO COYOTE, Dallas pushing him to the ropes, irish whip, COYOTE STOPPING DALLAS IN HIS TRACKS WITH A BIG BOOT! Coyote keeping the moment running the ropes, Dallas sliding under, Coyote grabbing the ropes stopping him, and stopping Dallas mid-lariat. Dallas RUNNING TO COYOTE, LARIAT FORCING COYOTE NASH OVER THE TOP ROPE! Houston leaving the ring following Coyote Nash who is crawling away, OH A STOMP TO THE BACK OF COYOTE NASH BRINGING HIM BACK DOWN TO THE GROUND! Dallas grabbing Coyote, COYOTE THROWN STRAIGHT INTO THE BARRICADE HEAD-FIRST, Dallas not letting go taking a hold of Coyote Nash again, Dallas throwing Coyote straight into the ring, Dallas getting into the ring…COYOTE, ROLL-UP, NO SCHOOLBOY, COYOTE GETS HIMSELF UP AS DALLAS FOLLOWS, Coyote moving in on Dallas, SPINEBUSTER! Coyote picking Dallas up onto his shoulders…TURNBUCKLE POWERBOMB! Dallas falling straight to the floor as Coyote falls with him, PIN BY COYOTE!

Ref: ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Knight: KICKOUT! Coyote grabbing his hair in frustration bringing himself up to his feet, it looks like he’s calling for Dallas to get up as well, Dallas stumbling to his feet, Coyote with a forearm to the head of Dallas, BUT DALLAS, HAYMAKER! Dallas grabbing Coyote by the legs, BUT COYOTE PUSHING AWAY! Coyote rolling himself backwards bringing himself to his feet, BUT DALLAS WAS UP BEFORE HIM, THE LONGHORN, SPEAR- WAIT, COYOTE COUNTERS IT WITH, PEYOTE COYOTE, COYOTE CATCHING DALLAS HOUSTON MID-AIR WITH A DOUBLE KNEE JAWBREAKER! Dallas flailing around aimlessly on his knees, Coyote pushing him down to the ground, Coyote running to the ropes and back…LEG DROP- NO NOBODY HOME! Coyote sitting straight up in a heartbeat as now it’s Dallas running the ropes, A BIG LEG DROP BY DALLAS HOUSTON! Dallas not done moving in on Coyote, Coyote Nash being lifted up onto the shoulders of Dallas Houston, this might be over…THE TEXAS RANGER! THE JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB CONNECTS! I don’t think Dallas is done though as he’s not going for the pin, he’s lifting Coyote back up…ANOTHER TEXAS RANGER- NO COYOTE NAILING PUNCHES ON THE TOP OF DALLAS HOUSTON’S HEAD TRYING TO PREVENT HIMSELF FROM MORTAL DANGER, Dallas forced to bring Coyote back down the ground, COYOTE NOT WASTING ANY TIME NAILING PUNCHES TO THE BACK OF DALLAS’ HEAD BRINGING HIM DOWN TO A KNEE, Coyote turning around and grabbing Dallas into a headlock…RUNNING BULLDOG CONNECTS ONTO DALLAS! Coyote bringing Dallas up, quick irish whip to the corner, Coyote looking to run, CORNER SPLASH- NO DALLAS MOVING OUT OF THE WAY JUST IN TIME, Coyote still up on his feet, Dallas with a irish whip, DALLAS PURPOSELY KNOCKING THE REF DOWN, Coyote bounces off the other corner, COYOTE WITH A GUT KICK- BUT DALLAS GOING FOR THE EYES, EYE RAKE, the ref is almost up, BUT DALLAS, LOW BLOW! SICKENING MOVE, COYOTE CROUCHES DOWN…THE TEXAS RANGER! Dallas calling for the ref as he squats down to go for the pin…

Ref: ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(“Texas, Our Texas” plays to outstanding boos as Dallas Houston stands up obviously aggravated, his face of anger turns to a smirk as he bows for the crowd as they boo even louder, he forces the ref to raise his arm in victory before rolling out of the ring sinking in the carnage he has begun)

Maria Del Ray: Ladies and gentlemen your winner, DALLAS…HOUSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clark Ruggerio: Well, like him or not Dallas Houston has won this match.

Ben Knight: Believe me or not he has the makings of a future EAW Champion, count on that. But I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Coyote Nash as he comes with a lot of potential and energy, good luck to both of these men in the future!

Written by Fight Grid

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