Fight Grid: Top EAW Elitist Injured During Live Show!

With the successful event of the Showdown exclusive event, Under Siege, we begin to the road to Grand Rampage and begin the Pain for Pride season; however, for one certain Elitist, it leaves a huge question mark to his road to Pain for Pride.

The Elitist in question is none other than “The Ace” himself, Jamie O’Hara. At the Under Siege event on Saturday, O’Hara faced his sister-in-law, Candice Blair in a singles bout. After the match, O’Hara was seen clutching his knee. We heard from a medic at ringside that his injury was nothing severe and was medically cleared to perform in the few live shows left in the South America portion of the EAW Live Tour. 

On a live show in Lima, Peru Tuesday night, O’Hara aggravated his knee injury during a singles bout. He managed to finish the match, but he needed to be escorted from ringside by medical personnel. After that, we at Fight Grid, have not been provided with any updates. It seems like the medical personnel, EAW and O’Hara are keeping this under wraps. With O’Hara scheduled to do an interview with Kyra Phillips on Showdown, he will most likely update everyone on his standing going into Grand Rampage and beyond that.

Like always, if we have any updates requiring anything EAW, you will all be the first to know. 

Most Valuable Elitist #216

Showdown 3/20/20