Fight Grid LIVE! Lineup for 5/13/2019 – 5/20/2019

As you all know EAW Week is upon us! Our annual week where every show holds a marquee event heading into Pain for Pride has once again rolled around, this year live from Korea. That leaves the newest additions to each of these brands free to compete in a showcase that can potentially put their names on the map heading into Pain for Pride season. Usually we tend to have one match every other week, but this week we’ll be having FOUR in one week! It’s only fitting given the magnitude of this week and what is on the horizon for EAW’s future. Listed below is each matchup as well as the date they will be taking place. Good luck to all of the young competitors!


5/13/2019 – Vic Venom vs Archimedes J. Manson

5/16/2019 – Silver Ann Gold vs Brianna Blair

5/18/2019 – Coyote Nash vs Dallas Houston

5/19/2019 – Vic Venom vs Bowen Castillo vs Martin Daniels

subject to change

Written by Fight Grid

Dynasty 5/10/2019

Showdown 5/11/2019