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FULL MATCH – Connor Gladstone vs. Visual Prophet

Performance Center Exhibition Match


Del Rey: The following match is scheduled for one fall!

( ‘Street Fighting Man’ by Rolling Stones picks up as Conor Gladstone makes his entrance. )

Del Rey: Introducing first, from London, England, weighing in at 225 pounds, CONOOOOOR GLAAAADSTOOOONEEEEEE!

( ‘Brains Flew By (1964 version)’ by Westside Gunn blasts through the speakers as Visual Prospect makes his entrance. )

Del Rey: Introducing his opponent, from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 285 pounds, VISUAAAAAAL PROPHHHHEETTTTTT!

Ruggerio: A veteran like Vizzy against a tough guy like Conor Gladstone, who can pick up the win?


Knight: The match has started as Conor wastes no time going after Vizzy, assaulting him with a couple of punches, but Vizzy pushes him away AND CONNECTS WITH A RUNNING KNEE! CONOR GETS BACK UP AS VIZZY CONNECTS WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK ON CONOR WHO FALLS DOWN ON THE MAT.

Ruggerio: Vizzy gets Conor back up as he hits him with a headbutt… VIZZY HAS BOTH HIS HANDS ON CONOR’S THROAT! 99 PROBLEMZ! GOOD NIGHT! VIZZY JUST PLANTED GLADSTONE DOWN!

Ref: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!!


Knight: :whoa: That was quick as hell!

Ruggerio: Yes it was, partner. Absolutely dominant as the match barely went past a minute. Great job by Visual Prospect! Conor needs improvement for sure.

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Battleground 11/19/2018

Most Valuable Elitist #160